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October/November 2013
eafish have been busy this last month releasing yet more details of the finalists
in the various different Award categories - our congratulations to them all, and
fingers crossed for London in January!
During this busy time, we have allowed our regular frier contributors to have
a month or two off, but you can rest assured that now the major traumas of the
competition season are over, we will see their columns return to the Chipbox in
future issues.
It was disappointing to see yet another Fast Food industry report issued last
month which again tarred fish and chips with the “unhealthy” brush, (see the news
pages) whilst at the same time lauding the growth in both the pizza and the Indian
and Chinese takeaway markets, both of which contain more fat per 100g of serving
of just about anything when compared with good honest fish and chips. Time for
our industry to gird its loins for yet another onslaught on public perceptions of
“healthiness”, maybe? Is it time for Seafish to follow up on their now outdated
research and get some new info
that might convince the public
that ocean fresh fish and locally
grown fresh spuds, fried fast in
a good quality oil just can’t be
bad for you?
And finally, don’t forget we
shall be at the Takeaway Expo
on 28-29 November at Olympia,
so do come and say hello!
Rebecca Sayers
Wendy Durham
News from around the industry
The chipbox - by friers, for friers, about friers
Feature: Batter mixtures
Feature: Pizza32
Feature: Kitchen equipment Supplier directory
Chip on his shoulder
hen it comes to winning awards,
any fish and chip frier will tell
you that quality ingredients are the
key to success. That means choosing
the best fish, the best potatoes and of
course, the best batter mix.
With 6 out of 10 Regional winners
of the Seafish National Fish & Chip
Awards 2014 choosing Kerry batter
mixes, it’s further confirmation that
these are indeed, the best batter
mixtures on the market today.
Find out more at
www.kerry-foodservice.co.uk or call
0800 138 1938
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
Online sales sizzle for fast-food
ccording to Fast-Food and Home-Delivery Outlets, a new Market Update from
market intelligence provider Key Note, the industry rose in value by 2.5% in
2012. Growth was driven by the convenience that the market offers, as well as
menu innovation and promotions.
The fast-food and home-delivery outlets market forms part of the wider restaurants industry. It is the largest category within the sector and is dominated by US
chains, such as McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza and KFC. Independent operators are also
included in the analysis. The market is divided into six main segments.
The largest category is sandwiches, which account for nearly a third of the
total market. Urban professionals are playing a critical role in maintaining sector
dynamism for sandwiches. Moreover, fast food is synonymous with burgers, which
make up over a fifth of the market. However, sector growth has slowed in recent
times as it faces growing competition from other categories, particularly pizza,
chicken and other fast-food and takeaway outlets. This is in part because burger
chains are associated with poor quality and junk food.
The fish and chips sector has also struggled as dishes within this sector are also
considered to be unhealthy. Moreover, a major source of income for the category
has traditionally been late-night sales, but Britons are going out less often to save
money during the economic crisis. Furthermore, many businesses in the sector are
small, independent operators who have been unable to cope with rising operating
costs and falling sales.
The top-performing categories in the market in 2012 were pizza, chicken and
other fast-food and home-delivery outlets. The pizza sector is benefitting from the
growth of online sales, which are being spearheaded by sector leader Domino’s
Pizza. Promotions have also played an important role in the sector’s growth. In
addition, chicken is perceived to be a healthier alternative to red meat. As a result,
there is a growing demand for this type of product as consumers seek to lead a
balanced lifestyle.
Moreover, companies are hoping to improve their health credentials by developing more nutritious ranges, including meals that feature chicken. This includes
burgers, salads and wraps. Finally, Britons are becoming increasingly adventurous
Frymax launches
longer lasting
liquid oil
lenex Trading (UK) Limited is introducing a
new oil under the Frymax brand. The product
has been specially developed as a longer lasting
liquid oil specifically for the fish and chip market.
Rancimat testing indicates that Liquid Frymax lasts
up to 50% longer than extended life rapeseed oil.
Andrew Marriott, Brand and Marketing Manager
for Frymax explains “Frymax is well established as
the premium solid all vegetable frying medium.
Our new product adds Frymax quality to the liquid
vegetable oil market and offers a longer life than
traditional extended rapeseed oils. It adds real value
for the quality conscious fryer who prefers to use
liquid oil “
The product has been specially formulated by
selecting oils that meet Frymax demanding specifications and to ensure that high standards of quality
when it comes to their food. This is fuelling a demand for other fast food and
takeaways. Sushi, Thai and Mexican are currently the most up-and-coming cuisines
in the market. Chinese and Indian have also overtaken fish and chips to become the
UK’s favourite takeaways.
Despite industry growth, market conditions are tough for fast-food and
home-delivery operators in the UK. Cash-strapped consumers are dining out less
frequently. When they do so, they are going to sit-down restaurants that offer both
quality and good value; this has hindered volume sales in the market. Moreover,
the industry expected 2012 value sales to be boosted by sports events and royal
celebrations, but this trend failed to materialise. Nevertheless, there remain several
niches in the fast-food and home-delivery outlets market, including the growing
importance of the breakfast and snacking occasions. Key Note expects that the
market will continue to grow over the next 5 years. Overall, it is forecast to rise
by 6.8%. Ultimately, the industry will be saved by the convenience it offers to
busy consumers who are looking for a quick and hassle-free mealtime solution,
especially during the week.
Operators will continue to invest in their menus and online operations to
maintain market dynamism. They will also focus on improving the quality of their
products to break away from the perception that fast food is unhealthy and a major
player in the growing obesity crisis in the UK.
FCFF comment : Yet again, fish and chips is percieved as “unhealthy”. Yet,
properly prepared fish and chips from a reputable outlet is lower in fat and even
lower in calories than many other types of fast food. Typical values can be under
6gm of fat per 100g.
Typical fat values for the allegedly “healthier” pizza don’t generally start below
6gm per 100gm, and can rise to 20+ gm per 100gm. See the Domino’s website for
their values - www.takeafreshlook.co.uk/downloads/Nutrition-Pizzas-Per100g.pdf
Typical fat values for the allegedly more popular Indian and Chinese takeaways
can outstrip these numbers dramatically, even if they do contain the apparently
“healthy” chicken. Chicken Tikka Masala, for example, generally starts at 6-7 g per
100g and can rise to 15+g per 100g depending on the dairy products involved.
Even a “healthy” cheese sandwich can weigh-in higher than fish and chips .
So come on, fish friers - get out there and educate your customers!
and consistency are maintained. It is packed in a 10
litre bottle which makes it easier to lift and pour.
The 2 x 10 litre packaging format is ideal for ease of
handling and recycling.
Liquid Frymax has been carefully developed over
the last year with a series of in house trials resulting
in high quality longer lasting oil. The oil was then
tested in a commercial environment and fryers
reported significant longer life whilst maintaining a
very high level of frying performance.
Fryers appreciated the life of the oil “Oil last
longer and cleaner oil saves on heating costs” and
customers commented positively on the taste….
“food tastes absolutely wonderful”.
Kerry Primarolo, Technical Manager, says
“Frymax has set the quality standard in solid oils for
over fifty years. This standard will be maintained for
liquid Frymax by taking the greatest possible care
in the selecting and blending of the oils to meet
our demanding specifications. Processing will be
rigorously controlled at each stage to ensure that
every bottle meets the consistently high standards
you expect from Frymax.”
Liquid Frymax will be available from leading
Frymax distributors to the fish and chip trade.
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
For more information or details of your local
stockist please call 0771 4335464 or email to
[email protected]
October/November 2013
Zohaib Hussain always
fries in
To run a successful Fish and Chip shop in a busy capital city for over
twenty years is not easy, but that is exactly what the Hussain family
have achieved in the Zero Plus Fish Bar in Cardiff.
Zohaib Hussain always wanted to be in the business. He has been
in charge for over five years now and in 2012 won the coveted
Drywite /NFFF Young Fish Frier of the Year Award.
The secret of the Hussain family’s success has been to ensure that they
produce consistently great tasting Fish and Chips. They have always
been particular about the frying medium they use and the Hussain
family have used Frymax since opening in 1991.
Frymax is produced from top quality pure white premium palm, which is
additive free, contains no hydrogenated oils and less than 1% trans fats.
Not only does it guarantee consistently good results its’ performance is long lasting
without any deterioration in quality.
Zohaib Hussain knows that to continue to meet his family’s high standards, there is no
better partner than Frymax, the fryers favourite for over 50 years.
Member of the National
Edible Oil Distributors Association
Frymax - No Ordinary Cooking Oil.
For information, advice, or customer support material please contact Olenex Trading (UK) Limited: Tel: 01322 444836
e-mail: [email protected]
More awards
finalists make the
top spots
he 2014 National Fish & Chip Awards
have now announced the shortlisted
businesses for the Best Seasonal Fish and
Chip Operator Award category.
Organised by Seafish, the authority
on seafood, The National Fish & Chip
Awards celebrate the very best fish and
chip businesses across the UK. The Best
Seasonal Fish and Chip Operator Award,
sponsored by the Responsible Fishing
Scheme, is a brand new award category
and aims to target fish and chip shop
businesses that operate purely on a
seasonal basis. Businesses are judged
on a wide variety of criteria relating to
their seasonal trade, including; marketing
activity, staff training policies, product
sourcing, general business practices and
commercial awareness.
Hendra Holiday Park in Newquay,
Cornwall, Tralee Bay Holiday Park in Oban,
Argyll and Dodson’s Fresh Catch in Leeds,
Yorkshire have all fried their way to the
top and are now invited to the prestigious
awards ceremony, hosted by Michelin
starred television chef Jean Christophe
Novelli, to be held at the Lancaster London
hotel on 22 January 2014, at which the
overall winner will be crowned.
Judge Mick Bacon, who is also Manager
of The Responsible Fishing Scheme,
commented: “It has been a pleasure
judging this new category, we’ve had some
fantastic entries and they have all been of
an exceptionally high standard.
“From The Responsible Fishing
Scheme’s point of view, it’s good to know
that there are businesses outside the traditional fish and chip takeaways and restaurants who are committed to sustainable
sourcing of product. Sustainability is
integral to ensuring the longevity of the
frying trade as a whole, so it is encouraging
to see that all types of businesses, from 12
foot long trailers to 100 seat restaurants
are taking it into consideration.”
Paul Williams, CEO at Seafish, said:
“There are a huge number of fish and chip
shops which only operate throughout
key tourist seasons - our many pier
cafés, caravan, camping and theme parks
and leisure sector outlets - bringing our
traditional dish to the many revellers from
across the UK and abroad that visit every
year. We wanted to recognise and reward
the contribution these businesses make
to the industry and thought there was no
better way to do this than introduce an
award category dedicated to these seasonal
“The National Fish & Chip Awards are
committed to celebrating quality fish and
chips wherever they are found so it was
only natural to open up the competition to
seasonal operators like these three finalists
that showcase this great dish so well.”
Also announced are the finalists
for the Independent Fish and Chip
Restaurant of the Year Award, sponsored
by Goldensheaf, which rewards those
that excel in all aspects of running such a
The shortlisted businesses are:
Quayside in Whitby, North Yorkshire,
Poppies Fish & Chips in Spitalfields,
London and Page’s Fish & Chips, Cwmbran,
Wales. Following a series of mystery
shopper judging visits, these three finalists
will enter one final round of judging before
making their way to the awards ceremony,
in January.
Sponsored by Goldensheaf, the award is
a celebration of the UK’s best independent
fish and chip restaurants, and to reach
this stage each of the finalist has had to
prove their commitment to excellence
in all aspects of running such a business
including the maintenance of premises,
responsible sourcing of ingredients, preparation of products, staff training, customer
service, and marketing and promotion
David Lovell, Business Director of
Goldensheaf, said: “The UK’s fish and chip
restaurants are a national institution and
all shortlisted businesses have thoroughly
earned their place in the final. This
competition has been the fiercest yet with
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
each finalist demonstrating the highest
standards and best quality. These three fish
and chip restaurants are truly committed
to excellence in all areas and should be
proud to have reached the final of such a
prestigious contest.”
Paul Williams, CEO of Seafish, said:
“Each of these three finalists has shown
true passion and commitment to their craft
and they are a credit to the industry in
which they operate. There can only be one
winner but whoever that is will be truly
deserving of it. Best of luck to each them.”
Three more quality fish and chip
establishments have made it to the finals
of this year’s Best Multiple Fish and Chip
Operator Award.
George’s Tradition in Derbyshire,
Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire,
Rockfish which has outlets in Devon and
Bristol and Harlee’s Fish & Chips operating
in Dorset and Wiltshire will now all be
invited to the awards ceremony in London
next year, where they will compete against
each other in a bid to take home the title
of Best Multiple Fish and Chip Operator in
the UK.
Open to all fish and chip businesses
throughout the UK with three or more
premises, the award is designed to
celebrate excellence in the fish frying
industry. Each of the shortlisted
businesses has been assessed on a
variety of criteria across their entire
business operation including food quality,
marketing initiatives, staff training policies
and commitment to responsible and
sustainable sourcing.
Unique Seafood is once again proud to
sponsor the Best Multiple Fish and Chip
Operator Award for 2014 says Martin
Brown Director of Retail and Distribution.
He explains: “This award which is open
to multiple fish and chip operators with
three or more outlets, is judging businesses
at a head office level as well as the quality
of product served.
“Running multiple shops requires a
very systematic approach to business to
ensure that standards are maintained
across the different sites. Competitions
that raise awareness and standards across
the industry can only be positive and I
wish to thank all the entrants this year and
congratulate the three finalists.”
Paul Williams, CEO at Seafish, said:
“The Best Multiple Fish and Chip Operator
Award is an extremely tough category
to compete in so these three businesses
deserve a pat on the back for reaching the
final stage.
October/November 2013
Martyn Edwards - Frank Ford
you buy
At Martyn Edwards-Frank Ford
we offer our customers the very finest,
fuel efficient fish and chip frying equipment.
and THINK!...
are you buying
the best frying
for your
• UK service network
• Excellent value for money
• Comprehensive product range
• Roll Lid • Hinge Lid • Continental
• Traditional Style Ranges.
For more information call us or email now for a brochure.
Martyn Edwards - Frank Ford
Limerick Works, Limerick Road,
Dormanstown, Redcar, Cleveland TS10 5JU
Tel: 01642 489868
Fax: 01642 492489
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.me-ff.com
www Six more of the UK’s top fish and
chip outlets have been named as finalists
in The National Fish & Chip Awards 2014.
They are shortlisted across the Best
Independent Food Service Operator Award
and the Best Newcomer Award categories,
sponsored by Seafood Scotland and
The Best Independent Food Service
Operator Award finalists include The Real
Food Café in Tyndrum, The Black Swan Pub
in Warrington and The Caven’s Arms in
Dumfries, and the Best Newcomer Award
finalists are: Blackstocks in Chester, The
Cod’s Scallops in Nottingham and The
Scallop Shell in Frome.
All six will now face one final round
of judging in their respective categories
before the winners are revealed at the
awards ceremony in January.
Also, in association with Seafood
Scotland, the finalists are set to embark on
an educational study trip to the North Sea
next week where they will learn about the
supply chain. They will visit Peterhead fish
market as well as being given a tour of a
vessel and have the chance to see two fish
processors in action.
Clare Dean Marketing Manager at
Seafood Scotland, said: “We’re looking
forward to welcoming the finalists to the
North East of Scotland next week to see the
Whitefish industry in action, to speak to
fishermen and processors, and understand
the supply chain from sea to plate”.
Cyril Solomons, Marketing Consultant
to Frymax , who visited all the shops
commented “The outstanding feature
of these three shops was the very high
standard of their food and customer
service. All the shops will present a great
image of the fish and chip trade to the
Dr Paul Williams, Seafish Chief
Executive, said: “Seafish would like to offer
their congratulations to these six finalists
as each of them has worked exceptionally
hard to get to this stage in the competition.
“These awards are both very different,
but are united in the high standards they
Make Christmas
more rewarding with
Save & Select
he Save & Select Christmas 2013 promotion has
just been launched by The Q Partnership and the
three companies have included some of the most
popular vouchers to help their customers make
Christmas more rewarding. For just 250 Save &
Select Points they can claim £10.00 worth of Marks
& Spencer, Love2shop or Sainsbury’s vouchers to
spend however they choose.
Save & Select is the loyalty scheme for
customers of The Q Partnership formed by Henry
V A Whitley and Friars Pride. The scheme has been
operating for over 15 years and the Christmas
promotion is increasingly popular. Every year
customers of The Q Partnership enjoy the rewards
of being part of this long-running promotion.
demand from entrants. It’s particularly nice
to see such a strong set of finalists in the
Best Newcomer Award category as we love
to see that the industry is thriving with
new high quality shops coming through
every year.”
And finally...the finalists for the Staff
Training and Development Award category
are also now announced.
Sponsored by James T Blakeman and
Son, the Staff Training and Development
Award is a celebration of educational
excellence in the industry and rewards
businesses that are committed to developing their staff to the highest level. Those
making the shortlist are judged on a wide
range of criteria staff including interview
processes, business training policy and
staff appraisal procedures.
The shortlisted businesses are:
Harbourside Fish & Chips in Plymouth,
Devon, Mr C’s in Selby, North Yorkshire
and Petrou Brothers in Chatteris,
The top three will now compete for the
Award in London at the Awards final in
Philip Blakeman, Managing Director
of James T Blakeman & Son commented:
“We’re proud to be sponsoring this
fantastic award category again in 2014 and
as always the shortlisted businesses are a
credit to the industry they represent.
“In the fish frying industry, it’s as much
about the people as the product, so you
simply have to pay attention to the way
you train your staff. A skilled, savvy, well
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
Jackie Pearson, Head of Marketing at Henry
Colbeck and Brand Manager of Save & Select stated
“Some of our customers save their points all year
round and claim hundreds of pounds worth of
vouchers to pay for their Christmas presents and
Christmas food. It’s just one of the benefits of being
part of one of the most successful loyalty schemes
in the Fish & Chip market.”
For details please contact your Q Partnership
Henry Colbeck Limited
Gateshead, Tyne & Wear
Tel: 0191 482 4242
V A Whitley and Co Limited
Heywood, Lancashire
Tel: 01706 364 211
Friars Pride Limited
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
Tel: 01733 316 400
organised team can make all the difference
to a business and it’s all down to the
teaching and support they receive on the
Dr Paul Williams, Seafish Chief
Executive, said: “Staff training and development is an integral part of running a
successful fish and chips business; these
three finalists have shown themselves to be
real forward thinkers in that respect.
“Having effective training procedures in
place not only helps to sustain individual
businesses, it is also vital to the survival
of the sector in general, ensuring that the
industry constantly has a pool of knowledgeable and skilled staff operating within
“There are a great many companies,
including those operating outside of the
fish frying sector that could learn a thing or
two by following these finalists’ example.
We wish them all the best of luck in the
For more information visit: www.
fishandchipawards.com or follow @
October/November 2013
This month
we met
Møller, UK
Director of the
Norwegian Seafood
Council (NSC),
(pictured below) to ask
about his new role and the NSC’s
plans for the UK market
Can you tell us a bit about your new
role? What does the average day look
I moved to the UK and started my role
at the beginning of August and I have to say
that so far, it has been a bit of a whirlwind!
I am on the go a lot, with meetings and
industry events to attend – the most recent
one being the annual Humber Seafood
Summit in Grimsby. It is really important
to me that I immerse myself in the industry
and meet the right people, so that I can
learn about the UK market and how the
NSC can meet its needs.
I have also just come back from Ålesund,
where we took the ten regional finalists
of the Independent Takeaway Fish & Chip
Shop award. It was a wonderful experience,
and a great opportunity for me to spend
some time with UK chippies and learn
more about their industry.
Why did the NSC decide to appoint a
UK representative now?
We’ve been conducting marketing
activity in the UK for several years,
however this has previously always been
run from our office in Paris. Over recent
years it was felt that the opportunity in the
UK is big enough to warrant a dedicated
UK representative. We wanted to show our
commitment to the UK market and invest
more heavily in order to continue to grow
our exports here. This will enable us to
continue to provide the fish & chip shop
industry with a consistent supply of great
quality cod and haddock from the cool,
clear waters of Norway.
What are the next big things for
Norwegian Seafood in the UK?
We are a key sponsor of the National
Fish & Chip Awards and the ceremony is
always an important date in the diary for
us. We’re looking forward to seeing the ten
regional finalists for the Independent Shop
of the year award, who joined us recently
on an educational trip to Ålesund, Norway.
The idea was to give them a first-hand
experience of Norway and our sustainable
fishing practices, so that when they buy
cod and haddock from the Barents Sea,
they know exactly where it comes from
and the journey that it has taken before
reaching their fryer.
Why should UK fish & chip shop
owners buy their fish from Norway?
The Barents Sea, where we capture
about 93% of all our cod, has the largest
growing cod stock in the world. Thanks
to this abundant supply, the 2013 cod
quota saw a 33% increase and the 2014
cod quota will be a similar level, albeit
a small decrease from 1million tonnes
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
(2013) to 993,000 tonnes (2014). The
Norwegian fishing industry is committed
to sustainably managing its fisheries in
harmony with nature so generations to
come can enjoy seafood from Norway.
Exports to the UK have since been on
the rise this year, which, thanks to our
plentiful supply of cod, we hope indicates
the consistent quality chip shop owners
have come to expect when they buy
Norwegian fish.
What could the UK learn from Norway,
in terms of sustainable fishing
Since 1987 we have had a discards ban,
ensuring that our cold, clear waters are
fished sustainably. With strong sustainable
fishing practices in place we have been able
to increase our cod quota over the last few
years and we are now the second largest
exporter of seafood in the world.
As an industry, we create annual scientific reports specific to each specie. This
helps us to develop guidelines and policies,
which enable us to track and manage our
quotas, stocks and ultimately the sustainability of our industry.
We are keen to share our learnings
and experiences of sustainable fisheries
management with the UK as we understand that having a controlled and
regulated fisheries system means generations to come can continue to enjoy a
plentiful supply of delicious fish.
For more information please see
www.seafoodfromnorway.co.uk or follow
us on www.facebook.com/seafoodfromnorway and twitter @norwayseafood
October/November 2013
Fast Food
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More food hygiene ratings
to be seen in Wales
hen people buy their food, they want to be sure that the
place they’re buying from follows good food hygiene
After all, those businesses that aren’t hygienic put consumers’
health at risk, from minor cases of food poisoning to more serious,
even fatal, illness.
That’s why, from November this year, a new law introduced by
the Welsh Government will mean that businesses in Wales that
serve or sell food will be required to display their food hygiene
rating at their premises.
The scheme will cover places where people eat out, including
restaurants, takeaways, mobile caterers, cafés, hotels and pubs;
places where people shop for food, such as supermarkets, bakeries
and delicatessens; and establishments such as schools, hospitals,
children’s nurseries and residential care homes.
The statutory scheme introduced by the legislation will be
based on the current voluntary Food Hygiene Rating Scheme,
operated by local authorities in partnership with the Food
Standards Agency (FSA)
Food outlets will be rated from 0-5 on criteria such as how
the food is prepared, cooked and stored and the condition of the
premises and how food safety within the business is managed. A 5
rating means hygiene standards are very good and 0 means urgent
improvement is necessary.
Good food hygiene is important to consumers and food
businesses too and the new scheme will benefit both consumers
and food businesses.
For consumers, the rating will mean they are able to make
informed decisions about where they choose to eat or shop for
For businesses, good food hygiene means a good hygiene
rating. This could increase trade, as well as meeting food law
requirements and protecting their customers from foodborne
illness. Every business is capable of achieving a rating of 5 and
food businesses that comply with food hygiene requirements
have nothing to fear from the new law. More than 23,000 food
businesses in Wales have already received a rating under the
voluntary scheme, and many have improved their rating following
advice from their local authority food safety officer.
Under the current voluntary scheme however, businesses do
not have to display their rating sticker if they do not wish to do
so, meaning the information is not always readily available for the
consumer as they enter the business.
The new law in Wales will mean that food businesses will have
to display their rating in a prominent place – such as the front door
or window – and at every entrance. The business operator and
relevant staff will also have to provide the information verbally if
asked, either in a face to face situation as well as over the phone.
Local authority officers will enforce the statutory scheme in
their area and ensure ratings are correctly displayed and should
be contacted by businesses which need advice on the display of
stickers and how the legislation will apply to them.
Local authorities will issue new stickers from the end of
November and businesses will be required to display these. As
well being displayed at businesses’ premises, ratings will also
continue to be available on the FSA website at food.gov.uk/ratings
From November 2014, the scheme will be extended to include
food manufacturers, wholesalers and transporters that supply to
places where people eat and buy food.
The new scheme will put Wales at the forefront of promoting
the standards of food hygiene – this has to be good for consumers
and good for business, too.
The date the statutory scheme comes into effect is 28
The 2005 E.coli outbreak in Wales – the second biggest ever
in the UK – tragically resulted in the death of Mason Jones and
included 150 other cases including 31 hospital admissions and
long-term health consequences for several children.
It is estimated that there are around a million cases of
foodborne illness in the UK each year, resulting in 20,000 hospital
admissions and 500 deaths. As well as the obvious public health
impact it is estimated the cost to the UK to be about £1.9 billion.
While a 0, 1 or 2 rating requires businesses to make improvements, there may not be an imminent risk to health. If a business
receives a low rating, local authorities undertake follow up action
with the operator and can use a range of enforcement tools to
ensure that the necessary improvements are made. Immediate
action is taken when an imminent risk of injury to health is
As in the current voluntary scheme, the frequency of inspections under the statutory scheme will be based on an assessment
of risk to the consumer, such as the type of food business, the
nature of the food handling which takes place, and the size of the
If a business feels that their rating is unjust, they can lodge
an appeal and will also have the right to comment upon it. Any
comments made in this “right to reply” may be displayed on the
FSA website. And if they have undertaken improvements since
their last inspection, they can also request a re-inspection to see if
the rating should be changed.
This will be the first statutory scheme in the UK – however,
other countries, states and cities have similar compulsory schemes
in operation, including Denmark, New York, Los Angeles County
and Auckland. Research into the Danish scheme has shown
that 88 per cent of food business operators in Denmark think
the scheme is a good idea. It has helped consumers make more
informed choices, with 67 per cent saying they would turn down
a restaurant with a poor rating, and 59 per cent having chosen
another restaurant because of a bad score.
The FSA will be reviewing the operation of the scheme one year
after its implementation.
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
October/November 2013
your class a5 property
we’ll pay a
we’ll pay a preMiuM
for a property
that Meets our
4 Frontage – minimum 15ft (4.5m)
4 Ideal area – 1,100 sq. ft.
4 High visibility
4 Hot Food Takeaway usage (A5)
4 Close proximity to family neighbourhoods and students
4 Roadside location or retail centre with parking
if you have a property that is suitable for DoMiNo’s, we’D love to hear froM you...
visit DoMiNos.uK.coM or eMail [email protected]
xmas cards v.2
Page 1
Got your Xmas cards yet?
Christmas T
Cards 2013
Whitby in the Winter
‘Old Sea Salt, Newlyn’
Mission Fish
Order your choice of cards by completing and returning the order
form overleaf or you can place a telephone order
by calling 01489 566910.
All profits will go to support the work of the Fishermen’s Mission.
Alternatively, other designs of cards will be available from our friends at
who are once again selling cards in support of the Fishermen’s Mission.
These cards are available via their website
Christmas Ball
ime’s running out for the Chippy Chat Christmas Ball!
Date: Sunday 1st December 2013
Venue: Hilton, Coventry
Time: Reception Drinks at 6:30pm
Entertainment: Spice Girlz & A Special Guest
Spice Girlz have been recognised as the number 1 Spice
Girls tribute act in the world. After the success of the Girl
Power! Spiceworld and Return Of The Spice Girls Tours the
girls have analysed and handpicked the best Highlights of
all the live shows and tours and packed them into a high
energy, fun and unbeatable show! Featuring all the favourites
including Wannabe’, ‘Who Do You Think You Are’, ‘Say You’ll Be
There’, ‘Spice Up Your Life’, ‘Stop’, ‘2 Become 1’, ‘Goodbye’ and
many more.
To book your place at the biggest night of the Chippy
calendar, send a cheque made payable to ‘Chippy Chat’ along
with your name, company, address, contact telephone number
and how many tickets you require to:
Chippy Chat, 370 Wheelwright Lane, Ash Green, Coventry,
CV7 9HL.
Or email us at [email protected] or call 07932
Don’t miss out on the industry end of year celebrations!
Tickets are £55 each or a table of 10 for £500.
We’ve also negotiated a special rate for hotel rooms of
£79 b&b for a double room or £69 b&b for a single room. Call
02476 603000 and quote code ACHIA to take advantage.
his year you can help to kill two birds with one stone and
not only send your Christmas cards but raise money for the
Fishermen’s Mission in doing so.
The Fishermen’s Mission is the only fishermen’s charity that
provides emergency support alongside practical and emotional
care. We help all fishermen, active or retired, and their families.
We do this by:
• Offering immediate assistance, day or night, to the families of
fishermen who have been killed or seriously injured
• Looking after the survivors of fishing boat accidents· Helping
injured or ill fishermen to find medical help· Finding emergency
housing and food if necessary
• Supporting fishermen’s families in the case of illness, distress
or financial difficulties·
• Alleviating loneliness by visiting retired fishermen and their
families at home or in hospital
• Offering welfare and support to overseas fishermen, working
in the UK fishing industry, especially those who have to live
onboard boats·
• Providing Christian pastoral and practical help, including
problems with debt, sickness, bereavement, family difficulties,
debt and addiction problems.
So do your bit for the Mission this year. Visit the Mission
website, and click the links to roder your cards today.
Caterers not heeding warnings
of grease extract dangers
here is on average one kitchen fire every day in the London area; in nine
out of ten fires linked to catering facilities, un-cleaned grease deposits in
grease extract ducting are responsible.
But despite the compelling evidence that grease deposits in extract ventilation systems present serious fire hazards, Richard Norman, MD of specialist
ventilation ductwork cleaning firm Indepth Hygiene Services believes that the
message simply isn’t getting through.
He says: “Grease extract systems are often not given the attention they
demand because extract ducting from the kitchen canopy often runs hidden
behind ceilings and walls. Until a fire occurs, there are often seldom other
clear signs of danger. But I am shocked at how many establishments still
don’t prioritise grease extract cleaning; the costs of not doing so in terms of
business disruption, damage to reputation, danger to the public and staff not
to mention the legal implications can be substantial.”
In addition to the requirements of the Fire Safety Order, UK property
insurers such as Aviva, Zurich, Liverpool Victoria and AXA are now demanding
kitchen grease extract ventilation ductwork be ‘cleaned in its entirety’ to
comply with policy warranties.
“Most property insurers require grease extracts to be cleaned every six
months and annually at an absolute minimum. However, we are seeing an
increasing number of insurers requiring as many as four ductwork cleans
per annum under their policies,” says Norman. “If it is not done in-house, it is
important to ensure the company it is out sourced to is a properly ccredited
Failure to ensure this could lead to substantial financial implications if a fire
was to occur.”
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
October/November 2013
and mixed
meat kebabs
Best Quality Meats, The Finest Spices
That’s the DNA of Double A
Often copied, never equalled
When second best is not an option,
serve a Double A Kebab
• Unrivalled Taste
• Unrivalled Performance
• Unbeatable Customer Service
Find your nearest dealer at www.doubleakebab.co.uk
Sunday 9th February 2014
10.00am to 4.30pm
This will be the 21st annual
What’s Cooking? exhibition…
If you want to stay ahead of your competitors
and learn about everything new in the world of
Fish & Chips, then What's Cooking? 2014
is the exhibition to attend.
• There will be over 80 exhibitors all
relevant to the Fish & Chip and
Fast Food Markets.
• You will be able to discover new ideas
and new products.
• See some great products being
• Taste products before you buy.
• Take advantage of our Special Offers only available at What's Cooking?
Scenes from last year’s
What’s Cooking? 2012 Exhibition.
If you have any queries regarding
What’s Cooking? 2014
please contact Duncan McLean on 0191 482 8406
or Jackie Pearson on 0191 482 8409
What's Cooking?
is the biggest Fish & Chip
and Fast Food Exhibition
in the UK.
Exhibitors & product categories to date…
Trade Organisations
Batter Flour, Curry & Gravy
RAMMI - Icelandic Cod & Haddock
Sykes Seafoods - Cape Haddie/Sea Harvest
Ocean Trawlers - Atlantika Brand
Frying Range/Equipment/Utensils
Frozen Foods
Middleton Food Products
Goldensheaf Batter Flours
Henry Jones Batter Flour
Dinaclass Curry
Dinaclass Gravy
Mayflower Curry
Goldfish Curry
Chippies Choice Curry & Gravy
Glu2Go Gluten Free Batter Flour
Tee-Khi - Spice Technology
Bold Catering
Premier1 Filtration - Filter Machines
Easy Bags
A.S.A.P. - Filtration
42nd Street CLASSIC Sausages
42nd Street Beefburgers
42nd Street Chicken Products
BUY & FRY Chips
Larry's - Fish Cakes & Savouries
Meadowvale Foods - Chicken Products
Wright's Pies - Qualipies, Unbaked & Baked Pies
Keejay's - Chop Suey Rolls
Whitby Seafoods - Scampi Products
Double A Kebabs
William McMillan - Pies, Haggis, Black Pudding
Innovate Foods - Mozzarella Sticks, Garlic Mushrooms
Pukka Pies
Q Chicken Steaks & Nuggets
Henry’s Pies
Frying Oils and Fats
Q 10.8
Duncrue - Food Processors
Cott Beverages - Ben Shaws
Rijo 42 - Coffee
Solo Cup (Europe)
Linpac Packaging - Polystyrene Boxes
St. Neots Packaging - “bio-boxes”, Children's Meal
Boxes, MK Boxes
SAICA PACK - Corrugated Fish & Chip Boxes
Middleton Paper Company
Dempson Crooke - Paper Bags
Pizza Boxes
Printed Greaseproof Paper
Sauces & Condiments
AAK - JUST Sauces
Unilever Food Solutions
H.J. Heinz - SqueezMe & Other Sauces
Drywite - Condiment Essences & Malt Vinegar
Just Grab - Sauce Portions
Save & Select
Henry Colbeck's Customer Loyalty Scheme
EPOS Systems
INTEGER - inTouch by Integer
Thornhill Insurance
Trade Magazines
Fish Friers Review
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
Fry On-Line
Catering Products
Wherry's - Dried Peas
Cleaning Products
Harlequin Print Group - Sign/Print/Digital Screens
Mattesson's Smoked Pork Sausages
Waste Oil Collection
Illustration Only
Meet your telesales contact
Henry Colbeck Waste
Oil Division
Royal National Mission
to Deep Sea Fishermen
Children's Magician
Equipment Shop
Children's Face Painting
National Federation of
Fish Friers
Nestle & Middleton Food
Products will be providing
FREE Coffee & Doughnuts!
Awards triumphs
for UK’s most
northerly chippy
rankie’s Fish & Chips in Shetland has
netted several new awards for the
quality of its food and commitment of its
The eatery, the country’s most northerly
chippy, won top spot for training and skills
development in the Highlands & Islands
Tourism Awards last month. It was also
highly commended in the Best Eatery
category in the Highlands & Islands Food &
Drinks Awards.
Meanwhile staff member Carlyn
Kearney, already the Drywite National
Young Fish Frier of the Year 2013, was a
winner of the Young Shining Star Award
at the Highlands & Islands Food & Drinks
Frankie’s manager John Gold said:
“It’s great to win national recognition for
the very high standards the staff here at
Frankie’s work really hard to maintain.”
Frankie’s recently donated £3,350
to the Fishermen’s Mission following a
charity cycle event, and is taking part in
the National Federation of Fish Friers’
centenary celebrations on 11th November
as one of 100 fish and chip shops around
the UK offering 100 customers 100
portions for 100 pence, with proceeds
going to the Mission.
Frankie’s also donated £500 to local
mental health charity Mind Your Head from
the cycle event and raised £600 towards
an STV appeal to combat child poverty in
Christmas all
wrapped up!
enry Colbeck Limited has launched two festive
designs to help their customers get Christmas
all wrapped up.
For the grown-ups they have two sizes of
corrugated boxes packed in 100s.
The small box measures 9.5x6x2” and is suitable
for a regular portion of Fish and Chips. While the
chip box, measuring 6x6x2” is ideal for a serving
of chips.
For the children there’s a bright, colourful meal
box with 6 cute, brand new designs to collect.
They’re packed in 250s and are widely
recyclable and bio-degradable.
For further details contact;
Henry Colbeck Limited, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear
Tel: 0191 482 4242
Henry Colbeck Limited, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire
Tel: 01236 425 656
Scottish whitefish
eafood Scotland (SFS) has just announced a new
programme of activity to raise awareness of
Scottish whitefish industry in the UK fish and chip
trade. The events are linked to the popular 2014
National Fish & Chip Awards organised by Seafish,
which have a large following across the country.
“Scotland lands around 28,000 tonnes of MSC
certified sustainable haddock a year, and with cod
stocks continuing to improve as a result of ongoing
conservation-led work by industry and government,
it is important to remind the foodservice sector
of the fresh seafood bounty landed by our own
fishermen,” explained Graham Young, Head of
Seafood Scotland.
Seafood Scotland is sponsoring the Best
Independent Foodservice Outlet category in the
2014 National Fish & Chip Awards, along with a
Scottish seafood starter at the awards ceremony
luncheon. The starters are being specially
developed with the hotel’s chefs to showcase the
versatility of Scottish species.
A Scottish themed VIP reception is planned
for the evening of 21st January at the same
hotel. This prestigious event for the National Fish
& Chip Awards sponsors, finals judges and the
media, will also feature Scottish seafood. “We
will be taking a taste of Scotland to London, and
premièring our new film about Scottish seafood,
‘Every Mouthful Tells a Story’. This film has been
developed to showcase all sectors of the seafood
industry from sea to plate, and will be an important
tool in educating new and existing customers in
world markets,” explained SFS Marketing Manager
Clare Dean. “We see this event as an important
opportunity to spread the word about fresh, wild
and delicious Scottish seafood, and look forward to
playing it to our guests,” she confirmed.
Early next month, SFS is hosting a visit to the
seafood industry in the northeast of Scotland for
finalists in the Young Fish Fryer, Newcomer, and
Independent Foodservice categories, along with
key consumer media. “The trip will give finalists an
excellent opportunity to see the Scottish whitefish
industry in action, to speak to fishermen and
processors, and understand the supply chain from
the sea to the fryer,” said Clare.
“The annual spend on fish and chips in the
UK is in the region of £1.2 billion, and this sector
is an important market for the Scottish whitefish
industry. We wanted to raise greater awareness of
the availability of top quality Scottish fish, and are
pleased to welcome the competition finalists to the
northeast,” explained David Anderson, chair of the
North East Whitefish Forum.
“Our fresh and sustainable product also has the
advantage of being very, very tasty!” he confirmed.
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
October/November 2013
d V a mi
Roe co
ins Om
Serving suggestion
Battered Roe & Chips
Have you tried it yet?
fish with a smile
Warwick ‘eco-chippy’ raises standards
for sustainable fish and chips
he Pot & Fin restaurant in Warwick
town centre (http://www.
thepotandfin.co.uk/) has a refreshingly
forward-thinking attitude to fish and chips.
It’s not your usual chippy: as well as being
committed to serving top-notch fare, the
restaurant has made a firm commitment to
sustainability too.
Keenly aware that we’re only borrowing
our planet, Sudeep Brar, the restaurant’s owner, serves only wild fish from
sustainable seas, including line-caught
Atlantic cod.
However, his commitment to the
environment goes further than his fish:
almost everything inside the Pot & Fin
is locally sourced and environmentally
With potatoes from local farms and
sausages from Rumps The Butchers (just
down the road from the restaurant), plus
local antique and reclaimed furniture, the
Pot & Fin is a real local business. If you
eat in the upstairs restaurant, you will be
surrounded by local art and photography,
all of which is available to purchase.
The restaurant is Warwick through and
Sudeep said: “A serving of fish and chips
is one of our Great British Meals, but I was
consistently disappointed with ‘normal’
fish suppers. Limp chips, soft batter, and
glow-in-the-dark saveloy and mushy peas
are not very appealing. I began to question
why people would pay for this. So I decided
to open my own restaurant!
“As a society,
we’re responsible
for the food we eat
and how we source
it. We’re heading
towards a food crisis
– particularly with
fish. If it runs out,
we’re all in trouble
– and there’ll be no
more fish and chip
suppers. As well
as serving really
good food, I wanted
to ensure that my
restaurant was good
for the environment
and local community
Dolphin wins Pukka Pies chippy
of the month
olphin Fish and Chip Shop in Fleetwood has been awarded the Pukka Pies
Fish and Chip Shop of the Month award. The chippy on Blakiston Street in
Fleetwood becomes the first winner of the award in the North West where Pukka
Pies have added a number of new accounts in recent months.
Earlier this year Britain's favourite branded pie manufacturer announced
that they would be launching a shortcrust version of their famous pies into
the North West market. The new delicious shortcrust pies come in six popular
flavours; Steak & Kidney, Chicken and Mushroom, Minced Beef & Onion, All
Steak, Potato & Meat and Potato, Cheese and Onion.
Owner Tony Farrell, who received the Chip shop of the Month award at the
shop, commented; “We are delighted with the new range of Pukka Pies and we
have had lots of compliments from our customers. Our regular customers have
been really impressed and sales have been fantastic and it is great to receive the
Chips in the Pot & Fin are cooked
traditionally in beef dripping (from local
sources) and everything Sudeep cooks is
fresh (except the king prawns, which are
frozen to keep their high quality). The
batter covering the Pot & Fin fish is light
and crispy, like a tempura batter – and it’s
cooked to a secret formula.
Sudeep is working towards certification
from the Marine Stewardship Council, and
hopes that the Pot & Fin will be the start
of a much larger eco-chippy movement all
around the UK.
This summer, the restaurant also
scooped the Pride of Warwick Hospitality
Business of the Year award at the Chesford
Grange, Kenilworth on 5 July 2013.
For more information contact Sudeep Brar
at The Pot and Fin Restaurant on 01926
492426 or visit www.thepotandfin.co.uk
recognition of Chip Shop
of the month.
“Quality of ingredients and produce is very
important to us from the
potatoes that we use to
the fish that we fry and
our choice of pies is no
Pukka Pies supply
a range of pies and
pasties – including Steak
and Kidney, Chicken and
Mushroom and Steak and Ale varieties – to hundreds of fish and chip shops,
football stadiums and supermarkets across the country.
For more information about Pukka Pies go to www.PukkaPies.co.uk
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
October/November 2013
He waR a 5 tin
g a
to nin e R
i n
ga gie
no more
scrubbing pots
1 Putlinerinpot
2 Foodremainsinliner
3 Disposeofliner
& save money too
• Keep food moist for longer
• Don’t spend time removing dried on food
• Avoid paying staff extra time to scrub your pots
• Use less water and detergents
Other sizes available, see website
Disposable Heat Resistant Food Safe Liners for Bain Marie Pots
Order your free sample at www.easybags.net/free-samples
The Castle Pub and Castle
Rock launch fish & chip
Raising the presentation
rinted greaseproof paper provides a professional finishing
touch to thepresentation of Fish & Chips...or any other
fried food you are serving. Don't underestimate the impact of
Use it as a liner for your Fish & Chip boxes.....and not just
own-label boxes! Use it as a wrapping material for burgers &
kebabs. Within reason we can provide any size of printed greaseproof paper.
Minimum print-run: from 50,000 sheets.
Pack size:
1,000 sheets.
Price: Dependent upon the paper size and the
number of colours required - from 1p per
Delivery: 5 weeks from the artwork being
approved. The total order will be
delivered. It takes up very little room.
Origination cost: £175 + V.A.T. This is a one-off charge.
ottingham’s Castle Pub is set to transform itself into the city’s
premier fish and chip venue as part of a new partnership with
Castle Rock Brewery.
Visitors to the iconic pub, directly opposite Nottingham Castle,
will now be able to place an order to eat in or takeaway at the
venue’s very own fish and chip bar. With beer batter created
exclusively in conjunction with Castle Rock Brewery and using
Harvest Pale Ale, owners are confident that customers will be able
to taste the difference. Chris Bulaitis, managing director of Ever
So Sensible Restaurants, which owns The Castle Pub, believes that
the move fills a gap in the market: “It’s quite a bold decision to call
time on the current bar menu and move solely towards fish and
chips. However, after speaking to regulars and friends, it became
clear that the city’s lacking a decent place to get good old-fashioned fish and chips.
“Of course, we wanted to put our own unique spin on it, which
is why we approached Castle Rock. Customers will get a traditional
fish and chip experience with us, with food served in boxes, with
wooden cutlery.
“We’re also offering locally sourced sausages and pies, scampi,
fishcakes, and of course, mushy peas. However, the emphasis
is very much on quality. This is fish and chips taken to a whole
new level. And of course, with us being a proper pub, it can be all
washed down with a pint of real ale. Takeaway customers will also
be able to purchase a four-pint canister of Harvest Pale Ale to take
home, to create a perfect night in.”
The Castle’s move towards becoming a traditional fish and
chip pub follows the arrival of newly appointed manager Craig
Coloquhoun. The venue has also undergone a refurb, reflecting the
heritage of the building, with new features such as chandeliers,
antique light fittings and Edison light bulbs.
As well as The Castle Pub, Ever So Sensible Restaurants also
owns Le Mistral Bistros in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire,
Fothergills in Nottingham, The Marquis Wellington and The Globe
in Leicester, and The Horse & Groom and the newly opened Hume
Arms in Lincolnshire.
For more on Ever So Sensible Restaurants and its portfolio of
venues, visit www.eversosensible.com.
The price of this finishing
touch is very small but the
overall impression that it creates
is priceless!
For further information please
contact Duncan McLean at
Henry Colbeck Limited on
0191 482 8406.
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
October/November 2013
9th FEBRUARY 2014
10.30am to 4.30pm
Newcastle Racecourse
Gosforth Park
Newcastle upon Tyne
If you have any queries regarding
What’s Cooking? 2014
please contact Duncan McLean on 0191 482 8406
or Jackie Pearson on 0191 482 8409
Fry i.T. 2014, Peterborough arena... I.T.’S show time!
Save the date... FRY I.T. 2014 is
returning to Peterborough Arena, East
of England Showground on Sunday
23rd February 2014!
maximising your menu. In conjunction
with Friars Pride’s newly launched
Marketing Club, FRY I.T.2014 will host
invaluable FREE seminars to improve any
business within the industry.
rought to you by Friars Pride, the
ultimate exhibition for the fish & chip
and fast food trade will be ‘coming home’
to Peterborough Arena and promises a day
of industry relevant exhibitor’s, product
innovations, promotions and more. Tickets
are free and those who pre- register for
FRY I.T. 2014 will be entered into a prize
draw to win an iPad with Retina Display on
the day!
Back by popular demand, The
Drywite Equipment Shop!
the whole family in mind. Entertainment
for the kids will include face painting and
balloon modelling, ensuring every visitor
can take advantage of the ‘one day only’
show promotions!
As usual there will be FRY I.T. raffles,
competitions and prizes. There is also
rumour of the chance to meet a Captain
from one of Friars Pride’s sustainably
sourced ‘frozen at sea’ fish trawlers...
The Drywite Equipment shop will also
be back, by popular demand, where any
equipment purchased can be taken away
on the day, at a superb discount.
5 ways to pre- register for your FREE
and innovations
TICKETS to win an iPad with Retina
the trade
to win an iPad with Retina Display!
Once again, FRY I.T. will be packed with
new and innovative product to the
industry, enabling customers to be the first
to find out how they can improve their
business and menus.
• Head to www.friarspride.com and click
on the FRY I.T. button to register online
• Fill in a FRY I.T. invitation form and
return via post (obtain from any of Friars
Pride’s depot or speak to your Area Sales
• Contact 01733 316444
• Email [email protected]
• Or simply scan the below QR code to
be taken straight to online registration
Live cooking demonstrations and
1733 316444
Visitors will have the opportunity to
live cooking demonstrations of new
and existing products and sample what’s
on offer. Perfect for ‘trying’ before taking
advantage of the promotions available!
ollow @FRY_IT
Exclusive show deals
I.T.’S SHOW TIME for show deals,
discounts and bumper special offers,
available exclusively on show day! Each
visitor will be given a Friars Pride goody
bag, containing a FRY I.T. 2014 order form,
ensuring outstanding promotions and
brand new products are noted down.
Brought to you by...
Something for the whole family
There is something for everyone at FRY
I.T. 2014 and that includes the kids too!
Friars Pride is a family business, therefore
FRY I.T. 2014 has been organised with
FREE seminars
FRY I.T. 2014 returns with seminars by
leading speakers within the industry. In the
past, there have been business- benefiting
seminars on portion control, advertising,
children’s meals, using technology and
Charity begins at home...
he Wetherby Whaler fish and chip restaurant in Wakefield rocked to the sound
of Elvis Presley, which raised more than £1000 for the Wakefield Hospice.
Guests weren’t “lonesome tonight” as Elvis, aka Wetherby Whaler customer
and well-known Elvis impersonator Chris Hawkins, was in the building and
performed “Jail House Rock”, “Blue Suede Shoes” and other much loved classics
while they enjoyed renowned Whaler fish and chips.
The Wetherby Whaler is an iconic brand throughout West Yorkshire, and
stands out as a symbol of the success of fish and chips in the area. Bought by its
current owners, Philip and Janine Murphy, in 1989, the Wetherby Whaler is now
run with the help of a second generation, their daughters, Joanne and Caroline.
The Guiseley branch of the Wetherby Whaler was not to be out-done and
took part in the National Federation of Fish Friers’ Centenary Chip-in to raise
funds for The Fishermen’s Mission.
On 11 November, the Wetherby Whaler restaurant in Guiseley offered 20
percent off all main meals from 11:11am until 13:11pm and donated the value
Keep up to date with Friars Pride and FRY
I.T. 2014:
of the discount to the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen (more
commonly known as the Fisherman’s Mission)
The ‘Centenary Chip-in’ marked the official centenary of the NFFF. To
celebrate, 100 fish and chip shops throughout the UK got involved in the NFFF’s
campaign to raise £100 per shop for The Fisherman’s Mission, with a goal of
raising £10,000 for the charity.
The Wetherby Whaler in Guiseley, the former and original Harry Ramsden’s,
has been brought right up to date, while maintaining the atmosphere the
restaurant was renowned for.
Speaking of the two events, Phillip Murphy, owner of The Wetherby Whaler,
said: “At The Wetherby Whaler we believe that it is very important for us to
support our communities and local and national charities. The fundraising
evening in Wakefield was a great success and we’re thrilled with the amount
raised for the Wakefield Hospice.”
“The Fisherman’s Mission is a charity that is particularly important to us.
We’re hoping that lots of people will enjoy our fish and chips on 11 November for
the Fishermen’s Misson, another great cause!”
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
October/November 2013
The ultimate exhibition for Fish Friers and The Fast Food Trade!
Live cooking demonstrations
and samples
l Innovative new products
Exclusive show deals
l Family entertainment
l FREE Seminars
East of England Showground, Peterborough PE2 6XE
Pre-register to win an iPad with Retina Display!
Tel: 01733 316444
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After Sales
The Industries
It’s why over
1100 shops use
our service
including 100
customers and
now OVER 300
School report
Our regular roundup of news from the
KFE School of Frying Excellence
elcome readers, well can you believe the KFE
School of Frying Excellence is now in its 3rd
year, that's about 300 students; from newcomers to
the trade with a vision of doing everything right to
experienced friers looking to pick up some top tips
from KFE’s top trainers.
Lots of different agendas, varied questions, 300
personalities and each and every one made very
welcome by the whole KFE team. Thanks to all who
have attended, it's been emotional, testing, hard work
but very enjoyable and rewarding when we receive
our written feedback forms. So we're now looking
forward to the coming year where we will see a slight
difference in the school's programme, but more about
that in the next edition of the school report.
October class had an excellent mix of students.
Robert and Louise Peck from Peckish were 2011’s
runners up in the National Fish and Chip Shop
competition and, even at that stage in their career,
recognised that they had operational questions
that needed answers so they signed up and came to
school. I thought they just wanted time away from
the shop and the kids, but no, they did in fact have
operational questions which were answered.
KFE Service has...
Dedicated service
New fully
stocked van fleet
Gas Safe
registered engineers
Glenn Bailey and Chetin Koroglu were not only
impressed by the training that they received but also
by the excellent performance of the Kiremko frying
range, so much so that they ordered new frying
ranges for their shop, confident that they can produce
the same product in their own units as they did at
Malkeet and Harwinder Johal are opening a fourth
shop and required guidance on multiple operations.
They had just purchased a Kiremko range for their
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
Units A & B Bentley
Business Park,
Northfields Industrial
Market Deeping,
Peterborough PE6 8LD
01778 380 448 opt 2
01778 348 558
[email protected]
latest shop and wanted to see what they had paid for
in action and weren’t disappointed.
Jason Brown has been in the catering industry for
many years but is now looking to start his own fish
and chip business so came to learn and we would all
like to wish him the best of luck with his new venture.
Edwin and Rosana Bonella came all the way from
sunny Malta; they are opening the islands first official
fish and chip shop. Rosana had planned letting Edwin
attend school while she enjoyed some retail therapy
with his credit card, but she chose to attend and was
glad she did.
Simon Evans and his partner Rozen popped their
heads in the door on day 2 of the course, really just
to see how the frying range operated; they were so
impressed that they bought the company! No, I'm only
joking but they did order a new frying range.
All the students, as always, have direct contact
with KFE and the trainers just in case they need
further guidance.
The students were all fantastic and as always very
welcome at KFE School of frying excellence.
Thanks for attending guys, it was great to meet
you all and very best of luck in your own shops, you
know where we are!
Gordon Hillan
KFE Trainer &
National Fish and Chip Shop of the Year
October/November 2013
Top tip
Does the cleanliness of your cutting board make you feel
The NaTioNal Fish & Chip
awards 2013
lastic cutting boards are the most often recommended by both
the industry’s skilled friers and catering suppliers. Typically
made from polyethylene, plastic cutting boards are durable and
long lasting. They can be washed easily by hand or in a dishwasher.
They’re relatively kind on your knives and can be made “Non-Slip”
with the use of anti-slip matting.
However, do you feel courageous enough to have your cutting
board on display in your shop for all your customers to see?
I’m convinced that some of my fellow friers will hold their head
high and say “Yes”, whilst others are saying the complete opposite.
Well, my advice to the friers who are saying the latter is, nobody
really knows what condition your cutting board is in, so for the
sake of a few pounds, replace the bad boy and hold your head
higher than high and step both feet into the elite group who’d
prefer to invest rather than “Make-Do”...
Cutting boards intensely
harbour bacteria, especially
when they get furry from
long-time use. But for certain
duties plastic cutting boards
are recommended, such as
practicing a separate colourcoding system for each type of
raw material -- raw fish, raw
meat, salad and potatoes.
Did you know?
Independent Takeaway
Fish and chip Shop of the
Year Award
The Bay
Calum Richardson
The average cutting board
is home to 50 times more
bacteria than a loo seat, says the Hygiene Council. That’s because
while people perceive loo seats as needing regular cleaning, the
same approach isn’t applied to a chopping board.
To clean your cutting board, either place in the dishwasher or
spray with disinfectant, scrub and then pour boiling water over
the board. Dry with kitchen towels rather than a dishcloth, as the
dishcloth may bear more germs than the cutting board originally
If your cutting board starts to develop deep marks from the
knife cuts, it’s time to replace the board, as bacteria can lurk into
the grooves.
Cutting boards can be bought from most commendable
retailers, typically costing around £6...
So, there you have it, my latest top tip!..
An investment of £6 per cutting board
could be the variance of “5 stars compared
to 4”, a “very good compared to a good”,
a “pass compared to a fail” or a simple
“hold your head up high” compared to
an embarrassing occasion when the EHO
or Competition Judge asks to look at the
condition of your cutting boards...
October/November 2013
3Rd PlAcE
Independent Takeaway
Fish and chip Shop of the
Year Award
David Hanbury
KFE ltd, Units A & B Bentley Business Park, Northfields
Industrial Estate, Market deeping, Peterborough PE6 8ld
Tel: 01778 380 448 Fax: 01778 348 558
Email: [email protected] Web: www.kfeltd.co.uk
Ambitious plans at M & A
Fish Bar in Longbridge
he continued resilience of the fish and chip industry can be
often gauged by the number of new people who come in to
revitalise existing shops and spot a good business opportunity.
Such a case is the M & A Fish Bar in Longbridge, Birmingham,
site of a recent major range installation by Hewigo. The shop
had been selling fish and chips for over 32 years. Parmjit Singh,
originally a qualified gas engineer, has run a successful convenience store next door. His entrepreneurial spirit recognised a good
proposition and, in partnership with brother Amarjit, decided to
take the plunge.
They turned to Hewigo on the recommendation of a friend who
also opened a fish and chip bar next door to his convenience store
in nearby Harborne. Hewigo helped them to realise ambitious
plans which meant the complete stripping of the premises and
installation of a new Hewigo Advantage 3-pan frying range with
low-level computerised controls, curved cabinet and counter
edges, candescent curved stainless steel front panels with multicoloured LED lighting and a 2.4 metre long integrated refrigerated
display cabinet. However that was not all; Parmjit also had plans
to serve exclusive Indian cuisine in the evenings and so the Hewigo
package also involved a matching 4 metre kitchen servery.
Parmjit says, “Our great
location, commitment to quality
and wide choice of meals means
that we are busy for most of
the day. We must give credit to
Hewigo who not only supplied
excellent equipment but gave
us sound advice. Father Kam
also played a major part and we
would not have been able to do
it without him.”
Fish restaurant serves
up a taste of the east
ondon based fish restaurant, Olley’s Fish
Experience, highly commended in the National
Fish & Chip Awards 2013, Friday served up a taste of
UK fish and chips for the Far East when it welcomed
a delegation of Singaporean business leaders for
The group were visiting the UK at the behest of
SPRING Singapore, a government agency exploring
innovation and productivity opportunities in Europe.
Olley’s Fish Experience in Hearn Hill, London
is owned by Harry Niazi, a qualified assessor for
the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) Fish
& Chip Quality Award and judging consultant for
the National Fish & Chip Awards. He treated the
Singapore businessmen and women to a traditional
meal of fish and chips with cod and haddock, with
homemade mushy peas.
Phillip Purkiss, General Manager of Hewigo commented, “This
was a really pleasing project for us with both range and special
servery. It’s always very satisfying to help someone just setting up
in the business.”
For further information contact Hewigo on 0121 544 9120 or
Mr Niazi enjoyed welcoming his special visitors
and passing on his knowledge and expertise. He
said, “We were very pleased to be offered this
opportunity to speak to business people from South
East Asia, to exchange ideas on best practises and
to offer an overview about what we think makes a
successful foodservice business. For us, sustainability is the number one factor in running a fish and
chip business. We’ve been developing our business
for 25 years and we want to ensure we’re still
around for the next 25 too!
“100% of all our fish is from sustainable sources
and we take every opportunity to carefully consider
from where we source our products. It is something
we assess on a continuous basis as we’re committed
to maximising the potential of our product and
therefore our business.”
Paul Williams, CEO of Seafish, said: “This is a
great opportunity for the best of UK fish and chips
to be showcased and to recognise those who work
hard to source products ethically and responsibly.
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
“We want to recognise the people who actively
maintain and support sustainable fishing practices
so future generations can enjoy one of the UK’s
staple dishes and Olley’s Fish Experience is certainly
doing just that.”
October/November 2013
Free Phone 0800 0337619
Or 01202 666922
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A 5ltr bottle of our slush syrup diluted with water at
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We can provide everything you need to achieve
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We have 16 flavours of syrup, 4 sizes of cups
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Twin Bowl machine
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spice things up.
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Scotshaw Brook Ind Est,
Branch Road, Darwen, Blackburn,
Lancs BB3 0PR
October/November 2013
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
feature • batter mixtures
Your batter – mix
with the best!
hen it comes to winning awards, any
fish and chip frier will tell you that
quality ingredients are the key to success.
That means choosing the best fish, the best
potatoes and of course, the best batter mix.
With 6 out of 10 Regional winners of the
Seafish National Fish & Chip Awards 2014
choosing Kerry batter mixes, it’s further
confirmation that these are indeed, the
best batter mixtures on the market today.
Market leadership doesn’t come easily:
Kerry’s brands of Goldensheaf and Henry
Jones batter mixtures are made from
selected wheats milled at Kerry’s own mills
to the highest standards and are subject to
rigorous testing throughout the manufacturing process. This ensures that every bag
of Goldensheaf and Henry Jones sold is of
the best possible quality and furthermore,
will perform consistently and reliably
every time. For the frier this means he or
she can be certain that the batter served
at lunchtime will be the same great quality
as the batter served in the evening – day
after day.
At Goldensheaf and Henry Jones, the
technical teams are keen to keep abreast of
changes in cuonsumer preferences, so that
customers keep ahead of the market. It’s
why Goldensheaf Fusion Batter Mix was
introduced for fish and chip restaurants.
It’s a revolutionary blend of the lightest
batter and the finest crumb and absorbs
less fat. This fantastic product gives
restaurateurs the opportunity to offer a
lighter and different taste option which can
be used to coat a variety of foods including
fish, vegetables, prawns and even cheese.
However, every frier knows that no
matter how good the batter mix, it’s the
skill of the individual using it that ensures
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
the final product delivered to the consumer
is at its best. The Frying Squad team of
experts at Goldensheaf and Henry Jones
spend their days working with friers
across the UK to perfect the best methods
of using their batter mixtures. As a result,
every team member has a thorough and
detailed knowledge of frying techniques
and the working practices of the best shops
throughout the UK. They like nothing
better than to apply this knowledge in
helping new, or existing shop owners and
their staff to produce an excellent product
every time. Their motto “We’re here to
help!” really is genuine.
More information about Goldensheaf
and Henry Jones batter mixtures can be
found at www.kerry-foodservice.co.uk,
along with a guide to frying fish, which
can be downloaded as a useful training
tool. Alternatively, friers can call the free
Customer Careline on 0800 138 1938.
October/November 2013
feature • batter mixtures
Shetland goes au naturale
rankie’s is located at Brae, in the Scottish islands of Shetland
and is the UK’s most northerly fish and chip shop. It was built
in 2008 by the owners who were fed up having to drive 50 miles
round trip to the nearest fish and chip shop! In addition to serving
award-winning fish and chips, Frankie’s Seafood Restaurant
and Takeaway also offers full English breakfasts and teas with
home-baked cakes and snacks and gourmet style fish dishes in the
24 cover restaurant.
Surrounded by the sea, the outside seating enjoys stunning
views overlooking Busta Voe and the local marina. Frankie’s is also
proud of winning a host of prestigious awards. Manager John Gold,
set himself a challenge to scoop some sparkling industry awards
and put Frankie’s well and truly on the map.
Frankie’s reached the Finals of the National Fish and Chip
Awards in 2011, 2012 and 2013…and this year it was third time
lucky for Carlyn Kearney and the team. Carlyn won the Drywite
National Young Fish Frier of the Year and the team also won Staff
Training & Development Award, From Field to Frier Award and
the Amanda Seafood Challenge Award. Frankie’s has also been
voted one of the Top 5 Fish and Chip Shops in Scotland and 2014 is
looking very promising as Frankies have now been shortlisted as
one of the top 10 in the UK.
During the summer Frankie’s has a large number of visitors
and tourists from all around the world, the Japanese are known
for their love of seafood and are always keen to try new dishes.
Local MSC scallops and mussels, sourced from the award winning
Blueshell Mussels Ltd, just half a mile away, are combined with
‘hot and sour sauce’, ‘blue cheese’, ‘Moroccan’ and the classic
‘moules marinieres’. Locally sourced fresh fish from the local fish
market or straight off the boat, varies daily and includes a choice
of, haddock, herring, plaice, squid or hake which can be poached,
smoked or pan fried.
Carlyn has been in catering from the age of 16 and since
winning Young Fish Frier of the Year this year aged 23 she has
learnt more and more about the industry as a whole. Carlyn is
keen to promote fish and chips as a healthy way of eating to the
younger generation. Carlyn advertises the healthy benefits of fish
and chips by using posters and displaying the calorie content on
the menu.
Carlyn and John constantly bounce ideas off each other and
their reputation for amazing and adventurous seafood is growing.
Frankie’s recently hosted a visit to Shetland from the MSC and
leading food journalists from Jamie Oliver’s magazine, Sainsbury,
Observer, Guardian and London’s Supper Club. It has a loyal local
customer base and attracts passing trade from local workmen.
Although in the winter and bad weather, Frankie’s has to face
the possibility of being cut off without supplies if the ferry is
cancelled. “We can never run out of tatties,” says John “so we have
to plan ahead and make sure that we always have 3 to 4 days
“The Batter Company delivers specially to the Shetland Isles for
us. We order a pallet load of the Natural Batter Mix at a time. We
get so many compliments on our new crispy, light batter, it would
affect our sales if we ran out.”
John continues; “Nowadays everyone is looking for natural
products and ingredients and it is something Carlyn and I want to
promote. I met Stelios from The Batter Company at a Chippy Chat
event and was pleased to hear about the artificial colouring and
additive free Batter Mix. It has a nice taste and has a great crispy
and golden appearance. The batter makes it look a better fish in
the box. Not only does it look and taste good it performs well, and
is great value for money.
“The Batter Company Natural Batter Mix is simple to use and
easy to mix. All the friers have been shown how to make it. They
know how much water to add for consistent results every time.”
To find out more and order a sample, visit
And now the Batter Company have launched a new mix to
add to their Natural and Yorkshire batters and chip shop sauces.
According to Stelios Theocharous, founder of the company: “We
believe that our Batter Mixes and Sauces give our customers the
competitive edge but now we’ve launched a brand new product
that makes sound financial and common sense too.
“When visiting customers all over the country we noticed so
many of them striving to do the best fish and chips they possibly
could but then under cutting the product they wanted to sell by
offering a cheap, mass produced fishcake and at the same time throwing away fish trimmings.
“This seemed like madness to me and so I set about developing
a time saving, profit building, quick and simple, all-in-one home
made fishcake mix. Consumers will flock to eat a homemade
product that is loaded with fish and bags of flavour and because
it’s home made, you can charge far more for it too! They are so
simple to make and save you so much money, but even that’s not
the best thing about them. I guarantee, once your customers try
them, they’ll be hooked for life. There is no going back to factory
fish cakes ever again.”
If you don’t yet make homemade fish cakes, now is a great time
to start. If you already make homemade fish cakes, then consider
the benefits of our great mix.
Boxes of 500g pouches.
500g makes 3kg of finished Fish Cake Mix
Ready to roll and press in under 15 minutes.
Works with all types of fish.
Improves customer loyalty
Improves profit margin
Reduces waste, saves money and makes money
No over boiling potatoes on the hob.
Gives you a competitive edge
Makes you a clever clogs!
Let us show you, get in touch for your FREE sample on
0845 3711 522 or [email protected]
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
October/November 2013
feature • batter mixtures
Collins Seafoods are importers and exporters of the finest Frozen At Sea fish. We work closely with vessels from
Iceland, Norway, Russia, Germany, Poland, Scotland and the Faroe Islands to ensure we supply the best product
to the fish and chip shops we work with in the North East, Yorkshire and Cumbria, along with wholesalers
throughout the UK and Ireland.
If you would like further information on our services and products, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.
Collins Seafoods Ltd. Unit 2, Park 2000, Heighington Lane Business Park, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, DL5 6AR
T: (01325) 315544 | F: (01325) 314935 | E: [email protected]
Wraggs Seafoods Ltd. Unit 2, Felnex Crescent, Cross Green Industrial Estate, Leeds, LS9 0SN
T: (0113) 249 8832 | F: (0113) 249 0582 | E: [email protected]
Collins Seafoods Ltd
This island fish and chip range is in excellent condition
and has been well maintained
It is a conventional 4 pan range with pass-through chip scuttles, 2 large heated displays W134cm x D45cm, and 2 large
storage compartments measuring W60cm x D45cm. Each pan measures W65cm x D40cm x D18cm to the batter plates.
This range is complete with a fully active Ansul Fire Suppression system. Easy to understand and use controls and highly
efficient temperature recovery via powerful 3 phase elements.
The chassis and internals areas are in excellent condition and the whole range is in superb condition.
The range will be professionally prepared and tested.
3 Phase 63kW power supply required
More pictures available on request.
“the UK’s largest supplier of reconditioned
catering equipment”
Call CATERQUIP today
01733 777-778
We can supply: Refrigeration, Chargrills, Six Burner Ranges, Frying Ranges, Peelers, Chippers, Coldrooms, Microwaves, Sinks, Tables etc
www.caterquip.co.uk or email us at [email protected]
October/November 2013
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
feature • pizza
10%+ of their having slogged away all
week. We’ve introduced a very transparent
marketing fee of £1 per day to make sure
shops routinely get new POS material
and our proud of the fact we’re more of a
partnership than a franchise / franchisee
How we’ve changed
Stone Willy’s - major re-brand for 2014
New Website and New Branding
tone Willy’s Pizza, who have been
installing pizza solutions into fish & chip
shops for the last 6 years have undergone
their first jajor re-brand. “Having brought
the concept over from the USA and used
their branding since we launched we felt
it was time time to modernise and make it
more suited for the UK market of 2014” Will Robinson, marketing director
“Hiring an agency to oversee the new
logo and website we’ve already seen
some great results. W changed our ‘wrap’
packaging to give it more of a premium feel
and allow our customers to increase the
RRP of the product and we’ve seen a huge
increase in wrap sales - one chip shop did
over 700 wraps in 1 week”
Expanded Range of products
“Having initially launched with just a 7”
and 11” pizza the range has now extended
to a 9”, 12” 14”, thin crust, deep pan and
Pizza sandwich
now a gluten free option too. This is
alongside a comprehensive menu of hot
wraps, chicken wraps, burgers and sides.
We recently went to Italy to look at some
more products which we think could be a
big hit.
Different Packages
“We now have packages where we can add
a full pizza system to a shop for as little as
£4 per day (using finance) - less than the
profit of selling just one 12” pizza per day!
As time has gone on thought we’ve had
people come to us wanting to run Stone
Willy’s as a ‘stand alone’ business where
we provide a full turn-key solution.
Still not a franchise
“I think one of the reasons we’ve grown
quite quickly is the fact we are not a
franchise. Before Stone Willy’s we operated
a franchise brand and it was evident how
much people did not like giving away
“We were total newcomers to the Fish
& Chip industry 6 years ago and coming
from a pizza franchise background we’ve
learnt some tough lessons. We were
hesitant about scarring people with costs
on marketing the pizzas which in turn left
us looking a little unsupportive. We now
have on-going marketing in place and
the introduction of quarterly promotions
strengthens that. The reality is the shops
are competing in a very aggressive place
with customers becoming ever more
discerning and shops need to work hard to
appeal to them.”
How the Fish Shop Industry has
We’ve gone from casual observers to
working with chip shop operators on a
daily basis and seen big changes. When
we first started a lot of shops told us
they were ‘traditional’ Fish & Chip shops
with a small menu focused on just fish.
However we think the rising prices on
fish, oil and potatoes combined with the
rise in competition from non-fish & chip
take away businesses has meant the need
to modernise: expanded menus and more
importantly active marketing strategies to
draw people in and not wait for them to
simply arrive.”
To find out how Stone Willy’s can help you
visit www.stonewillysbusiness.co.uk
an’Artisan, producers of frozen, full and part-baked, dough-based products for
foodservice, has added the ‘Panizza’ to its range, offering complete convenience
for those wanting to serve food on the move that follows the popular pizza trend,
but may not have the time, skills or equipment to do so.
Richard Jansen, Managing Director, Pan’Artisan; “Our recent expansion means
that we can now offer our full range of high quality breads and bases but topped
and filled items too, giving additional choice and convenience to the caterer. This
has enabled us to develop some exciting, innovative products, the Panizza being
one of them. It’s hand-made from two 7” thin crust pizza bases that have been
filled and sandwiched together with popular pizza toppings. These are then quickly
frozen and packed ready for the caterer to use. All they have to do is defrost prior to
service, place straight onto a contact grill and it’s ready in 2 ½ minutes!”
For more information call 01730 811490 or visit www.panartisan.com
~ ENDS ~
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
October/November 2013
feature • pizza
Following an extensive, attention-grabbing
rebrand, Stone Willy’s are now actively seeking
forward thinking retailers wishing to enjpy
65%+ margins that over 100 operators aleady
With our brand new customer focused website,
new pizza range and new oven packages, we’re
ready for 2014 - are you?
For more information
please call 01423 321 800 or visit
Pizza perfect!
Rational’s SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® makes fantastic pizzas - no
he SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency combi oven
from Rational is great for baking pizzas. Not only do
they taste fantastic, they are also exceptionally quick
to cook (up to 100 pizzas in just eight minutes). On top
of all that, the SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency cleans
itself as well – fully automatically and only when it
needs to.
Meanwhile Rational’s new HiDensityControl
feature allows operators to maximise output, since
they can load up to 30% more food into the same size
cooking cabinet, reduce energy consumption by up to
20% and cut production time by up to 30%, compared
previous models.
HiDensityControl uses patented dynamic air
mixing technology, which precisely controls the speed
of the unit’s fan to channel the heat and humidity to
exactly where it is needed, depending on the state
of the product being cooked. HiDensityControl is
supported by a new, highly efficient dehumidification
process and the powerful new steam control feature,
which guarantees maximum steam saturation. It
delivers outstanding cooking quality.
The SelfCookingCenter’s special ‘Pizza’ setting
creates the perfect cooking climate for pizza, at the
October/November 2013
touch of a button. And the unit’s intelligent Efficient
LevelControl technology means it will automatically
adapt the programme for fresh or frozen pizza and for
any interruptions to the cooking process. So all staff
have to do is load up the unit, push the button and get
on with other work.
The speed of cooking, combined with the
SelfCookingCenter's ease of use, makes it the ideal
solution for all bakers and retailers selling freshly
cooked pizza. To make things even easier Rational
has specially designed non-stick pizza dishes to hold
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
pizzas up to 280mm (eleven inches) in diameter. These
ensure the pizzas have crispy bases and delicious
moist toppings. Alternatively there are grill and pizza
trays for non-standard shaped pizzas.
With the introduction of the new CareControl
system pizza production has got even easier. No
manual cleaning is required. The SelfCookingCenter
automatically lets staff know when to run the
cleaning programme. At that point, the operator
simply places the new biodegradable tablets ('care
tabs') into the unit's drawer (just like the ones found
on a domestic dishwasher), puts detergent tablets
into the basket in the cooking cabinet, and pushes the
button - the Rational then does the rest, leaving the
SelfCookingCenter hygienically clean.
CareControl also does away with all the limescale
problems that plague combi-ovens. Special scale-dissolving ingredients contained in the care tabs prevent
scale building up in the first place. This guarantees
maximum operational reliability at all times, without
expensive water softeners or time-consuming
descaling. Also as there's no need for a water filter
a lot of space is saved in the kitchen area so there is
more room to develop interesting toppings.
For information and brochures, contact your dealer or
freephone Rational UK on 0800 389 2944. For product
information and contact details see www.rational-UK.
com. For information about Club Rational, including
recipes and combi cooking tips, visit
feature • pizza
Passion for pizza
By Anthony Round, Business
Development Manager, Papa John’s
hese days, there are more consumer
fast-food choices available than ever
before. Put simply, if someone doesn’t
like your product they can and will go
elsewhere. In comparison with fish &
chips, pizza is a relatively new entrant
to the crowded and competitive marketplace. Yet, the customer base needs to be
approached with the same passion and
commitment in order to earn customer
At Papa John’s we believe the best way
to create such loyalty is through providing
a superior quality product.
John Schnatter, the founder of the
world-renowned Papa John’s pizza
franchise, has a passion for pizza. His
un-wavering focus on creating the best
product available also means he has a story
which is inspiring for any restaurant owner
or food outlet manager.
At high school, he worked as a
dishwasher at Rocky’s sub pub in Jefferson,
Indiana, later selling his prized car to fund
used restaurant equipment to make and
sell his own pizzas from a converted broom
closet in his father’s tavern. He aimed
to provide the kind of pizza you would
want to serve up to your family. By giving
customers the very best, they soon came
back for more and he quickly expanded the
By 1984 he had founded the Papa John’s
franchise in the USA. Today, the Papa
John’s franchise now operates 4,200 stores
in 33 countries around the world and there
are now more than 225 stores in the UK.
At Papa John’s we are confident we
provide the best pizza on the market. This
is because of our constant focus on quality
ingredients; our motto is ‘better ingredients, better pizza’. In 2009 we invested
more than £5 million into a new dough
factory and quality control centre in Milton
Keynes. In 2010 the 50,000 square foot
site in Northfield Drive opened and now
supplies all of Papa John’s UK outlets. The
company’s unique tomato sauce is made
from the best Californian tomatoes, picked
and packed from vine to can in just six
During our new franchisees’ first
training days we get them to taste all
the different pizzas available on the high
street. As well as introducing a little
market research of our own, this allows
franchisees to benchmark what they will
be selling against the competition and Papa
John’s pizza always tops the lot!
However, we teach our franchisees
that to provide the perfect pizza is not
enough on its own. They need to take
pride in their work. We have to be the best
when it comes to delivery, service speed,
scrupulous store cleanliness, staff training
and in fact, every aspect of the franchise
John Schnatter has instilled in his staff
and franchisees that repeat business is
critical to the on-going success of our
operation, particularly in today’s marketplace. John Schnatter remains at the
forefront of the business today. He attends
every operational conference in the USA
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
and this kind of commitment builds trust
amongst staff and this confidence in the
brand, cascades down right from the top
level and is passed onto the customer.
One of Papa John’s core values is:
constant improvement: “We never stop
trying to surpass our previous best. We
constantly "Raise the Bar." No matter how
good we are, we will always get better.”
There are other core values but the point
is that they are written down, describing
the company’s ethics, style and approach to
These days, to be successful we believe
customers need to feel that passion.
Fierce competition across the board means
customers are no longer just buying a
product, they are buying a story, a history a
whole consumer experience. This needs to
be reflected right from the initial enquiry
to the ambience of the store to the friendliness and efficiency of the staff that deliver
the pizza right to your door. However, at
the heart of this whole, complex marketing
mix, where every ingredient needs to be
of the highest quality, is the product – the
pizza. At the end of the day, this is what
ensures customers keep coming back for
A number of our franchisees have fish
and chip backgrounds and have recognised the opportunities for diversification
and expansion within the pizza sector.
Some continue to run both fish and chip
and Papa John’s outlets at the same time.
Papa John’s currently has incentive offers
available for new franchisees for stores
opening within designated regions.
For more information about Papa John’s
and potential franchise opportunities
please visit: http://www.papajohns.co.uk/
October/November 2013
feature • pizza
Chip Shop
Topping up the range
Latest Sirman Vesuvio pizza ovens from FEM
izzas are popular across all ages and with a wide range of
toppings to choose from they are a versatile menu option that
can appeal to a variety of tastes. The Vesuvio 85 and 105, the latest
Sirman electric pizza ovens available from Foodservice Equipment
Marketing (FEM), mimic the cooking conditions of traditional
wood- or gas-fired pizza ovens, enabling authentic tasting pizzas
to be quickly and easily produced, perfect for smaller catering
establishments, such as takeaways and cafes.
The robust stainless steel construction makes the pizza ovens
durable and hardwearing, with a stone baking deck for that traditional pizza texture. Interior lighting and the Vesuvio’s glass door
allows the user to monitor the cooking process. The ovens are
controlled by easy-to-use electronic controls.
The top of the range Vesuvio 105, which can cook six, 14 inch
pizzas, has two thermostats – one for the stone baking deck and
one for the chamber giving the user total control over the cooking
Your stiest Sid
Your T
isk it
Then heap sau
The ovens are stackable,
to save space
process, ensuring crisp bases and juicy toppings. Digital temperature displays allow monitoring during cooking without opening
the oven door. The 9kW oven measures 1395mm (w) x 920mm (d)
x 395mm (h).
The smaller, 5.3kW Vesuvio 85, measures just 1190mm (w)
x 905mm (d) x 395mm (h) and can cook four, 14 inch pizzas,
making it ideal for smaller venues. The oven chamber temperature
can be monitored by thermometer and adjusted with a general
The ovens are stackable, to save space, and come with an
optional ventilation hood.
Foodservice Equipment Marketing Ltd (FEM) is based in East
Kilbride near Glasgow, Scotland. Since 1993 the company has
represented leading foodservice equipment manufacturers in
the UK and Irish markets. Over the years FEM has established
partnership agreements with many of the industry's top brands
in both smallwares and equipment, including Vollrath, Manitowoc
Ice, Cambro, Sirman, Prince Castle, San Jamar and Hamilton Beach.
In 2011, FEM became UK master-distributor of the Alto-Shaam
The Sirman Vesuvio pizza ovens are available from FEM with a full
one year parts and labour warranty. For more information and
details of local stockists call FEM on +44 (0) 1355 244111, email
[email protected] or visit www.fem.co.uk
October/November 2013
At McWhinney’s we pride ourselves
on supplying only the finest Irish
Pork Sausages to your chip shop.
Quality Irish Pork Sausages
Call our Sales Team today on
028 9127 1811 for a Free Sample!
Visit us at www.mcwhinneys.com
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
feature • pizza
Pizza: the easy way to
boost the bottom line
A Buoyant Market
he demand for pizza is soaring in the UK, with the British
market worth a massive £1.9 billion, and over 15% growth
in sales forecast up to 2016. Customers want a wide range of
affordable pizza choices when they visit a fast food restaurant,
and there are increasingly high expectations from consumers
that pizza will be on the menu regardless of the type of takeaway
outlet they decide to visit. The rise of ‘designer’ pizzas in recent
years also reflects consumer tastes becoming more refined when
it comes to the taste and quality of pizza on offer, with increasing
numbers of customers opting to pay more to visit the larger pizza
chains where they know high quality is guaranteed, than opt for a
pizza from their local fast food shop.
Getting on the Bandwagon
Deciding to offer great pizza as a menu choice and get a piece of
this lucrative pizza action, requires only one thing – the right pizza
oven. The choice is crucial, as it will affect not only the texture
and taste of pizzas on offer – and hence whether customers will
keep coming back for more - but also the volume of orders a fish &
chips shop or fast food outlet can cope with, and how long a given
oven will last for.
When choosing a pizza oven, fish & chips shops and fast food
outlets must make a choice that will meet their commercial
cooking needs, including budget first and foremost, as well as
output required, authenticity of flavour, and available kitchen
space. Also, choosing the right kind of technology to power a
pizza oven is key. From traditional wood-burning ovens, to highly
specialised gas and electric models, there is a wide choice of pizza
making equipment that can leave many kitchen managers and fast
food shop owners confused and bewildered.
Electric Dreams
One great tip is to invest in an electric pizza oven with a stone
base, as it’s the only way for restaurants to achieve the quality
Italian taste associated with a wood-burning oven, without the
huge financial outlay and the disruption caused by such an installation. Some of the best electric pizza ovens on the market for
both quality and price are the Raffaello and Tiziano models from
Cuppone, each boasting that stone base to give an authentic Italian
pizza flavour. These models can also be stacked to various deck
sizes to cope with increased demand, as well as being extremely
flexible – a key benefit for many fast food outlets - cooking other
dishes such as jacket potatoes, fish, and a variety of meat dishes
quickly and perfectly, time after time.
Ovens such as the Tiziano and Raffaello models are also a great
choice for kitchens where space is at a premium, an important
factor for many smaller fast food outlets that simply do not have
the space going spare to house a traditional, bulky pizza oven.
Don’t be Penny Wise, Pound Foolish
In terms of value for money, fish & chips shops and fast food
takeaways should not only look out for ovens that are competitively priced, but ensure that a warranty for breakdowns is
included in the purchase. Investing in an oven from a manufacturer with a solid reputation for quality and reliability, to ensure
sudden machine or part failures won’t become an issue, is another
vital step for fish & chips shops and fast food outlets to take when
buying a pizza oven.
Founded in 1963 by the three Cuppone brothers in Treviso,
Italy, the Cuppone brand has grown to become one of the most
renowned names in pizza making throughout the world. Linda
Lewis Kitchens is the sole importer of Cuppone equipment
into the UK and also offers a range of other catering equipment
including food preparation equipment, grills and fryers, and other
catering products for the fast food sector.
For further details visit the Linda Lewis Kitchens website –
http://www.linda-lewis.co.uk - where a virtual Cuppone product
brochure is available. Copies of the new Cuppone product
brochure can also be obtained by contacting Linda Lewis Kitchen’s
customer services team on 0161 633 5797.
Pictured here: The compact Cuppone Tiziano electric oven range
available exclusively from Linda Lewis Kitchens, a flexible and
inexpensive oven option for fish & chips shops and fast food
takeaways keen to expand into the lucrative pizza market.
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
October/November 2013
feature • pizza
Pan’Artisan adds
gluten-free pizza bases to
its range
an’Artisan, producers of frozen, full and part-baked, doughbased products for foodservice, has added Gluten-free pizza
bases to its range.
Richard Jansen, Managing Director, Pan’Artisan; “In addressing
the needs of Coeliacs and those following a Gluten-free diet, we
are now offering Gluten-free pizza bases as part of our product
“One in one hundred people is thought to be affected by Coeliac
disease and with more and more high street pizza restaurants
offering consumers a Gluten-free option, it made sense to provide
this choice for our customers too.”
Pan’Artisan has two Gluten-free bases; a 10” traditional and a
10” Italian spiced, both available in thin crust. They are supplied
frozen, part-baked and simply need to be defrosted prior to
topping and baking.
Pan’Artisan also offer a range of Deep Pan and Thin Crus Pizza
bases. They are part-baked frozen and are light and fluffy in
texture. They are made to the highest standards using no artificial
flavours, preservative or GM materials and are also low in fat and
have a salt content of less than 1%. Just top and bake....
Ad A10/11/13
PM ofPage
about Pan’
rtisan and its
call 01730 811490 or visit www.panartisan.com
Pizzas = Profits
The perfect ingredients for the perfect pizza.
Very versatile ovens
Cook pizza, pasta, potatoes and more
Produce high quality food at low cost
Small footprint for small kitchens
Quality equipment at affordable prices
Made in Italy
Reliable service and backup
2 years parts and 1 year labour warranty
Perfect pizzas, perfect bar food, perfect profits!
The only pizza equipment you will ever need
October/November 2013
Contact us on 0161 633 5797
Cuppone’s sole UK agent for the dealer network
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
feature • pizza
A grate idea....
Comments from Adrian Coulter,
development chef for Kerrymaid:
rowth amongst takeaway and fast food
restaurants in the UK is forecast to
lift over the next five years, as consumers
loosen their purse strings, according to
a report by IBISWorld. The out-of-home
UK pizza market is increasing, with
consumption levels now rivalling the US. In
addition, consumer demand for convenience will drive expansion and innovation
within this industry.
“According to a report by Mintel, in
2012 six out of ten people visited a fish
and chip or kebab shop. However, fish and
chips shops have less distinct youth appeal
and usage is usually among the higher
age groups, with a particular focus on the
family market.
“Moreover, pizza is one of the most
popular foods in the UK. Pizza widens
menu options and appeals to a large
customer base whilst being quick and
easy to prepare and cook. Fish and chip
shops can diversify their offer, appealing
to a wider audience especially younger
people who may not traditionally visit
these outlets, by introducing pizza on their
menus. Looking ahead, it is a convenient,
indulgent and family-friendly dish that will
support future volume and value growth.
“Most people agree that the image of a
slice of freshly cooked pizza heaped with
melted cheese is hard to resist. While pizza
toppings vary greatly around the world,
reflecting regional tastes, cultural preferences and current trends, cheese remains a
vital component in pizza creation.
“Besides adding texture and flavour,
which complements the taste of ingredients that may be included in toppings,
cheese plays a useful role in a pizza’s
composition as it keeps everything in place.
“Kerrymaid Pizza Grate has a mild,
creamy taste and has been specifically
developed to have fantastic stretch and
melt qualities without any oily residue.
When served as a grab and go option, the
pizza will hold its shape and be convenient
for the consumer as there won’t be
excess oil that is a common by-product of
standard cheddar and mozzarella.
“Whether eaten by the slice or as
a whole pizza, the stretchiness of the
Kerrymaid Pizza Grate will add authen-
Papa John’s look forward to a
pizza boom for the World Cup!
he England Football Team’s qualification for the 2014 World Cup is destined to
send Summer sales soaring according to Papa John’s Pizza.
The pizza franchise estimates that England’s attendance at the tournament in
Brazil next year will see more than one million pizzas sold during the five weeks,
in what is traditionally a quiet time of year.
Andrew Gallagher, marketing director of Papa John’s UK, said: “England will
be football crazy next Summer and for a business that booms on big TV occasions
this is a golden goal. In the past England games have driven sales upwards by
30-40%, and with pizza friendly TV times we’re expecting our sales to soar as
supporters look to the enjoy the action from South America. Our franchisees
across the UK will be very busy delivering pizza to fans watching the matches.
“It’s not just England games which drive sales. Televised sporting occasions
are perfect for the pizza delivery business and with 64 games in 32 days the
world’s biggest football competition certainly delivers for us. During past tournaments even our stores located in the home nations that failed to qualify have
seen sales spike as fans settle down to watch the feast of football on offer.
“An added benefit of the World Cup is that, in 2014 at least, it takes place
during the Summer, a time when pizza sales are generally lower than the cold
dark nights of Autumn and Winter.”
ticity and appeal to consumers’ expectations for an adaptable topping.”
For more information about Kerrymaid
products visit www.kerrymaid.co.uk
Papa John’s Pizza became the official pizza partner of The Football League
in 2013, as the brand recognised the importance that football has in the lives of
fans across the UK and moved to align its marketing activity with the nation’s
number one sport.
Andrew continued: “Historically, major televised football games whether
international, Champions League, Premier League or Football League have
resulted in a sales spike in Papa John’s sales. We took the decision to become
the official pizza partner of The Football League to give something back to fans
across the country and so far the partnership, which includes our Score Twice Half
Price promotion, has been a major success.”
The World Cup kicks off on 12 June 2014, and will continue for 32 days,
across 12 host cities, as 32 countries compete to win football’s biggest prize. The
tournament comprises 64 games and due to the time difference kick-off times
will generally range from 5pm to 11pm BST.
Papa John’s currently has 228 stores across the UK, with 250 planned by the
end of 2013 and a further 50 new stores planned for 2014.
Papa John’s is one of the largest pizza companies in the world, with 4,300
stores worldwide and is rapidly expanding in 34 markets around the globe.
Papa John’s, which is renowned for its product quality, has opportunities for
potential franchisees throughout the UK including the key locations of Yorkshire,
Manchester, West Midlands, East Midlands, South West, North East, Wales &
Scotland. Incentive deals are currently available depending on area.
For further information please see www.papajohns.co.uk/franchise
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
October/November 2013
feature • kitchen equipment and tools
Cosset that
ith so many operators today using a
microwave oven for everything from
jacket potatoes to heating vegetables and
sauces, it seems crazy that not everyone is
using a Cavity Liner from Cavity Protection
Systems Ltd.
The Cavity Liner is essentially a
specially developed rigid liner that can be
removed, washed at the end of service and
replaced for use time and again avoiding
any cross contamination of burnt food
particles, making the microwave interior
much easier to clean and avoiding down
time and costly repairs.
Made to out-last the average
commercial microwave oven, and with
a price tag less than the typical cost of a
repair, this innovative piece of kit is already
cherished by many.
Patrick Bray, Managing Director, Cavity
Protection Systems Ltd; “With many years
of expertise in microwave ovens and an
awareness of the regularity with which
certain breakdowns were occurring;
burnt ceiling plates, cracked base plates,
penetration by grease into working parts,
after much research, we launched the
very unique Cavity Liner as these breakdowns are not covered by manufacturers’
guarantees and the cost for repair lies with
the operator.
“Now with more than 10,000 Liners
in the industry, bespoke designed to fit a
number of commercial microwave models,
the Cavity Liner is set to save operators
valuable time and money.”
Available from just £40 when bought
with a microwave, or £100 when sold
separately, the Cavity Liner is available
from a large number of national and local
catering equipment distributors. And it is
not only proud to be ‘made in England’ but
has NSF worldwide certification!
To find out more about the Cavity Liner,
call 01329 285518 or go to
Temperatures rise with new black
heated delivery bags system for
fish & chips
orkshire based manufacturer of heated delivery bags system,
Sweetheat Technology has launched its new Black Heated
Delivery Bags System. The unit which heats four delivery bags at
any one time is designed to maintain the desired temperature of
food throughout the delivery process.
Nazim Maniar, Managing Director of Sweetheat, says: “We
have spent quite a considerable amount of time researching the
fast food market and developing our product range to suit the
ever increasing high demands for customer services and we truly
believe that this is the hottest method of delivering Fish & Chips
to the customer. Our delivery bags stay hot at 90 degrees Celsius
constant for a good 30 minutes. We’re setting out to change the
way Fish & Chips, Pizza, Indian Curry and Chinese meals are delivered-forever.”
SweetHeat currently export their heated delivery bags to
many countries worldwide and distribute commercial catering
equipment and refrigerated products.
Nazim Maniar says, “I truly believe that individual or smaller to
medium sized enterprises will markedly benefit too, they’ll all gain
from using this latest technology but perhaps most importantly of
all the business bottom line profit will substantially increase too!
You simply must experience this fast food delivery revolution at
first hand.”
Please call 01924 488619 for further information or visit www.
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
October/November 2013
feature • kitchen equipment and tools
Premier1 Filtration
Of The
Superpad 3
Single Pass
Merlin Top Fry
Filter Unit
Merlin Clarifry
New Low Price on This Model
Call for a Quotation
and a Free DVD
Official UK
Agents for
12 Months Interest Free Credit Now Available
Presented By: - Jeff Stephenson
Premier1 Filtration, Kiln Head Spring, Kneeton Lane, Barton, Richmond,
DL10 6NB,
Tel/Fax 01325 377189,
Mobile 07836 370234
email: [email protected] Web: www.premier1filtration.com
October/November 2013
Call 0151 548 5818
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
feature • kitchen equipment and tools
The new Onyx counter:
cool ingredients, large
prep area
Williams’ Onyx prep station – flexibility in food preparation, avoiding the four hour rule
he latest Williams Onyx cold food preparation counter has ingredient wells
at the back of the work surface and storage cabinets below making it ideal
for a wide range of culinary applications including the preparation of pizza,
sandwiches, tapas, salad and desserts.
The Onyx uses a special air-flow design that produces a 1degC moving air
curtain over the top of the ingredient pans at the same time as chilling from
below. This dual action guarantees a consistent core temperature of 4degC
while precision injected, high density 75mm polyurethane insulation, with
low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and zero Ozone Depletion Potential
(ODP), cuts down on energy consumption. As it drops past the wells, the air
curtain’s cold air is recycled within the system.
With conventional prep counters, which don’t use an air curtain,
ingredients need to be placed back into the refrigerator to be chilled and
rotated after four hours. This process can only be carried out once, after which
ingredients must be thrown away if they haven’t been used. With the Onyx,
there is no need to put the pans in the refrigerator after four hours, since
the air curtain continuously holds temperature. This reduces food wastage,
enhances food safety and cuts out staff time involved in monitoring, handling
and replacing ingredients.
A slimline profile and sloping ingredient wells make maximum use of
space. The Onyx is able to accommodate 1/1 gastronorm pans in the cabinet,
and 1/3 and 1/6 gastronorm pans in the wells while leaving a substantial
385mm deep workspace. Constructed from durable stainless steel, it has easy
to clean coated shelves, lift-off night cover, removable pan holders and crumb
The Oynx is fitted with heavy-duty, non-marking front and rear swiveled
and braked castors which make it easy to manoeuvre into position and to
pull out for cleaning. Coated evaporator coils give increased hygiene and
extended life. An auto-defrost function keeps the unit operating efficiently
and self-closing doors minimise energy loss.
Easily tailored to different working practices, the Onyx is available with a
wide range of options. These include drawers, marble or granite worktop, a
hinged pan holder lid, and a stainless steel back cover for front of house use.
There are three basic models, the largest, the 2370mm wide CPC5, has 10
shelves, its cabinet has a capacity of 540 litres and it can hold up to twelve 1/3
GN Pans.
To learn more about Williams extensive product range visit www.williams-refrigeration.co.uk.
Small commercial
microwave with a big heart
New light duty commercial microwaves from Samsung
amsung has launched a new version of the Snackmate light
duty commercial microwave oven. It is ideal for sites such as
pubs, small cafes and bistros. With a power rating of 1,100W the
touch control, programmable model brings commercial microwave
technology at an affordable price.
“The market for compact commercial microwaves is very
competitive,” says David Watts of Samsung Professional
Appliances. “The new Snackmate is built to withstand the usage
in a commercial environment while being small and at a budget
The Snackmate is compact with external dimensions of only
517mm x 297mm x 412mm but a large 26 litre oven capacity.
It has a stainless steel interior and exterior construction, which
means it looks smart and is easy to keep clean.
Designed for commercial catering environments, the CM
1089/A has wipe clean touch controls, a digital display and a 20
programme memory. It also has a quick one touch plus 20 or 30
second option, as well as an integral counter to keep track of how
often a particular programme is used.
Its sturdy construction and reliable electronics, mean that
Samsung is able to back the Snackmate with a three-year on-site
warranty covering all parts and labour costs, excluding misuse.
With internal dimensions of 336mm x 225mm x 349mm, it
uses a bottom-fed stirrer to ensure the microwaves are distributed
evenly throughout the internal cavity.
The price point will be below £300 (ex VAT). Uropa
Distribution is the UK wholesaler of Samsung commercial
microwave ovens. The Uropa code is CB937.
The Snackmate microwave is also available in a manual version.
Samsung is one of the world's largest microwave oven brands.
Samsung Professional Appliances operates throughout the UK
and Europe and offers a comprehensive choice of commercial
microwave ovens, from large-capacity, 'super-heavy duty' 1850W
units down to light-commercial, budget-priced 1100W models. All
are backed by a full parts & labour warranty.
For more information visit www.samsung.com/uk/professional/
microwave or www.uropa-distribution.co.uk , tel 0845 146 2604
or email [email protected]
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
October/November 2013
feature • kitchen equipment and tools
30 tabl
Ye ishe
ar d
Better burners for Silverlink
600 range
Frying Range Engineers
incat has recently improved the performance of its popular Silverlink
600 gas oven ranges and boiling tops by increasing the power of their
hob burners to 4.5kW.
Hob burners on natural gas models have been uprated from 3.7kW
to 4.5kW each, while hob burners on propane gas models have been
uprated from 2.9kW to 4.5kW each. The improvements have been made
to the SLR6 four burner range, the SLR9 six burner range and the HT3,
HT6 and HT9 gas boiling tops, with no increase in the list prices of any of
the models.
This work has been undertaken as part of Lincat’s extensive on-going
programme of product research and development, as Nick McDonald,
Marketing Director of Lincat, explains:
“Silverlink 600 products, especially the SLR9 six burner range, have
always been popular where space is limited as they are only 600mm
deep. However the power rating of the hob burners has proved to be a
limitation in some circumstances.
He continued:
“So we set our team of product design engineers the challenge of
boosting the power of the hob burners, without increasing the overall
size of the appliances.
“The result is that our Silverlink 600 gas oven ranges and boiling tops
now provide even better performance from the same, compact 600mm
deep footprint.”
Servicing all makes of ranges, covering
East Anglia, East Midlands & London/M25
Annual Range Servicing • Insurance Certificates
Duct Steam Cleaning • Repairs • Modifications
•Refurbished / Rebuilds / New
•Traditional & Dutch Makes
•Extraction Systems & Ductwork
•Shopfitting Design & Refurbishment
•Fire Damage, Repairs & Upgrades
For prompt, efficient service please call:
01553 772935
[email protected]
In association with
Frying Ranges
for all your fish & chip preparation needs
Special FCFF Reader discount
Save ££££’s by
quoting BCIM1
when calling us
today to get a free
CS-C1 – IMC Potato
chipper 25kg chips per
SP – IMC Potato peeler 25kg capacity
October/November 2013
Call on
0843 320 9230
VQ7 – IMC Potato peeler 3.5kg capacity
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
35C – Pitco single well Gas Fryer
feature • kitchen equipment and tools
Free electricity from FRIMA –
twice over!
Customers buying an energy-saving VarioCooking Center can
reclaim the first 1000kWh they use
ho doesn’t want free electricity? FRIMA is underlining the
energy efficiency of its VarioCooking Center Multificiency by
offering customers 1,000kWh of electricity for free.
Any caterers purchasing a unit before December 31st 2013
can claim their free 1,000kWh. “So they’re saving energy twice
over, because the latest VarioCooking Center is already up to 40%
more energy efficient than conventional cooking equipment,” says
Graham Kille, managing director of FRIMA UK.
The VarioCooking Center is a truly multifunctional piece of kit.
This means caterers who are considering replacing a tilting pan,
fryer, kettle or bratt pan could chose a FRIMA instead. Not only
will it save energy costs, it will also offer them all the functions
and cooking processes of the separate pieces of equipment – so it
saves space, too. A VarioCooking Center Multificiency can shallow
fry, boil, deep fry and pressure cook.
The Rational solution
to rotisserie chicken
The Rational SelfCookingCenter
whitefficiency combi steamer is doing
away with annoying chicken grease.
he new SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® from
Rational has a solution to deliver perfect roast
chicken fast, without the annoying grease deposits
and cleaning hassles. The ‘Superspike’ accessory
enables consistently perfect, fast and easy roast
chicken or duck to be produced in the whitefficiency.
Meanwhile an intergrated grease drain and automatic
cleaning system make light work of the dripping
grease. The Superspike’s patented design holds the
birds vertically to make the breast meat especially
succulent, while giving crisp, evenly browned skin.
It’s also superfast - up to 96 chickens can be cooked
in only 35 minutes in a single whitefficiency unit. The
SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency uses half as much
energy as conventional rotisseries, whilst guaranteeing consistently top quality results.
The integrated grease drain ensures even more
efficiency, as it reduces deposits and saves on cleaning
costs. The dripping grease is collected in the cooking
chamber and drained into a container in the stand.
The container can be replaced safely after or even
during cooking thanks to a shut-off valve at the
end of the pipe. This reduces the need for expensive
servicing, and, grease disposal, while keeping
cleaning costs to a minimum.
The SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency automatically determines the ideal climate throughout the
cooking process and transfers the energy directly
to the meat. This reduces energy consumption and
reduces shrinkage, meaning chefs can get up to 10%
more portions per chicken.
The FRIMA is very fast, too – up to four times quicker than
conventional equipment. In terms of heat transfer, it is up to 96%
efficient, making it even more energy efficient than induction
cooking. Conventional equipment, such as fryers, may only be
around 60% efficient.
“With the free electricity promotion, we’re trying to really
push the energy efficiency message,” says Graham. “Modern
commercial kitchens are crying out for space-saving, energy
efficient equipment. FRIMA’s VarioCooking Center is the ideal
For information and brochures, or to come to a free Cooking Live
demonstration, call FRIMA UK on 0845 680 3981, email [email protected]
frima-uk.co.uk or visit www.frima-uk.co.uk
The easy-to-use SelfCookingCenter enables
all staff to produce consistent, good quality roast
chickens. A core temperature sensor with six
measuring points guarantees that the meat is cooked
to perfection. The unit saves the HACCP data for up to
10 days.
But that's not all: Rational’s intelligent CareControl
cleaning system monitors what’s being cooked
and the degree of soiling, telling staff to run the
self-cleaning programme only when it is required. It
cleans itself automatically overnight and can be left
completely unsupervised throughout the cleaning
process. Eliminating unnecessary cleaning means less
water and chemicals are used, which is kinder to the
environment and cuts running costs significantly.
For information and brochures, or to arrange to come
to a free SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® ‘Rational
CookingLive’ seminar, contact your dealer, freephone
Rational UK on 0800 389 2944 or see
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
Blender that means
oodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) offers
the Hamilton Beach HBF600S, a heavy-duty
food blender specifically designed for use in busy
commercial kitchens. The HBF600S has a large capacity
and special features to help reduce the risk of motor
The HBF600S can be used for blending, mixing,
chopping and pureeing a variety of food and drink
mixtures and has variable speeds for added precision
and control. Its pulse function is ideal for chopping
nuts, breadcrumbs and herbs.
The stainless steel 1.8 litre container and 3HP
motor make light work of blending and mixing
ingredients. The Hamilton Beach patented wave action
system continually forces the mixture down onto the
blades to keep the ingredients circulating and ensures
they are well combined.
One-touch control makes the blender easy to use,
with illuminated coloured indicators alerting the
operator if the motor temperature rises to a dangerous
level. If the temperature does reach this level, then the
speed can be adjusted so that blending can continue
without any damage to the machine. For safety,
and to prolong motor life, a pad sensor prevents the
motor from starting unless the container is mounted
A large removable dosing cup is included on the lid
so liquid can be added while blending. The Sure Grip™
feet prevent the blender from moving during use. The
HBF600S is suitable for countertop use, measuring
178mm (w) x 229mm (d) x 483mm (h).
For more information and details of local stockists call
FEM on +44 (0) 1355 244111, email [email protected]
or visit www.fem.co.uk
October/November 2013
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EasyBags Ltd
Enterprise Road, Millennium Business Park, Mansfield,
Nottinghamshire, NG19 7JX
T: 01623 423423
E: [email protected]
W: www.easybags.net
Kerry Foodservice, Bristol
T: 0800 138 1938
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Henry Jones
Kerry Foodservice, Bristol
T: 0800 138 1938
E: [email protected]
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CaterQuip UK LLP
Kates Cabin Stores, The Great North Road, Chesterton,
Peterborough, PE7 3UD
T: 01733 777778
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W: www.caterquip.co.uk
Blue Cross Catering
Unit 30, Aston Business
Park, Shrewsbury Avenue,
Peterborough, PE2 7BX
T: 0843 320 9230 • E: [email protected]
W: www.blue-cross-catering.co.uk
Park View, North Street, Langwith, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire,
NG20 9BN
T: 0845 400 1044
E: [email protected]
W: www.shop-equip.com
Friars Pride
Head Office & Peterborough Depot:
Oxney Road Industrial Estate,
Peterborough, PE1 5YW
T: 01733 316400 • Fax: 01733 316425
E: [email protected] • W: www.friarspride.com
Chicken Train
Kerry Foodservice, Bristol
T: 0800 138 1938
E: [email protected]
W: www. kerry-foodservice.co.uk
Kerry Foodservice, Bristol
T: 0800 138 1938
E: [email protected]
W: www. kerry-foodservice.co.uk
Lashbrooks.com Ltd
Limerick Works, Limerick Road, Dormanstown, Redcar, Cleveland,
TS10 5JU
T: 01642 482629
E: [email protected]
W: www.lashbrooks.com
Ducting Doctors
Limerick Road, Dormanstown, Redcar
Cleveland TS10 5JU
T: 01642 759254
E: [email protected]
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Collins Seafoods Ltd
Unit 2, Park 2000, Millennium Way, Newton Aycliffe
Co Durham, DL5 6AR
T: 01325 315544
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W: www.collinsseafoods.co.uk
Head Office, 2 the Mews
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CV34 4NA
T: 01926 410022/01482 662387
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Frank Ford
Limerick Road, Dormanstown, Redcar
Cleveland TS10 5JU
T: 01642 489868
E: [email protected]
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Martyn Edwards Ltd
Limerick Road, Dormanstown, Redcar
Cleveland TS10 5JU
T: 01642489868
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Double A Kebab
Millennium Business Park, Mansfield
Nottinghamshire, NG19 7JX
T: 01623 422888
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W: www.doubleakebab.co.uk/
Manchester: 167 Heywood Road, Prestwich Manchester, M25 1LB
Scotland: 89 Main Street, Winchburgh West Lothian, EH52 6RA
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E: Manchester: [email protected]
Scotland: [email protected] • W: www.integeruk.com
Johnson Reed
Bridge House, Newbridge Lane
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W: www.johnsonreed.co.uk/chip-shop-equipment-finance
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CK Direct Ltd
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Grill ‘n’ Go
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Johnson Reed
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Peter’s Food Service
Unit 1, Greenway, Bedwas House Industrial Estate,
Bedwas, Caerphilly, CF83 8XP
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October/November 2013
‘It’s a supe
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with the
I get abso right raising agen
FRYING RANGE ENGINEERS and ve lutely fantastic resu t.
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ry consis
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make kes it so s really w
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It’s go d fish an ier to
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od stu
Ypas rent Wats
py, B n
01553 772935
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The Fish & Chip Quality
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National Federation of
Fish Friers will help mark
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VERY best.
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The Batter Company, 45 Croft Road, Nuneaton, Warwickshire. CV10 7EJ
tel: 024 7635 0734
Terms and Conditions apply. Contact your local wholesaler for full details.
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October/November 2013
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
chip on his shoulder
How far would
you go?
Bernard Anghelides browses through
his Google Maps, intent on planning
his next foray into the world of fish and
chip takeaways...
any moons ago, when I first started
writing for – and reading - Fish &
Chips, I was surprised by the claims of
some of the chippy owners interviewed
by the magazine. One of the standard
questions involved “catchment area”. How
far were customers willing to travel to
sample the fare? And some of the answers
seemed a tad on the exaggerated side, to
say the least. People travelling over an hour
to visit their local (or, in this case, not so
local) fish and chip shop?
Last issue, I even had a mild dig at a fish
and chip shop on the edge of the tourist
areas of south London whose website
carries a recommendation from a customer
saying: “If you are visiting UK this is the
place where you should go.” Not if you are
on a hiking holiday in Scotland, I quipped.
I can understand preferring one
establishment over another. For example,
there are two chippies near where I live
and the people in the village who frequent
them are split as to which is best. In most
cases, the debate is down to the quality
of the chips. Children – including mine
– obviously haven’t got the hang of the
“fish and chips” concept and will demand
their food from one business or the other
based on the tastiness of the burger sauce
or the quality of the chicken nuggets. (My
eldest son is a complete fast food heretic
and has sometimes been known to go out
with his mates on a Saturday lunchtime
to buy “chips” from the kebab and pizza
outlet! They’re not chips! They’re horrible
McDonalds-style fries!)
The two local traditional outlets are
much of a muchness. I say that in the
kindest way. They’re both pretty decent
chippies – though I don’t expect them to
appear in the finals of the National Fish and
Chip Awards any time soon. My favourite
outlet is the one slightly further away from
where I live and, despite protestations from
the kids about burger sauces and heathen
requests to pop into the kebab shop on
the way back and buy some “nice chips”, I
walk for nine minutes rather than use the
nearer shop which is three minutes closer
(unless it’s bucketing down with rain when
the extra few minutes under a torrential
downpour don’t quite seem worth it as the
chips aren’t that much better).
The further away chippy has a sister
outlet in one of the larger towns nearby.
It, too, I suspect will not be making an
appearance in the National Awards in the
near future. It doesn’t have the gluten-free,
grilled fish or whatever flash offerings that
organisers Seafish is looking for. Its small
cods are similar to the quality offered by
my two locals. But the chips? They are the
sort of chips to kill for. It’s right next to the
train station and, if changing trains there at
an appropriate time, I’ll pop in for chips.
Chips to kill for, did I say? Yes. But chips
to make a round trip of an hour? No.
However, it seems that there are people
who disagree. Fish and chips “is the only
takeaway that people will endeavour to
travel distances for,” Andy Gray, marketing
and promotions manager at Seafish told
Waitrose Weekend. “They wouldn’t do it for
pizza, kebabs or a burger.
“We often get approached by overseas
visitors who want to plan a holiday around
fish and chips.”
The article cites the example of one
of this year’s runners up in the National
Awards James Ritchie who – with wife
Bonnie - owns Simpsons Fish and Chips
in Cheltenham. Every six weeks, the shop
hosts a coachload of Japanese tourists.
“We are not a seaside town and it’s not
very touristy down here,” says Ritchie, “yet
people are making special trips to see us.
The other day, we had a customer who had
been to Weston-super-Mare and had come
here on the way home for fish and chips.”
Even more impressive was the
catchment area of Calum Richardson’s The
Bay shop in Aberdeen which scooped this
year’s top chippy award. A woman from
Fish & Chips and Fast Food
London had made a seven hour train trip
after reading about Calum’s outlet in an
earlier Waitrose Weekend piece. “She kept
hold of the article and brought it with her,”
Calum told the magazine. “She even made
me sign it!”
And then there were the people from
Vancouver in Canada who’d dropped in
after seeing the shop on US news channel
CNN. “And we regularly see customers from
Japan and the US,”
So, it seems that my suspicions were
incorrect and people really do travel miles
in the search of great fish and chips. Should
I join them? Will I be tempted to make that
one hour round trip to the “chips to kill for”
Probably not, as it has no restaurant and
the chips would be cold by the time I got
home. Though I might try another chippy a
similar distance in a different direction. It
has got a restaurant (and parking!).
Is the food to my liking? I must admit
that I’ve never been there before. Though,
as Papa’s Barn has been declared a finalist
for the 2014 Awards as top chippy in the
south east of England, it’s probably worth
a visit.
Though, sorry Calum, I shan’t be
dropping in on The Bay. Even for a fan like
myself, a round trip of over 1,000 miles for
a chip supper is pushing it.
October/November 2013
28TH & 29TH NOVEMBER 2013
Graham Corfield
Managing Director
Just Eat
Ajmal Mushtaq Felicity McCarthy
Mushtaqs Restaurant
Clive Rich
The £10 billion
Doug RIchard
Entrepreneur & ex
Dragon’s Den panellist
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