HMS Victory Nelson’s Flagship

HMS Victory
Nelson’s Flagship
HMS Victory is the oldest commissioned warship in the world, and is still manned by the Royal Navy. Her most famous
action was against Napoleon and the French at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, under the command of Admiral Lord
Nelson. The battle was won by the English, but Nelson was tragically killed by a sniper’s bullet. It was decided that
Victory should be preserved as a lasting reminder of the Royal Navy’s supremacy in the days of sail, and today she
attracts over 350,000 visitors each year in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.
HMS Victory Tribute Models
The innovative resin moulding process we specify to manufacture the hulls of these display
models enables us to include an incredible amount of intricate detail at relatively low cost
(compared with wood). We can then turn our focus to the accuracy and scaling of rigs and
fittings such as anchors and cannon. Supplied completely assembled ready for display.
Size is stated length overall (including bowsprit etc).
7602 HMS Victory. 46cm
7606 HMS Victory. 25cm
7632 HMS Victory. 11cm
Detail on deck of
7602 HMS Victory
HMS Victory Shipwright Model
This model is superb – our ultimate in terms of
detail and quality. With her wood-planked hull
(copper plated below the waterline) and metal
cannon, there is almost no externally-visible
plastic. You’ll see something different every time
you look! Length 48cm, height 38cm.
7589 HMS Victory shipwright model
Individually-planked hull
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Historic Model Ships
HMS Victory Wooden Souvenir Range
Budget priced display models. Solid wood hulls, with brass
cannon, canvas sails and reasonably detailed rigging.
HMS Victory Models
Admiral Lord Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of
Trafalgar – probably the most famous ship in the
world. She was launched in 1765 and survives
to this day as an official part of the Royal Navy,
preserved in dry dock at Portsmouth.
7501 HMS Victory. 51cm
7502 HMS Victory. 32cm
7485 HMS Victory. 20cm
Mini Fleet Wooden Clippers
Good value, fast selling set of 3 wooden models. Length 16cm.
Model Boats
13428 Clippers
Cutty Sark Tribute Models
Cutty Sark
The world’s last intact clipper ship, now preserved in a
spectacular dry dock at Greenwich, London. Long, lean
and beautiful, she was built in 1869 for the tea trade but
made redundant by the completion of the Suez Canal,
which made steam ships more economic. Instead she
earned her living, and incredible reputation for speed, in
the long distance wool trade (from Australia).
Cutty Sark Wooden Souvenir Model
Solid wooden hull with canvas sails and reasonably
detailed rigging. Paint-finished in her now trademark
golden coloured hull.
55519 Cutty Sark wooden model. 105cm
Over 1m long!
Cutty Sark Tribute Models – Resin Moulded Hulls
The innovative resin moulding process we specify to manufacture
the hulls of these display models enables us to include an incredible
amount of intricate detail at relatively low cost (compared with wood).
Sails are fabric with wooden masts and pulley blocks. All are supplied
completely assembled ready for display. Size stated is length overall
(including bowsprit etc).
7601 Cutty Sark. 45cm
7605 Cutty Sark. 25cm
7621 Cutty Sark. 10cm
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Cutty Sark Tribute Models
Limited Edition Cutty Sark Model with Furled Sails
Limited to just 200 Pieces, this superb wood-planked, hollow-hulled model depicts Cutty Sark with furled
sails, and is mounted on sections of timber decking that were removed from the ship during her
2007-11 restoration. Small sections of timber have been bonded together to created a deck-like effect and
as each piece has slightly different characteristics and colours, no two bases are alike. The spars and rigging
are amazingly detailed and support 5 full and 16 furled sails. The deck carries lots of features including
shore boats, hatches and pin rails. Each Cutty Sark timber base is individually numbered with its position in
the Limited Edition series of just 200. A royalty from each sale goes back to help maintain the ship and her
artefacts. Length 46cm, height 30cm.
7579 Cutty Sark furled sails Limited Edition
Individually numbered
Individually numbered
This beautiful wood-planked, hollowhulled model depicts Cutty Sark under full
sail, and is mounted on a section of timber
decking that was removed from the ship
during her 2007-11 restoration. The spars
and rigging are amazingly detailed, with
21 sails in total, whilst the deck has lots
of features including shore boats, hatches
and pin rails. Her bottom has a realistic
Muntz plating effect. Cutty Sark has been
preserved in dry dock at Greenwich since
1954, but by 2007 had started to become
dangerously weak. A massive restoration
project backed by public and corporate
donations and funding from the Lottery
Heritage Fund saw her not only restored
– despite a massive fire in 2007 – but
also raised up three metres within her dry
dock home and partially glazed allowing a
museum, gallery and restaurant to be built
immediately underneath the length of her
hull – a stunning view and one that is unique
in the world. Each Cutty Sark timber base is
individually numbered with its position in
the Limited Edition series of 1869. A royalty
from each sale goes back to help maintain
the ship and her artefacts. Length 46cm,
height 30cm.
1869 Cutty Sark Limited Edition model
Model Boats
Limited Edition Cutty
Sark Model – Muntz Hull
Mary Rose & RMS Titanic
Mary Rose
On 19 July 1545, Henry VIII’s flagship Mary Rose sank, for reasons that are still not fully
understood, just a few hundred yards from Portsmouth harbour. Over 400 years later her hull
was rediscovered, buried in thick Solent mud and remarkably well-preserved - so well in fact
that in 1982 it was possible to raise her from the seabed.
Mary Rose hull
Mary Rose Models
Built between 1509 and 1511, her carvel construction permitted the cutting of cannon ports in
the hull sides so that she was one of the first ships able to fire a “broadside”. Our models are
approved by the Mary Rose Trust.
7500 Mary Rose model. Wood, 20cm (not pictured)
7498 Mary Rose model. Wood, 33cm
7659 Mary Rose model. Resin, 12cm
Mary Rose Bosun’s Call
Inspired by a call found inside Mary
Rose when she was raised. Silver
plated with burgundy hanging ribbon.
Length 12cm.
6552 Mary Rose bosun’s call
(Two sizes available)
See above
RMS Titanic
On 15 April 1912, RMS Titanic hit an iceberg and sank
with the loss of over 1500 lives - two thirds of those on
board - in one of the most deadly peacetime shipping
tragedies in history. Ironically, she had set sail on her
maiden voyage from Southampton to New York as the
largest and most advanced passenger steamship in the
world, widely billed as unsinkable.
The Whistle that
Helped Titanic’s First
Mate Save 700 Lives!
Authentic replica of the
whistle used by Titanic’s First
Mate, as used so dramatically
in the film by Kate Winslet
to call her rescuers. Britishmade by Acme, who supplied
the White Star Line in 1912,
using the original tooling.
Certificate of authenticity
1912 Titanic whistle
RMS Titanic Model
This highly-detailed model has
a wooden hull and decking, with
mainly metal and resin fittings,
lifeboats and lifeboat cranes.
55cm long.
6689 Titanic ship model
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Tribute Models
Sovereign of The Seas
Sovereign of the Seas, the 17th Century Navy’s finest ship.
Commissioned by King Charles I, she was the first ever warship to
have three full gun decks, carrying 102 high-tech bronze cannon.
Her size and costs were unprecedented - the gilding alone cost the
same as the whole hull of a two-deck ship! - and she later proved
herself unbeatable in battle. Our model has amazing detail for the
price, with authentic (wood) decks, rigging and cotton sails. Supplied
ready for display and comes with a history leaflet.
7635 Sovereign of The Seas. 43cm
7627 Sovereign of The Seas. 15cm
102 high-tech bronze cannon
Detail of bow section
HMS Endeavour
HMS Endeavour is most famous for being James
Cook’s ship that he used on his first voyage of
exploration to Australia and New Zealand. Launched
in 1764 and originally called Earl of Pembroke she was
later bought by the Navy specifically for the voyage to
discover the southern Pacific Ocean. She was the first
vessel to reach the east coast of Australia when she
arrived at Botany Bay in 1770. Simple wooden model
with cloth sails. 33cm long.
numbered bases
11409 HMS Endeavour
Limited Edition HMS Beagle
It was during HMS Beagle’s second survey voyage to South America that the
young Charles Darwin made many of the discoveries that would lead to his
theories on evolution. Beagle was built as a Cherokee class 10-gun brig in 1820,
later adapted as a survey barque – as she is modelled here. She is portrayed under
full sail, mounted on a specially-commissioned, fine china base with green and
gold leaf decoration inspired by the first edition of Origin of Species. Strictly
Limited Edition of 500, individually numbered. Length 46cm, height 35cm.
7619 Limited Edition HMS Beagle model
Model Boats
Wooden Model Yachts
Replica Pond Yachts
Precision-modelled in the style of Victorian pond
yachts, these display yachts are nothing short of
magnificent. They have hollow hulls, constructed
entirely of wood, whilst on deck there are delightful
details such as adjustable rigging blocks, sewn cotton
sails, raised gunwales and brass fittings.
Pond Yacht with Brass Steering Gear
The steering gear is reproduced from an actual sailing pond yacht and
demonstrates how the tiller and rudder could be set. The wooden disc
on deck lifts to give access to the hull. Length 90cm.
6681 Pond Yacht, brass steering gear
J-Class Style Model Racing Yacht
With its sleek, streamlined hull and crisp sails, this model looks
like it would give any competitor a run for their money. Beautifully
made with a smooth, lined, wooden deck detailed deckhouses and
brass deck fittings. Painted to a high standard in contrasting blue and
white gloss. Length 60cm.
6682 J-Class style racing yacht model with blue keel
Racing Yacht Model
Based on a modern racing yacht design, with a blue and white hull.
Length 30cm, height 43cm.
6904 Racing yacht model
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Wooden Model Yachts
J-Class Pond Yacht Model
Reminiscent of the great J-Class America’s cup yachts of the
1890s. Detailed deckhouses and deck accessories.
6680 J-Class pond yacht, red hull. 80cm
Display yacht with a hull carved from
a solid block of wood and painted in
a distressed style to give an aged and
weathered appearance. Length 30cm.
6587 Yacht, distressed white hull
Antique-style Pond Yacht
Natural canvas sails and slightly
aged paintwork give this wooden
display model an antique
appearance. Length 42cm.
6588 Yacht, antique-style
Model Boats
Weathered-finish Display Yacht
Wooden Model Yachts
Gaff-Rigged Fishing Boat
Gaff-rigged open fishing vessels like
this were once a familiar sight around
the British coast. Our display model
features all-wood plank on frame
construction with cotton canvas
sails. Length overall 64cm.
6589 Open fishing boat
Broads Yacht
This elegant lady, with her large gaff cutter rig and lifting keel, is
reminiscent of early 20th century cabin cruisers from areas like the
Norfolk Broads. She has lots of detail - skylights, mooring tackle etc
- and is built plank-on-frame (hollow-hulled). Length overall 92cm,
height 86cm.
7491 Broads yacht
America’s Cup Display Yacht
Reminiscent of America’s Cup yachts
of the 1890s – Valkyrie, Columbia,
Shamrock I, Reliance – this yacht
features a solid wooden hull and
adjustable rigging. Length 55cm,
height 63cm.
7484 America’s
Cup display yacht
Mini America’s Cup Yachts
Chunky wooden model yachts in the style of the great J-class racing
yachts of the 1930s. Length 26cm, height 35cm.
6900 Mini America’s Cup yacht, blue
6901 Mini America’s Cup yacht, cream
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Wooden Model Yachts
Atlantic - Holder of the Longest-Standing
Speed Record in Yachting History
During her sea trials in 1903 Atlantic achieved a speed of twenty knots.
Here was a schooner with serious race-winning potential. Two years later,
she proved it by sailing 3006 miles from Sandy Hook on the Eastern
Seaboard to The Lizard in Cornwall to win the Kaiser’s Cup. And in the
process set a speed record that would stand for an unprecedented 93 years.
Although no longer in existence, the memory of Atlantic lives on in this
elegant model. Plank on frame construction and finely detailed from her
rigging and ratlines to her real canvas sails. Length 80cm.
6590 Atlantic display yacht
Bluenose was a Canadian fishing and racing schooner from Nova
Scotia, built in 1921. She became a provincial icon for Nova Scotia
as well as an important Canadian symbol in the 1930s. The name
‘bluenose’ originated as a nickname for Nova Scotians from as early
as the 18th century. Highly-detailed model with the hull painted in a
high gloss finish. Length 80cm.
6687 Bluenose model, painted finish
Schooner Yacht Model
Twin-masted and gaff-rigged, there is plenty of detail and adjustable
rigging throughout. Length 90cm.
6688 Schooner yacht model
Model Boats
Bluenose with Painted Hull Finish
Wooden Model Boats
Wooden Model Boats
Handmade with a high level of detail, our wooden fishing
trawlers have traditionally-constructed hulls, cloth sails
and deck accessories such as fishing nets, life rings,
marker buoys, lobster pots and net towing gear.
Fishing Trawler with Weathered Finish
Fishing Trawler with Blue & White Hull
Simple model with weathered appearance to the hull and sails.
Length 38cm.
Detailed fishing nets with blue and white painted hull. Length 45cm.
6684 Trawler, blue & white
6685 Trawler, weathered
Blackbird Pirate Ship Model
Twin-masted galleon captured by pirates and named
‘Blackbird’. Wooden hull, black cloth sails and flying the
sinister Jolly Roger flag. Length 50cm.
6686 Blackbird pirate ship model
Fishing Trawler with Red & White Hull
Detailed fishing nets and buoy markers with red and white painted
hull. Length 45cm.
6683 Trawler, red & white
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Model Fishing Trawlers
Wooden Fishing Trawler
Brixham Trawler
This type of boat tows nets astern, sometimes paired up with
another boat so they can use a larger net trawled between them.
Lots of detail. Length 45cm.
Mid-19th century fishing vessel from Devon, typically about 20
metres (65ft) long, whose hull form is still copied today for its
outstanding sea-worthiness and handling characteristics. Gaff ketch
rig with contrasting breton red and cream sails. Length 52cm,
height 49cm, beam 11cm.
7494 Fishing trawler, white
7433 Brixham trawler
Wooden Fishing Boats
With a single sail at the stern and crane to the bow.
Painted in a light blue livery.
13147 Fishing boat, 10cm
13148 Fishing boat, 20cm
Traditional Fishing Trawlers
Traditional fishing trawlers complete with nets
and deck details such as buckets and life rings.
Length 25cm.
6902 Trawler, red, white & blue
6903 Trawler, blue
Trawler Mini Fleet
Miniature models of three styles of fishing trawler.
3 assorted. Length 16cm.
Model Boats
11144 Trawlers mini fleet
Wooden Model Boats
Selsey Seine Wooden Boat Model
Sailing Skiff Model
Typical light coastal sailing and fishing boat, often
associated with Selsey and the south coast. They were often
used to set ‘seine’ type fishing nets. The model is made
in the traditional manner with a clinker built (plank over
plank) hull, sewn cotton sails and supplied with rudder and
individual oars which can be displayed in the boat or fitted
in the rowlocks. A delightfully simple model. Length 30cm.
Delightful miniature wooden
skiff with single lateen sail and
deck detail including bench seats
and life ring. Length 10cm.
11112 Skiff model
11111 Selsey
Seine model
Thonier Model
Typical French fishing
boat. Simple model with
solid wood hull and cloth
sails. Length 10cm.
11123 Thonier
model, navy blue
Sailing Skiff
Clinker plank-on-frame skiff with elegantly-curved sheer, and two
rowing stations. Equipment includes four removable oars, a lifebelt
and fishing gear. Length 30cm, beam 10cm.
Lateen-rigged, single-sail,
flat-bottomed fishing/generalpurpose river craft, as used for
centuries on great waterways
such as the Nile and Amazon.
Length 20cm.
7425 Two-man skiff
7451 Sailing skiff
Two-Man Skiff
Windermere Steamer
Detailed model of a typical Windermere steamer of the Victorian era.
Wooden construction and featuring a miniature steam boiler with brass
chimney, glazed mid-cabin and rear deck sun canopy. Length 46cm.
13534 Windermere steamer
Pilot Gig Model
Typical of those found along the Devon and Cornish coast. Originally
used to take pilots out to large incoming vessels to guide them into
port. Beautifully made, clinker built model with six oars and moving
rudder. Length 48cm.
13151 Pilot gig model
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Handmade in the traditional manner, these
ships-in-bottles combine wooden hulls with
cloth sails and extensive rigging. Mounted on
wooden stands with nameplates.
Ships-in-Bottles. 9cm
2158 HMS Victory
2159 Cutty Sark
2160 Bounty
2161 Mayflower
2162 Endeavour
2163 HMS Victory
2164 Bounty
2165 Cutty Sark
2166 Endeavour
2167 Mayflower
Ships-in-Bottles. 14cm
2168 HMS Victory
2169 Endeavour
2178 Mayflower
Ships-in-Bottles. 16cm
2170 Cutty Sark
2171 Bounty
Model Boats
2177 Cutty Sark Ship-in-Bottle. 28cm
Extensive rigging and
detailed sails
Model Narrowboats
Model Narrowboats
Our collection of wooden narrowboats depict various styles from the traditional working boats, with canvas covered
cargo holds and boatman’s cabin, to the more modern ‘cruiser stern’ holiday hire boats. All are handmade and painted to
a high standard in strong colours and traditional patterns. Two styles have sliding roofs to reveal a pencil box.
Vulcan Working Narrowboat
Typical of boats built and run by Fellows, Moreton and Clayton. Vulcan
has the traditional engine room and boatman’s cabin to the rear, and canvas
covered cargo storage to the bow. Length 45cm.
11109 Narrowboat, Vulcan
Rose Narrowboat
Cargo Carrier Narrowboat
With a ‘trad-stern’ and bow cratch. Length 37cm.
Cruiser-stern with canvas covered cargo hold, length 31cm.
13156 Narrowboat, Rose
11116 Working narrowboat
Pencil Case Narrowboats
Trad-stern with bow cratch and curtains in the windows.
Painted in strong red and green, a colour combination now
made famous by ragdolls Rosie & Jim. Length 20cm.
Roof slides off the reveal pencil storage area. Highly
decorated with traditional flowers and swirls motifs.
2 assorted. 35cm
13160 Narrowboat
13152 Narrowboat pencil cases
Roof opens
as pencil
Pencil Case Narrowboat
Roof slides off to reveal storage area for pencils & pens
or even jewellery and small trinkets. Length 17cm.
13154 Narrowboat pencil case
Roof opens as
pencil case
Telephone: +44 (0)1932 244396
Model Narrowboats & Wooden Model Boats
Classic-looking narrowboats
set, in three popular colours.
3 assorted. Length 20cm.
13155 Classic narrowboats
Narrowboat Mini Fleet
Miniature wooden narrowboat
models. Length 10cm.
13165 Narrowboat mini fleet
These delightfully intricate miniature wooden boats are good
value impulse buys, ideal for nautically-themed tourist attractions
and coastal resorts. For display, not bath toys.
7401 Mini-fleet sailing barge.
Supplied in multiples of 6, colours vary, length 7cm
Model Boats
Wooden Mini Fleet
7402 Mini-fleet fishing boat.
Supplied in multiples of 6, colours vary, length 8cm
7403 Mini-fleet fishing trawler.
Supplied in multiples of 6, colours vary, length 12cm
7404 Mini-fleet Bermudan ketch.
Packed singly, length 17cm
7405 Mini-fleet sailing boat.
Supplied in multiples of 4, colours vary, length 13cm