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A unique shopping experience for
those who desire vintage,
industrial, handmade and
everything in between!
~Handmade Gifts
~Wearable Art
~A mix of new, old, upcycled,
repurposed & refinished
Show Dates: Nov. 2-3, 2013
Location: Red River Valley Fairgrounds, Hartl Ag
Set-Up: Nov. 1, 12pm-10pm
Show Hours: Nov. 2, Early Bird 8am-10am, Open to the Public 10am-6pm & Nov. 3, 10am-5pm
Tear Down: Nov. 3, 5pm-10pm
Early Bird Tickets: Customers buying an Early Bird ticket will gain early entry on Saturday for the opportunity to buy first!
The first 50 people who buy a ticket will also receive a Swag Bag that includes items provided by Funk’d Up Junk and any
other vendor wanting to donate either an item or coupon to promote their business, a drink ticket for the bar, and of
course the tote itself! All tickets will allow customers to enter Saturday and Sunday. The net proceeds for the Early Bird
Tickets will be donated to the American Diabetes Association.
Advertising: The Festive Flea will be advertising in Area Woman Magazine, local radio and TV stations as well as
releasing multiple press releases to area newspapers. Postcards & Emails will also be available to all accepted vendors to
hand out/send to your customers.
Sponsorship: If interested in becoming a sponsor and/or a vendor, please contact us!
At the Event: There will be live demonstrations, a full bar serving Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and more, Santa appearances,
coffee and doughnuts will be served to customers standing in line and much, much more!
Deadline Extended!
Applications must be postmarked or
emailed to [email protected] by October 10, 2013.
Please contact Brittany if you have any concerns about the deadline!
You can also visit our website for more information or an application:
Mail Application to: Funk’d Up Junk
Attn: Brittany Groshong
1941 Sheyenne St Unit B
West Fargo, ND 58078
Checks must be payable to: Brittany Groshong
Business Name:
Website/Facebook page:
ND Sales Tax #:
Booth Size:
10 x 12 ($150)
12 x 24($300)
Corner($25 separate check)
Electricity needed? (included in booth fee)
Tables & Chairs: (please list number of tables and chairs needed in booth(s), included in booth fee)
8’ Wood Tables (max 2 per 10x12 booth) MUST be covered to the floor on all exposed sides!
Banquet Chairs (max 2 per 10x12 booth)
Swag Bag:
Would you like to donate an item or a coupon for the Swag Bag?
Item/Coupon to be included:
-Examples of coupons - Buy 1, Get 1 Free, Free gift with purchase, $10 gift certificate when you spend
$50, etc.
-Example of physical items (please include retail value of item) – Keychain, etc.
-These will be given to the first 50 customers buying an Early Bird ticket.
-If you donate a physical item, your company name/logo will be used in advertising for the Early Bird
-Funk’d Up Junk must have your items/coupons by October 15, 2013.
Category (please check all that you will be bringing):
Wearable Art
Food (packaged items)
Junk/Vintage/Repurposed/Refinished Items/Furniture (items handmade with mainly vintage materials)
Home Accessories/Furniture (items handmade with new materials)
General Description:
Jury Images: (please include a minimum of 2 images and up to 4 booth/product images for jurying, images may be
sent via email to [email protected] or 4x6 photos included with application)
Image #1:
Image #2:
Image #3:
Image #4:
Confirmations will be sent via email no later than Oct. 1, 2013. Please make sure you have an accurate email
address listed above.
Which of the following fits the status of your Certificate of Insurance?
___ Certificate of Insurance enclosed with application.
___ Will send my certificate of insurance by OCTOBER 15, 2013.
___ My insurance expires____________. I will send a Certificate as soon as a new one is available.
If you have any questions regarding the insurance certificate, please contact Brittany!
Your signature binds you to the following RULES & REGULATIONS:
I affirm that all work displayed or sold at my booth is of my own design, created/refinished/repurposed by me, or is of a
vintage/antique nature, I will maintain inventory sufficient to cover anticipated sales and be present both days of the
2. I will cover all of my tables with table coverings to the floor (unless it is a vintage table meant to be sold or on display).
3. I acknowledge that Booth Design Awards will be awarded and will do my best to create a fun, professional selling
4. I have secured any necessary permits or licenses for the use of any copyrighted or trademark materials and indemnify
The Festive Flea and Funk’d Up Junk and any of its agents from any claims of infringement.
5. I agree to register between 12pm-8 pm Friday and have my booth completely set-up by 7:30 am Saturday and I
understand early closing or tear-down is not permitted.
6. I grant permission to The Festive Flea to use images of my work to promote the event without compensation.
7. I understand I am totally responsible for my booth and exhibited property, including all set-up, display, sales, security,
tear-down and disposal of trash. I release Funk’d Up Junk, The Festive Flea volunteers, and agents from all responsibility
for any loss, damage or theft of my work or other materials.
8. Any proceeds derived from the sale of my product are entirely mine and I am solely responsible for collecting and
submitting any applicable sales taxes.
9. I agree not to use drugs on event grounds; I will not use/drink alcohol during show hours; I will not play loud music or
other irritating sounds in my booth, nor will I disturb or harass fellow exhibitors in any way.
10. I understand a $35 service charge will be assessed for any NSF checks and after October 10, all fees are non-refundable.
All information provided in this application is correct. I have read the application and agree to abide by its content. I agree to
indemnify and hold harmless Funk’d Up Junk and its employees, volunteers, the Red River Valley Fairgrounds and private
property owners from any loss or liability that may arise as a result from my entry in The Festive Flea and will provide a
“Certificate of General Liability Insurance” with at least $500,000 coverage by October 15, 2013.
Applicant's Signature ________________________________________
Signature is required in order to become an exhibitor in The Festive Flea.
Contact Info:
Funk’d Up Junk
Brittany Groshong
La Nei Groshong
[email protected]
Facebook: Funk’d Up Junk