Rodeo Office Bid Specs - Fallon County, Montana

Fallon County Fair, Rodeo Office Specs
May 19, 2015
Building will need to be built on the south side, rodeo parking lot, 19 Airport Road; (marked by flags) the
building is to be on a skid. but anchored down. And 16 x 30 feet
30 ft long east to west
16 ft wide north to south
Tin roof and walls for outer shell
Same color and style as grandstands tin, dessert storm
Entry doors on north side
White trim on outside windows with 2 white doors
Front porch with wooded floor and awning. (Resembles the one at Credit union.) 12’ wide, length of
building, north side 12 foot at peak and 8 foot at north edge.
Floor planks with ½ in space between them, rough cut
9 poles on porch with 3ft high rail between them. (Strong enough to hold body support)
Open spots North east front corner and open end on west end.
1 ft south side overhang
Frame inside office walls 16’ x 20’
8ft ceilings on south side
12ft ceiling at peak or north wall
1ft overhangs of south eve
Insulate office walls, give a quote for each kind, blown and blanket insulation
Use OSB board for inside walls, 3/4 thick
Build wall to divide office and storage room
No Attic
Wood Floor throughout whole building. (3/4 plywood)
Mop board and trim on windows, doors, and floors
Put in 3 windows 30” x 40” with screens, two on north side and one on east side.
1- 4 foot wide doors, insulated and white. With a window in it, door faces north.
Heater/ air conditioner unit on east wall above window
10’x 16’
Wooden Floor, ¾ plywood.
1- 4 foot wide doors, insulated and white. With a window in it, door faces North.
Two fluorescent lights in office ceiling
7 Wall outlets 4’ feet up from floor in office
Two outlets in storage room
Two outside outlets on north side of building
Outside light center of north side
Camper out let on south east corner of building
one pole lights for outside lighting with switch inside of electrical panel
Phone line and internet line in office
One light in storage room
One outlet in storage room
Electrical panel in storage room
Ask for necessary insurance forms
Bid is due in the Fallon County Fairgrounds office, in a sealed envelope, 10 days from receiving this
paper work.
Job must be completed by August 1, 2015
Fallon County Fair will contract separately the following