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February 2014
Board Officers
Stan Grunenwald
Vice Chair
Our Redeemer Lutheran
Redeeming The Times
Randy Erickson
Mary Thurnau
Financial Secretary
Nancy Loscheider
Recording Secretary
“Do not be slothful in
zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the
him and tell him never to pull
that fire alarm again! But the
“slavery”. Slaves obey their masters. But, unlike our modern
Lord.” Romans 12:11.
deputy stopped me with some
very wise words. “Don’t tell him
understanding of the term because of our civil war era slavery,
never to touch it again or he may
be afraid to pull the alarm when
submitting to the Lord as our
master is a good thing. He is
there really is a fire.”
benevolent. His ways are perfect.
And His will is that I do the good
Kim Gibeau
I was just delivering the
John Kruse
donuts! A couple weeks ago I was
on my way with Asher to go ice
Clyde Thurnau
Chris Gorshe
Officers Not On Board
Asst Recording Secretary
Val Strugar
Dennis Dixon
Keith Diebold
Roger Brown
Jeff Gilbert
Clyde Thurnau
Dana Borchardt
Mark Box
Jerry Crowe
Phill Gorath
Kelly Morris
Adam Morrow
Russ Shields
fishing, but I had to stop off at
the church to deliver donuts for a
Administrative Asst
Linda Morrow
Preschool Director
that. I was ready to put the fear
of God in my son because of his
and run, but Tim was working
that day so we started talking.
mistake, but I may have also
frightened him into making a
in doing His will. Paul says to “be
fervent in spirit”. The Greek
Asher had been in the car, but
made his way inside wondering
mistake later. I wonder how often that happens in life. As we
word for “fervent” literally means
to “bubble up”. As disciples of
what was taking me so long. All
have been studying Romans 12 a
Christ...out of love for Him in
of a sudden, the fire alarm is
ringing. LOUDLY.
passage keeps sticking out to me.
Pauls tells us not to be “slothful
response to all that He does...we
seek to be obedient. But when
in zeal”, but to be “fervent in
spirit”. I must confess that there
guilt and shame stand in the way
of the good God wants me to do,
are times when I sense that God
is prompting me to do something
I should allow God’s Spirit to
bubble up within me. When the
or say something that might be
helpful to others, but I am afraid
sin of pride stands in the way, I
should allow the Spirit to bubble
to pull the trigger. Past hurts,
past experiences with that individ-
up within me. Then I am acting
by His power and authority, ra-
ual person, and sometimes even
just doubts about my ability to say
ther than my own.
Tim and I were standing within arms reach of my very
curious son, but neither of us saw
him reach for that shiny red lever
which tempted him so. To make
a long story short, we are very
blessed to have such wonderful
firefighters in Cohasset who shut
Even the Sherriff deputy was nice.
I mentioned to him on my way
or do the right thing often keeps
me paralyzed.
Krystine Jurvelin
back down the hall that Asher
was curled up under Linda’s desk
It shouldn’t be that
way. Paul tells me to “serve the
Donna Derby
Jessica Dixon
Monica Beighley
crying because he was afraid of
the sound. I was going to scold
Lord”. At the heart of the Greek
word “serve” is the word
Preschool Teachers
that he desires in His Kingdom.
sexual harrassment seminar. I
was just going to drop the donuts
off the alarm and didn’t even
seem annoyed by the false call.
I hadn’t thought of
Further, I am not alone
In Christ,
Pastor Chris Gorshe
John Kruse
Please Join Us!
Ron Evensen
Tim Stroming
Chris Gorshe
Sunday—8:30AM & 11:00AM
Education Hour:
Contact Us!
Our Redeemer Lutheran
35568 Foxtail Lane
PO Box 8
Cohasset, MN 55721
Office: 218.328.5165
Pastor Gorshe:
Preschool: 218.999.7193
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F e b r u a r y
2 0 1 4
Do I have a healthy DIET?
A. Do I feed on His Word daily?
There were 365 days in this past year.
I read or listened to God's Word _______ days in this year.
With God's help, I promise to feed on His Word _______ days in this coming year.
B. Do I talk to Him daily in prayer?
There were 365 days in this past year.
I addressed God in prayer _______ days this past year.
With God's help, I promise to come to His throne of grace _______ days in this
coming year.
C. Do I worship in His house weekly?
Our local fellowship gathered for worship 66 times this year.
I worshipped in the Lord's house _______ times this year.
With God's help, I promise to answer His invitation to worship _______ times in
the coming year.
D. Do I eat at His table when He invites me to His feast?
Our local Body of Christ celebrated the Lord's Supper 55 times.
I communed at His table _______ times this year.
With God's help, I promise to commune at his table _______ times in this coming
Am I properly EXERCISING my faith?
A. Have I studied the apostles' doctrine with my brothers and sisters in Christ?
Our local Body of Christ held Bible study over 70 times this year
I was in Bible study _______ times.
With God's help, I promise to attend Bible study _______ times in the coming year.
B. Have I served my Lord, using time and talents for Kingdom work?
Our congregation has over 900 opportunities for service.
I offered _______ hours in using my talents and time for Kingdom work this past
With God's help, I plan to serve _______ hours in the coming year.
C. Have I used the blessing of treasures for the support and expansion of His Kingdom?
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Redeeming The Times
Page 3
Conflict is a natural part of growth
and family living. Many conflicts are simply
symptoms of something else. Most people do
not deal openly with conflict because no one
has ever taught them effective ways of dealing
with it. On the positive side, conflict does
provide opportunity for growth in a relationship. Unresolved and buried conflicts arise
from their grave and interfere with growth
and satisfying relationships.
Many people are surprised that conflicts happen...even in the church! Often,
when conflict happens in the church, people
who have been hurt by the conflict become
sad or even angry. They may even wonder
why they should continue to be part of an
organization that seems so “unchristian”. But
the church is not a place for perfect people.
And perhaps when we are surprised by conflict in the church we have forgotten that the
church is a hospital for sinners...of which I am
What choices do we have in dealing
with conflicts? Counselor James Fairfield has
suggested five styles of dealing with conflict.
after your own interests or your self-concept
is threatened in a conflict, you may choose
to win! No matter what the cost you must
win! Domination is usually reflected in this
style; personal relationships take second
Giving in to get along is another
style called yielding. You may not like it,
but rather than risk a confrontation you
choose this path.
Give a little to get a little is called
compromise. You may find that it is important to let up on some of your demands
or ideas in order to help the other person
give a little. You don’t want to win all the
time nor do you want the other person to
win all the time.
A person may choose to resolve
conflicts. In this style of dealing with conflicts, a situation, attitude, or behavior is
changed by open and direct communication.
How then can we resolve conflicts? Consider trying and applying these principles:
The first is to withdraw . If you
have a tendency to view conflict as a hopeless
inevitability that you can do little to control,
you may not even try. You may withdraw
physically by leaving the scene or you may
leave psychologically.
1. Select an appropriate time and place. “A
man has joy in making an apt answer, and a
word spoken at the right moment, how good
it is” (Proverbs 15:23 Amplified). At least,
turn off the TV, radio and find a place to sit
facing each other or go out to a restaurant
for coffee.
If you feel that you must always look
Redeeming The Times
Page 4
When a conflict arises, instead of demanding that you be heard, listen carefully to the other
person (see Proverbs 18:13 and James 1:19). Any
changes that one person wants to see in another
must be heard and understood.
2. Define the problem. How do you define the
problem and how does the other person define it?
This can objectify the problem, making it less personal and bring a different perspective.
3. Define the areas of agreement and disagreement
in the conflict. Celebrate how much you
agree on before discussing the areas of
disagreement. Notice
how you might share
the same motive
(solving the problem,
restoring peace, etc.,)
though you might
have different solutions to the problem.
4. Here comes the
difficult part. A few
conflicts may be just one-sided, but most involve
contributions from both sides. Identify your own
contribution to the problem. What do you bring to
the conflict in your own personality or history that
contributes to the problem? (e.g. Worrier vs. Laid
back person) When you accept some responsibility
for a problem, the other sees a willingness to cooperate and will probably be much more open to the
help, especially if you find your emotions running
high. Your emotional attachment to certain solutions may blind you to other possibilities. Ask
outsiders from a partnership perspective: “Here’s
the problem we’re experiencing. Can you see some
other solutions that we’re not seeing?”
6. Decide on one solution to try. State positively
what behaviors on your part would probably help,
and to be willing to ask for the other person’s opinion. As they share with you, be open to their feelings, observations, and suggestions. Watch out for
7. Set up a mutually agreed
upon time to evaluate the
effectiveness of the solution.
Conflict is a fact
of life. It has been defined
as a clash, contention, or
sharp disagreement over
interests, ideas, etc. Why
does conflict occur? The
answer is simple: We are
human beings—imperfect
people whom God graciously loves in spite of our
imperfection. Each of us has our own desires,
wants, needs, and goals. Whenever any of
these differ from those of another, conflict
may occur. Our beliefs, ideas, attitudes,
feelings, and behaviors will be different.
The differences themselves are not the problem, but rather our reaction to them.
Brainstorm all possible solutions. Seek outside
Donny Bowers –
February 2014
Page 5
R12 Becoming a Romans 12 Christian
Romans 12 is well underway! There are over 170 of our members involved in small groups studying the Chip Ingram series. We have almost doubled
our small group attendance during the six weeks of R12. Our youth have over 15
in attendance at a Sunday night meeting. And their parents meet on the same
night. What a great way to get teens and parents talking! We are also excited to
have two small groups comprised of snow-birds meeting in Arizona.
So far we are seeing some very positive results from R12. More and more
people are in God’s word as a result of this campaign. Hopefully we will see more
and more commitment from Christians who are “all in” wanting to serve in Christ’s
Kingdom as together we respond to His Great love for us. And it has been fun to
read what people have shared about how God is leading them to pray. Check out
the bulletin board in the narthex to read about how some of your brothers and
sisters in Christ are praying for you.
There are still four weeks left of the R12 journey. Please join us during the month of February to continue learning about True Spirituality...
Sunday, February 2 – R12 week 3. Host small groups from Feb. 2-8.
Sunday, February 9 – R12 week 4. Host small groups from Feb. 9-15.
Sunday, February 16 – R12 week 5. Host small groups from Feb. 16-22.
Sunday, February 23 – R12 week 6. Host small groups from Feb. 23-March 1.
TBA – Church-wide servant event.
We still have not decided on a servant event to do at the conclusion of this series. Please continue to
pray that God will direct us toward a worthy goal for our servant event. If you have an idea for something we
could do selflessly in the Cohasset community please talk to Pastor as soon as possible.
The cost for R12 is $10.00 per participant. If you have not paid for the materials yet, please get that to
your small group leader as soon as possible. If you cannot pay $10.00 we will cover the cost. If you can pay more
in order to cover the cost for those who cannot pay please do so.
Dollars And Sense
Fiscal Year 2013
Current Month:
Dec. Actual
YTD Actual
YTD Budget
Total Income
Total expense
Income less expense
Mortgage Balance: $238,569.15
This is the report as it is given by the treasurer from our Shepherd’s Staff program for tracking church finances
and membership data. The column that you especially want to notice is the Year to date Actual income minus
the Total Expenses Actual, which gives us a surplus of $12,918.84. As of this report the 2013 budget had not
been cleared. But this is a reasonable estimate of our year end situation. Once again our leadership has managed resources very well. We spent less than we received in offerings. However, we were short of our budget
expectations by $55,992.83. For the last couple of years we had a built in cushion because we were not paying
the DCE salary. Tim Stroming has filled that position well, but we need to make sure we step up our giving so
that we meet our responsibility to support our Called workers. Giving has been way down in the last several
months. Please remember that Our Redeemer counts on you to support the mission with your giving. On a
very positive note, giving to reduce our mortgage debt has been very generous. Several members have given
beyond what we could have expected. Thank you to all who have helped us to reduce this significant debt.
Page 6
10 Things Kids Want While They're at Your Church
by Dale Hudson
A leader who knows their name. Kids want to be known personally. If they get lost in the crowd, you'll lose them. It's vital
you get them out of the row and into a small circle.
They want to have fun. They want to laugh ... play games ... be kids. When parents pick up their children, there's a reason they
ask them, "Did you have fun today?"
A lesson that will hold their attention. They want you to connect with their learning style. They want you to teach truth on a
level they can understand. If they are saying the lesson is "boring," guess what ... it is.
They want to talk and share their thoughts. Instead of a one-sided "download" of information, they want to learn by being
part of a conversation.
Rooms decorated with them in mind. They want environments with bright, kid-friendly colors and decorating themes connected to kid culture.
An opportunity to serve. They don't want to be known as the church of tomorrow ... they
want to be the church of today. They are eager to serve and make a difference.
A friend their age. They want to build a friendship with someone in their class.
They want to be prayed for. They want someone who will pray for their prayer requests, even if it's a sick puppy.
They want to be listened to. They want someone who will listen ... really listen as they share about their week ... their favorite
video game ... their fears ... their dreams ... their family.
10. They want to be affirmed. They want someone to believe in them. Someone to see potential in them. Someone to show them
God has a great plan for their life.
Regular Meeting Schedule:
January—Annual Voter’s Meeting
February—Board Meeting
Our Redeemer has a church
board (members listed on the
ber are also designated as congregational meetings. All voting
front page of this newsletter) with
members elected by the congrega-
members may participate at these
meetings. Special voters meet-
April—Quarterly Voter’s Meeting
tion. The board regularly handles
the decisions regarding the day to
ings are occasionally called by the
pastor or the board chairman.
May—Board Meeting
day business of the church.
Board meetings are regularly
These emergency meetings must
June—Board Meeting
be announced to the congregation
July—Quarterly Voter’s Meeting
at two Sunday morning services
scheduled for the first Monday of
each month at 6:30.
March—Board Meeting
prior to convening. We also have
which time new officers
are elected and the budg-
August—Board Meeting
a Preschool Board which reports
directly to the Church Board each September—Board Meeting
month. All members are welcome
to attend Church board meetings, October—Quarterly Voter’s Meeting
et is approved. The
but only board members are al-
regualar board meetings
in April, July, and Octo-
lowed to vote.
The January meeting is
the annual meeting, at
November—Board Meeting
December—Board Meeting
February 2014
Page 7
Worship Schedule
Wednesday—7 PM
Blended Service with Holy Communion
Sunday—8:30 AM
Blended Service with Holy Communion
Sunday—11:00 AM
Band-Led Modern Service with Holy Communion
Sunday Fellowship Time—9:30 AM to 11:00 AM
Coffee and Donuts Provided
4th Sunday Youth Cinnamon Rolls Offered
Sunday Education Hour—9:45 AM to 10:45 AM
Adult Study with Pastor Gorshe in Berean Room
Kids For Christ (KFC) Sunday School Starts in David Room
Confirmation in Rabbi Room
We have many opportunities for friends and members
of Our Redeemer to receive prayer or offer prayer.
1. Each Sunday (8:30 service) following Communion (following the Greeting of Peace during the R12
campaign), you may go to the Library to pray with and talk to one of the Elders or Parish nurses. This
time has been especially helpful for many people who have been sick or just need to talk about things
going on in their lives. We would like to offer this at the 11AM service as well, but are short-handed. Is
this something that you might be interested in helping with?
2. If you would like to have Pastor pray publicly for you or a loved one during the service, please fill out a
yellow prayer card and hand it to him before the service. It is helpful if the card is filled out completely.
And there is a place to check whether the prayer is anonymous or if you would like the prayer printed in
the bulletin.
3. Prayers are printed in the bulletin at the request of members. I will not ordinarily include someone in
the bulletin unless given permission to do so. All members are encouraged to take the weekly bulletins
home in order to pray for our church family during daily devotions.
4. We have a prayer team that meets regularly on the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30. This is a
great time to pray for ongoing needs relating to the ministry of Our Redeemer.
5. We have a prayer chain. You may activate the prayer chain by calling the church office or Millie
Grunenwald or Linda Gorath with the requested prayer. The prayer is then passed along by phone to a
list of members who pray for that request.
Annual Men’s Retreat
The Men’s Retreat will be held on March 14 & 15. The theme is “Dare To Be
Uncommon”. We will be viewing a video series by Coach Tony Dungy.This
incredible curriculum will inspire and energize you with insight straight from respected Super Bowl–winning coach Tony Dungy! No matter what kind of team
you lead—a sports team, a class, a family, a church—people are looking to you
for guidance, and you want to lead them well. In Dare to Be Uncommon, Tony
challenges you to instill uncommonly strong character in your team members—
and teach them how to win in life.
Retreat begins at 5:30 p.m. for supper on Friday. We resumes at 6:00 a.m. for
breakfast on Saturday. We will continue our discussion and fellowship until 2:00 p.m.
These are the topics of Discussion.
Session 1: Cultivating Uncommon Character
Session 2: The Power of Positive Influence
Session 3: Reaching Your Full Potential
Session 4: Living with Purpose
You can sign up at the information table in the Narthex.
Valentine Luncheon
Remember those yummy luncheons prepared for any and
all who could come last winter? Well—we’re being treated
again. Join us for a soup lunch on Thursday, February
13th at noon. Don’t bring anything but yourself and your
Our Redeemer Book Club
March 26
Three From Galilee From Marjorie Holmes, one of the most beloved authors of our times, the inspiring sequel to her national bestseller, Two From
Galilee...Three From Galilee. Rooted in her broad knowledge of the Bible
and of history, Marjorie's wonderful new novel explores the "lost years" of Jesus' young manhood-a period not even mentioned in the Bible. Meeting in church library at 5:30.
April 23
The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews.
Andy Andrews now delivers an adventure set sharply against the warm waters and white sands
of the Gulf of Mexico in WWII America. Saddened and unable to abandon her resentment toward the Nazi war machine that took her husband’s life, the young and attractive Helen Mason is living a bitter, lonely existence. Shirley Stenerson is the hostess.
May 28
Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline
Orphan Train is a gripping story of friendship and second chances. Penobscot Indian Molly Ayer
is close to “aging out” of the foster care system. A community service position helping an elderly woman clean out her home is the only thing keeping Molly out of juvie and worse... As she
helps Vivian sort through her possessions and memories, Molly learns that she and Vivian
aren’t as different as they seem to be. Sue Zeige is the hostess.
Minnesota Youth Gathering coming soon!
[un]Paved Ministries equips students to become "imitators" of Christ through a
life of service!
March 28-29, 2014 at Concordia University, St. Paul, MN
• When? Friday, March 28th - Saturday, March 29th, 2014
• Where? Concordia University, St. Paul, MN
• For Whom? Junior - Senior High (and of course adults who disciple
• Cost? $65.00 per person
Join us for a weekend of spiritual growth, fellowship, service, and fun!
Night in the Dome Kickball Tournament
Concordia University St.Paul
FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 2014
Your youth group (grades 7-12) is invited to attend Concordia's
annual kickball tournament in the Concordia Dome over Sea
Foam Stadium.
When: Friday, March 21, 2014
Where: Sea Foam Stadium on the Concordia University, St.
Paul campus
• Time: 6pm - 10pm
• Cost: $25 per team
Registration Deadline: Friday, March 7, 2014 *or until event is full. Space is limited! See DCE Tim for more Details
Concordia St. Paul - 2014 Junior High Youth Gathering
April 11-12, 2014. "Mourning to Morning" Isaiah 50:4. All Junior High youth (6th to
8th grade) are invited to come to the 30th annual Junior High Youth Gathering!
See DCE Tim for more Details
Cabin Fever Reliever
The Cabin Fever Reliever Dinner will be Saturday, February 22nd. Social hour
will be at 5:30 followed by dinner at 6:30. Our goal is to support the mission of
our church. All proceeds do go directly back into our church. With your support we have been able to help individuals, families, or groups that may be in
need as well as provide for needs of the church.
Tickets will be $8.00 per ticket. (Presale tickets are recommended) Tickets will
be available to purchase at the Hospitality Table before and after church beginning February 2nd.
Please contact Jim Eckert or Lisa Box if you are interested in donating a Silent Auction or Raffle
item. There is also a sign up sheet located at the Hospitality table for serving and clean up that
evening as well as food donations. We look forward to spending this evening with you. Please
spread the word! This is a wonderful evening of fellowship with friends and with our brothers and
sisters in Christ. Let’s make this an opportunity to invite someone who has been on your mind and
to reach out to those whom God has put upon your heart. God has so richly blessed us. Let us return that blessing to others.
The Hospitality Committee
The Fruit of the Spirit for January 2014 was "Faithfulness". In the 57th Psalm we read of
God's great love and faithfulness that reaches to the skies. As the coordinator of Our
Redeemer Lutheran Church's Ruby's Pantry site in Cohasset, I am assured each month by
individual people who faithfully come to physically work, preparing our food items to be
placed in each share, and greeting and serving each participant at the church. I am also
given the silent assurance of completed tasks done by those who are not able to attend the distribution process. In two and a half
years, we have provided to area residence shares of food and not once said “Oh, I am sorry no one showed up to work today.”
We have had Volunteers come and go. For some they have conflicting work schedules, or family demands. Some Volunteers even
have shared that it is too much work physically for them, or the length of time is too long. So they come and stay as long as they
can and do what they are able. There are people in our congregation who have never been to a distribution to just visit and soak up
what that means. I can say, these people are faithful to our church's commitment of Ruby's Pantry as they pray continually for each
Volunteer, and for the families who come and participate. God uses each and every worker.
Two of our very faithful Volunteers who haven't been to a distribution are "Our Bag Ladies" Yep, I called them bag ladies. They
give many, many countless hours each month to Ruby's Pantry as they sort and fold all the donated used plastic bags. The ladies
bagging the potatoes call our Bag Ladies “Heaven Sent,” because they make their job so much easier. It would be nice if you
would speak to Carol Bernhardt or Pauline Boynton and learn the folding process. I like to think, it is always good to have new
helpers come on board to ease some of the tired hands, arms and legs completing each task that needs to be done. Please pray with
me for continual growth in Volunteers who serve in Jesus’ name.
Each January we are asked to registration for all Volunteers and Participants again. Please join me in giving special Thanks to each
of the ladies who so cheerfully assisted all of us again this year. I especially want to say Thanks for alphabetizing everyone! Wow,
did you make my job go smoothly!
-We began the day below zero and ended the day with snow and still below zero.
-We sold 354 Shares
-We had 85 Volunteers
-We still are able to draw 3 names for shares paid by Affinity Plus’s donation from last summer. The
participants continue to say “Thank You” for the gift.
In the Love of Christ,
Responses and Comments About Ruby’s Pantry
To Ruby’s Pantry Volunteers and Our Redeemer Lutheran Church and the Lord:
I’m so grateful as a mother that you were so kind to my son, Eric, last year in his time of need. God bless
you and all who are with your church. You helped when we couldn’t. Brenda P.
Dear Our Redeemer Lutheran and Ruby’s Pantry
My dad is a pastor and receives a number of Blessing Boxes each month. My husband and I help him distribute the boxes and we are also blessed with some of the food. My husband has recently lost his job
and due to health circumstances, I am not able to work. We are getting food support through the state,
but that only helps us buy groceries for 2 weeks. The groceries we receive through Ruby’s Pantry helps
for the other 2 weeks. We are so thankful that we receive the Blessing Box each month. This is one
thing we know we can count on.
My family wants to thank you for your ministry because without it a lot of people would go hungry. I
thank the Lord for your servant’s heart and your compassion for people. Sincerely, Crissy A.
Dear MaryLee
Thanks for all you do to coordinate Ruby’s Pantry. Your phone calls, reminders….The Lord is using you to
reach so many in need. The Shares of food we distribute each month has been an outreach ministry for
our church as well. Thank you for the lives touched by your willingness to give. May the Lord bless and
keep you. Heidi H.
Ladies Prayer Breakfast
Saturday, February 15th
Our Redeemer Prayer
at 9:00 am at
Team will meet to pray
on Tuesday, February Embers/Bridgemans. This is time
11th at 5:30 pm here at for food, fellowship and prayers
for our church and other concerns.
church. Everyone is
All ladies are welcome.
welcome to join us.
Pastor Jim Tule and Sarah Winandy of PRO-LIFE MINISTRIES OF DULUTH will be the special guest
speakers February 24th from 7:00-8:30 p.m. SALEM LUTHERAN BRETHREN CHURCH, 602 NE 8th
Avenue, Grand Rapids.
(exposing Planned Parenthood)
Jim is currently the Director of the Duluth branch office of PRO-LIFE ACTION MINISTRIES. He moved his family to
Duluth in 1998 a?er more than 20 years in ministry with the [email protected] and missionary Alliance Church. Sarah is
a homemaker and mother of five who has volunteered the last nine years as a street counselor with PRO-LIFE ACTION
All are welcome. Please plan to aend this [email protected] [email protected] LUTHERANS FOR LIFE equip and educate people to be [email protected] voices FOR LIFE, speaking the truth in love. For more [email protected] contact Craig Nelson,
chapter President at 326-5993 or Pam Nagel at 326-4968 or [email protected]
Many pro-life volunteers enter into that effort "to save the babies." However most come to realize there are great risks for the
mother as well, separate from the physical [email protected] which can occur. These risks are related to long-term impacts on mental
health. Not all [email protected] girls and women will react the same way and some may exhibit no apparent long [email protected] problems. However, several valid studies show an increase in harmful a?er-effects including increased drug and alcohol abuse and
recurrent depression. The large scale studies linking [email protected] to suicide are the most heartbreaking.
A study done by a [email protected] researcher in Finland compared data on deaths of all women ages 15-49 years over a 7 year period, focusing on deaths within one year of the last pregnancy event. (Total pregnancies: 696,672.) The result showed a 6 @mes
greater suicide rate among [email protected] than among those who delivered their babies. He felt that number might actually be
higher because of deaths whose causes were listed as "unclear or accidental." The highest numbers of deaths occurred within 1
year of the [email protected] or around the original due date. 1 A U.S. study showed a 3.1 @mes greater suicide rate among [email protected]
women over those who went to delivery. 2
The American Assoc. of Pro-Life Obstetricians/Gynecologists says, "It defies all [email protected] medical thinking to simply ignore these
While [email protected] is viewed as a “right” for women, evidence shows that for so many it leads to broken lives and despair. There is a
challenge here for [email protected] and for churches. It has been said that people don’t speak out against [email protected] because it has not
broken their hearts. Our hearts should be broken not only by the taking of human life but by the [email protected] that o?en follows in
its a?ermath.
GIssler, M., et al.,"Pregnancy Associated Deaths in Finland 1987-94, Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologicia Scandinavia; 76:651-657.
Reardonn, et. al., Deaths Accosiated With Pregnancy Outcomes; Southern Medical Journal, Vol. 95 #8.
hp://[email protected]@on/[email protected]/[email protected]/
Contributor: Carolyn McElfatrick
It’s hard to believe that it is February already!
This month our lesson will focus on EMBRACING YOUR HUSBAND: MARRIAGE WITH
ATTITUDE a Video Segment with Sherry Surratt, very appropriate as Valentine’s Day is
almost here. All the members of the MOPS group will receive their Know & Loved 52 Devotions from Psalms at the next meeting! We also have a few copies of “The Artist’s
Daughter” for the group to share, I read it and was a very easy read, I hope you enjoy both of the books. We
are still in need of some volunteer “Grandmas” to watch the babies (1 and under) during our morning group, if
you can help please let me know. Thank you! Blessing to you,
Jodi Martin MOPS-Cohasset Coordinator
Feb 2
Feb 9
Feb 16
Feb 23
Meghan Lutz
Hannah Salisbury
Sara Dingmann
Sam Lutz
Anthony Montana
Tara Schultz
Madison Seeley
Ashley Kortekaas
Carlee Klenotich
Jordan Klenotich
Jens Pearson
Brandon Howsen
Joe Stroming
Sam Lutz
THANK YOU for those who [email protected] to support
Boles with CHANGE! A BABY BOTTLE that contains
about $40 will supply two packages of 144 count diapers. At
BREPHOS, a new mother can receive a packet of twelve diapers
per allowed visits. That equals 24 packets. During these visits,
they are encouraged to become educated on all areas of being a
new mother, how to care for their babies through [email protected] and
other areas. Your [email protected] support for our only PREGNANCY
CENTER is so important! Want to learn more about BREPHOS?
Secret Sister Reveal
It’s time to let your Secret Sister
know who you are and who has
been supplying all the fun surprises.
This will happen at a brunch on Sat
urday, February 8th at 10:30 am. Come with
your final card or surprise!! There will be draw
ings for next year’s Secret Sisters. If you didn’t
have a Secret Sister this year, come and be in
cluded in the drawing for next year’s Sisters.
Feb 2 – Larry Mercier, Dick Stenerson, Phill Gorath, Isaac Edwards
Feb 9 – Carlee Klenotich, Jordan Klenotich, Jens Pearson (8:30)
Brandon Howsen, Joe Stroming, Sam Lutz (11:00)
Feb 16 – Dave Dimich, Wayne Raley, Alan Boyd, Chandler Boyd, Dana Borchardt
Feb 23 – Dan Toewe, Lance Schultz, Sam Schultz, Randy Erickson
Have you ever seen Ukrainian Easter Eggs (Pysanky) and marveled at the intricate and, seemingly,
complex designs and bright colors? Have you ever wondered how these eggs are made? The Ukrainian
Easter Egg is not painted but is “written on”. The word “Pysanky” means “things that are written on”
and the tool, the “Kistka” of “Pysak” means tool to write. The process involves “writing” on the egg
with a “writing tool”.
Ukrainian Easter Egg decorating has been handed down through generations of the Ukrainian people
and they are famous the world over for their colorful Easter Eggs. Over 2,000 years ago, before Christianity, people decorated eggs believing that great powers were embodied in the egg. Eggs symbolized the release of the world from the
shekels of winter and the coming of spring with its promise of new hope, new life and prosperity. With the advent of
Christianity, Easter Eggs have come to symbolize the Resurrection and the promise of eternal life. Legend has it that as
long as Pysanky are decorated, goodness will prevail over evil throughout the world.
The designs, since the advent of Christianity, are highly symbolized and spiritual. Traditionally, these eggs are produced
only during Lent. There was a time, so I am told, when the wives, daughters, mothers and sisters of soldiers captured by
an enemy would throw Pysanky into the rivers so that their captured loved ones would be able to see the shells and know
it was Easter.
I will be teaching classes in the art of making Pysanky again this year. If you are interested, there will be a sign-up sheet
to participate in this class. New and experienced participants are welcome. The class will be held on Tuesday, March
18, Thursday, March 20, and Tuesday, March 25, 2014, from 6:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.
For each new participant, there will be a fee of $45.00 to cover the cost of dyes, design sheets, tools and materials. For
those who participated in the class last year, the fee will be $10.00 plus supplies needed. Included in the new participant
fee are:
Three (3) Kistky or Pasaky (writing tools) including
one (1) each fine, medium and heavy.
Block of bees wax
Eggs (suitable for Pysanky)
Six traditional dyes
Drying board
Charts of symbols and colors used
Design sheets
Each class participant will be responsible to bring certain materials from home. The list of materials to bring is listed
For those interested in participating in the class, your payment of the fee must be received no later than February 23,
2014. This will give enough time to order the required materials. For those of you that participate, you will have something beautiful you can be proud of and keep for many, many years.
The $45.00 fee covers all the specialized tools and supplies that are required to produce Ukrainian Easter Eggs. Please
bring the following items from home for each class session:
Dinner candle (approx. 6” in length)
A low height candle holder
A metal (not plastic) jar lid to rest hot tools (a metal pickle jar lid or similar)
Two store bought eggs for practice (either raw or hard boiled)
A cardboard egg carton
One roll of toilet paper (plain paper without scents or lotions)
A pair of surgical type gloves (optional)
A good sense of humor
If you have any questions, please call John Nelson at 218-245-1677.
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