HP Create: Wrapped Charm Bracelet

HP Create: Wrapped Charm Bracelet
I love handmade jewelry. I especially love handmade jewelry that’s fun and easy to create! And
since it’s a new year, it’s the perfect time to try a new look! I’ve seen these little wrapped bracelets
wandering all over the internet, and I wanted to create my own with a little personalized charm.
Here’s a simple how-to so you can make your own!
HP Create
● HP Officejet Pro 8600 AiO Printer + Original HP Ink
● ⅛ inch thick Latigo Lace x 1.5 yards long
● 1 embroidery floss (your choice of color)
● 1 ball chain necklace
● Wire nippers
● Grafix Shrink Film
● word + image printout
● black permanent marker
● hole punch
● scissors
● baking parchment paper
● baking sheet
● 8 mm jump ring
 Oven
HP Create
Step 1
Figure out the length you’d like your bracelet to be. Loosely wrap the ball chain necklace around
your wrist twice. Hold your finger on the measured point, and use a tape measure to find the
length. This measurement will help you figure out the length you need for the Latigo Lace. Double
your ball chain length and add 2 inches.
Example: My ball chain measurement was 16 inches. 16 x 2 is 32, plus 2 inches = I cut my Latigo Lace
to 34 inches.
Step 2
Fold the Latigo Lace in half. On the looped/folded end of the Latigo Lace, use a piece of embroidery
floss to tie the loop in place (the loop should be ½ inch from the tied spot to the top).
HP Create
Step 3
Grab your embroidery floss and ball chain necklace. Place the clasp end of the ball chain necklace
into the tied loop on the Latigo Lace and secure the ball chain necklace to the Latigo Lace.
TIP #1: Do a quick size-test-run. Wrap the bracelet around your wrist twice and if the bracelet is too
long, unwrap the embroidery floss a bit and trim the Latigo Lace at the new desired length.
Sometimes all the tight wrapping on the bracelet can make the finished piece longer than expected.
HP Create
Step 4
Time to start wrapping! Bring your embroidery floss over and in between two balls. Bring the
embroidery floss around and under the Latigo lace. AND REPEAT. Over and over until you reach the
end of your measured Latigo Lace.
HP Create
Note: I did a double wrap in between each ball, but you can do a single wrap. I just thought it looked
more colorful with the double wrap.
TIP #1: I recommend spacing-out and relaxing while wrapping your bracelet. Watch a good movie.
It won’t take too long to wrap, but it’s sort of relaxing. Maybe you could make multiple?
HP Create
Step 5
Tie the end of the embroidery floss to the end of your bracelet. A quick way to do this is split the
end of the embroidery floss in two, wrap the pieces around the bracelet and knot.
HP Create
Step 6
Use your wire nipper to cut the ball chain necklace at the end of your wrapped bracelet. You need
about 3 balls at the end to fit into the ball chain clasp.
HP Create
Step 7
Now that your bracelet is finished, let’s customize it! I’ve provided a free print out for you to use
and make charms for the bracelet. It’s really easy and fun to do. Let’s get started. Print out the
page I provided and pick a design, OR you can make your own design. All of these designs will shrink
to about 20% of the original size with the shrink film.
HP Create
HP Create
Step 8
Place a piece of the Grafix Shrink Film over the shape/word you’d like to use. Use the permanent
marker to trace the shape and let the ink dry for about 5 minutes.
TIP #2: When the black ink is dry, try adding some color with sharpies! I think a red heart would be
cute. You could even trace the shapes with a colored sharpie.
HP Create
Step 9
Use a hole punch to cut a hole right next to the traced word/shape. Use scissors to cut out the piece,
leaving a small bit of plastic space between the word and hole.
HP Create
Step 10
Time to bake the charms.
First, I recommend reading the directions for your shrink film to find the set up for the oven, baking
sheet, parchment paper and cooking time. My instructions had me set my oven to 300 – 350 degrees
and place a piece of parchment on the baking sheet. Put the charms on the parchment paper and
place ANOTHER piece of parchment over the charms. Bake for 2 - 3 minutes. Take out and let cool. I
did a quick test run and found that 330 degrees + just over 2 minutes works best for my oven. See
what works best for you.
HP Create
Step 11
When the charms are cool enough to handle, slip a jump ring through the charm’s hole. Link the
charm onto the looped end of the Latigo Lace on your bracelet. And you’re done!
HP Create
TIP #3: If you want to make another, try making a quadruple wrapped bracelet! All you need to do
is attach the clasp of one ball chain necklace, to another. Repeat all the steps above! You could
even try out 2 colors of embroidery floss. Just skip a ball in the wrapping process with one color,
and wrap the other color in between the skipped balls.
HP Create
HP Create
HP Create
This little bracelet is a perfect gift, or keep it for yourself…. I won’t judge. Hee. My red wrapped
bracelet is a gift for a friend. She’s about to give birth to her first baby, so I’m going to create and
print out a card + gift card from TwoSmiles for some pizza, and tie this bracelet to it for her new
mama gift.
As always, I would love to see if you make this project yourself. Just share it in our Idea Exchange!
Share any tips/tricks/customizations you make!
- Chelsey, The Paper Mama
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