2016 Brochure - Mommy Tech Summit

FamilyTech includes:
• A 10,000 square foot exhibit
floor open for 4 days of exhibits
• A [email protected] and
Family Tech Conference Track
• 2 days of MommyTech TV
• Plus networking events
including a runway
2016 International CES
in Las Vegas
January 6-9, 2016
What is FamilyTech?
FamilyTech is a lifestyle exhibition (Marketplace) and Conference Track that takes
place at the 2016 International CES®. The “family” audience, a code name for
moms and dads using a variety of high tech products, is the fastest, largest and
most vocal group of technology adoptees.
When is the time right for the Family Tech Marketplace?
Family Life is undergoing radical transformation. The traditional nuclear family has
taken on many new shapes, but the one thing all families share in common is the
need to juggle multiple responsibilities and whittle down the list of to-dos that
make up daily family life.
Technology is a great outsourcer for busy families of all kinds. In this Marketplace,
you’ll see new products that make homes and cars smarter and safer, keep
families connected, offer improved entertainment solutions, and add to moms’
(and dads’) “me” time and family time.
The Family Technology Marketplace at CES 2016 celebrates the family’s timely
meeting with high tech.
FamilyTech Marketplace: 10,000 square feet of exhibit space devoted to
showcasing the products and services that appeal to busy families. Meet the high
tech kitchen, the smart home sensors, the monitored home, temperature control,
remote controlled locks, toothbrushes, baby monitors and other magnificent
signs of great “connected” things to come. The exhibits on the show floor are a
devoted, hands-on experiences. Showcase and earn your rightful place on the
powerful Mom and Dad “gotta have” list.
For more information contact Linda Nessim at [email protected] or
Robin Raskin at [email protected] Make this CES your year of the family.
– The Pew Foundation
n 2008, the number
of Internet-connected
devices first outnumbered the human population, and they have been
growing far faster than
have we. There were 13
billion Internet-connected
devices in 2013, according
to Cisco, and there will be
50 billion in 2020. These
will include phones, chips,
sensors, implants, and
devices of which we have
not yet conceived.
Exhibit Space Size
20 x 30
20 x 20
10 x 20
10 x 10
6’ turnkey pod
Advertising in Program Book
Full Page
Full Page
1/2 Page
8’ x 10’
8’ x 10’
4’ x 5’
Invitations to Networking Party
Participation on Conference Panel
Listing in CES Print and Online Directories
Listing on Family Tech Website
Public Relations Outreach
Access to Show Floor Meeting Room
Size of Banner in Conference Room
For more information contact Linda Nessim at [email protected] or
Robin Raskin at [email protected] Make this CES your year of the family.