Business Opportunities from Israel October 2010

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Business Opportunities from Israel
October 2010
Table of contents
1. Consumer Goods
3. Cosmetics & Healthcare
5. Food
2. High Tech
4. Security & Defence
6. Others
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Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I take pleasure in attaching the latest issue of Business Opportunities from Israel.
Should you wish to receive further information regarding any of the companies listed, please do not
hesitate to contact us by selecting the contact us function within each product. Please provide us with
your full details and we will be more than happy to assist you.
For those who are receiving this service for the first time, this "Business Opportunities" highlights Israeli
companies looking to expand their operations in the UK. You will find a range of Products and Services
from Israeli firms seeking Agents, Distributors, Joint Venture partners or Buyers in the UK. For your
convenience, you may find previous editions of “Business Opportunities from Israel” on our website – Click
The Israeli Commercial Office in London is involved in a wide range of activities and services that aim to
promote trade and investment between the Israeli and UK markets. Therefore, if you wish to learn more
about opportunities in the Israeli market please contact us.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Noah Shani,
Minister, Commercial Affairs
Embassy of Israel, London
Consumer Goods
Sapio Research & Development Ltd.
Sapio, founded in 1997, brings two naturally co-existing business processes together:
Marketing and Product Design, in order to develop innovative products and successfully
introduce them to the market. Since 2005 Sapio focuses on the design and manufacturing
of innovative consumer products which provide quality solutions to everyday un-met needs
or offer exceptional usage experience. Their ClipOn Showerhead for Families with Kids
features fun figures which offer kids an enjoyable bath-time.
Looking for bath hardware/plumbing/showerhead buyers or any good distributors or agents
in this sector.
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/238
For more information about this company, please contact us
Modular™ Construction Toys
Modular™ Construction Toys takes a new and unique approach to
construction toys allowing true three-dimensional, fully modular
construction of race tracks, highways and districts while
developing abstract thinking, three-dimensional perception, and
creativity. All kits are totally inter-compatible. Unlike
convention construction sets.
Looking for retailers and partners within the toy industry.
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/239
For more information about this company, please contact us
Noa Sharon Designs
Noa Sharon designs and produces contemporary handmade art jewellery.
Looking for distributors / agents / retailers in the UK.
Visit her websites: &
Ref number: 2010/240
For more information about this company, please contact us
Ktantanim Baofek Ltd.
Ktantanim Baofek Ltd. Is a company 30 years in business. They import a
variety of products for babies such as bibs, mosquito nets and blankets.
All products are of high quality.
Looking for buyers in the UK of baby products.
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/241
For more information about this company, please contact us
High Tech
Z-Axis Europe
Z-Axis Europe is the European sales centre and R&D division of one of the
select few manufacturers of ultra-miniature connectors with standard
contacts 50 microns wide on 100 micron centres. Applications encompass high speed
signals, temperature extremes, severe shock and vibration, and thousands of mates /demate cycles.
Looking for distributors in the UK. Distributor profile: Connected to the Electronic (high
tech in general – Communications, Medical, Aerospace, Military) industry. Already
distributing electronic components. Technical skills.
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/242
For more information about this company, please contact us
Zoozamen company is involved in the field of online matching, subject to a model of joint
activity with leading websites in the field of personal services operators. Zoozamen
provides its customers with services for finding a compatibility coefficient for the life
together of two partners, based on a unique algorithm, which provides levels of validity and
reliability that are significantly higher than is common in the market: the Zoozamen
algorithm predicts, at an accuracy level of 0.6 (on a scale of 0 to 1), the degree of
compatibility of life partners, while common tests, based on acceptable and standard
psychological personality tests, provide predictions at an accuracy level of only 0.2. The
significance of this data is that out of 10 couples that were
marked by Zoozamen as compatible for life together – 6 or
more could actually form a healthy, stable and long-term
Looking for a distributor or partner in the UK.
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/243
For more information about this company, please contact us
SohoOS is a FREE management and business environmet for micro businesses and
freelancer‟s, some of their online services offered: billing & invoice generation, CRM,
inventory, job & project search, mail campaigns, local and international calls, SMS, Digital
signature, video & audio conferencing and many more. They launched beta version in mid
July, and they already have over 15,000 registered businesses globally. They charge for
premium services only, and their partnership model is based on revenue share with their
vendors and distributors.
Looking for contacts with the business development / marketing departments of large ISP‟s
(internet service providers), communication service providers and large portals in the UK.
Advantages to distributors:
1. A new & innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) offering to their micro
business customers.
2. Subscribers acquisition & retention
3. New revenue stream (increase ARPU)
4. Powerful vehicle to expose their existing and new services
5. Communities build-up
6. Seamless integration
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/244
For more information about this company, please contact us
Cosmetics & Healthcare
DAN-MOR Natural Products & Chemicals Ltd.
DAN-MOR Natural Products & Chemicals Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of wet wipes and
chemical solutions established in 1985 to effectively meet the cosmetic, personal hygiene
and medical needs of consumers worldwide. The company focuses on the development and
production of impregnated wipes primarily designed for personal and professional use in a
wide range of industries, including but not limited to Medical, Healthcare, Personal Hygiene
and Cosmetics. All products are manufactured with state-of-the-art
technology. From concept, design, development to production,
packaging and shipping. Dan Mor Ltd. has the required know-how,
technical competence and advanced resources to meet the product
demands with complete confidence and confidentiality. Dan Mor Ltd. is
a global specialist in Private Label (Contract Manufacturing) wipes for
many prestigious companies, retailers and traders.
Looking for collaboration with distributors or retailers in the local cosmetic field that would
include the products in their product range.
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/245
For more information about this company, please contact us
Danya Cosmetic Ltd.
Danya Cosmetic Ltd. is the manufacturer of the cosmetic brand
Looking for a regional distributor specializing in distribution and
warehousing of colour cosmetics and skin care products in the UK
and Ireland.
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/246
For more information about this company, please contact us
N.M.B. Medical Applications Ltd.
N.M.B. specializes in the Orthopaedic Trauma field, and has been developing and selling
innovative implants for almost a decade. N.M.B.‟s latest innovations are two families of
1. The Piccolo Composite Nailing System – the latest innovation is the world‟s first
intramedullary nailing system made from carbon fiber reinforced polymer.
2. Lu-See Radiolucent Disposable Drive – a disposable drive facilitating distal hole drilling
in interlocking Intramedullary nails. Drilling these holes is a main issue of safety and is very
time consuming as conventional equipment does not
allow clear view of the drill holes. Their product
enables this view, works with standard power tolls
(which are found in any OR) and saves time and
exposure to X-Ray.
These products are FDA approved and CE marked.
Looking for distributors in the UK for their latest innovations.
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/247
For more information about this company, please contact us
S.T International – Ophthalmic Lenses
S.T International is an Israeli manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses.
Looking for contact lens laboratories, importers, wholesalers and
representatives in the UK.
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/248
For more information about this company, please contact us
-417 Cosmetic Research Dead Sea Ltd.
-417 is an Israeli based cosmetic manufacturer and worldwide distributor. It was founded in
2003 as a private subsidiary company of a public investment and real estate company listed
on the TLV stock exchange. -417 is the Developer of an Exclusive and Unique Line of Natural
Skin-Care Products based on Natural Active components and minerals from the Dead Sea, the
lowest place in the world.
Looking to introduce their unique Dead Sea brand into the UK market –
specifically to Drugstores, Cosmetic chains and Department Stores. They also
seek importers, local retailers and cosmetic distributors.
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/249
For more information about this company, please contact us
Security and Defence
Rosslare Security Products
Rosslare Security Products is a division of Rosslare Enterprises Ltd. Develops, manufactures
and markets high-quality security products for home, office or in any high security alert
environment through its worldwide offices and channel partners. Since its inception in
1980, Rosslare implements the latest technologies for its corporate, residential and
institutional products and systems. Today their vast product range includes; access control
systems, hardwire and wireless intrusion systems, guard patrol management systems and
applications software. Together with their ever growing product
range they have turned Rosslare Security Products into a one-stopshop for wide-scale security needs.
Looking to establish business relationships with importers,
distributors, dealers or central monitoring stations from England
dealing with security products.
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/250
For more information about this company, please contact us
Prince Tahina
Prince Tahina is Israel‟s leading tahini paste manufacturer and supplier and one of the
biggest in the world. In Israel, Prince Tahina works with all the major salad manufacturers
such as Tzabar, Strauss and many more. Prince Tahina‟s international
activities has worldwide relationships with wholesalers, distributors and
manufacturers around the world. Their natural tahina is well known for
its high quality, fine taste and rich and deep aroma. They are certified
with ISO 9001/2008 & ISO 22000 (HACCP) & BRC, USDA.
Looking for distributors in the UK.
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/251
For more information about this company, please contact us
SumSum – Health from Nature
This company has developed and manufactured Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free,
Egg Free, Soy Free and Preservation Free frozen dessert – patent pending for: Israel, Europe
& USA. A taste survey conducted two weeks ago in England: 75% (men and women)
preferred it to HAAGEN DAAS!!!
Looking for distributors to the British Retail Market – Frozen & “Free From” segments.
Ref number: 2010/252
For more information about this company, please contact us
Elnakhleh Coffee – Sons of Rafik Nakhleh Ltd.
Elnakhleh Coffee company was established in 1992 and it specialises in
manufacturing and distributing high quality Arabic Coffee (with and
without Cardamom), Turkish Coffee and Spices.
Looking for credible partners of any business nature, that have both
experience and knowledge in the food and beverages field, which will be
willing to establish a long term business relationship with them for
distributing their products.
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/253
For more information about this company, please contact us
Betty Fresh Products Ltd.
Betty Fresh Products is a private Israeli export company that specialise in fruit and
vegetables, conventional and organic. Betty Fresh Products are: bell
peppers, sweet peppers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and avocado.
Looking to distribute their products to food buyers of hotels, catering
companies, supermarket buyers of vegetables (organic & conventional).
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/254
For more information about this company, please contact us
Greenshpon Engineering
Greenshpon Engineering develops tailor made gearboxes for a variety of applications:
Industrial, agriculture, medical, military.
Looking for a distributor in the UK.
Ref number: 2010/255
For more information about this company, please contact us
Algo Printing and Packaging
Algo Printing and Packaging is a professional offset and digital print house providing printing
and packaging services to all those who need a professional printing house – artists,
publishers, graphic studios, advertising agencies and more.
Looking to offer their services to UK companies.
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/256
For more information about this company, please contact us
T.D.E. Recovery Technologies Ltd.
T.D.E. Recovery Technologies Ltd. had developed a tyre recycling technology. The
technology designed by TDE is unique, offers a cost effective solution for tyre recycling and
the final products produced in the process are environmentally safe. During the years 20067 the company designed and built a model which proved the initial concept and enables to
produce diesel out of tyre bits.
Looking for new partnerships and co-operation with strategic partners and corporations.
Visit their websites: or
Ref number: 2010/257
For more information about this company, please contact us
VPM Plast Ltd.
VPM Plast Ltd.‟s goal is to provide wide-ranging solutions to the recycling problems, while at
the same time following appropriate trade rules and fostering fruitful interpersonal
relationships. The field of logistical solutions is used as a platform for
business relations and is actually the main element of the company‟s
expertise. They invest greatly in the various aspects of logistics such as:
Recycling plastic and returning it to the plastics industry/market.
Washing and enhancing “problematic” plastic.
Shredding polyethylene and polypropylene sheets.
Processing services (washing and grinding).
Brokerage services between suppliers and manufacturers.
Local & International trade.
Looking for cooperation with companies in the UK who collect, sort and sell plastic products
for recycling.
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/258
For more information about this company, please contact us
Minos Ltd.
Minos Ltd. has been creating unique stone products for more than 18 years. The company
now runs four production studios across the country that together manufacture a wide range
of decorative products for use in interiors and exteriors. Their original designs maintain the
highest standards of quality and boast a rich integration of different shades and shapes to
create final products of exquisite beauty.
Minos employs teams of the finest craftsmen and artists from the many professions related
to stonework. Minos architects, mosaic artists, glass artisans, sculptors, stonemasons and
engineers, collaborate in all stages of planning, development and
Minos will be pleased to recommend creative and artistic solutions for
every project, whether indoors or outdoors. Minos finest quality
stone and mosaic products include reclaimed stone for paving and
facing, mosaic stones of varying types and styles – classic, modern,
and neo-classic, unique stone products for tended areas, cornices,
tiling and stone slabs, and ornamental mosaic glass.
Minos products and materials are honed to suit and prefect architectural and design
requirements of local cultures, as well as modern contemporary trends; their worldwide
export serves the US, Europe, the Far East, Japan, Australia and South Africa.
Looking for projects with architects, designers, controllers who are working with high-class
costumers and projects.
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/259
For more information about this company, please contact us
Global Guides
This company works in the tourism sphere on exporting guiding services to countries
Looking for British tour agents & operators that deal with outbound tourism. Also seeking
smaller agents that are in direct and personal contact with their clients and could „tailor‟
specific theme tours to them.
Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/260
For more information about this company, please contact us
About Us
The Commercial Affairs Department at the Embassy of Israel, London is part of the
Ministry of Trade and Labour and the Foreign Trade Administration. Their role is to recognise
exciting new opportunities and companies in the Israeli market and facilitate collaboration and
partnership according the needs of the UK.
With a remit covering all areas of the Israeli market, from agriculture to bio-technology and from
cosmetics to telecommunications, the Commercial Office is a proactive key player in the initiation
of new economic and commercial opportunities and the establishment of new business channels
between Israel and the UK.
By providing value added services, it is becoming regarded as a beneficial, efficient and reliable
contact point in the UK, where relevant customers can find assistance.
If your colleagues or business contacts would like to read about more
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