2014 Iris Festival Crafters

2014 Iris Festival Crafters
Joan Beaver– Signed and numbered prints,
soft sculpture people
Bethany Banks – Goat milk soaps, natural
lotions, soap cupcakes
Tracy Darr – Stanley’s Produce – Fruit bowls, fried pies,
Rocshae Flanary – Children’s clothing
Bobby Gosnell – Appalachian Iris Garden – Iris bulbs
Amanda Hope – Grann’s Gourmet Apples – Gourmet apples,
dipped strawberries
Judy Foster – Ceramics and floppies
Brandy Reeves – Hair bows, tutus, flip flops, hats, rompers, leg
warmers, face painting
Linda McCulley Designs – Handcrafted jewelry using beads,
gemstones, sterling silver and pewter components
Linda Maxwell – Sewing and embroidery
Barbara Marler – Sewing and embroidery
Jimmie Futrell – Glassblowing
Petty Shepard – Straw baskets, banana bark jewelry
Danni Speight – Plants
Maureen Beach – My Creations – Blankets, picture/frames,
misc. pottery crafts, plants, flowers
Lisa Luann – Bows by Lisa – Unique hair ties
Beverly Watson – Fabric and ribbon, hair accessories
David Dyer – Pet supplies, collars, leashes, harnesses, pet tags
Mark, Katie & Sam Smelcer – Metal yard art, bottle trees,
flowers, horseshoe art
Donna Williams – Fused glass-framed pieces,
cheese trays, wind chime, jewelry
Patsy & Mike Hancock – Hancock’s Wood
Crafts – Serving trays, bowls, cheese boards,
cutting boards
John Johnson – Woodworking, barn wood
Rolando Flores – Adult and kids’ wool sweaters/ponchos,
jewelry, embroidery
Pete Hitch – Muscadine juice
Elizabeth Pickle – Handmade jewelry – made with gemstones
and other materials
Amy Wald – Rustic bark, burl & twig, frames, mirrors and
small home access
Dan Davenport – Hand-hammered aluminum giftware
Richard Ware – Stamped ring
Danny Wilde – Night lights using recycled glass bottles
Deborah Mann – My Mountain Flower – Handmade from
scratch lye soaps, lotion bars, polymer clay jewelry
Shelby Fillers – Mountain View Bakery – Handmade breads,
pies, cookies, cakes
David Charron – Wood furniture
Denise Pritchard – Wood work
Cheryl Richards – Flower’s Faces Face painting
Daniele Wickel – Cache Bags
Donna Cornett – Just Herbs – Spices, teas, dips, soups, jellies
and vinegars
Bruce Martin – 2X3, 5X7, 8X10, 11X14 Oak name frames
Jeanne Musick – The Rose Pearl – Custom jewelry,
handcrafted and accented with beads made from real roses
and flowers
Walt Evans – Jewelry-Necklace, bracelet,
Jessie Hill – Tu Sisters’ Designs – Children’s
clothes, infinity scarves, totes
John Weems – Greeneville Iris Society – Iris
Dennis Berry – Chair carving/weaving
McKenzie Munro – Goating Greene All Natural Skin Essentials
– Handmade skin essentials, all natural goat’s milk products
Aline Backes – Express It Face & Body Art – Face painting,
hand drawn art, glitter tattoos
Debbie Cox – Dolls, baby items, Christmas ornaments, cloth
Roman Stonecipher – Soap, wood carvings, rustic shelves,
Tammy Lewis – Homemade floral, pillows and wood items
Darlene Srigley – Hooded towels, purses, embroidered shirts,
table runners, fabric bags
Darlene Lemnah – Crazy Bees – Quilting, crochet, decorations,
James Bible – W&J Scents, Etc. – Candles, wax melts, room
sprays, carpet freshener, incense fragrance and country décor
Danielle & Richard Lynch – Handmade organic jewelry from
palm nuts, seeds, flowers and fruit. Hair accessories, one of a
Corinne & Michelle Stoltz – Handmade one-of-a-kind jewelry
Christin Tank & Jennie Dorris – Metal art & wreaths
Pegi Gibson, Karen Johnson, Kim Nuss – Jewelry-Wire, handwoven, some beads, clay-sculpture, hand & wheel pottery
Moe Bonin – Spoon jewelry
Frankie Edwards – Hand painted switch
covers, clocks
Becky Anders – Sweet B&B – Hummingbird
Brenda Henry – That Extra Something – Hair
accessories for all ages
Noah Fox – Craft – all sewed and crocheted items