Double Barrel Rifle | Side by Side Rifle
Doppelradialriegelverschluß with extended barrel hooks. Side-locks with double trigger bars and ejector
imitate Holland & Holland or extractor.
Precision barrel from Böhler barrel steel. Remuneration, form and lenghts are individual.
Sighting device:
One-, two- or three folding express sight with bead (front) - with Holland & Holland folding sight. "Suhler"frog mount (mount comes from a full cutted piece) or swivel- mounted.
From choise quality walnut, measure-manufactured with classic long-drawn-out German cheek, English butt
plate, grip cap and sling ring.
7 x 57R, 7 x 65R, 9,3 x 74R, .375 Fl, .375 H&H, .416 Rigby, .470 NE, .500 NE
In principle nearly all kinds of caliber and combinations are possible.
9,3 x 74R / 9,3 x 74R
Double trigger and hair trigger
Finest steel engraving with royal – arabesque
Stockform - pistol grip with "altbayrischer" cheek
Lechner & Jungl - Gotlieb Koethe - is a manufacturer, designer, gunmaker, gunsmith and builder of finest classic handmade shotguns, sporting
firearms and hunting rifles. The company produces best quality sidelock ejectors, boxlocks, single and double, over and under side by side rifles,
finest handmade gun cases and gun cartridges. A full repair and restoration service and a stock of used guns english or pre- owned guns, are also
available as, country clothing, luggage and handmade leathergoods. Best quality products, bespoke guns and services for the hunter, shooter and
collector - Founded 1821-Austria-Graz. www.lechner-jungl.com.