From the Acting Principal Newsletter Title St Raphael’s School 

Newsletter Title
Number 10 Wednesday 2 July 2014 From the Acting Principal
Dear Parents,Caregivers and Students
This week we have a couple of exciting technological updates for you.
Yesterday our brand new school website went live at
St Raphael’s School 114 Glen Osmond Road Parkside SA 5063 Phone: (08) 8272 2368 Fax: (08) 8272 2725 [email protected] As well as having all the
standard Newsletter links,
Contact Details and School
Information, you will find
new areas such News and
Events which incorporates
an up to date Photo Gallery
and a valuable Resources
section for students and
parents to use. Please jump
online and have a look
through all the new content.
If you have any comments,
concerns or content ideas,
please let us know!
Please note: Some systems
may need to have browser
history cleared or require
you to refresh your internet
cache to view the new website. Simply Google to find instructions on how
to do this for your specific device.
Another fantastic technological
addition is our new St Raphael’s
Parkside Skoolbag App! The
SkoolBag App is a fantastic
communication tool, particularly
for parents of our school. It
enables you to receive
immediate alerts & updates straight to your handheld device as well as
being able to update your contact detail, submit absentee forms, receive
newsletters and add events straight into your phone calendars.
If you don’t have a smart phone, don’t worry as the Skoolbag App also
links to our new webpage so you can keep up to date via the website
also. We will start using this more in Term 3 so for now, download the Free
App (see attached instructions) and have a look and play with it to
familiarise yourself with this great technology. Also have a look online at for more information.
Diary Dates
Week 10
End of Term
Friday 4 July
(normal dismissal time)
Term 3, Week 1
Pupil Free Day
Monday 21 July
Term 3 Commences
Tuesday 22 July
I have attached Parent Instructions for downloading
the App to either an iPhone or Android device.
When you are searching the App, type in St Raphaels
Parkside Skoolbag and that should bring it up for you.
Joanna Wright our part-time Marketing Director has
been working industriously on these two initiatives. I
thank Jo for all her work on these enterprises as most
of it was undertaken in her own time. If you have any
questions about the SkoolBag App or the website
please contact either Jo
([email protected]), Sue Coghlan or
myself and we will do our best to assist you.
Finally as this is my last week at St. Raphael’s, it was
fitting to attend the end of term Mass this morning
and to celebrate and give thanks for the term. I
thank each and every one of you for the opportunity
to be part of your community. I have enjoyed my
stay and I will take with me all the valuable learning I
have experienced. I’m sure you will all make Leanne
Lawler welcome on her return to school.
God Bless
Regards Adrian…..
Staying Safe
As we approach school holidays or in fact at any
time students and families are reminded to be wary
of approaches from strangers, especially when they
are unaccompanied or travelling to and from school.
If they are approached students should not respond
and should not accept offers of rides or gifts.
Students should seek the assistance of other nearby
adults if they feel unsafe and should report the event
to a trusted adult (parent or school staff member) as
soon as possible.
Term 2, Week 9
Lauren B
Bridget C
SAPOL advises that taking out a mobile phone and
calling police can deter the offender and they
recommend the student making a formal report to
their closest police station.
Congratulations to the
following students who
have completed the
Premier’s Reading
School Disco
Last Friday night saw the
annual School Disco
shake the dance floor. I
believe all the children
had a fantastic time. The
Year 7s showed fantastic
leadership in organising
the event and it was
great to see the profits
being donated to the St.
Vincent DePaul Society.
Music Night
Last night I attended the
music performances in
the city. I was amazed
with the talented
instrumental and vocal
performances. It was
great so see so many
confident children take
centre stage. I would like
to thank the instrumental
and vocal teachers for
their efforts in teaching the children and special
thanks go out to Amanda Rugari for all her efforts in
making the night such a success. Well done to all
Jacob M
Maddy M
Jake G
Xavier C
Alice S
Harshaman C
Josie W
Evan C
Donatus P 6/7O
Rebekah B 5/6D
Daniela C 5/6D
Deanna F 6/70
Term Date Reminders
Term 2
Concludes this Friday 4 July at 3:10pm
Term 3
Commences Tuesday 22 July at 9:00am
(Monday 21 July is a pupil free day)
Religious News
Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Dear Families,
As a Catholic school we take the
teaching of our Religious Education
curriculum very seriously. Units are
planned with the same rigour and
expectation as other curriculum
areas and the content is assessed in
a variety of ways to ensure the
outcomes have been met. Next
term all Year 4 students in South
Australian Catholic schools will take part in on online
multiple choice test which will provide a snapshot of
basis religious literacy skills. This is not intended to
replace all the other rich assessment tasks that take
place in Religious Education. I think this is an
excellent initiative as I am sure it will provide us with
some useful information about content areas that
we need to work on. More information will be sent
home to the Year 4 families early next term.
As we progress through our parish Sacramental
Programme there are a number of questions that
seem to keep coming up. This information may be
helpful to you:
 The Sacraments are celebrated in the context of
the parish and are family based. This is
recognising that the family is “the domestic
church”. Parents are an integral part of the
sessions and this is why sacramental preparation is
generally no longer done within the classroom.
 The order of the Sacraments has changed.
Baptism remains the first Sacrament of Initiation
and then children celebrate Reconciliation.
Following on from these Sacraments the children
are fully initiated into the Catholic church through
the Sacrament of Confirmation. As full members
of the church the children are then invited to
celebrate fully in the Mass by receiving their First
 The Sacraments are not the end of your child’s
faith development. They are a part of your life
long faith journey.
There are currently about 70 children from our parish
preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation on
Saturday July 26th. First Communion Masses will be
held across both churches in late September,
Enjoy your time together in the holidays,
Peace to you all,
Sue Coghlan
‘Giving Back’
Whole School
The Snake Charmer Restaurant is offering St
Raphael’s School an exclusive night out. Called a
"Giving Back" dinner, The Snake Charmer will give
back to St Raph's $20 per person who attend the
dinner. If 50 people come, we'll raise $1000 for the
school! It's that easy!
So please save the date. It should be a great, fun
night out and we'd love to see you all there.
Any further questions you can connect with:
Emma: [email protected]
Kaylene: [email protected]
Thursday 21st August
The Snake Charmer
60 Unley Road UNLEY
6:00pm for 6:30pm start
$45 per person (includes 3 course meal)
available at $7 per bottle and other
drinks pay as you go
You can secure your booking by leaving your
name at the office with your payment (cash or
direct debit will be acceptable.)
Emma and Kaylene
(Class reps R/1C)
Gold Star Award
Congratulations to the following
students who have received awards for displaying a
consistent work ethic. Term 2, Week 9.
Archie B, Siena P
R/1MD Fabian S
Natalia N, Harry B
Damian C, Holly B
Stella D, Tavish M
Jada L, Angelena M
Harshaman C, Ben C
Rebecca E, Mary M
This week we meet two
important women who are
significant figures in our
school’s early history.
Seated is Sister Mary Agnes
Rogers, born Catherine
(Kate) Rogers in Kapunda,
South Australia in 1862.
Sister Agnes was the first
Australian born member of
the South Australian Sisters
of Mercy. She entered
service on the 2nd
February 1882 and was
professed in 1887.
Standing alongside Sister
Agnes is Sister Mary Lucy Le Couteur. Born in
Argentina in 1852, Sister Le Couteur was one of our
pioneer Sisters of Mercy arriving in South Australia in
Sister Agnes was our very first Principal with Sister Le
Couteur our first teacher.
They both look so kind and beautiful, I wonder what
they might think about us?
By Julie Kuerschner P& F Executive DISCO 2014
We’re looking for donations of
handmade gifts for the upcoming 2014
Father ’s Day Stall.
Mini-terraria, seedlings, loom-things, or
handmade soap, etc.
you name it, make it, bring it.
A great time to start working on something
special over the upcoming school break....
Please deliver to school by 31st July 2014.
W it h mu m o r d ad assist ing please vis i t the
S t R ap h ’s fac ebo ok pa ge a nd h ave a look at
so me of the r ec ipes & ins tr uctions th a t
m i g h t c o m e i n h a n d y f o r g i f ts t o b e for
p ric ed b e twe en $ 0 .50 and $10 . More
i n fo r ma t io n w il l c o me a t t he s tar t o f Ter m 3 .
Friday 27 June
St Raph’s Sports Board
Jeannette Archer and Dani O ’ Connell
Winter Sport
More or less halfway through the winter seasons of
our school sports of football, soccer, volleyball &
netball. It is pleasing to see/hear students are
continuing to enjoy their chosen sport despite score
lines – they are prepared to persevere with their
endeavours, which is a great life skill to possess. The
school would like to thank the coaches & helpers
who freely volunteer their time to teach/guide/
support our students on a weekly basis. Without their
efforts, our school sports programme could not
happen. Keep up all of your great work!
Congratulations to Year 6
students, Ben M & Massimo F
(pictured right), on
representing the school in the
district soccer team. The team
finished top in Division 1 of the
State SAPSASA Soccer
Carnival last week – a brilliant
Tuesday 1 July
SAPSASA Knockout Netball
Our Year 6/7 netballers will play their Round 3 match
in the knockout competition against Clapham
Primary this coming Friday. We wish them the best of
luck as they take on a traditionally strong opponent!
The Socceroo programme commences in Term 3 on
Saturday, 26 July from 9.15 -10.15am at St Raphael's,
with the aim of developing the soccer skills of our
students in Rec/Year 1. It is not too late to enrol your
child – forms available at the office.
Canteen News
Hi All,
As the term is coming to an end I would like to thank the
volunteers that have helped in the canteen this term. I would
also like to thank the families who order lunches for their
children on a regular basis. A little school like ours needs your
continued support to be able to run a canteen.
Our special lunch order day was a great success! We had
many children come and thank us for the delicious hot dogs.
Thursday and Friday this week we will have special treats for
sale to celebrate the end of term.
Have a great holiday and see you in Term 3.
Anita Viskic
Canteen Manager