APRIL NL 2015.pub - The First Congregational Church of Old Lyme

The First Congregational Church of Old Lyme April 2015 Dear friends,
I’m writing to you once again from the Rolling Seminary. That’s how I’ve come to think of the journeys our
church community makes to various parts of the world, visiting with new and old friends, learning about other
cultures and religious traditions, and witnessing the struggles that often occur in such areas. Today, the RS
traveled to the city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank. Hebron is a flash point in the Israeli occupation, site
of some of the most violent incidents of ethnic cleansing in the country. The most notorious incident took place
in 1994, when a Jewish settler from Brooklyn, a physician named Baruch Goldstein, entered a mosque called al
Haram Abrahimi and gunned down 29 Palestinians, injuring 125 others. There’s a monument for Goldstein in
Hebron, one that memorializes his act of killing. The engraving reads: “A Martyr with Clean Hands and a Pure
Heart. He gave his life for the people of Israel.” We stood at that monument this morning, and witnessed the
rocks that had been placed upon it in veneration. It was hard to know exactly how to feel. Outrage. Horror.
Sadness. Embarrassment. All of those and more. Marvin Gaye’s Motown classic played in my mind – Makes
Me Want to Holler. Indeed.
Those feelings felt all the more powerful because six members of our Tree of Life trip are Muslims. Just before
arriving at the Goldstein monument, Reza Mansoor, from the Berlin mosque outside of Hartford, shared a story
about Abraham in the Islamic tradition. In the Koran, Abraham is a figure associated with hospitality. He
possessed a large tent, with openings in all four directions to receive visitors. But one day Abraham failed to
show the hospitality he was famous for. On that day, an old man came to visit Abraham in his tent, and
Abraham prepared a meal for him. Before eating, Abraham asked if the old man believed in God. The man
replied that, no, he didn’t believe in God. Then I can’t serve you, Abraham said, because when we eat, we must
always eat as if before God. The old man left with an empty stomach. That night, an angel appeared to
Abraham in a dream and questioned him. Do you not know, the angel said, that God has been feeding the old
man for 80 years, even though he didn’t believe? Abraham awoke and realized his mistake. Abraham was who
he was, but from that time on, he received anyone who came to him, and showed hospitality to all, no matter
their beliefs.
Hearing Reza’s story made me powerfully glad to be on the Rolling Seminary with Muslim friends. It felt like a
welcome antidote to the hate and violence that is enshrined in Hebron, and is played out in various contexts
throughout the Middle East. And it was a useful reminder of the kind of faith, and the kind of church, I think
we’re all called to model. We have strong convictions about the justice issues of our time, and we rightly speak
out about those, even as we do our best to recognize our own complicity in those troubles. But we also strive to
practice the form of hospitality modeled for us among our Muslim friends. We strive to create enclaves of
beauty, not unlike the Rolling Seminary itself, where we can be challenged and nourished by stories and
practices that call us to the best forms of our humanity, where we wrestle with painful questions, and where we
allow our hearts to come close to cracking. We strive to enact the hospitality of Abraham, providing
nourishment for all who need it. I hope we each practice those things to the best of our ability in our individual
lives. But I hope we continually find new ways to practice it in our church as well.
Sometimes our Rolling Seminary takes us toward despair. There is much in this world that would crush the
spirit and snuff the flames within our hearts. But sometimes the Rolling Seminary moves us toward examples of
extraordinary generosity and hospitality, moments that remind us of what we still might become. Whether in
Palestine or Old Lyme, we’re all called to get on the bus. It’s not easy, but there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.
From the West Bank, behind the Apartheid Wall, rolling through the night, feeling as though I’d like to holler…
Bread & Puppet FIRE
7:00 pm performance, followed by a time to eat bread, visit,
and talk about the performance.
Maundy Thursday
6:30 pm Concert, Soup Supper & Informal Communion
Good Friday
Meetinghouse open for prayer and meditation. No Service.
Ecumenical Crop Walk at 9:45 am. We will meet at St.
Ann’s Episcopal Church and walk to FCCOL and back
again -- about 3 miles. Please join us and walk for
world hunger. All ages are welcome.
Easter Sunrise Service
6:30 am at Griswold Point
(if you need directions, call the church)
Easter Sunday
9:00 am & 11:00 am Worship Services
Join us in Fellowship for a light breakfast/coffee hour
between the 9&11 services.
Easter Egg Hunt in the side garden at 10:15 am.
No Sunday School on Easter Sunday.
No coffee hour following the 11:00 am service.
One Great Hour of Sharing
This year we will once again dedicate our Easter offering to the work of One Great Hour of Sharing, a fund
collected through the United Church of Christ and dispersed through the National Council of Churches. This
fund can be accessed for any emergencies world-wide, such as relief in times of natural disaster or critical
health or social crises. Last year we received word from the UCC that, in terms of the OGHS collection, we
were among the 100 most generous churches in the nation! That is a testimony to the generosity of our
congregation, and a real honor. We have set our goal for the 2015 collection at $10,000 once again. Please
help as much as you are able.
Maundy Thursday
Please join us in the Meetinghouse on Maundy Thursday (April 2nd) at 6:30 pm for a
presentation of The Crucifixion, a choral meditation on the passion and crucifixion of Jesus,
written by John Stainer. Our Senior Choir, along with Soloists, will perform this work,
interspersed with scripture lessons and lead us more deeply into an understanding of Maundy
Thursday. Following the concert there will be the opportunity for those who wish to adjourn to
Fellowship Hall for a simple supper of bread and soup, and an informal communion service.
Louise Ely
Lorraine Powley
Philip Norman Simmons
Anthony Campbell Thurston
Church News FCCOL Ladies’ Benevolent Society April
The Ladies’ Benevolent Society
continues its monthly series of luncheons and
programs at noon on Tuesday, April 7, with a
luncheon in Fellowship Hall.
Around 1 pm,
nationally known folksong collector and balladeer,
Dawn Wright, living and performing in New England
for over 30 years, presents a suite of America’s roots
music. Ms. Wright is a master balladeer and
folksinger whose musicianship and storytelling skills
combine to create a one-of-a-kind experience. She
includes authentic instrumentation such as 6- and 12string guitars, a 5-string banjo, mountain dulcimers,
concertina, and drums from Ireland, Africa, and
Native Americans. She offers a total-immersion
experience into both American history and current
environmental themes. Admission to the Luncheon is
$5 plus canned goods for the Food Pantry. Please
call the church office at 860-434-8686 by Monday,
April 6, to reserve a place. All welcome.
Save the Date INDIAN TACO NIGHT On Sunday
April 12, 2015, at 5:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall, we
will be hosting an Indian taco fundraiser! $10 at the
door gets you a delicious taco with all the trimmings
plus some tasty desserts. If you have not experienced
an Indian taco, you are in for a real treat! Made with a
fry bread base and stacked with plenty of meat and
veggies, it is one of our favorite meals when we visit
our friends on the Cheyenne River Reservation in
South Dakota (vegetarian options will be available).
Lakota artist Travis Harden will be joining
us with his artwork and his drum, leading us in a few
traditional songs. Proceeds from the dinner will
benefit the Green Grass Partnership, celebrating 30
years! Please RSVP to [email protected]
VETERANS UPDATE First I want to thank
everyone for their generous donations. With them we
were able to get all the Vets in the house a phone
card. Now we'd like to get them all a gift card to
Walmart for Easter. So I will be putting our
collection box out for coffee hour; look for it on the
same table as the coffee. They are very appreciative
of all we do and say thank you often. On another note
many of you said to me that you would be willing to
donate furniture and housewares to those trying to set
up an apartment for the 1st time. We all know how
much that takes just to have the basics. I have found a
group in Essex that does this very thing. It's called
"Simply Sharing". They will pick up donations from
you and have a building to store them until they are
The e mail address is
[email protected] The phone # is 860388-7390. So give them a call and do some spring
cleaning. You'll be helping yourselves and the vets.
Thanks again! Carolyn Randall, I love Hugs and
Teddy Bears.
Growing Through Grief C. S. Lewis said, "Grief is
like a long, winding valley where any bend may
reveal a totally new landscape." The next Growing
Through Grief meeting will be on April 24th at 10
a.m. Come share the journey with others on the
path. If you have questions about this group, give
Cynthia Robbins a call at (860) 608-7996.
Memorial Flowers There are 2 dates available for
Sunday Memorial Flowers, the 3rd Sunday in
January and first Sunday in February. Please call
Susan Griggs at 860-434-7660 for more information.
Sewing Group Sewing began in January and we
have sewing every Monday. Bring your lunch, and
enthusiasm, for we will be sewing shorts and dresses
for Haiti for a few weeks before we start up other
items. Eunice Taylor and I cleaned up and organized
all our materials so we now know where stuff is, and
what we do not need anymore. We have tons of fabric
for little dresses and shorts, so hope we can have a lot
for the kids who are going to Haiti to take with
them. New folks are welcome. Nat Fogg
Tai Chi & Meditation Classes Fridays. Please call
Ahlam at (860) 447-9916.
Coffee Hour Help The Deacons are hoping to find
some new volunteers to host after-worship fellowship
hours in the next months and into the summer. It’s
easy, it’s a wonderful opportunity to serve, and you
can meet new people! Please call Lina Tuck at 860434-3770 if you would like to help.
Between the 9:00 & 11:00 services on
Easter morning we’ll have a
light breakfast/coffee hour in Fellowship Hall.
We’re hoping folks who plan to attend the
11:00 service will come early to enjoy the fellowship.
And we’re hoping those who worship at the
9:00 service will join us as well.
Please note there will not be a coffee hour
following the 11:00 service on Easter Sunday.
We are updating our membership photo directory this year, and it will not be complete without you!
There is no cost to our church. Each participating family will receive a complimentary 8x10 portrait as well
as a new directory and have the opportunity to purchase additional portraits to share with family & friends.
We look forward to seeing you!
The following dates are available for you to schedule a session.
Thursday - Saturday April 16-18, 2015
Thursday - Saturday April 23-25, 2015
Appointments are scheduled between 2:00 -9:00 weekdays, 12:00- 6:00 Saturdays.
Make your portraits special, be creative! Include your family pet or bring some memorable items like musical
instruments, your favorite hobby, or wear your favorite team’s gear and show your spirit!
We ask that you allow one hour for the process, during which time you will check-in, be photographed and
select your portraits. We suggest you pick up a price sheet at the church in advance to give you plenty of time
to become acquainted with the Lifetouch Pricing Program when you choose to purchase. You can also learn
about special savings for military and how you can participate in the Feed the Need Food Drive at the sign-up
When you sign up online, be sure to include your email address and you will automatically receive a
confirmation email with your date and time, plus an email reminder a few days before your session which
includes a link to a $10 discount off any photography you purchase! Web Site:
(Call or email the office and we can send you this link to paste into your browser.) The site is easy to
navigate, but if you find you need help, you can call or email Stephanie Kenny at 860-884-3875 or
[email protected]
You can also sign up during coffee hour in the Fellowship Hall; just look for our table!
I hope you will join us!
The Music and Arts Board will be sponsoring another Coffeehouse on Sunday, April 26,
from 4-6 pm. If you would like to showcase your talents, please contact Chris Solimene
([email protected]). We are also looking for a few volunteers to help with set-up just before the Coffeehouse (call Cheryl Sorensen 860-434-2025).
Thank you to all members of the Senior Choir for some lovely singing during Lent. We look
forward to a festive Easter season!
Here is the rehearsal and service schedule for April:
April 1 - Dress Rehearsal of Stainer's Crucifixion in the Meeting House at 7:30 pm.
Please be prepared to rehearse to at least 9:30 pm.
April 2 - Warm Up in Sheffield Auditorium at 5:30 pm. Performance of Stainer's
Crucifixion in the Meeting House at 6:30 pm
April 5 - EASTER DAY: Rehearsal at 8:00 am. Singing at both the 9:00 am and
11:00 am services REMINDER: The choir provides food for the betweenservices fellowship hour.
April 12 - Singing at the 11:00 am service with a rehearsal at 10:15 am
April 15 - Rehearsal at 7:30 pm
April 19 - Singing at the 9:00 am service with a rehearsal at 8:15 am
April 22- Rehearsal at 7:30 pm
April 26 - Singing at the 11:00 am service with a rehearsal at 10:15 am
April 29 - Rehearsal at 7:30 pm
Simon Holt
(860) 705-3037
The All-Age Choir rehearsals are on Wednesdays at 6:15 pm. All rehearsals will be held in the
Sheffield Auditorium. Our rehearsals are one hour long with plenty of room for fellowship. We
work mostly with 4-part music in a contemporary style. We encourage and welcome new members
to this group. Our choir membership includes young children, teenagers, families and seniors. The
ability to read music is always a plus but not a determining factor for eligibility in this group. Please
feel free to contact Joel Spineti with questions regarding the All Age Choir. Joel may be reached by
phone (860-554-5079) or e mail [email protected]
Church Business News WHEN SENDING A CHECK
Please be sure to note on the check where the offering is to be credited (i.e. pledge, food pantry,
donation, Habitat, etc.). It is also important to note whether your contribution is for 2014 or 2015,
especially vital this time of year. Thank you for your help.
Please notify the Church of your gift, including the designated use, at the time you request your broker
to make the transfer. You may also use the Church’s broker, Smith Barney, to make the transfer if you
wish. We occasionally receive gifts from a broker without knowing the donor, or whether the gift is
intended for a 2014 or 2015 giving, or for another purpose.
Specifically and on that subject, we have received the following securities, and do not know the
24 shares of Exxon Mobil received 12/5/14
37 shares Exxon Mobil received 1/20/15
340 shares Pfizer received 1/6/15
2 shares of 3M Company received on 12/23/14.
Please feel free to call me or our bookkeeper Julie Scocozza at 434-8686 with this information, or with
any other questions or comments. We appreciate your help!
Bob McCracken,
Senior Housing Communities
from Nathalie Fogg
I have recently had some conversations with other church members in Old Lyme about the
need for middle income senior housing communities. This came about when I attempted to
sell my larger home and found nothing in Old Lyme to accommodate folks who would like to
downsize to a much smaller house. I have in mind something like a community of smaller
homes for the folks who want to down size, still want a house, but smaller and with services
outside such as plowing, yard care, and maintenance to the outside of the home. East Lyme
has several tastefully designed communities of cluster housing that offer all those services
for a monthly fee. Several members of our church left Old Lyme for one of these
communities. I would prefer to stay in Old Lyme, where I have lived for over 40 years. Older
couples and singles would benefit from this type of housing in Old Lyme. I wrote to our
Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder about my concerns and she passed it on to Jane Cable,
from whom I have heard nothing. I would be interested in hearing from others who have
similar needs in mind and see if we can get some type of senior, over 55 community started
in Old Lyme. If there are enough folks who would like to explore this need, we could have a
meeting to discuss this and perhaps see what we can do about it. If you are interested, please
call me at 860-434-8572.
More Church Business News STEWARDSHIP UPDATE:
In recognition of the fact that the 2015 campaign is within $8,000 of the church’s
$600,000 goal, the Board of Stewardship is extending its campaign deadline until
April 15 to see if we can bring in the additional commitments needed to meet the
budget. This is a bare-bones goal, one that does not provide funds for emergency
repairs or other unforeseen needs or special opportunities that arise from time to time.
The 2015 campaign began with a goal of $625,000 to provide a small cushion to help
fund such contingencies. It would be helpful if we could exceed the $600,000 mark to
meet some of these as well.
None of us wants to see budget cuts in the programs, services, and outreach which
make our church so special and life-affirming.
If you are among the 390 members and friends who have made commitments to this
year’s campaign, we extend our gratitude for your generosity. If you have not yet
responded, over three weeks remain to do so. Please return your pledge cards as soon
as possible, or phone or email the church office (860-434-8686 or [email protected]).
Regardless of what you can give, your commitment will mean a lot.
If you have previously sent in a pledge and feel you can stretch to give more, we
would very greatly appreciate that as well.
With grateful thanks for all you do,
Barbara Smith
Chair, Board of Stewardship
Members of the Board of Stewardship: George Clough, Emily Fisher, Sandy Long,
Chuck Lynch, Ken McGrath, Paul Stigliano, Lee Whitaker, Matt Winkler
Christian Education News Easter Day Egg Hunt
Join us in the side garden for an Easter Egg Hunt between the two Easter services. There will be two areas set up – one for the littlest among us and one for those who prefer a bit more of a challenge! Bring along your basket and we will plan on meeting about 10:15 to begin shortly thereafter. Questions? See, call or email Chris at [email protected]
Calling ALL singers, crooners and aspiring balladeers!
Do you have a favorite Broadway, folk or other genre tune you love to sing? Here’s your
chance to sing (or play) your heart out! Back by popular demand, FCCOL is hosting our
second Coffee House event on April 26 (4-6 pm) and we need YOU! Contact Chris with the
song and sheet music you want to perform, and either Joel Spineti or Rachael Junkeit are
happy to accompany on the piano. We have room for about 15 acts, so please call or email
Chris ASAP, [email protected] or 860-434-8686!
CROP WALK 2015, April 3 – Walkers & Pledgers Needed!
Walkers, young and old, are gathering at 9:45 am -11:15 am on Good Friday at St. Ann’s
Episcopal Parish located at 82 Shore Road for a contemplative walk. CROP Hunger Walks
help to support the overall ministry of Church World Service, especially grassroots, hungerfighting development efforts around the world. From seeds and tools, to wells and water
systems, CWS helps people work together to identify their own development priorities. It’s
something CWS has learned through some 68 years of working in partnership around the
world. If you can’t walk, please do consider pledging for the walk and becoming a “Spirit
Walker.” Need more details, forms and information? Forms in vestibule and office or see,
call or email Chris Solimene [email protected]
Your Used Books NEEDED for Heifer Book Fair
The Board of Youth Education invites you to participate in a book sale to support the Heifer
Project. Bringing in and selling our gently used books is a great way to raise money for
Heifer International, an organization which combats poverty by giving animals to people
around the world. These animals help provide families with food, clothes, and extra income.
Please bring in your gently used books and leave them on the Sheffield stage. (fiction, nonfiction, inspirational, poetry, biographies, children’s, etc.).
On April 19, all are invited to the Book Fair in between worship services! Book prices
will be nominal. All left-over books will be donated to the local library or to local literacy
programs. Questions? Email Chris at [email protected]
Junior PF Christian Education News HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE!
April 3rd Good Friday:
Please join us for the annual CROP WALK 9:30 am-11:00 am. Meet at St. Ann's Church.
Please remember to ask your family & friends to sponsor your walk with any size donation in your pledge
envelope. More envelopes are available if you don't have one yet. Every little and big donation helps so much to
support our local soup kitchens & Church World Service. Friends, family, & well behaved dogs on leashes are
all welcome.
April 4th Saturday:
We will gather at 4:30 pm today & join with Carleen and Travis to make some very special preparations for the
Easter Sunrise service. Please watch your email for some more specific details.
April 5th Easter Sunday:
Happy Easter!
All who are able, we will meet at Griswold Point for the beautiful Easter Sunrise Service. JPF will be taking
special part in this service with our wonderful friend Travis Hardin, from South Dakota. Getting up early is not
always easy, but you will be so happy you did for this memorable way to celebrate the miracle of Easter together!
We hope to see you there and again a little later for one of the marvelous music-filled Easter Sunday services.
April 19th Sunday:
Look for more details to come regarding how we'll help, and enjoy the Heifer Book Fair happening this morning!
April 25th Saturday:
Please join us for our monthly Food Pantry Inventory at the church, 9:30 am-11:00 am.
It is a fun and very helpful way for us to assist in this very special ministry of our church.
April 26th Sunday:
Special Earth Day activities today during Sunday School. Also, we'll have fun helping to serve beverages and
desserts at the second church "COFFEE HOUSE" event this afternoon! Watch for more details to come, and be
sure to let Minister Chris know if you would like to be on stage as well!
You are each a very special part of this group! We hope to see you soon!
Danny & Deanna
Senior PF Christian Education News Senior P.F. Trip Deschapelles, Haiti
April 10- April 17, 2015
Our next meeting is Friday, April 4th, at 10:00 in the church library. We have 14 travelers now and room
for one more male youth traveler. There is still time to sign up! Last year’s trip was so much fun. We
filled the week with many meaningful encounters: we offered arts and crafts to over 135 Haitian children;
we played a soccer game with the local team; we visited remnants of two sugar cane mills and learned
about Haiti’s history of slavery; we passed out pillow case dresses and clothing; we offered English
tutoring for teenagers and adults; we walked to the wild & crazy market; we worshiped at the Baptist
church in Les Forges, and we sang and danced with the Haitian people. Please come if you are interested in
joining us on our next trip, April 10-17 (during the Spring Break). If you have questions or concerns,
please talk with Becky Crosby at 860-434-8054.
Adult Enrichment Programs
April Adult Forums
April 5, 2015
April 12, 2015
Report from Tree of Life Trip: "Rejecting Violence and Finding Enclaves of
April 19, 2015
Speakers from Al-Anon and Ala-Teen
April 26, 2015
Speakers from the Haitian Trip
May 3, 2015
Russell Learned,Bob McCracken and Mark Waldo will discuss Solar
Energy and FCCOL's solar project.
Book Study On Marilynne Robinson’s Lila
A discussion group for Marilynne Robinson’s latest novel, Lila, is planned to start the week after Easter.
The discussion is being led by the Rev. Dr. Scott L. Harris, a retired Lutheran minister. Groups will
meet over a three week period with two sessions each week: April 8, 15, and 22 at 10:30 am; and April
9, 16, and 23 at 7:30 pm. The daytime groups will cover the same topics as the nighttime sessions--at
least that is the plan. For each group we will meet in the Library. Besides reading Lila, we will be
exploring references to the Bible that are made in Robinson’s novel, especially the Old Testament
prophet, Ezekiel. If you are interested in participating a copy of the book is available at your local
library; or better yet, the book can be purchased. (That way you can mark it up to your heart’s content.)
Have both Lila and Bible in hand for each group.
Book Study Group on "Where the Heart Is" by Billie Letts
Join us on Thursday, May 7th, at 10:30 in the library for a discussion of this wonderful little novel. It
was published in 1996, so it’s possible that you might have read it some time ago. But it would be a treat
to re-read it. We'll interface the novel with some passages from the New Testament, and explore the
ways in which the life of Novalee Nation, the protagonist, brings to life some Biblical truths we all hold
dear. Martha Beaudoin and Carleen Gerber will lead the discussion.
More Adult Enrichment Programs
C. S. Lewis said, "Grief is like a long, winding valley where any bend may reveal a totally new
landscape." The next Growing Through Grief meeting will be on April 24th at 10 a.m. Come share the
journey with others on the path. If you have questions about this group, give Cynthia Robbins a call at (860)
There are some in our fellowship who shoulder the responsibility of caring for a family member or friend.
This can be spiritually and physically very depleting, and sometimes quite lonely. We would like to have a
time to get together to offer encouragement and perhaps help one another along this journey of care giving.
Our next meeting will be Wednesday, April 8, at 9:30 am in the Hoag Parlor (Note: Time change). Carleen
will be there to convene the meeting, which should be about one hour long. Please call Carleen with any
thoughts or questions, 860-434-0058 We have changed the time for this one month to allow people, if they
desire, to go directly to the Book Study of Lila, which starts at 10:30 am.
The writing group will begin meeting in April on alternate Wednesdays at 3:30 pm (April 1, 15 & 29) in the
Hoag Parlor. All writers of prose or poetry are welcome. Bring something of your own to share and/or a poem
or short prose piece by an author you admire. An appreciative and supportive group! If you are interested in
joining us, please contact Vicky at (860) 526-4426. Alternate Wednesdays, 3:30 to 5:00 pm in the Hoag
Room. Led by Vicky Murphy.
The poetry-reading group will begin meeting in April on alternate Wednesdays at 4:30 pm (April 8 & 22) in
the Hoag Parlor. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in our readings. If you are interested in
joining us, please contact Alan Bradford at (860) 434-0247 or [email protected] or just show up; texts will
be provided. Alternate Wednesdays at 4:30 in the Hoag Room.
If you have been thinking about coming to the class to be with others in deepening our spiritual understanding,
this is a good time to do so. To sign up, please call Ruth Robins at 860.434.2999 or email her at
[email protected] Thank you. Thursdays, 9:30-10:30 in the Hoag Room.
Seeking Employment:
American Craftsmen need America’s help. As a
furniture maker of 33 years, I am offering my services
to fellow church members at 25% off: $65/ hour. My
work includes restoration of antiques, work on
cherished family pieces, and general furniture repair.
As well, my passion is designing and building fine
furniture: large and small pieces include dining and
side tables, beds, benches, and chairs; religious pieces,
pet coffins, etc. Please contact Dick Humphreville at
860-442-5003 or www.humphrevillefurniture.com.
Experienced master carpenter, licensed and insured,
looking for work. Call Tom Kratzert at 860-271-9633.
Home Designer Design & drawing from concept to
construction documents for new homes, additions, and
renovations. Servicing home owners, builders, and
architects. Other services include drawings to help sell
a house, develop & present an idea. Computer aided
using DATA CAD 12 - 2 dimensional and 3
David S Nelson-Building Design
Services 860 434-5526 [email protected]
Handyman Service Light Carpentry, Installation
Help, Painting, Seasonal & Holiday Preparation and
Light Hauling. I have an enclosed pick-up truck, tools
and a shop. If you need something done just give me a
call. Dave Nelson 860 434-5526.
The "Pet Nanny" Carol Giuliano, an Old Lyme
resident, will provide loving care for your pets when
you are not there. Over forty years experience with all
types of animals. Call (203) 738-9932.
Paul Fitzpatrick-Nager Experienced master
carpenter. Will design and build comfort zones for
your home, indoors and out. Patios, pergolas and
more. Call me anytime at 860-304-9916 or 860-4344366.
Marcia Dean Experienced Nanny/housekeeper,
looking to get back to what I love most, working with
children...Excellent references... I live in Chester but
would relocate for the right position... good with all
ages... infants and multiples are my specialty. I am
also a seamstress and love animals. Please call for
more information at (860)-912-1037.
Caregiver - Companion
Long or short term,
reasonable rates and references. Call Marion Campo
in Old Lyme at 860-389-1872.
Weaving Classes Always wanted to learn to weave?
Start by weaving a rag rug on Stephanie Morton's
ENORMOUS loom in her Old Lyme studio. Call her
at 860/434-1188 or 917-3429.
Carolyn Randall Need a vacation? Available to stay
with your loved one for a long weekend or a week
(live in). 25 years nursing experience, 15 homecare.
Call Carolyn at 860-598-9278 or 860-343-3573.
Wendy Knight – Organizer, writer, researcher,
editor, proofreader Happy to work on any project,
big or small, update lists, prepare mailings. Also love
to sort and organize closets, cabinets, libraries, photos,
files and documents. Please contact Wendy Knight
anytime at (860) 304 – 6665 or [email protected]
Sue Mandeville Transportation and/or accompaniment
to professional or medical appointments, outpatient
surgeries and home stay following anesthesia. Airport,
train or bus transport. Livery license, insured,
references and medical training. Call Sue Mandeville
Lorelei Mitchell Mediator, Lorelei Mitchell, is
available to assist with family dilemmas, landlordtenant disputes or workplace conflict. Mediation is a
better alternative to litigation and can often transform
relationships, while giving you a say in the outcome.
Call Lorelei Mitchell at (860) 536-0260 or email
[email protected] toschedule a consultation.
Guli Gvelesiani I lived in Old Lyme and have worked
for 7 years as a live-in caregiver for a local family. I
live in Essex and have worked for 2 years as a live-in
caregiver for a local family. I am seeking a new full
time, live-in position with a caring family. I do house
work, cooking and baking as well as give home care. I
can provide references. Please call Guli at 860-3915691.
Alterations I'm a professional with over 20 years
experience, from shortening jeans to restoring or
redesigning a beloved wedding gown. Estimates and
references freely given. Please call Hazella Pease at
T h e F i r s t C o n g re g a t i o n a l C h u rc h
o f O l d Ly m e
St aff
The Rev. Dr. Steven R. Jungkeit, Senior Minister (860-434-8686)
The Rev. Carleen R. Gerber, Senior Associate Minister (860-434-0058)
Christopher D. Solimene, Associate Minister (860-389-1363)
Simon D. Holt, Director of Music (860-705-3037)
The Rev. David W. Good, Minister Emeritus
The Rev. Rebecca T. Crosby, Minister for Haitian Outreach
Erin K. Grayson, Minister of the South Lyme Union Chapel
Mary Tomassetti, Church School Coordinator (860-391-5384)
Lisa Feltes, Director of Children’s Music (860-691-2226)
Joel Spineti, Director of The All Age Choir (860-554-5079)
Robert McCracken, Church Administrator
Joan Kelley, Church Office Manager
Julie Scocozza, Bookkeeper
Mark Testori, Sexton
Church Office Tel: 860-434-8686
Fax: 860-434-1135
e-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.fccol.org
Sunday Worship - 9:00 & 11:00 a.m.
Sunday School - 9:00 a.m.
South Lyme Union Chapel Worship - 9:00 a.m.
Pastoral Counseling Center Tel: 860-767-0221
Candace E. Wilson-Stanberry, MSN
Member U.C.C.
The reproduction of our Meetinghouse on the cover is from a sketch by William Steeves.
The First Congregational Church
2 Ferry Road
Old Lyme, Connecticut 06371
U.S. Postage Paid
Permit #7
Old Saybrook, CT
Non-Profit Organization
The next FCCOL Newsletter will be in May;
the deadline will be Friday, April 17th.
If possible, please send articles by e-mail <[email protected]> as a Word document.
Whenever you come to church….worship, church events, meetings, or just to visit….
PLEASE bring some non-perishable food items each time to restock the food pantry.
Please let us know if you have some time to volunteer at the food pantry and/or with food drives.
Please e-mail the church office at <[email protected]> if you want to be removed from the
newsletter mailing list and read it on the website. Each household that can read the newsletter
on (and print from) the website rather than receive it by mail will save the church $5.17 each and
every year. We will ask for your e-mail address so we can alert you when the new issue is
available on our web site. Thanks for your help!