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June - August 2013
Multiple party
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Our cover photo is of
Ashley and Aiden Esterhuizen
(10 months old)
The are the cuties of Martie &
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Competition winners
Tips from our Facebook mommies
ADD/ADHD Workshop
Win with the Spookles
Multiple birthday party ideas
New booklets on Multiples
Babies on the way
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Competition winners
August is a month of much
antisipation, excitement and fun
in our household. Woman’s day
is the day that hubby and I got
together many moon’s ago, and
also the day that we bacame
our two super hero’s knew
exactly what they wanted the
birthday theme should be.
Thanks to a bit of inner child
and a lot of Pinterest, this mommy had it all covered.
Congratulations to the winner of our Fathers Day competition.
Callie van Heerden of Florida Glen.
Planning a party for one is
already a lot of work, let alone
when you have twins! Keeping
both (or more!) happy in one go
can be challenging. But luckily
there are a lot of reasourses on
the internet to make this easier.
This month we will take a look
at a couple of possible themes
for multiples that could keep even the pigeon pairs happy! Also
some tips for saving some money along the way.
Kind Regards
Congratulations to the winner of our Mothers Day competition.Inneke
Engelbrecht with her twins Ilan and Rigo of Roodepoort.
Multiple party theme...
Kathleen Du Toit Barbie, Barney, Winnie the pooh, Bratz,
Cinderella, Disney Princesses ... just to name a few oh and
Hello Kitty, Little Mermaid
For those of you who
didn’t know, we are
also on Facebook!
Julie Lunn Woodley Minnie Mouse
Come and join in the
sharing and caring.
Ask questions and
help moms who need
answers. After all, who
better to give advice to
a mom with multiples,
than someone who’s
been there...
Kathleen Du Toit Polka dots, stars & stripes, bows, hats, tea
party, cup cakes, farm yard,
Click on the facebook
icon abocve to follow
A couple of moms
give ideas about
party themes for
Elizma Blom Nice, but I was thinking about something not
Disney theme related. Like mice and cheese or ladybugs...
Liz Pereira Chatwind We did a balloon theme for our twins
First birthday...lots of different colours, bright and they loved
it. We stayed away from a themed party. Doing the themes
when they a little older.
Nicolene Müller Vermeulen We only had a cake evening for
their birthday this week. I made a rainbow cake for them
and I loved all the bright colors. There’s
a lot of great ideas on pinterest that you
can look at.
Amor Herbst For first birthday we kept
it family and I made carrot cake cupcakes decorated with butterflies. Back
then Em was in creche, so made party
boxes for school and decorated the boxes with butterflies
folded (origami) from scrapbooking paper. Went to Lory Park
Zoo for the morning. At 2 she was more aware and wanted
Hello Kitty (big party and homebaked Hello Kitty cake and
cupcakes). This year we didn’t do a party as it was too close
to our twins due date. Bought the Lollos theme and an ice
cream cake (with a Lettie I made from pettinice on top) and
invited our friends around for boerewors rolls:-)
Roxanne Stottelaar I did two round cakes as splash pools
and put little ducks in it for my girls first birthday you could
put a little bee sitting on the side of the one pool. Farm animals for their second and Cars, of all things, one Tow Mater
cake and one Lightning Macqueen cake for their third
Sam Rowley tatty teddy
Suretha Botha We did farm animals for my boys first and
dogs for their second. Im thinking bugs for their 3rd!
Justine Jenkings I did Noah’s Ark - seeing as they came in 2
by 2 ..
ADD/ADHD Workshop
SAMBA presented an ADD/ADHD workshop on 03 August 2013 at the
LIFE CARSTENHOF CLINIC in Midrand. 14 people attended the workshop
which was lead by
Tia Bosua Gruenenfelder.
The following topics were discussed:
• What do we understand under ADD/ADHD
• Identification
• Medication Alternatives
• Parental Guidance: persistent persuasion
Some people’s children were already diagnosed with ADHD and some people just suspected ADHD with their children, but no diagnoses were made. Attendees had a chance
to discuss their children’s behaviour and
concerns and shared experiences with each
other. We got valuable information on how to
manage, treat and discipline children who has
been diagnosed with ADHD.
Usefull websites
Information is power and at the end of the
day, everybody walked out with more knowledge on this condition and that it is treatable.
Thank you very much to Tia, for her time and
effort she put in to discuss ADHD with the
attendees. Thank you to LIFE Carstenhof Clinic
for using their facilities.
Meet the Spookles!
Meet Spookles, a series of online, electronic children’s books, aimed at helping
your little ones learn new words. They are professionally narrated, have a word
robot and above all are great fun.
The author, Colleen Wenn, offered these two stories to SAMBA-members free of
Wins a set of 12 of these ebooks by answering the question below:
What do Higgles love to eat?
Name and Surname:
SAMBA member no:
Cell no:
You can also e-mail your entry with your name,
SAMBA membership no, contact details and the
answer to [email protected]
Multiple birthday party ideas
Written by: Nancy Arnold
Throwing a birthday celebration for twins can be
quite the challenge. You’ll need to plan a celebration that makes each child feel special. Your kids
will need to share the spotlight, while also feeling
like their personal interests and hopes are being
fulfilled. Planning a celebration that meets each
child’s unique aspirations and personality can be
daunting, but fear not! We have all the tips and
tricks you’ll need to plan a perfect celebration for
your twins’ birthday party!
Celebrations begin with the invitations. Inform
your guests of your celebration with the right
kids birthday invitations. If you can’t find the
invitations you’re looking for, try creating your
own. Order inexpensive kids birthday invitations
online, or try making your own from scratch. You
can even get your kids involved. They’ll love adding personal touches to their birthday invitations.
Your guests will enjoy receiving an invite you and
your kids worked hard on.
Booklet, Accordion, and Multifold Cards
A great way to incorporate both of your children
into your invites is via multi paged invitations.
There’s a variety of multi-page invitation card designs to choose from; including booklet, accordion, and multifold cards. Booklet invitations are a
great choice if you’re planning on adding a lot of
photographs and text to your invite. They provide
8 pages of design space. Tri-fold, or accordion invitations consists of 6 pages. Multi paged invites
will give you plenty of space to cover your celebration’s details, while also giving you a chance
to dedicate specific pages to each child.
Party Decorations
After you find the invitations that are right for
your celebration, you can start thinking about
party decorations. Choose decorations that
match the interests and personality of your twins.
You can even include the twins in the decorating
process. Let them choose the celebration theme
and color scheme. They will enjoy the celebration
even more knowing they helped put it together!
Cater the celebration to the interest of both
children be letting each child choose a decoration
theme and color scheme. Whether it’s dinosaurs
and princesses, pirates and Barbies, or black and
white, it will be fun to find a creative way to fit
the pieces together. If you’re trying to plan your
party on a budget, there are a ton of fun DIY
decorations you can put together for next to
Handmade flag garland design process.
Add color and definition to any boring wall or
ceiling with handmade garland. You can make
garland out of almost anything. Try using paper, a stencil, and ribbon to create beautiful flag
garland. Start by creating a triangle stencil out of
cardboard. Then use the stencil to trace your triangles, or flags, onto colorful construction paper.
Cut out the flags and punch two holes near the
top. Add ribbon and you have colorful piece of
garland to adorn your venue with.
To incorporate the twin theme into this project,
let the children help decorate the flags. Before
you punch holes in the flags, divide the flags in
half and give a pile to each child. They can use
markers, colored pencils, crayons, or paint to
decorate the flags. Then string the decorated
flags onto the ribbon. This craft project will make
for a fun bonding experience! Your kids will have
to work together to complete it and the finished
project will show the unique flags created by
each child.
Party Favors
Looking for a fun and easy party favor for your
birthday celebration? Teach the kids how to make
candy necklaces. This project is super fun, easy, and
delicious. Start by setting out dental floss and dishes
of candy or cereal. Fruit Loops, Cheerios, and Lifesavers are all great choices. Supervise the children as the
string their necklaces together and help them out
when needed. Your guests will love taking this home
as a keepsake of your party.
Party Activities
You’ll need to provide your kids with fun party
games and activities to keep them entertained
throughout their celebration. Try choosing games
that coincide with your party theme. It’s never a
bad idea to have a craft station setup for the kids to
enjoy. Try setting up a cupcake decorating station.
Everyone will enjoy this activity. Start by putting
out a few dishes of frosting, sprinkles, and candies.
Then buy or bake a batch of cupcakes. Let each twin
choose a flavor for the cupcakes and color for the
frosting. Supervise the children as they have fun
making beautiful cupcakes they then get to eat!
Enjoy Your Celebration
Hope these twin party suggestions help you plan a
wonderful birthday celebration! Remember to include your children in the party planning process!
They will surely have a few ideas you never would
have thought of. Have fun planning your celebration!
New Booklets On Multiples
Below is a list of pamphlets available for sale.
The Authors of these are professionals ranging from doctors to researchers and teachers of multiples with valuable multiple experiences.
We urge all members who would like more information on certain topics to please make use of this service. If you have any ideas on topics
that should be covered, please let us know and if you have any information you feel is of interest to the other members, also share that
with us!
Please note that there is a two week turnaround time from date payment has been made. Members to note that they are allowed to pay
for a postal service of their choice for delivery of the pamphlets.
“Twins” by Sheila Kritzinger
“Hoe speel my kind” Ann Christodoulou
“ Your Child’s Play” by Ann Christodoulou
The growing Toddler (Toddler Nutrition) by
Wilna du Toit
“Twin Management” SAMBA workshop 1987
“Prematurity”: A guide for parents” by Elmarie
‘Twins in school”by Dept. of Psychology, La
Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia
“Individuality in Twins”by Margorie Cloete
“The More The Merrier” by SAMBA
“ Parenting Triplets” booklet by AMBA
“Parenting Twins “Booklet by AMBA
“Returning to the workforce after a Multiple
Birth” by AMBA
“Safety in the Multiple birth Family” by AMBA
“Guidelines for Parents of Multiple Birth Children” by AMBA
“Bottle feeding Multiple Birth Babies” by
“Notes on equipment and layette for Multiples” by Sue Eslick-KZN Chairlady (1999/2000)
“Developing Individuality in Twins-by Edna
Confusion :Identical or Fraternal, compiled by
Liesl Ross (SAMBA Steering Committee Member 2007-2008)
Twin-to Twin transfusion, compiled by Liesl
Ross ( SAMBA Steering Committee Member
“Play for Twins,triplets,and more” by Tamba
30 pages
“School-aged Multiples” by AMBA
77 pages
Parenting boy/girl multiples by AMBA
56 pages
“Breastfeeding triplets, quads or more” by ABA
23 pages
“Breastfeeding twins “by ABA
35 pages
To order, please contact Similo Thodlana at the SAMBA office
Email: [email protected]
Babies on the Way
August 2013
Andrea and Marc Wiggill
Donna and Haine Pieterse
Roxanne and Bryan Austen
Heleen and Albert Chittenden
Kerry and James Faul
Emma Douglas
Nicolette and Francois vd Merwe
Jodi and Ricardo Vilares
Sonja andHeinrich Greffrath
Juanita and Stan du Toit
Leigh-Anne and George ChristodoulouTwins
Julie and Courtney Cunningham
Katherine and James Stutterheim
Danielle and Michael Webber
Kristy-Leigh and Marinus Schoeman Twins
Greenstone Hill
September 2013
Retha and William Gee
Lizette and Gerhardus Geldenhuys
Elani and Charles Page
Michelle and Bruce Dragt
Nicky and Ray Mayne
Donovan Clifford
Lee-Ann and Paul Wijtenburg
Christine and Phil Moolman
Annwin and Ryan Strohmenger
Madelaine and Norval Kriel
Michelle and Basil Katz
Twins Twins
Mt Moreland
Somerset West
October 2013
Natasha and Michael Knight
Cher and Luciano Caolo
Elaine and Jaco Pfister
North Riding
Nikki and Wayne Naude
Pally and Jacques Peyper
Jenni-Kate and Kurt Warwick
Shannon and Giles Knight
Carmen and Graeme Taylor
Lene-Marie and Johann Botha
Noluthando and Sithembiso Ngwenya Twins
Hannah and Matthew Pirnie
Megan and Shaun Evertse
Abigail and Grant Hartney
Rudzani and Mphekgo Maila
Ipeleng Kgoleng
Chantelle and Clint Falconer
Kim and Ross Miles
Kempton Park
November 2013
Kerry and Sean Tomkinson
Simonne Nurse and Shaun Muller
Deon and Scott Redpath
Louise and Roy Opperman
Tania and Riccardo De Marco
Marelu and PJ Snyman Twins
December 2013
Lindi and Jacques Roux
Carin vd Schyf and Fanus Gerber
Marlise and Jason Mantell
Tarren and Anthony Miller
Paula and Martin Dovey
Jennifer and Andrew Jones
Tracy and Carl Murphy
Marghreette and Alwyn Fortuin
Pharro Fairley and Clinton Jurgens
Kempton Park
Port Elizabeth
Tarryn and Jacob Erasmus
Mariska and Roland Knoetza
Maria and George Morfou
Woodland Hills
Shelly and Gary Ainsworth
Leaza and Kim Jernberg
Hermien and Dewald Snyman
Elske and Johan Boersema
Melany and Duncan Boggett
January 2014
Greenstone Hill
Welcome to New Babies
Congratulations to the following proud parents!
Enjoy every minute of your new babies.
• Bronwyn and Clinton Kingston welcome their twins Blake and Alexis
born at 35 weeks via emergency c – section on the 21 December 2012
at the Sandton Medi Clinic. Blake weighed in at 2.6kg and Alexis at
• Melissa and Brendan Sayers welcome their twins Matthew Antonio and
Liam George born at 36 weeks via elective c – section at the Sandton
Medi Clinic on the 27th December 2012. Matthew weighed in at 3kg
and Liam at 3.5kg.
• Rizelle and Ferdi Kruger with Sam welcome their identical twin girls
Milan and Alexis born at 38 weeks via emergency c – section at the
Olivedale Hospital on the 14th January 2013. Milan weighed in at 2.8kg
and Alexis at 1.9kg.
• Camilla and Jade da Costa with Bella, Oli and Sopia welcome their twin
boys, Cole and Luca born via natural water birth on Tuesday 21st May
2013 at the Parklane Clinic. Cole weighed in at 2.74kg and Luca at
2.74kg. Luca had some lung issues and was taken to neonatal to get
him sorted. Once that was done we had to establish his feeding. Cole
roomed with Camilla for the 3 nights we stayed over. The boys were reunited late on Friday night when we were given the green light to come
home. Great to be home and have a BIG family all together. Bella, Oli
and Sophia are so happy with their baby brothers.
Jolene and Theo Huntley welcome their triplets Daniel,Haziel and Hariel
born on the 8th January 2013 via emergency c – section at the Garden
City Clinic. Daniel weighed in at 1.7kg, Haziel at 1.8kg and Hariel at
Joanne and Brad Neille welcome their twins Olivia Grace and Eloise
Sophie born on the 23rd May 2013 via elective c- section at 36.5 weeks
at the Sandton Medi Clinic. Olivia weighed in at 2.8kg and Eloise at
Both twins had hypoglycaemia at birth so spent a night in ICU and then
developed neonatal jaundice so spent a further 11 nights in high care.
they were discharged on 4 June and are doing very well. We are delighted to have them home!
Doraand Richard Prevost welcome their twins Nolanne and Dylanne
born on the 2nd February 2013 at 37weeks via elective c – section at
the Sandton Medi Clinic. Nolanne weighed in at 2.7kg and Dylanne at
Nicky and Christo Maritz welcome their twins Abigail Kenya and Quinn
Zaire born on the 24th December 2012 via elective c – section at 36.5
weeks at the Sandton Medi Clinic. Abigail weighed in at 2.1kg and
Quinn at 2.2kg.
Angie and Cairo Howarth welcome their identical twin boys Lincoln and
Tate born via emergency c- section at 33 weeks on the 6th April 2013
at the Parklane Medi Clinic. Lincoln weighed in at 1.790kg and Tate at
Michele and Justin Horwood welcome their twins Andrew Keith and
Matthew Graham born via elective c – section at 37 weeks on the 25th
March 2013 at the Sunninghill Medi Clinic. Andrew weighed in at 2.3kg
and Matthew at 2.1kg.
Nastasha and Jared Watson welcome their twins London and Willow
born on the 3rd of April 2013 via emergency c – section at 33 weeks.
London weighed in at 1.9kg and Willow at 1.6kg.
Wendy and Jan-Hendrik du Plessis welcome heir wins Grace and Michael
born on the 2nd April 2013 via elective c – section at 38 weeks at the
Sandton Medic Clinic Grace weighed in at 2.5kg and Michael at 2.1kg.
The twins have spent seven non-consecutive weeks in NICU at the Sandton Medi Clinic for NEC and Pneumonia.
Yandiswa and Ntakupa Nkonde welcome their triplets Kutemwa Thandolwethu, Kanyanta Chulumanco and Kuzipa Siyamthana born on the
24th January 2013 via elective c – section at 34 weeks at the Sunninghill Netcare. Kutemwa weighed in at 1.00kg, Kanyanta at 2.00kg and
kuzipa at 1.6kg.
Jacqueline and Thamsanqa Musi welcome their twins Olwethlu and
Thando born at 36 weeks via emergency c – section on the 2nd August
2012. Olwethlu weighed in at 2.280kg and Thando at 2.360kg.
Tapiwa and Alain Diffo with Rudo welcome their twins Jayden and
Ayden born on the 3rd May 2013 via elective c- section at 38 weeks at
the Sunninghill Hospital. Jayden weighed in at 2.47kg and Ayden at
• Amor and Tyron Herbst with Emily welcome their twins Abigail and Isobel born naturally at 36 weeks at the Unitas Hospital. Abigail weighed
in at 1.79kg and Isobel at 2.23kg. Spent 12 days in NNICU. Breastfeeding both and they are doing extremely well. Sleeping like champs at
night and Mommy and Daddy and 3yr old sister completely in love with
the new additions.
• Christine and Sarel du Toit welcome their twins Floris and Lana born at
37 weeks via elective c – section at the Femina Netcare on the 3rd May
2013. Floris weighed in at 2.54kg and Lana at 2.48kg.
• Sulet and Jacques Ellis welcome their identical twin boys Jean-Verwey
and Joshua Henry born at 35 weeks via elective c – section at the Medi
Clinic Trichardt on the 31st March 2013. Jean-Verwey weighed it in at
2.36kg and Joshua Henry at 2kg.
• Thaliza and Hein du Toit welcome their twins Christiaan and Adriane’
born on the 5th April 2013 at 34 weeks via elective c – section. Christiaan weighed in at 2.1kg and Adriane at 1.97kg. babies where in
NNICU for 3 weeks.
• Marzanne and Stefan Pretorius welcome their identical twin boys
Christiaan and Daniel born via emergency c – section at 34.4 weeks at
the Kloof Medi Clinic on the 8th May 2013. Christiaan weighed in at
2.18kg and Daniel at 1.66kg.
• Esther and Jaco Oosthuizen with Carlo and Rico welcome their twins
Juvan and Mia born at 34.5 weeks via emergency c – section on the 7th
March 2013 at the Pretoria East Hospital. Juvan weighed in at 1.97kg
and Mia at 2.14kg.
• Boitumelo and Armstrong Tsolo welcome their twins Thuoand Letlotto
born at 38 weeks via elective c – section at Steve Biko Hospital on the
6th March 2013. Thuo weighed in at 2.84kg and Letlotto at 2.97kg.
• Tania and Carl-James van Rooyen welcome their triplets Rudolf Johannes, Ize Emily and Carl-James born on the 3rd February 2013 via
emergency c – section at 35 week at the Pretiria East Hospital. Rudolf
weighed in at 1.7kg Ize at 2.1kg and Carl-James at 2.5kg.
• Natacha and Herman de Villiers their twins Anina and Elri born on the
28th May 2013 via elective c – section at 37 weeks and 2 days. Anina
weighed in at 2.91kg and Elri at 2.74kg.
• Elinore and Jaco Hattingh welcome their twins Jenelle and Jenay born at
37 weeks via Normal c – section on the 30th May 2012 at the Krugersdorp Private Hospital.
• Jenelle weighed in at 3.4kg and Jenay at 2.7kg.
• Anika and Francois de Bruin welcome their twins Juandre and Lu-Juan
born at 36 weeks via NATURAL birth on the 4th January 2013 at the
Vereeniging Medi Clinic. Jaundre weighed in at 1.7kg and Lu-Juan at
2.2kg. Juandre was in NNICU for 3 weeks, and Lu-Juan for 1 week.
• Vanessa and Stuart Slater welcome their twins Matthew Jack and Liam
Stuart born at 35 weeks via elective c – section on the 25th April 2013
at the Sandton Medi Clinic. Matthew weighed in at 2.22kg and Liam at
• Ronel and Frikkie van der Westhuizen with Liam and Daniela welcome
their twins Erik and Linli born on the 5th June 2013 via elective c –
section at 38 weeks at the Panorama Medi Clinic. Erik weighed in at
3.315kg and Linli at 3.255kg.
• Bronwen and Daniel Jillings welcome their identical twin boys Alexander Julian and James David born at 34 week via emergency c – section
on the 29th December 2012 at the Cape Town Medi Clinic. Alexander
weighed in at 2.24kg and James 2.23kg.
• Leanne and David Large welcome their twins Emma Kathryn and Christina Kayla born on the 21st November 2012 via emergency c – section
at the Constantiaberg Hospital at 34 weeks. Emma weighed in at 2.1kg
and Christina at 2.0kg. the girls spent 2 and a half weeks in the ICU
which was a blessing in disguise as by the time they came home, we
knew what we were doing. They were in a great routine. They have
been such good little angles and we are lucky to say that they have
made having twins look easy.
• Catherine Mc Condochie and Morne Nortier welcome their twins Mason
Mc Condochie and Ethan Mc Condochie born natural at 37.5 weeks at
the Constantiaberg Medi Clinic on the 12th April 2013. Mason weighed
in at 2.7kg and Ethan at 2.3kg. Induced at 3am and twins born at 8.24
and 8.33. no time for epidural. Boys born healthy.
• Josie and Earl van Zyl welcome their twins Abigail and Christian born
on the 14th November 2012 via elective c – section at 31 weeks at the
Kingsbury Hospital. Abigail weighed in at 1.595kg and Christian at
• Anneline and Wilhelm van Noordwyk welcome their twins Conrad and
Emil born at 36 weeks via emergency c – section on the 19th January
2013 at the Panorama Hospital. Conrad weighed in at 2.140kg and
Emil at 2.490kg.
• Joselle and Lee Crawford welcome their identical twin girls Olivia and
Lola born at 37.5 week via elective c – section on 31st December 2012
at the Parklands Hospital. Olivia weighed in at 3.280kg and Lola at
• Cathrine Gounden and Clayton Subramoney welcome their twins Ethan
Gabriel Subramoney and Caitlin Tamera Subramoney born at 36 weeks
via elective c – section at the St Augustines Hospital on the 4th April
2013. Ethan weighed in at 2.27kg and Caitlin at 2.32kg.
• Lezel and Eric Barnard with Kule welcome their twins Claire and Lisa
born at just over 34 weeks on the 1st July 2013. Claire weighed in at
2.280kg and Lisa at 2.110kg. Both are in NNICU with lung problems.
• Lezel and Eric Barnard welcome their twins Claire and Lisa born on the
28th June 2013 at 34 weeks at the Flora Life Clinic. Claire weighed in at
2.280kg and Lisa at 2.110kg
• Henriette and Lauren Potgieter welcome their identical twin girls Skyla
and Malaika born at 32.5 weeks via emergency c- section at the Krugersdorp Hospital on the 4th February 2013. Skyla weighed in at 1.5kg and
Malaika at 2.1kg. at 26 weeks, the fetal specialist informed us that our
little ones have TTTS and that we must prepare that anything could go
wrong. I was also admitted to hospital later the same day with pre-eclampsia symtoms. After 5 days stay in hospital, I was able to go home,
on bed-rest, visiting the hospital twicw a week for Non-stress tests to
see if the babies are still doing okay. Luckily the girls were both still
growing and the TTTS did not worsen, so we managed to push through
for another 6 weeks. On the 4th February, I went into labour after my
water broke, and the twins were delivered via emergency c – section.
Booth were admitted to NICU, but luckily there were no complications
and our girls were fit to and healthy enough to return home to us on
the same day, 3 weeks later. They are 4mounths old, and doing very
• Florah and Moeketsi Maxeke welcome their twins Kamohelo Onthatile
and Reamohetswe Remoratile born on the 25th February 2013 via elective c – section at 37 week at the Krugersdorp Private Hospital. Kamohelo weighed in at 2.905kg and Reamohetswe at 2.980kg.
Welcome to New Members
One of the main aims of SAMBA is to put members in contact with each other to provide
moral support and to get to know other parents who are travelling the same road as you.
Many of us do not have the time at this stage to get very involved due to bed rest, the knowledge
that we won’t have the time once the babies arrive or just feeling a little overwhelmed.
If you would like to chat to another member on this list who either stays in your area or has similar
circumstances to you please contact either Alice Badenhorst or your Chairlady for details.
Virginia and Athanaslos Missaikos with twins –
December 2012
Tanya and Nelson De Sousa expecting twins –
March 2013
Nicky and Ray Mayne expecting twins – September 2013
Jana and Cobus Coetzer expecting twins – April
Gina and Trevor Pocock expecting twins – July
Emma Douglas expecting twins - August 2013
Donovan Clifford expecting twins – September
Cher and Luciano Caolo expecting twins – October 2013
Era and Alexis Gunning with twins Lily and Rose –
April 2013
Liziwe Sono expecting triplets – June
Pamela and Mojalefa Mathebula expecting twins
– May 2013
Shannon and Giles Knight with Owen and Sean
expecting twins – October 2013
Devashnee and Rosham Naidu with twins Tailiah
and Seana – February 2013
Leigh-Anne Christodoulou expecting twins – August 2013
Julie and Courtney Cunningham expecting twins –
August 2013
Liandri and Charl Ferreira expecting twins – June
Reshnika and Patrick Dowling with twins Ephrain
Hunter Keevy and Eliah Wyatt Duncan -November
Jolanda Oldewage with twins Timpthy and Matthew – Dec 2006
Desiree and JP van der Merwe with twins Carli
and Milienke – January 2013
Marie and Andor Esbach with twins Wilmi and
Lienke – October 2011
Juanita and Stan du Toit expecting twins – August
Nikki and Wayne Naude expecting twins- October
Christine and Phil Moolman expecting twins –
September 2013
Thokozani and Lawrance Ntule-Dube with twins
Reitumetse and Kgosietsile – March 2013
Annwin and Ryan Strohmenger expecting twins –
September 2013
East Rand/Vaal Triangle
Elinore and Jaco Hattingh expecting twins – May
Daniella and Guy kilfoil expecting twins – July
Kajal and Jayesh Makan expecting twins – June
Jodi and Ricardo Vilares expecting twins – August
Petro and Johan Wolfaardt expecting twins – July
Angie and Corne van Staden expecting twins –
June 2013
West Rand/North West Province
Dee and Marshall Koopman with twins Jesse and
Liam – October 2005
Elaine and Jaco Pfister expecting twins – October
Melloney and Erneste van den Berg with twins
Meiring and Ernest – October 2012
Susan van Niekerk with Kayla and twins Jayden
and Melissa Kwa - Zulu Natal
Carla and Elias Haskins expecting twins – May
Provashnee and Neelen Samdrum with twins
Dkivya and Dhivashan – March 2013
Western Cape/Northern Cape
Hayley and Alex Landau with Ariella expecting
triplets – July 2013
Nicolette and Francois van der Merwe expecting
twins – August 2013
Julie and Roydon Michael with triplets Jasper,
Jamima and Gabriella – June 2011
Sonja and Heinrich Greffrath expecting twins –
August 2013
Lee-Ann and Paul Wijtenburg expecting twins –
Sept/Oct 2013
Robin van Schoor with twins Jada-Lee and Ry-Lee
– August 2012
Nelmarie and Ruthger van Broekhuizen expecting
twins – June 2013
Jenni-Kate and Kurt Warwick expecting twins –
October 2013
Minstte and Cornel Uys with Dirk Sunarius expecting twins – July 2013
Carmen and Graeme Taylor with Hannah expecting twins – October 2013
Julie and Sean Lunn with twins William and Seth
– May 2012
Gen and Alex Schutz with twins Paul and Lilia –
October 2012
Pally and Jacques Peyper expecting twins –October 2013
Lene-Marie and Johann Botha expecting twins –
October 2013
Our thoughts are with you
Our sincerest condolences go to the families who have
experienced sad and trying times.
You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Expectant Parents Seminar
Expectant Parents Seminar - July 2013
(Gauteng, Durban & Cape Town)
GAUTENG: 27 July 2013
Our 2nd Expectant Parents seminar for 2013 was
once again held at the beautiful Life Carstenhof
Clinic in Midrand.
For the 1st time in 3 years we had a very small
group of 19 couples. We nevertheless had a wonderful seminar. One couple was expecting triplets
and the rest twins.
From left: Lousanne Terblanche (Seminar coordinator), Marion Smith (National Chairlady), Alice
Badenhorst (Secretary) andAlta-Marie Botha-Diedericks (Discounts).
We had 5 exhibitors who
displayed and sold their products
AND also donated wonderful prizes
towards our raffle.
B-Trix D-signs
Child Edu Enterprises
Little Miracle
Pienkvoet Pret
The Baby Works (TFK)
Each couple received a
lovely goodie bag filled
with Baby products and
samples, received from all
our generous sponsors.
Our topics and speakers!
KZN FEEDBACK: 27 July 2013
Multiple terminology –
how does the multiple
development work and
BY Lousanne Terblanche –
mom of pigeon pair (4 years)
Unfortunately we had to cancel the Durban
seminar due to a low number of registrations.
The sponsorships received for this seminar will be
kept and stored for the July 2013 seminar.
Prem babies, ICU and Supertwins
BY Anel Beneke – mom of 1 singleton
and 5 year old triplets who were born at
25 weeks
Dad Talk
BY Stephen Roberts –
Father of pigeon pair (6 years) and 1
Singleton (5 months).
Breastfeeding multiples
BY Erika Steyn – Mother of 4 children
(2 singletons and twins)
Each topic was someone’s favourite amongst the delegates.
Fedics served delicious snacks
during tea break and we ended
the seminar off with a very exciting raffle.
Since the group was smaller
than usual, there was a lot of
interaction and questions from
the delegates. The feedback
we received was very good and
We hosted the seminar at The Netcare St Augustines Hospital Caritas Boardroom. We had a very small group of 8 delegates attend the seminar.
There was one exhibitor, Marshmallow Images photography which took photos of the event.
Topics and Speakers included the following:
a) Premmies and NICU
Kerryn Else covered this topic with her own experiences as well. She stressed
the importance of choosing the right hospital with adequate NICU as well as a
good Paediatrician.
b) Breastfeeding
Lactation Consultant Penny Reimers was well received and a high light of the
seminar. Very professional and informative.
c) Practical Hints and Tips
Kerryn Else gave a brief overview of this topic. The parents benefitted from
this tremendously.
d) Caregivers / Night Nurses
Mandy Steyn from Aupairs Exclusive explained the night nursing system of 3
to 6 months at a time.
e) Equipment
Jolene Simionato shared her tips on the equipment which is essential when
having multiples.
f) From a Dad’s point of view
Andre van Kooten stole the show and was the highlight of the day’s event. He
had most of the dads in stitches when explaining his own experience.
Breastfeeding Talk –
Penny Reimers
KZN Committee – Jolene, Janet, Mandy, Kerryn
Sponsors and Gifts:
Sponsored goodie bags were supplied by Lousanne’s various sponsors as well as Lasting Impressions (Alison Strauss),
which the delegates enjoyed.
We had positive feedback from the delegates on the evaluation forms who said they benefitted hugely from the seminar.
Catering was provided by M Catering and refreshments
sponsored by Netcare St Augstines hospital. Overall the
seminar was a complete success.
We would like to give a huge thanks to all the sponsors and
speakers for making this even a success.
Our 4 couples – small group
CAPE TOWN: 20 July 2013
Saturday 13th saw an extremely successSaturday
20th saw an extremely successful Expectant Parents Seminar hosted at the Mediclinic Panorama,
by the SAMBA Western Cape committee. We had
12 couples attend. Amongst the delegates we had
two couples expecting triplets and the rest expecting twins. One couple’s twins had already been
born at 26wks and are still in the NICU at Panorama. We received excellent feedback from all the
couples that they really enjoyed the afternoon and
were able to take away valuable advice and information.
4. Lousanne Terblanche gave a talk on Equipment
and those essential items multiple parents
should be considering.
5. Alex Heys mother of singleton and twin boys
and Cape Town Seminar Organiser presented
a section on multiple hints and tips which was
positively received.
Our topics and speakers were as follows:
6. Finally Cronje Heys father of singleton and twin
boys was able to give the dads a few ideas on
what their role will be and some tips on what
to do and what not to do!! His talk was definitely the highlight of the dads’ afternoon!!
1. Lousanne Terblanche mother of B/G twins and
national SAMBA Seminar Co-Ordinator covered
the basics of multiple terminology which was a
great introduction to the afternoon.
A big thank you to Lousanne Terblanche, National
SAMBA Seminar Co-ordinator, who came all the
way from Johannesburg, to help us out on the
2. Mari Loubser mother of twin girls shared her
story of what it was like to experience her girls
time in NICU and the struggles of caring for
premature babies. The moms enjoyed listening
to Mari’s story and all felt it was an important
issue to discuss.
Thanks to our fabulous sponsors! We were able
to raffle off some wonderful prizes during the
afternoon. A Big Thank You goes to all our large
sponsors and especially to our local ones Double
Trouble and The Mom and Baby House for their
support and generous contributions to the raffle
and/or delegates goodie bags.
3. Carol Cowburn mother of twin boy and girl
shared her experience of breastfeeding twins
and tips on how she was able to successfully
breastfeed her children’s first year. Carol’s story
was met with vivid interest and questions. A
huge topic on all the moms minds and really
helped to start getting them prepared and
equip them with the confidence to have a go!
A special thanks also goes to Mediclinic Panorama
for their support and allowing us the use of their
seminar rooms.
Overall a tremendously successful afternoon and
we look forward to the next one.
Then lastly, I would like to thank everybody
who sponsored products, hampers and
gifts. This really contributes to the success of
all our seminars throughout the country.
I would also like to extend my gratitude to
the Life Carstenhof Clinic in Midrand, the
St Augustines Netcare Hospital in Durban
and the Panorama Medi-clinic in Cape Town
Northern suburbs, who all have accommodated SAMBA by allowing us to use their
conference facilities free of charge. THANK
Thank you to my committee and our speakers who assisted me on the day! Thank you
to Alex and Cronje Heys for organizing the
Cape Town seminar and for running the
Cape Town area. Thank you to Jolene Simionato for organizing the Durban seminar
and Mandy Steyn, who is running the KZN
We all look forward to our next seminar
which will take place during November
Multiple regards
Lousanne Terblanche
SAMBA Seminar coordinator
082 898 3608
(012) 665-3286
Craft Project
Puppet Fun: Making and Playing With Puppets
By Christie Burnett
I am taking a little time offline this week to spend
with family and to try and kick the final symptoms
of my recent illness. Fortunately, I have some
great blogging friends who have offered to help
me out with a series of fabulous guest posts. I
hope you all enjoy this playful post by Cathy from
be proud of. Almost anything can be turned into
a puppet with a little imagination, so make use
of what you already have. We love to raid our
recycling box for craft materials, seeing what we
can use for hats and clothes. Pens and pencils are
good for drawing on faces but in our house it’s
stick-on googly eyes which really make a prized
Puppet play is a real favourite in our house. I’ve
been using puppets with my daughters since they
were babies and now they are five and eight it’s
wonderful to see them making puppets of their
own and using them in their games. I love them
because they encourage so much creative play,
from the original gluing and sticking to create
them, to all the language and imagination that
appears when they start to tell stories with them.
My girls love them because they are able to make
any kind of puppet their imaginations dream up
and then bring them to life.
Egg cartons/boxes are great for animals such as
crocodiles and dragons, as they provide a ready
mouth you can open up.
Lollipop sticks are versatile too, and only need one
of your child’s drawings stuck to them to bring
their character to life. Or use photographs of the
faces of people your child loves to make unique
family of puppets.
how to make a peg dollWooden spoons or clothes
pegs already have a ‘head’ on them, ready to be
transformed with pens and pencils. Pieces of material, wrapping paper, wool and ribbons all make
beautiful clothes
how to make finger puppetsYou can easily transform your child’s drawing into a finger puppet
by sticking it on to cardboard and cutting out
two holes near the bottom, just big enough for
your child to poke their fingers through and make
Here are some of our favourite ways to make puppets with ideas for how to use them in play.
Gloves make practical puppets too, as they are so
easy to wear.
How to make a puppet
You can of course buy puppets but creating your
own gives your child a very special toy they can
Fun Plate
Who wouldn’t like to eat this fun food car?
Making food fun for kids helps them learn
about all the important food groups. Vegtables are usually not a favourite. In a creative
way you can help them to try all the new
good foods they need to grow up healthy and
Petite Lasagnas
(makes 12)
12 oz raw ground turkey/chicken
¼ tsp salt, divided
¼ tsp pepper
1 cup chopped onion
½ cup chopped mushrooms
14.5 oz can crushed tomatoes, or tomato sauce
2 cloves garlic, minced
3 tsp dried oregano, divided
½ tsp dried basil
1 ½ cups part skim ricotta cheese
24 small square wonton wrappers
1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
1. Preheat oven to 180ºC Heat a large pan. Add the turkey, onions, mushrooms, salt, and
pepper. Crumble the meat and saute the mixture for about 10 minutes, or until the turkey is cooked through. Add the garlic and stir constantly for 30 seconds.
2. Add the crushed tomatoes and 2 tsp of oregano. Bring the pan to a gentle boil. Reduce
the heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside.
3. In a large bowl, combine the ricotta, a pinch of salt and pepper, the remaining teaspoon of oregano, and the basil. Stir to mix well. Set aside.
4. Coat a 12-cup muffin tin with nonstick cooking spray. Place 1 wonton wrapper into
each of the 12 cups, pressing firmly in the bottom of the cup and up the sides.
5. Using half of the ricotta mixture, divide it among the 12 muffin cups. Next, using half
of the turkey tomato sauce, spoon it evenly over each of the ricotta filled cups. Sprinkle
with 2 tsp of mozzarella.
6. Gently press another wonton wrapper on top of the mozzarella layer.
7. Repeat the process by distributing the remaining ricotta, then the remaining tomato
sauce, and finally the rest of the shredded mozzarella.
8. Bake for 10 minutes, or until the cheese has melted.
9. Let the cups cool, remove them from the pan, and serve!
If you have any suggestions for me regarding
discounts, please contact me and I will follow it
up. Please do not contact the organisations directly (unless indicated otherwise on the table)
as it creates confusion with the organisations if
they deal with many SAMBA members asking
for discount. It also makes it difficult to coordinate all the different discounts available and
communicate those to all SAMBA members.
The various organisations have requested
one SAMBA person to deal with and SAMBA
would like to honour this request as all our
members stand to lose if we do not comply.
Your co-operation is appreciated and should
you fail to co-operate, your membership will be
If you experience any difficulty with discounts
offered please inform me so that I can follow up
and rectify misunderstandings.
Please be aware that any member found abusing the privileges of SAMBA membership discounts (buying for friends, selling for profit, etc)
will have their membership revoked immediately
and no membership fees returned! All suppliers
will be notified not to grant any further discounts to these ex-members.
Prices listed or communicated via fax, e-mail or
phone is only an indication and not a quote!!!
SAMBA is only the messenger between the
distributor and the member. A lot of the goods
are subject to fluctuations in the exchange rate
therefore only invoices and official quotes from
the distributor is a final indication of the cost.
It can also happen that retailers have these
products stocked at lower prices as most of
the distributors do not carry large quantities of
stock and therefore only have stock at the latest
exchange rate.
Please remember that SAMBA does not make
any profit on the discount products sold and we
are given the best prices by the suppliers that
they are willing to give and have no control over
these prices.
Alta-Marie Botha-Diedericks
082 472 9492
[email protected] or
[email protected]
New generation of cotton nappies
The distributors offer
their products to SAMBA
members at list incl VAT
Alta-Marié Botha-Diedericks
082 472 9492
[email protected]
Lavonne Prinsloo
Chief Executive Officer
Little Miracle® Products
and Services
Office: 0861 LITTLE
(0861 548 853)
Fax: 086 564 9357
Cell: 082 497 8927
2. is
South Africa’s first nappy
subscription service. Get
your choice of discounted Pampers and Huggies nappies and various
nappy bag extras in your
BabyBundle – like wipes,
Formula and Elizabeth
Annes and Johnson&
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BabyBundle is delivered
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R100 Voucher - R20
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Sign up online at www.
Redeemable on both our
Month-to-Month & 6
Month subscriptions
Order Placements: By
fax or email to
[email protected]
Account Queries:
[email protected]
Nadine Kann
[email protected]
082 457 9618
Please email us if you
would like some more
information or if you
need assistance in signing up.
Please quote SAMBA in
the subject of your email
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Join us on Facebook:
3..Protea Baby
By using a higher
quality daiper you will
reduce the diapers
you use a day and
save money. Thanks
to Protea Baby’s new
To order email:
[email protected]eababy. or sms your order
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Imports (twins/triplets)
prams to SA on a monthly basis
Exclusive to SAMBA
Babies R Us is offering an
discount on the Maclaren
Twin Pram.
Eli - 011 789-7119 for
more info/an appointment to visit their showroom c/o William Nicol &
Republic Rds, Randburg,
5% discount on all
purchases EXCEPT for
specials, markdowns,
promotions, consumables/monthly necessities
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For a Babies R Us store
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011 606 3700.
(Distributed on behalf of
Redgwoods by Volcano
The material highchair and selfinflating booster seat is suitable
for sitting babies from about 8
months to 30 months for use
at restaurants, out at family or
friends or at your own dining
room table. The material highchair
is convenient and portable and it
easily and safely un-zips, pops-out
and clips-in and is ready to use
within seconds!
The booster seat self-inflates and
adds height to the tables for babies as well as toddlers to eat at a
comfortable height.
for each twin
for each triplet
for each
Yvette Farinha
084 7222 899
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5% discount on all purchases EXCEPT for specials,
markdowns, promotions and
necessities for example foods, nappies, toiletries
and TV/Gaming section.
All Stores
BabySense II is a highly sensitive device which monitors baby’s breathing and movements through the
mattress during sleep. It is a simple device which can
help parents to “keep an eye” on baby and enable intervention in potentially dangerous events. It is also
a precaution which added to the important recommendations of “Safe Sleeping” (sleeping on the back,
not overheating of baby’s room, not smoking around
the baby), provides safety and peace of mind.
Charmaine Visser
084 448 6756
012 372-1950
[email protected]
Baby and children’s
10% discount on presentation of your membership card
All Naartjie Branches
Expectant moms not only get to buy beautiful
clothes, diaper bags & accessories, they are also
given expert advice by myself, mother of 5 incl.
triplets & a medical doctor, as well advice from
my husband who is a pediatrician. All of this in a
unique, calming & architecturally beautiful environment, that celebrates pregnancy & motherhood.
Aneesa Ahmed
Educational Toy Centre
7.5% discount to all
SAMBA members
Cnr Louis Botha & 8th
Ave, Highlands North,
Johannesburg, 011 8871560 or www.jozikids.
Beds, cots, compactums,
shelves, head boards and
more = children’s furniture selection
10% less on presentation of your SAMBA
membership card
10% Discount offered
Catherine Cassel
Tel/Fax: 012 664 0943
Cell: 082 463 4355
[email protected],
A programme focusing
on gross-motor development for babies and
toddlers developed by
an occupational therapist, Liz Senior
Discount offered:
Twins = 1 +1/2
Triplets= 1+1+1/2
For more information contact them on
011 325-2031
Head office
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BRAVACIOUS Maternity Lingerie
Specializing in bra fittings and sell imported
bras’. The fitting service is free. She has beautiful nursing bras and is offering a 15 % discount
on the second bra purchase: so first bra is full
price, free fitting service and 15% off the second bra for SAMBA members.
Céline Mainguy
+27 79 799 5838
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Play activity programme Discount offered
designed for babies to
Twins =1+1/2 Trienhance sensory motor plets=1+1/2+1/4
For more information contact them at
Head office
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Music, Movement &
Brain Stimulation Program
1-3 1/2 years To stimulate the love of learning
Increase self confidence
Enhance co-ordination
And perception skills
Enrich the mother/toddler relationship
Discount offered
Twins =1+1/2 Triplets=1+1/2+1/4
For more information contact them at
Head office
[email protected]
Mother and Child Workshops
When joining for a full term, twin 2 doesn’t
pay for term 1. Thereafter, individual franchisee
rules & discounts apply- it may be that the twin
1 pays 100% and twin 2 50% Discount only applies to new clients. Offer is subject to availability place in class and to individual franchisees
decision. There is no time frame for joining,
provided that the children are under the age of
4 years. Please request discount after the first
term from the franchisee.
15% for the 2nd multiple 10% for the 3rd
Head office JHB: Pat Rehm
011 868 2489 DBN: Elizabeth Victor 031 266 4910
Website: www.toptots. [email protected]
List of Toptots in your
area will be on their web
Ask the relevant
Kindermusik Educator
about the discount.
You must produce
your valid membership card.
Heidi Twilley
CEO & President
018 468 5143
[email protected]
Little Steps
Little Steps is a weekly stimulation program
for babies aged 6-18 months which aims to
educate mother and caregivers in stimulation
techniques, using activities which may be easily
replicated at home. These will encourage the
development of social, language, gross and
fine motor and sensory skills. Developed by a
speech therapist and remedial teacher, in consultation with a sensory integration trained occupational therapist and neuro-developmentally
trained physiotherapist.
Kerry 082 664 2742
SAMBA Members get 10% discount
Aqua Tots
011 646 5156 082 413
Gentle, fun, loving
approach to baby
swimming (0-30
months) Lessons taught
in indoor heated pools
10% discount
Randpark Ridge
Karen de Swardt
011 792 5760
Constantia Kloof
011 679 1839
Swim SA
0861 100 456
Safe and specialized
exercises in accordance
with gynaecological
guidelines during pregnancy and maintaining
to be a healthy woman
through motherhood
and beyond.
5% discount
Debbie Ross Director
fitmommy cc c. 082 895
2513 f. 086 503 5315
Phone Esther Helm on 082 927 1218 / 012 460 6334
Antenatal Aqua and Multiple Mamas
Antenatal classes for
parents expecting multiples and Aqua exercises
for pregnant moms (singletons and multiples ).
This course is specific
for parents for multiples
and is not the same as
the ordinary antenatal
classes for singletons.
I’m a registered nurse
and midwife and twin
10% discount for
Samba card holders on
the Antenatal course
for multiples!
Mari Loubser
Cell: 0724369963
Cape Town ( Northern
suburbs )
They are also offering a discount to members
Your specialist in aupairs, night nurses and babysitting placements.
Now also placing aupairs aged 18 – 25 in the Netherlands.
Marion Smith
(011) 615 - 2991 Phone
086 275 5971 Fax
072 049 7891
072 136 5927 Office Mobile
Join us on Facebook as Aupairs Exclusive
Discount offered to SAMBA members
During the first months of your bubba’s life she
is thought of as an “external foetus.”
With the ubbaBubba®, your little bundle is as
close as she can get to being in the same
environment as she was in utero - wrapped
up tight where it’s warm and dark and being quietly lulled to sleep by a familiar
heartbeat and rhythm. Research finds this close contact and environment helps newborns (especially premature bubbas) to adapt to life outside the womb with much
less crying and a deepened sense of security.The ubbaBubba® is perfectly versatile,
meaning that as your bubba grows and becomes more curious, she can be turned
around to face the world. This is why we like to think of the ubbaBubba® as the perfect “Womb with a view”! This versatility means that you can ‘wear’ your bubba for
as long as you are both comfortable.
Contact: Michelle Mortimer - Cell:0824644103
15% discounts of you have twins, 20% for Triplets and
25% for Quads and more
Shop 1A -The Junction Shopping Centre,
212 Monument Rd, Glen Marais,
Kempton Park,
Gauteng , South Africa, 1619
[email protected]
072 398 8053 (Tanya) - 0866 903 145
All orders are placed on line at ,
Voucher code: SAMBA.
Discount offered to members
Little Lumps manufacture a range of
clothing that caters for premature,
newborn and 0-3mth babies.
Great care has been taken in
choosing outfits that are size appropriate
and provide a maximum
amount of comfort and ease of dressing
Contact Celia Els on 083 453 63 26 or
email her on [email protected]
Please visit their web site at for
Preemie clothes made to order
All SAMBA members will get a 10% discount on any clothing bought
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SAMBA National Chairlady SAMBA Steering Committee
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