2015 Ingham County Fair - Online Entry Process

Online Entry Process
Registration Tips
 Use Given Name ONLY!!
 i.e. Johnathon Smith – NOT John/Johnny
 Use Active/Consistent Email Address
 DO NOT Use a One Time Email Address
 DO NOT Enter Classes for Multiple Youth
Under One Person’s Registration
Registration Information Required
Choose Your Department
Choose Your Division & Section
Choose Your Class
Enter Required Information
*Note: Not All Classes Will Have the Same Requirements
Choose Your Club
***Do This For Every 4H Entry
Entry Tips (or) Check Out
Check Out
Add Different
Add Similar
Online Fee
Review of Cart
Cart Notes
 You MAY Save the Cart for Later and Return to
Pay/Enter More Classes
 You MAY Edit or Delete Classes from the Shopping
Cart Screen (Click on Pencil or Red X Next to Entry)
 If You Enter Multiple Classes You Will See the Online
Fee Screen, But It Will ONLY Charge You ONCE!
Payment Options
 Individuals or Clubs MAY Pay Online with a Credit
 Clubs MAY Bring in ONE Check to the Fair Office for
Payment of All Entries for That Club
 You May Also Purchase Ride Wristbands/Passes
During the Entry Process