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We are located two blocks south of historical Worthington on the
opposite side of the street from Rutherford Funeral Home
Paws2Heaven Pet Keepsakes
5900 N. High St.
Worthington, OH 43085
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Paws2Heaven LLC
5900 N. High Street
Worthington, OH 43085
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To Order Call: (614) 425 7297
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Engraving/Additional Information
The loss of a beloved pet is one of the most painful
moments a pet parent must face. Whether it comes
unexpectedly, or after the course of a long illness, it
leaves you with confused, anguished emotions and a
burden of difficult decisions. Designing a memorial
helps lessen the grief felt after such a sorrowful loss.
When a person is memorialized it serves as a symbol
of how significant that person was in history or in
someone’s life. The same applies to the
memorialization of a beloved pet.
A keepsake is anything that you keep close to your
heart. A keepsake that you personally design signifies
and communicates how important that animal was in
your life and the life of others.
Paws2Heaven’s main focus is to support, guide and
assist families in capturing the uniqueness of their fallen
companion through personalized customization. A
memorial keepsake not only marks closure to losing a
four legged family member. It also celebrates the pet’s
life by marking its existence here on earth.
The same applies to the memorialization of pet. A keepsake
foundation: this is a fund I created to honor the memory of
both Benny and Monkey. All the proceeds go directly to
the pet by buying down their adoption rate. Which helps to
make the pet more affordable for families in these tough
Method of Payment:
 Check
 MasterCard
 Bill Me
 American Express
 Visa
Credit Card #
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Paws2Heaven LLC
5900 N. High Street
Worthington, OH 43085
Fax orders to: 1-614-885-7297
Email orders to: [email protected]
Call in orders: 1-614-425-7297 or 614-985-7297
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To Order Call: (614) 425 7297
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Bentley Urn
This urn is handcrafted in America. Available
in Oak, walnut or cherry stain
Personalize this urn with an optional engraved
plaque. Round photo is 3”
Size: 6.75"W x 4.75"D x 8"H
Will hold up to a 90# pet
Order #: T-125
To place an order you can Photo Copy the order form or cut it out.
Fill out the form and fax it back to us at 1-614-885-7297. Or if you
prefer you can mail in the form. Our mailing address is listed on the
bottom of the order form. If emailing is more convenient you can
scan the form and email it to [email protected]
Make sure you include your contact information as well as any
special request you may have when submitting your order. Orders
written on a piece of paper are acceptable as long as all the
pertinent information is contained on the paper. Of course you can
always call us at 1-614-425-7297 and we will be happy to place the
order for you. Or answer any questions or concerns you may have.
We have a separate order form for our Athena Marble Urn. The
form walks you through step by step on all the available options
and customization of these options. You may submit this order form
by faxing, emailing or standard mail. Extra copies of this order
form can be downloaded by going to
If you need help filling out the form please give us a call and we will
guide you through the process.
Many Pet Parents have questions on what saying to put on the
nameplate or marble; this is something we deal with on a daily
basis and talking it through with someone can help.
Please remember that you can always change the text after you
receive your proof. For every personalized item such as Etched
Marble, Nameplate or Engraved Tray you will receive a proof
before the item is actually engraved. If you need to change the text,
photo or border you can do so at that time. We do not do any final
engraving until you are completely happy with the proofs.
Designing a Keepsake for your beloved companion can be a very
healing experience and a wonderful way to honor your pet’s
memory by marking its existence here on Earth.
Oakley Cremation Urn
Made in America this beautifully crafted urn
will honor the memory of your beloved pet.
Available in Oak, Walnut or Cherry
6.5"W x 3.25"D x 7"H
Capacity 40 pounds
Order # 0A-9985
Optional nameplate is available
New England Urn
This urn is made from solid Cherry or Oak. Urn
is proudly made in America. A built in picture
frame accommodates a 4" x 6" vertical photo
6-1/8" L x 3-1/4" D x 8" H
43 #
Optional Nameplate Available
Price: $115.95
Order #: NE-5845
Photo Wall Urn
Frames can be placed in either a vertical or
horizontal position, on a flat surface or hung on
a wall. Small holds up to 35# pet and a
3-1/2" x 5" photo
Medium holds up to 85# pet and 4x6 photo
Small $105.98
Order #: PW-988S
Medium $128.95
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Page 41
Cats leave Paw Prints Urn
Optional heart name
plate available
This cremation urn is a
highly detailed
memorial with a 3” x 2”
oval picture frame.
Embossed on the urn
are two paw prints. In
addition to the words
“Cats leave paw prints
on your heart forever”
To Order Call: (614) 425-7297
Angel Night Light
Measures: 9X5X6
Holds to a 55# pet
Price: $145.00
Sale: $ 98.00
Guardian Angel Urn
Angel resting her head on the rock, holding a
purple bouquet of flowers. Her wings glisten
with shades of glitter.
Order #: GA-5864
Optional heart nameplate available.
Measures 9" x 11" x 5" -90 cubic inches
5” x 3 ¾” Picture Frame
Curious Cat
This urn details a cat crouching down as if
waiting to pounce. Leaving a trail of beautiful
memories you cherish.
$ 98.00
Order #: CC-6985
8" x 5" x 5-1/2"
60 Cubic Inches
Engraved Pendent for urns #125
Paws Prints On Your Heart
This urn is a wonderful tribute to your beloved
companion. The urn is made from a polystone.
Frame 3 x 2 ½
Order #: FI-6985
8-1/2" x 6" x 6"
60 Cubic Inches
Gold picture pendent for urns
Order #698 $42.00
Silver picture pendent for urns #587 $42.00
Page 40
Page 5
Keepsake Figurine
Angel Base Pedestal
Angel figurine has her hands in prayer position
gracefully watching over your beloved
companion. The Angel can hold up to an 8”
base. Urn is not included. However, we
would be happy to help you find the perfect
urn to rest in the hands of this beautiful angel
See more Angel Bases on next page.
Order #: AB-8548
Order #: AB-8548
This detailed rock holds a cut out of your
favorite photo. It makes a wonderful
condolence gift for a friend
Order #:
6.5 x 4.5
Realistic Rock Memorial Urn
This make a great outdoor memorial or for
display for indoors. The photo frame measures
2” X 3” and inserts from top
Optional heart nameplate
Order #: R-1598
Measures: 9 ½” x 6”x 7”
Capacity: Up to 80#
Heavenly Guardian Angel
Highly detailed, this urn was created to honor
your loved one and help bring peace and
comfort during your time of loss.
15 ¾ x 11" x 10”
Capacity: up to 160#
Optional heart nameplate
To Order Call: (614) 425-7297
Boy with puppy. Order # B-985
night light
made from
The angel
is holding
a dove
Stands 9”
in height
her head
on a
4” High
See page 31 for details
# 598
musical that
The Angel
holds a
crystal in
her hand.
8.5” in high
Order# 7858
4” High
Plays up
where we
Girl with
To Order Call 1-614-425-7297
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Paws2Heaven Keepsakes
Page 39
Templeton Urn
Urn is available in solid red oak with a light
oak finish or solid cherry with a medium cherry
finish. Both will accommodate a 4" x 6"
photograph of your dog or cat.
. for
Order# C67
Cat Picture Urn
Order# D69 for
Dog Picture Urn
Angel Dog Urn
of Product
10.5 L x 4.25” W x 6” H
Holds up to a 28# Dog.
Cat Urn holds up to 28#
Order #: A2556
Capacity: 70 pounds
This enchanting picture frame urn
features a beautiful angel watching
over two loving cats beside a
picture frame. The picture frame
holds images between 3.25" x
4.75" to 6" x 8". Dog picture frame
urn is the same size.
Price $79.00 Cat/Dog Picture Urn
Urn is available in solid red oak, cherry, or
solid walnut. Engraved brass plate is
available for an additional fee.
Order #: A1656
Capacity: 43 pounds
Wooden Dog House
A cute and honorable way to
Memorialize your best friend.
Wood choices: Cherry, Oak
and Walnut. Photo Frame
Measures 2 ½ x 3 ½.
Optional Nameplate Available
Order #: A1656
Capacity: 43 pounds
Capri Urn
All Porcelain urns on this page are designed
by a former Hallmark Artist and a dedicated
pet lover.
The refined look of this piece and the loving
scene it depicts makes a warm for anyone
who loves Dogs or Cats.
Order# C8956 for Cat Angel Urn $122.00
Order# D8958 for Dog Angel Urn $122.00
14” H x 7 ½ W x 7 ½ D
Holds up to a 60# pet
Eloquent porcelain angel is watching
over the spirits of three Cats as she
lovingly embraces them. Comes with
an pewter engraveable nameplate
Picture frame measures 4.5” X 5” available in
a cherry, birch and black finish. Made from
MDF material. Available with or without a
figurine. Nameplate is included
Price: $110.00
Order #: A1596
Capacity: 80 pounds
Page 38
Paws2Heaven Keepsakes
Page 7
Shelby Vase Urn
Antique Marbleized Urn
Elegantly handcrafted, this brass urn is a great
way to honor your departed companion’s
memory. It’s simple elegance shines through
in polished finishes of Black, Bronze, or
This urn is a very unique design and lined in
black velvet. It’s reddish and black marble
veining add a significant amount of character.
 Small - 40 lb.
 Medium - 80 lb. $93.00
 Large - 100 lb. $120.00
Order # 5324
Order# 5325
Order # 5326
Order #:
When ordering please Specify Color
Wingate Tower Urn
 Handmade of Indian teak-type wood
 Available in 3 sizes
 Size is based on live animal weight
 Comes standard with a 1" x 3" Name Plate for
engraving. Up to 3 lines can be engraved on the
Name Plate which is available in Brushed Brass or
Black Brass.
 Small - 45 lb.
 Medium - 110 lb.
 Large - 200 lb.
Order # 6985
Order # 6986
Order # 6987
Order #:
$ 48.50
Will hold up to a 16# pet
Golden Mahogany Urn
This urn has a swirl design on the front and
back with a high gloss finish. Scroll work
surrounds the top and bottom of the urn.
Optional nameplate is available. This is a
clearance item and we only have two
Order #:
$ 59.00
Up to 60#
Coventry Urn
Sea Gate Hexagonal Urn
The hexagonal design of this urn makes it an
impressive memorial to a beloved companion.
Made from Indian Teak-type wood, this piece
has a polished, smooth finish and will display
well in any setting.
 Small - 65 lb.
Order # 7892
 Medium - 110 lb. Order # 7893
 Large - 160 lb.
Order # 7894
Townsend Urn
This attractive Photo-Top urn acknowledges
an owner’s love for their departed companion.
Available in Mahogany, Oak and Natural, this
urn includes a picture frame sized to the
individual urn
Order #: A189
 Small - 61 lb
 Medium - 88 lb
Order # 8962
Order # 8963
A simple and charming design; white
marbleized finish surrounds the urn. Gold trim
wraps around the top and bottom of the urn. A
Red Crystal like glass adorns the top.
Clearance: $ 69.00
Order #:
Capacity: Up to 90#
Townsend Blue
Each decorative Ceramic Townsend Blue pet
cremation urn is handcrafted painted and fired
Clearance: $25.00
Order #: 2165
Capacity: Up to 60 pounds
Page 8
Paws2Heaven Keepsakes
Page 37
Dog and Cat Angel Memorial Candles
Our Angel Cherub Candle holder with topper is a charming and
delightful way to honor a pet’s memory.
They make a wonderful keepsake or can be given as a heartfelt
gift to a friend or co-worker who has lost a beloved pet. These
Cherub Candles can be used as a tribute to your fallen
companion, or given to just let someone know how much you
understand and care.
Copper Finish
Urns can be
engraved for an
additional fee.
$48.60: Only
four lines
They are available in over 223 Dog and Cat Breed figurines.
The scroll on top reads “This Flame Lights Up
The Memories We Had”.
The figurines can be custom-painted and acrylic toppers which will
be available in December can be engraved with the pet’s photo.
The base is surrounded by Cherubs carrying roses and a golden
book adorns the front. The book comes standard with the Dog or
Cat’s Prayer Poem.
Order# CS101
Order# CM102
Order# CL103
$ 120.00
$ 140.00
$ 160.00
Slate Finish
Personalized Poems can be engraved on brass or black
nameplates. You can choose from our three stock poems or
perhaps you want to write your own poem. Our stock poems
include: Treasured Friend, Rainbow Bridge or Don’t Grieve To
Long. Each poem is customized with the pet’s name for further
A Dog's Prayer
Treat me kindly, my beloved friend,
for no heart in all the world is more
grateful for your kindness than
mine. Speak to me often, for your
voice is the world's sweetest music,
as you must know by the fierce
wagging of my tail when your
footstep falls upon my waiting ear.
Keep my pan filled with fresh water
.and food, for I cannot tell you when
I am thirsty or hungry. And, my
friend, when I am very old and no
longer enjoy good health, do not
make any heroic effort to keep me
going. I am not having any fun.
Please see that my trusting life is
taken gently. I shall leave this
Earth knowing that my fate was
always safest in your hands.
Bases are
available for
engraving in
place of
directly on
the urn
A Cat's Prayer
Show me kindness, my dearest
companion, for no creature is more
grateful to you. Though I seem
independent, your calming voice
and beckoning arms are my only
real security. You alone provide
food in my dish, and catnip toys
recalling my frisky years. When
age slow my agile step, and dims
the bright eyes that for now
survey a world I master, do not
keep me going. End my life as
your true devotion let me live it in
comfort with dignity. I pray you
count the memories of our times
together as payment in full for the
lifetime of love you gave me. You
see, my precious friend they are
all I have to give you.
Order# SS101
Order# SM102
Order# SL103
$ 120.00
$ 140.00
$ 160.00
Gold Finish
Prices and
sizes are
listed above.
Place G
before order
Page 36
Paws2Heaven Keepsakes
Dog or Cat
breed on
order form
Page 9
Angels can be
custom painted to
resemble your pet
for an additional
This candle
makes a
thoughtful gift for
a friend who has
lost a beloved
Order # CP-523
Write S,M,L after order
Copper Finish
Pewter Finish
Slate Finish
Our paw print series urn is
made from 100% solid brass.
You may choose from Pewter,
Slate or Copper finish. Both the
Copper and Pewter Urns have
two Paw Prints on the lid. The
Slate Urn has only one Paw
Order # SP-525
Write S,M,L after order
Order # PP-528
Write S,M,L after order
40# Pet
70# Pet
What a wonderful way
to personally
remember a pet.
Many candle lighting
ceremonies are held
by groups on the
internet as a way for
grieving pet owners to
come together and
Order # 253 Dog Price $45.00 w/o Jar Candle
Order # 258 Cat Price $45.00 w/o Jar Candle
Jar Candles are $10.00
To Order Call: (614) 425 7297
Page 10
Nameplate can
be simplified
with just the
pet’s name and
a small saying.
All Cherub candles
are available with
an optional
nameplate. You
can choose from
our stock poems or
submit a poem of
your own.
All poems are
personalized with
the pet’s name.
Page 35
Hardwood Figurine Cremation Urn
Numerous figurine choices are available on
urns which open from the bottom. Wood
choices are: Oak, Walnut and Maple. Please
write breed on order form and we will be
happy to send you selection available.
Additionally write engraving text on order form
Starting at $98.00
Order #: HF-6587
Capacity: Various sizes available
$26.50 for
Calypso Figurine Series
This Cherry urn is available with a figurine or
photo frame. Marble engraving is available
Outside dimensions: 5” H x 8’ L x 3.5 D
Volume: Up to 120 cubic inches
$165.92 for urn
Order #: C-6585
Sunbury Memorial Urn
Treasured Friend
I lost a treasured friend today,
The little dog who used to lay
Her gentle head upon my knee
And share her silent thoughts with
She'll come no longer to my call,
Retrieve no more her favorite ball.
A voice far greater than my own
Has called her to His golden
And though my eyes are filled with
I thank Him for the happy years
He let Peaches spend down here
with me
And for her love and loyalty.
Don’t Grieve Too Long
Don't grieve too long for now I'm free.
I'm following the path God set for me
I ran to Him when I heard His call, I
wagged my tail and left it all.
I could not stay another day, To bark,
to love, to romp or play
Games left unplayed must stay that
way. I found such peace it made my
My parting has left you with a void, So
fill it with your remembered joy
A friendship shared your laugh, a kiss;
Oh, yes, these things I too shall miss.
Be not burdened with times of sorrow, I
wish you the sunshine of tomorrow
My life's been full; you've given so
much - Your time, your love and gentle
Perhaps my time seemed all to brief,
Don't lengthen it now with undue grief
Lift up your heart and share with me.
God wanted me now, He set me free.
This urn is made in America. It comes with a
3” round picture frame and nameplate.
Available in Red Oak, Cherry and Walnut
Dimensions 7"W x 6"H x 5"D
60 cubic inches
Photo Figurine Urns
A large selection of figurines are available to
adorn this beautiful wooden urn with photo
frame on the front. Wood choices are: Oak,
Maple or Walnut.
Order #: PFU-5874
Capacity: Varies according to size of urn
Please call for figurine selection or simply
write your breed on the order form.
Page 34
To Order Call: (614) 425 7297
Pewter Angel Embrace
Digital Memory Urn
This beautifully crafted urn will be a touching
tribute to your loved one.
Measures 8 1/2" x 6" x 6 3/4" - 60 cubic inches.
Urn is marble finished cold cast polystone. Angel
is hand finished pewter. Urn cavity is accessible
from the top by a removable lid.
Order #: PE-165
Page 11
With the latest digital
memorial technology you
can display all your favorite
photos, Optional nameplate
7" diagonal screen and 256
megabyte internal memory
You can choose from Oak or
Walnut wood
Holds up to an 80# pet
Order # 2589
Price: $215.95
Indigo Floral Vase
This urn is hand crafted from solid spun
brass and has a baked on enamel finish.
Various shades of blue adorn this urn
Order #: IFV-458
Capacity: Will hold up to a 40# pet
Brass Sculpture Cat Urn
Reminiscent of the art deco period, this unique
artistic rendering of a cat standing in a classic
pose is truly a special way to memorialize your
pet. Hand crafted in heavy-duty high quality brass
with an elegant antique brass finish
Order #: 16549
Will hold up to a 40# pet
Angel Bearing Flowers
7-1/2"L x 6-1/2"W x 4"H
Holds up to a 50 # pet
$125.20 Optional
nameplate available
Colors: Copper, White,
Black, Patina
Use this beautifully detailed keepsake to hold a
portion of ashes or your most precious token of
This urn will hold up to a 5 pound pet Measures 9
3/4" x 6 1/2" x 4 ¼.
Frame measures 1 1/2" x 1 1/4
Copper Color
Order# 485 for Dog
Patina Color
Order #589 for Cat
Order #: 16548
Specify color along with
order number
7"L x 5-1/4"W x 3-3/4"H
Holds up to 25# cat
Price: $125.20
Colors listed above
To Order Call: (614) 425 7297
Page 12
Paws2Heaven Keepsakes
Page 33
Forever Loved Urn
Beautifully detailed urn with Angel supporting a small
frame for a picture of a loved one. The saying inscribed
on front of the urn reads:
Forever Loved...
Forever Dear...
Walking With Angels...
Forever Near...
These cozy cats are a wonderful way to remember your
best friend. Made from a cast resin, opens from the bottom
and is available in four finishes. Black, Beige, Brown and
Copper finish. Measurements: 8.5 x 4.6 x 5.2 hold up to a
30# pet. Order#4895 Specify color when ordering.
6 1/2" wide x 11" high - 245 cubic inches
Photo area: 2" wide x 1 3/4" high
Order #: 19497
In The Hands Of An Angel
Use this angel keepsake to hold a portion of ashes
or your most precious token of remembrance.
Measures 9 3/4" x 6 1/2" x 4 1/4" –Holds up to a
five pound pet
Frame measures 1 1/2" x 1 1/4
Order #: 19494
Sm: 5.0 x 4.2
Med 5.7 x 5.0
Lg: 6.5 x 5.8
Up to 30#
Up to 45#
Up to 75#
$120.00 Order# 1254-S
$140.00 Order# 1254-M
$160.00 Order# 1254-L
Kitty Resting On Pillow
This adorable cat cremation urn depicts a cat
resting on a plush blanket. This urn holds a 2-1/2"
wide x 1 3/4" high photo of your beloved
companion. Measurements: 2" x 4 1/2" x 7 3/4"
Urn will hold up to a 50# pet
Price: $105.99
Order # 1649
Solstice Angel
Use this graceful Angel keepsake to hold a portion
of ashes or your most precious token of
remembrance. Measurements: 8 3/4" x 4 3/4" x 5 ¾
and will hold up to a 12 pound pet
These urns are made from soap stone which is quarried
just like marble and granite. Each urn is meticulously
crafted and carefully polished to bring out the natural
beauty of the stone
Order #: 4875
Page 32
Marble Keepsakes Urns
Paws2Heaven Keepsakes
Page 13
Black Textured Urn
This attractive urn features a textured swirl design
the completely surrounds the urn. This urn is
sleek and simplistic enough to go with and decor
Our Calypso etched marble urns help you
celebrate the memory of your pet’s life.
Regular Price $189.00
Order #:
12” H X 8.5” X 5”
Holds up to a 220 pounds
Cat Brass Urn
Handcrafted from brass with four polished brass cat
silhouettes which are inlayed the around the urn
Order #: 1236
Size: 4.5"Dia. x 4.5"H
Holds up to a 35# pet
Engraving available: $52.00
Vase Urn.
Brass Urn with enamel overlay brass accents on top
and neck of urn. Comes in black, white, blue and pink
Pedestal Included
These handcrafted urns are engraved with your pet’s photo
and any text that you request. The urns are accessible from
the bottom and attach with four screws.
Made from Alder wood.
Available in three finishes.
Natural (Resembles maple wood in color), Mahogany and
Marble Size 5X7 box fits up to 85# pet $220.00 Order #548
Marble Size 6X6 box fits up to 115# pet $238.00 Order #892
Marble Size 8x8 box fits up to 250# pet $320.00 Order #526
Please specify wood color when ordering
Order #: 11658
Size: 6.0" X 3.75"
Mother Of Pearl Urn
Each Mother of Pearl Keepsake cremation urn is
handmade from solid genuine high polished brass
and mother of pearl.
Order #: 1598
4’W x 6”H Urn will hold up to a 58# pet
Marble Keepsakes
Page 14
Paws2Heaven Keepsakes
Page 31
Celtic Knot Keepsake Urn
Attractive Ivory Pet Keepsake Box is detailed
with a Celtic knot design along the top and
base of the piece. Has a small frame for a
photo of your beloved companion.
Measures 5 1/4" x 5 1/2" x 5 3/4" - 75 cubic
inches. Holds a 2" high x 2 1/2" wide photo
Order #: AB-8548
Engraved Nameplate Optional
Beloved Angel Urn
Urn is made of high quality colored cold cast
polystone. Angel is hand painted
Small size Measures 5" x 3 1/4" x 3 1/2" - 7 cubic
inches. $78.50
Medium Size Measures 9" x 5 3/4" x 6 1/4" - 60
cubic inches $148.50
Order #: BA-9854 for Small Urn
Order #: BA-9859 for Medium Urn
Guardian Angel Urn
Our free standing marble etched memorial keepsakes are
made from 100% Absolute Black Marble. This Marble is a
very highly polished and glossy stone. The marble
contains no veining-white streaks normally seen in marble
as a result of phosphorous formation. With a high quality
photo the engraved image is impeccable. This is a
stunning keepsake. Gold or Silver tone fill can be inlayed
into the text or border for a more vibrant look.
8X10 $160.00
10X12 $125.00
Order #AB-458
Order #AB-459
Order #AB-460
We can also cut custom sizes upon request
Embossed with the words “Forever in our
Hearts” This elegant cremation urn features a
detailed angel who will watch over the
memories of your loved one.
Urn Measures 9" x 11" x 5"
Photo Frame Size 5" x 3 3/4"
Order #: GA-5864
Capacity Up to 90# pet
Paw Print Dog Urn
Urn is embossed with the words “Dogs leave
paw prints on our hearts forever. The square
picture frame measures 2" x 3" Optional
nameplate is available for an additional charge
Order #: PP-2548
Capacity Up to 90# pet
Page 30
Page 15
Brass Shelby Urn
This urn is made from solid brass, Black in
color with concentric brass rings around the
urn. The urn is 6” in height and can
accommodate a 50 pound pet. Engraving is
not available on this urn.
Order #: TB-587
Pretty Kitty
This urn is a delightful way to remember the
one who gave so much but asked for so
little. The urn is made from a durable high
quality cold cast polystone
Order #: PK-9854
Measures 5 3/4" x 3 3/4" 3 3/4"
Capacity 20# pet
Gold Brass Vase Urn with Black Trim
This highly refined, handcrafted brass urn is
exquisite in its design and looks perfect in
any setting
 Small - 40 lb.
Order #GB856
 Medium - 80 lb. Order #GB828
 Large - 100 lb. Order #GC879
Temple Urn
This urn has a place for four photos.
Engraved nameplate in not available on this
clearance item...
Order #: TE-852
The Temple Pet Urn is 55.1 cubic inches. Interior
measurements are 4.5 X 3.5 X 3.5 (H X W X L)
Photo frame measures 3.5” X 3”
Individuals may want to create a personal keepsake to
commemorate a special event in the pets or families life
such as, graduation from obedience school, agility
recognition or just to remember an everyday occasion.
Keepsakes shown here are engraved on high polished
granite and are available in a variety of sizes.
Order #4587
Order #4588
Order #4589
Custom sizes are also available. We have unique
shapes such as hearts and stars. Oval and round
shapes are also available. Optional easels are available
Toll Free: 1-866-566-7297
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Paw Print Vase Urn
Grecian Vase Urn
An elegant and peaceful resting place for
your cat or dog, this urn is made from a cast
polystone. Black handles with marble like
green inlay. This urn will hold up to a 35
pound pet
Order #: GE-8527
Paw Prints walk around the side of this urn. Urn is
made from brass with a pewter finish. Engraving is
additional $42.50
Can also be placed on a pewter base which can be
Order # 8985 Place S, M, L after order number
6” x 4”
7"x 5”
8” x 5.5"
Pet Size **
0-30 lb. pets
31-70 lb. pets
710-120 lb. pets
Guardian Scroll Urn
Guardian Scroll Urn Gold Finish
Rich brown finish with a tastefully gilded
forgets me not scroll. This urn has a solid
feel and it goes nicely in a multitude of
decors. From modern to traditional
Brass urn coated with a Gold finish. Ornate
scroll circles the urn. Solid feel
5.7” X 3.9”
8.6” X 5.5”
10.4” X 6.1”
Pet Size **
0-40 lb. pets
41-120 lb. pets $120.95
121-190 lb. pets $154.95
Blue Cobalt Urn
This urn is made from pewter and blue
cobalt colored glass. This is a beautiful way
To honor your pet’s memory with grace and
dignity. Measures 15” H X 5.9” D
Order #: 4497
Capacity: Will hold up to a 75# pet
Sculpted Cat Urn
These sculpted cats are crafted of resin with
a stone like appearance. Majestic in stature,
they come in four distinctive colors: Stone
fleck finishes of Fawn or Sable, Tabby and
Black. Dimensions: 8.4 inches high 25 cu.
Order #: 15498
Order #:1586 Place S, M, L after order #)
Pet Size **
0-40 lb. pets
41-120 lb. pets
121-190 lb. pets
This exquisite angel is sculpted is from a cold
cast resin. Angel is lovingly embracing her
Measures 8" x 4 1/2" x 3 3/4" - 9 cubic inches.
Order #: 4587
Tower Photo Urn
An elegant and peaceful resting place for your
cat or dog, a customized nameplate can be
added to this urn.
Order # TPU-8565
4" x 4" x 7"
5" x 5" x 9"
6" x 6" x 12"
Pet Size **
0-20 lb. pets
21-50 lb. pets
51-125 lb. pets
Toll Free: 1-866-566-7297
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Black Onyx Marble Vase Urn
An elegant and peaceful resting place for
your cat or dog, these 100% "real" stone
urns are carved from solid pieces of marble
4" x 4" x 7"
Medium 5" x 5" x 9"
6" x 6" x 12"
Pet Size **
0-20 lb. pets
21-50 lb. pets
51-125 lb. pets
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Bamboo Ceramic Raku Urn
This urn is an artistic display of form and
structure. Absolutely a work of Art with a
Diagonal Stripe that separates shades of
green and copper with a Raku glaze. Custom
make to order.
Order #: BR-6584
Order# 8567 Specify size when ordering
Flowers of the Lily Urn
Raku Diamond Cremation Urn
This urn comes in two styles one with pewter
Lilies and the other with hand painted Lilies.
Urn is marble finished cold cast polystone.
This urn is individually hand-molded and fired
and coated with one or several different types
of glaze. Every piece is one of a kind
Order #: FP-7489 (pewter)
Order # FW-4878 (white)
Measures 10" x 6" x 6"
Holds up to a 67# Pet
Measures: 9.5" Tall x 11" wide
Order #: RD-6585
Colors Of The Sky Urn
Granite Earth Tone Vase Urn
This urn is crafted from solid spun brass with
a beautiful baked-on painted enamel finish
Available in blue and brown
Order #: 46878
Write S, M, L after order #
D x H*
3.9” x 5.7”
4.9” x 6.9"
5.5 x 8.6"
Pet Size **
0-40 lb. pet
41-75 lb. pet
76-140 lb. pet
This porcelain urn is handmade on the
potter's wheel, then finished with a Night Sky
crystalline glaze. A chunk of azurite crystal
forms the lid handle, which is attached after
firing. Each urn varies in design markings
Measures: 12" Tall x 8" wide
Order #
Holds up to 250 pounds.
Jade Aqua Urn
Pewter Flower Urn
Pewter flowers wrap around the urn,
decorative detailing surrounds the top and
bottom giving this piece an elegant look.
Order #: PS2587
Measures: 6 1/4" x 7" x 7" - 60 cubic inches.
This urn is crafted from hand spun ceramic
with a beautiful baked-on light aqua sky
painted enamel finish. Each piece is
individual created and signed by the artist
Measures: 12 1-2 “tall x 10” diameters
Holds up to 300 #.
Order #
Holds up to 300CI
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To Order Dial 1-614-425-7297
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Angel Of Grace
Made from high quality cold cast polystone.
Urn cavity is accessible from the bottom of
the piece and is sealed by a removable
metal plate.
Price: $79.00
Order #AG528
Measures: 8 1/2" x 5 3/4" x 3 3/4"
Holds up to an 8# pet
Marble Urns are
available with a
variety of optional
figurine breeds.
Dignity Angel
Figurine prices
range from
$25.00- $40.00
This charming Angel is made from a cold
cast polystone. Store your most precious
keepsakes or use as a urn for a small pet.
Order #: DA-598
Measures: 8 1/2" x 5" x 4 3/4"
Holds up to a 15# Pet
Blue Floral Vase
This urn is crafted from solid spun brass with
a beautiful baked-on painted enamel finish
Price $135.80
Order #: 78989
Size: 5.5 X 4.0
Holds up to a 40# pet
Irises Flower Urn
Delightful hand painted irises gives this urn a
simple, yet elegant look.
Urn is high quality cold cast polystone.
Flowers are hand painted polystone.
Measures 6 1/4" x 7" x 7" - 60 cubic inches
Order #: 1458
Figurine Sculptures
can be custom painted
upon request.
Prices range from
$60.00 to $100.00 for
this service
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Etched Marble Memorial
You are involved in each and
every step of the design process.
Nothing is engraved without your
approval. A proof of all engraved
options will be provided via email.
Only when we receive your
approval do we start the engraving
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Forever Friends Marble Urn
Adorned on top of this marble vase urn is a
figurine of a boy holding a puppy, The figurine
is cast of a polymer with a bronze additive and
hand finished with bronze patina. Measures
15” X 6” and holds up to 90# pet
Sculpture of girl holding kitten is also available
Order #: Boy FM-1542
Order # Girl FM-1543
Rose Swirl Marble Urn
An elegant and peaceful resting place for your
cat or dog, made from 100% "real" stone
which is carved from solid pieces of marble
4" x 4" x 7"
5" x 5" x 9"
6" x 6" x 12"
Pet Size **
0-20 lb. pets
21-50 lb. pets
51-125 lb. pets
Forever Friends Boy Sculpture Urn
Make a tribute to your beloved Puppy with our
fantastic handmade and artistically sculptured
cremation wood dog urn. Wood Choices: Oak,
Cherry or Walnut wood. Specify size on order
Order # Boy Figurine: FT-1447B
4" x 4" x 6"
5" x 5" x 8"
7" x 7" x 10"
Pet Size **
0-30 lb. pets
31-90 lb. pets
91-200 lb. pets
Special Kitty Love
Make a tribute to your beloved cat with this
beautiful cat cremation urn. This cat urn
features an adorable kitten being embraced by
a little girl. Holds up to a 30# pet
Order #: SK-9588
11.5" x 4".Includes figurine height
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To Order Call: (614) 425 7297
Etched Marble Memorial Urns
Page 25
Walnut Urn
Our Athena Marble Urns are truly a work of art. The urn can be
customized as much or a little as you like to reflect the bond you
shared with your beloved companion.
Your pet’s photo is etched on a high gloss marble giving the
appearance of an extremely life like representation of your pet.
This marble is very rare and difficult to find as it contains no
veining. Traditional marble contains white vertical lines referred to
as veining. These lines are a result of phosphorus deposits. With
our marble all you see is a high gloss finish with impeccable
detailed engraving. Personalized inscription on the marble can be
etched in Gold or Silver Tone inlay for a more brilliant contrast.
The Athena urn is made solely in America and individually
handcrafted by a local wood maker from solid Walnut, Cherry or
Maple American hardwood.
You may choose to have a Personalized Rainbow Bridge Poem
engraved into a wooden memorial tray. The memorial tray can
hold small items such as a collar or favorite toy. Photo frames can
be engraved with your heart felt saying for further customization.
Need a little help? We have over 24 poems and quotes to choose
from. Celebrate your pet's life! Let us help you commemorate and
preserve the memory of your pet; honor the bond you shared.
For the best engraving results a photo of 900dpi is ideal. We will
design the entire layout for you, choosing the best format for the
photo and text submitted. It is important to note that if your photo
is out of focus we cannot focus the picture. You will receive a
proof of the marble before it is engraved and at that time you can
make any changes or corrections you desire
Design a one-of-a-kind memorial for the one who gave so much
but asked for so little.
(Lynda…please read and reword & add stuff for me…..)
Outside: Etched Marble (gold
inlay for text and border)
Engraved Photo Frame
Inside: Engraved Photo Frame
and Memorial Tray-Black Inlay
Price: $615.00
Maple Urn
Outside: Etched Marble
with Silver Tone Inlay for
text. Silver Nameplate
Inside: Plain Memorial
Tray and lid
Price: $503.00
Cherry Urn
Outside: Etched Marble on Face
Plate & Top Plate. Front Inlayed
with silver. Top inlayed in Gold
Inside: Etched Marble Inlayed in
Silver. Picture frame inside lid
Price: $863.00
Page 24
Etched Marble
with Gold Inlay
for text and line
Price: $483.00
Silver tone Inlay
on Marble and
Price: $588.00
Gold tone Inlay
for Text and
Price: $571.00
To Order Call: (614) 425 7297
Etched Marble Memorials
Medium Cherry
Extra Large
Cherry Urn
Medium Walnut Urn
Outside: Etched Marble
with Gold tone inlay.
Gold Nameplate
Inside: Engraved lid and
plain memorial tray. Text
inlayed in Gold
Price: $558.00
Extra Large
Walnut Urn
Extra Large Cherry Urn
Outside: Etched Marble on
Front Silver Inlay for text.
Silver Nameplate
Inside: Engraved Photo
Frame and Memorial Tray
with Silver tone Inlay
Price: $685.00
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Etched Marble Memorials
Page 22
Extra Large Cherry Urn
Outside: Etched Marble with
Silver Inlay
Inside: Engraved Rainbow Bridge
Poem. Gold tone inlay for text
Medium Cherry Urn
Outside: Etched Marble Inlayed with
Silver, Engraved Top inlayed with
Silver Tone
Inside: Etched Marble with Silver Tone
inlay. Engraved Picture Frame
Medium Cherry Urn
Outside: Engraved Photo
Frame on front, Etched
Marble on top with Gold Fill
Inside: Engraved Tray with
Gold inlay and Lid with
natural engraving
Price: $645.00
Medium Maple Urn
Outside: Etched Marble with
Gold inlay for border and
Inside: Natural Engraved
tray and lid
Price: $631.50
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