Höglund Art Glass is unique Handblown glass is an art

Höglund Art Glass is unique
In their Rainforest Graal Collection, glass artists Ola
Handblown glass is an art
form, which bears the
‘fingerprint’ of the craftsman in every piece created.
Each handmade piece of
Höglund Art Glass is an
individual work of art, made
from molten, liquified
material - therefore no two
pieces will ever be the same.
Höglund and Marie Simberg-Höglund take their
This is the beauty of
handblown glass.
inspiration from the pure beauty and simplicity of
nature. From the warm colours, delicate light and
smooth shapes of the landscape, the vibrant energy
of the earth and the fresh green
lushness of ‘the Forest of Rain’–the
Rainforest Graal Collection has
been born.
Light bounces off the surface of
Enjoy the scenic drive to Whyanbeel, a hidden gem in a
secluded valley against a backdrop of stunning rainforest
at the foot of Manjal Jimalji and lush mountain ranges.
40 minutes drive north of Port Douglas via Mossman
and Miallo. Our studio is towards the end of
Whyanbeel Road. Cross the Schultz Bridge and
continue until you see 580, our open sign and the red
flags on the right hand side
– you can't miss it!
these brilliant pieces and is
absorbed and distorted to create
deep shadows and stunning threedimensional effects within the
Visitors welcome 1 June - 31 October
Open 10am – 4pm
(closed Wednesday - Thursday)
glass. The layers play with the light,
creating a luxurious translucence
Phone: +(61) 07 4098 8480
that captivates the gaze and draws
Email: [email protected]
you deep inside. These
Masterpieces trap the soft colours
580 Whyanbeel Road, Whyanbeel Valley
and shapes of nature, suspending
PO Box 1373 Mossman, Qld 4873, Australia
energy, movement and depth as if in mid air.
Ola and Marie are regarded as the most inspirational,
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leading glass artists in their field. Their unique Graal
work is internationally renowned and sought after by
public and private collectors worldwide. Any Graal
Glassblowing Studio
Daintree Village
Daintree /
Cape Tribulation
Schultz Bridge
piece from this fine collection is an investment that
will appreciate in value over time.
Whyanbeel Road
High Falls
glass artists
Port Douglas
Mossman to
Höglund Art Glass
approx 20 minutes.
In their work, Ola and Marie draw
their inspiration from the colours of
the vivid Australian countryside,
contrasting from vibrant ruby red
and burnt orange to soft tones of
the sunrise in the outback and the
blue and green shades of the rainforests and clear waters to create
truly exquisite works of glass art that
has earned them worldwide praise.
blown art glass
glass jewellery
Glassblowing Studio
Welcome to the home of
Ola and Marie’s Art Glass features
in public and private collections
worldwide. They have exhibited
their work in Australia,
New Zealand, Germany, Sweden,
Denmark, USA, Hong Kong,
Singapore, Dubai, Thailand,
Indonesia, Taiwan, China,
Japan and India.
This ‘jungle glass studio’ is situated in
the tropical rainforest of Australia’s Far
North Queensland at the foot of
Manjal Jimalji and lush mountain
ranges, nestled in the beautiful
Whyanbeel Valley north of Port
Douglas, bordering on the Daintree
World Heritage National Park.
Art Glass by Ola Höglund and Marie SimbergHöglund is totally unique. It explores the fluid
brilliance of the crystal clear glass and reflects the
movement and beauty of the natural environment.
Höglund Art Glass is internationally recognised for
the complex glass techniques used such as Ariel,
Graal, Sommerso, Incalmo, Engraving, Painting
and Etching.
Each one-of-a-kind
masterpiece is a singular work
of art, signed by the artist - a
true collector's treasure.
A wide collection of stunning glass
jewellery and blown art glass is on
display, created exclusively by hand
in striking colours and designs.
We invite you to Höglund Glassblowing Studio to
enjoy a unique experience, where light and glass
play a mesmerising game with each other in the
creation of beautiful handblown art glass.