April 28, 2015 - First Baptist Church of Lewisville

Vol. 53 ● April 28, 2015
A Note From
Susan McClelland
Are you a VIP? I’m not talking about a
Very Important Person. I’m talking about a Volunteer In Preschool! We love and appreciate our VIPs! We have a fantastic team that loves on our little ones and helps make worship for grown-ups possible. I’m thrilled to say, we’ve had
over 25 new volunteers recently. But, there’s always room
for one more VIP.
Have you been keeping up with our TOP TEN Reasons to be a
VIP? Here’s the list to refresh your memory:
#10 It’s Fun! Where else in the church can you build a block
tower, pound play-doh and crunch animal cookies, all in one
fun-packed hour?!
#9 You’re a Rock Star! Preschoolers think you know everything and can do anything. They will adore you! Best selfesteem booster ever!
#8 It’s your church! Where are you serving? Preschool is a
non-threatening place to start.
#7 Learn something. Not a Bible scholar? In Preschool we
learn the basics, and you can, too.
#6 First Impressions Part 1: A vital Preschool Ministry is a
high priority for young families looking for a church home.
You can be part of a great first impression.
#5 First Impressions Part 2: Positive experiences in early
childhood carry over into adult life. Babies and young children need a positive experience at church.
#4 Contribute to Worship. Every Sunday hundreds of people
are able to focus on worship when you help little ones learn
about Jesus.
Issue No. 9
Up ...
Camp Momanmee ...........................................May 1 / 6pm
2.10 High School Man Weekend ..........May 1 / 6pm
2.10 High School Girls Retreat ..............May 1 / 10pm
WIRED Spring Program..............................May 3 / 7pm
M.A.G.I.C. Luncheon .......................................May 4 / 11:30am
6am-1pm &
National Day of Prayer ................................May 7 / 4pm-7pm
M4H Breakfast ...................................................May 9 / 8am
Parent Commitment/Mother’s Day ..May 10
*Moms, inc. ministry for moms of preschoolers
*2.10 Student Ministry
*TOMS Teen Moms
*M.A.G.I.C. Senior Adult Ministry
*FWM First Women’s Ministry
*M4H Men For Him
#3 Change the future. If every child had lots of caring adults
who prayed over them every Sunday, how might God use
that to impact the next generation?
#2 You’re Special! In Preschool, we are charged with the
safety, care and teaching of the most precious and vulnerable parts of the church body. You have to be someone special
to do that.
#1 Jesus loved the little children. When you welcome a child
in the name of Jesus you welcome Jesus himself. When we
minister to children – Jesus smiles.
To all our faithful VIPs--thank you for serving!
64th Annual
National Day of Prayer
Thursday, May 7
Worship Center
Come and go
6am-1pm and 4pm-7pm.
Graduating Seniors, Class of 2015—If you did not receive
information on the Senior Celebration & Dinner, contact Nanette
by email or at 972.436.5502.
Attention New Parents
Sunday, May 10
Call the church office or
register online.
Sign up by May 3.
Moms inc. is a ministry for mothers. Beginning
in the fall, we will expand to not only include moms of
preschoolers, but also of elementary and middle
school aged children. We meet two Monday mornings
a month to hear speakers on relevant topics, make
seasonal crafts, play games, and connect with one
another while preschool children enjoy a great time
in Kids inc. Registration forms are available at the
north Information Center or online.
Preschool and Children’s Ministries
adopt Operation Christmas Child
VBS—June 22-26
In May, we are collecting new
Join us as we take a Journey Off the
Map. This year, children will learn
to know, follow, and trust our
Guide, Jesus, in a greater way as
we study the life of Daniel. Adults
Drop-off bins are located in the
preschool & children’s hallways.
We will collect items all year for our annual
Christmas Shoebox project.
& students, sign up to serve as guides at the VBS
table in the main atrium or contact Julie in the
church office. VBS Training for ALL helpers—
Sunday, April 19, 7pm, Fellowship Center
2.10 Student Camp
Caring Hands Ministry
Fabric Needed
July 12-17
to make clothing for the people of Guatemala
Please bring new/gently used cotton fabrics,
pillow cases, &/or bias tape by May 3 and place in the
bins located in each atrium. If you have any questions,
contact Kayla by email or at 972.436.5502.
New Members
Terry & Kellie Ekeland
Terry & Kellie come by transfer of
membership from First Baptist
Church, Bryan, TX.
The Record Speaks
2015 Budget ....................................$3,741,442.85
Tithes & Offerings
Bible Study
$ 48,412.03
$ 67,692.01
Financial Information 2015
$ 1,066,289.25
$ 1,151,213.33 (per budget)
$ (84,924.08)
Building/Capital Balance
$ 24,137.41
Children’s Camp
July 13-17
Just Born …
Abigail Jane Chong
6 pounds 8 ounces & 20.5 inches long
Congratulations to parents: Ali & Jamie Chong,
& big sister, Grace
Lennon Elle Wilson
8 pounds 7 ounces & 21.5 inches long
Congratulations to grandparents:
Stephen & Marcie Hatfield and Bob & Barb Wilson,
parents: Rob & Lindsey Wilson, & big brothers:
Beckham & Jenner
Wes Wallace
Lewisville Medical Center
A daily listing of those hospitalized is
available in the Church Office.
Our Sympathy is
Expressed to …
Craig & Cindy Zoller & family on the death of Craig’s
brother, Roger Herrington
Volunteers in
May 3
Allison Rogers, Elise Bair, Sharon Honnell, Kim Bain
Sarah Sherman, Zachary & Monica Glenn
Ronnie & Jan Latham, Martha Reed, Chris Reed
Helen Thornton, Kelsey Alexander, Tina Sams
Chris Benson, Ashton Gibson, Lucy Hirschenberger
May 10
Julie Cooper, Susan Childers, Betsy Gipe, Kristi Brixey
Richard & Lisa Taylor, Bob & Patricia Antus
Chad & Bethany Tomerlin, Allan Gipe, Lillian Ryan
Amanda Herbert, Matt & Lorie Smith, Lindsey Kerns
Brooks & Lauren Monroe
Deacon Ministry
May 3
9:30 P/H: Ray Sheehan
H: John Starnes
Joe Steger
Dwight Stephens
Bobby Taylor
W: Mike Harris
Will McCarthy
Charlie Turner
11am H: Ronnie Wright
W: Scott Williamson
H: Host
May 10
9:30 P/H: Ted Tittle
H: Tom Smith
Gregg Veazey
Charlie Turner
Tim Weaver
W: Ray White
Steve Homeyer
Robert Doucet
11am H: Byron Beall
W: Mickey Layne
W: Welcome
Next Deacons’ Meeting—May 31, 7pm
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