CV - Louisiana State University

Fang Yang
Louisiana State University
Curriculum Vitae
June 2015
Department of Economics, 2322 Business Education Complex, Nicholson Extension
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Email: [email protected]
Office phone: 225-578-3803
Citizenship: China (U.S. Permanent Resident)
2006 Ph.D. (Economics), University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
2004 M.A. (Economics), University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
1999 M.A. (Economics), Peking University, China
1996 B.A. (Economics), Peking University, China
Major Fields of Concentration
Macroeconomics, Public Finance, Wealth Inequality, Savings, and Housing
Fall 2013-present
Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University
Fall 2006-Spring 2013 Assistant Professor, SUNY-Albany
Previous Research Experience
June-August 2012
Summer Fellow, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
July-August 2008
Visitor, University of Pennsylvania, and Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
July 2007
Visitor, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Research Assistant, Instructor, University of Minnesota
Visiting Scholar, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Grants, Awards, and Honors
2012-present Member, Becker-Friedman Institute, Chicago–Human Capital and Economic Opportunity
group (HCEO)
Excellence in Teaching Award, Graduate Category, Dept. of Economics, LSU
AEA CSWEP Summer Fellow
2008-2011 Faculty Research Award, SUNY-Albany
2007-2008 Stephen H. Sandell Grant, Center for Retirement Research at Boston College ($39,996)
2005-2006 Gross Fellowship, Department of Economics, University of Minnesota
2000-2001 Graduate School Fellowship, University of Minnesota
1997-1998 Atena Scholarship, Peking University
1996-1997 Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank Scholarship, Peking University
1996-1997 Excellent Academic Achievement Scholarship, Peking University
1994-1995 Sanwa Bank Scholarship, Peking University
Fang Yang
Louisiana State University
1. “Housing Over Time and Over the Life Cycle: A Structural Estimation,” with Wenli Li,
Haiyong Liu, and Rui Yao, International Economic Review, forthcoming
2. “Skill-Biased Technical Change and the Cost of Higher Education” with John B. Jones, The
Journal of Labor Economics, forthcoming
3. “Home Production and Social Security Reform,” with Michael Dotsey and Wenli Li, European
Economic Review, 73, 2015, 131–150.
4. “Bequests and Heterogeneity in Retirement Wealth,” with Mariacristina De Nardi, European
Economic Review, 2014, 182-196, DOI : 10.1016/j.euroecorev.2014.09.004
5. “Consumption and Time Use over the Life Cycle,” with Michael Dotsey and Wenli Li,
International Economic Review, Vol. 55, No. 3, August 2014, pages 665–692.
6. “Social Security Reform with Impure Intergenerational Altruism,” Journal of Economic
Dynamics and Control, 37 (2013), 52-67.
7. “Accounting for Gender Gap in College Attainment,” with Suqin Ge, Economic Inquiry, 51(1),
2013, 478–499.
8. “American Dream or American Obsession? The Economic Benefits and Costs of
Homeownership”, with Wenli Li, Business Review, Q3, 20-30, 2010.
9. “Consumption over the Life Cycle: How Different is Housing?” Review of Economic Dynamics,
12 (3), 423-443, 2009.
Working Papers
1. “Is Relative Risk Aversion Time-varying? Evidence from Households' Portfolio Choice Data,”
with Zongwu Cai and Xuan Liu (Revise and resubmit at Journal of Economic Dynamics and
2. “Wealth Inequality, Family Background, and Estate Taxation”, with Mariacristina De Nardi,
NBER WP #21047. Proposal accepted by the Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference in Public
Policy, which will eventually be published in a special issue of the Journal of Monetary
3. “Financial Intermediation and Capital Reallocation,” with Hengjie Ai and Kai Li
Work in Progress
1. “The Insurance Role of Marriage”, with Mariacristina De Nardi
2. “Financial Reform and Housing Prices,” with Betty C. Daniel
3. “Labor Supply of Married Household: a Gender Specific Analysis,” with Suqin Ge
4. “Policy Reforms, Housing, and Wealth Inequality”
5. “Limited Enforcement, Private Information, and Risk Sharing,” with Hengjie Ai
Conference and Seminar Presentations
2015 UCL, Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference in Public Policy, Spring Midwest Macroeconomics
Meetings, Fudan University, Hunan University, SED Meeting
2014 Spring Midwest Macroeconomics Meetings; North American Summer Meeting of the
Econometric Society; Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago; Southern Economic Association Meeting
2013 Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City; University of Connecticut; Louisiana State University,
Stony Brook University; Washington State University; Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
2012 Emory University; SUNY-Albany; New York/Philadelphia Workshop on Quantitative
Macroeconomics; Midwest Macroeconomics Meetings; North American Summer Meeting of the
Econometric Society; SED Meeting; Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago; Recent Developments in
Fang Yang
Louisiana State University
the Economics of Home Production and Nonmarket Work at University of Chicago; Fall Midwest
Macroeconomics Meetings in Boulder
2011 Midwest Macroeconomics Meetings; Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
2010 SED Meeting at Montreal, Canada
2009 Stony Brook University; Tsinghua Workshop in Macroeconomics, Beijing, China; North
American Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society; Quantitative Society for Pensions and
Saving Workshop, Utah State University, UT; Midwest Macroeconomics Meetings
2008 Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia; North American Summer Meeting of the Econometric
Society; SUNY-Albany; Midwest Macroeconomics Meetings; Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Canada;
American Economic Association Annual Meeting
2007 North American Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society, Durham, NC;
Midwest Economic Association Meetings, Minneapolis, MN
2006 SUNY-Albany; SED meeting at Vancouver, Canada; North American Summer Meeting of the
Econometric Society; Midwest Macroeconomics Meetings; University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong;
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong; Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Canada;
Purdue University; Indiana University; University of Toronto; SUNY-Albany,; Rutgers University;
University of Colorado-Boulder
2005 Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago; Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis; SED meeting at
Budapest, Hungary; Midwest Macroeconomics Meetings; Housing, Mortgage Finance, and the
Macroeconomy at Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
2004 CESifo Venice Summer Institute, Venice, Italy
Housing-Urban-Labor-Macro (HULM) Conference, St. Louis, 2013
Midwest Economic Association Meetings at Minneapolis, MN, 2007
CESifo Venice Summer Institute, Venice, Italy, 2004
Courses Taught
Graduate Advanced Topics in Macroeconomics, Fall 2014
1st year PHD Macroeconomics, Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Spring 2015
Intermediate Macroeconomics, Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2015
Intermediate Macroeconomics, Fall 2006, Fall 2007, Fall 2008, Spring 2009, Fall 2009, Fall
2010, Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013
Graduate Advanced Macroeconomics, Spring 2007, Fall 2008, Fall 2010, Fall 2012
University of Minnesota
Macro Policy Honors (joint with Mariacristina De Nardi), Fall 2004
Principles of Macroeconomics, Spring 2004
Principles of Microeconomics, Spring 2003
Professional Activities
Reviewer National Science Foundation
Referee American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, American Economic Review, B.E. Journal of
Macroeconomics, Cityscape, Economic Modelling, Economic Inquiry, Economics Letters,
European Economic Review, International Economic Review, Japanese Economic Review,
Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Journal of
Fang Yang
Louisiana State University
Housing Economics, Journal of Income Distribution, Journal of Macroeconomics, Journal of
Monetary Economics, Journal of Public Economics, Oxford Economic Papers,
Macroeconomic Dynamics, Review of Economic Dynamics, Review of Income and Wealth,
Southern Economic Journal, The Manchester School
Professional membership
American Economic Association, American Finance Association
Department Research Committee, LSU
College of Business Instructional Support and Development Committee, LSU
Ph.D. Dissertation Committee Member, LSU
Xianliang Tian (2014)
Ting Wang (in progress)
Dachao Yuan (in progress)
Ph.D. Dissertation Committee Member, SUNY-Albany
Yanyi Shan (2011)
Siddhartha Chattopadhyay (2011)
Ranajoy Chaudhury (2011)
Li Li (2013)
Hyuk Chung (2013)
Pu Li (2014)
Master Thesis, SUNY-Albany
Yifei Zhang (2011, advisor)