the Bed Race Application

Bed Race Application for Spring Fest! April 18, 2015.
Contact Information
Team name:
Participants names and
email addresses
Business name
Other Information
Date: Saturday, April 18
Entry Fee: $30 per team
Bed: Springfest will provide the beds for you, but don’t let that stop you from being
competitive, and creating your own.
- Maximum 3 to a team
- At least one member will be a bed rider who must wear a helmet
- Each participant must sign a waiver
- Race will take place in two bed heats
- Winner will be based on best time of all heats
*Payments must be made when the application is turned in, please.
*Turn in this form at Jose’s on Dickson before April 18
- Questions? Email: [email protected]
Agreement and Signagure
Name (printed) & phone