My CV - Ezekiel Chentnik

Ezekiel Chentnik ­ ​
[email protected]​
­ ​
: ​ Principal JavaScript Developer, UX Designer, & Design Technologist Expertise:​
Customer focused innovation, code quality & craftsmanship, magnificent designs & functionality. Publications ● “​
Mastering Backbone.js” & “Rapid Grunt.js” ​
video series, ​
Technical reviewer ● “​
Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices”​
(Amazon rating 4 out of 5 stars), ​
Technical reviewer ● Technical reviewer for “​
Instant Zepto.js​
” "If only I could clone Zeek!"​
­Jim C. ­ VP of Digital Strategy Principal Front­End Developer * JavaScript ­ ​
Northwestern Mutual – Milwaukee, WI (Current) ● Hands­on front­end/JavaScript expertise & leadership for NM Connect ● Principal JavaScript developer on high profile financial applications, Backbone.js, Requirejs Senior JavaScript Engineer ­ ​ (Priceline Group) – Amsterdam, Netherlands (2014) ● Data­driven product development focused on ROI, scalability, and customer focused innovation ● High velocity JavaScript development & UX Design (Maps & Geo Data Team) ● Large scale A/B & multivariate testing, Large scale web development & UX design ● B.V., part of ​
the Priceline Group​
(Nasdaq: PCLN), owns and operates™. Each day, over 700,000 room nights are reserved on is one of the world's largest e­commerce website (sharing the ranks of ​,, and​
), employing over 100 nationalities. Team Lead, Senior JavaScript Engineer ­ ​
Journal Communications (2013 – 2014) ● Team Lead ­ cross functional team, 10+ software engineers (Backend, Front­end, UX Design) ● Onboarding, mentoring, and training new tech division ● Multiple high profile projects: SPAs, mobile web apps, responsive web design ● Favorite App Demo & Presentation: Mobile Web App with native UX (SPA, Backbone.js, Phonegap, Geo data, Restful API, Zepto.js, CSS3/HTML5) Links: ​
, ​
Presentation Lead Front­end Engineer, Team Mentor, SCRUM Master (China) ­ ​
Journal Communications (2012 – 2013) ● Architecture and development for large scale site portfolio (80+) ● Multiple high profile projects:​
single page applications, mobile web apps, MVC framework, paywall system, data interactives, map interactives, restful APIs, responsive & mobile first design, video & streaming (BrightCove, vzaar) Mobile Developer, Front­end Developer, Team Lead ­ ​
JRN (2010 – 2012) ● Architected multimedia gallery ­ increasing monthly organic media traffic by 1,037% (total 4 million) ● Implemented mobile web app ­ increasing monthly mobile traffic by 1,025% (total 2 million) ● Designed video widget ­ increasing monthly multimedia traffic by 1,000% (total 2 million) ● Blog system (converted 100+ blogs to system), forums, photo galleries, content ratings, user submitted content, events, classifieds (integrating various data APIs), analytics, ad delivery system Page 1 of 2 Front­end Developer, UX Designer ­ ​
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (2007 – 2010) ● Web development for hundreds of enterprise level (high traffic) sites across multiple diverse nationwide media markets. ● Department velocity increase by 435% in 2007 /*=============================*/ Primary Languages: ​
JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5 Libraries & technologies:​
JavaScript, Vanilla JavaScript, Node.js, MV*, Backbone.js, Marionette.js, Angular.js, Leaflet Maps, Google Maps, Ember.js, Lodash.js, Underscore.js, Browserify, Webpack, Require.js, grunt.js, gulp.js, AJAX/JSON/JSONP/RPC/CORs/Restful APIs, React, dust.js, Handlebars, knockout.js, express.js, Polymer, Jasmine, Phonegap, NPM, Bower, CSS3, SASS, LESS, Bootstrap, Foundation, Purecss, Ionic, Topcoat, jQuery mobile, HTML5, C#, ASP.Net, SQL, PHP, MySQL, a magnitude of other micro libraries, modules, and packages “​
Understanding a language is easy, understanding how to best apply your knowledge of the language is the challenge...” Contract projects, Github, Hackathons: ● Full Stack JavaScript development (Node.js, Grunt.js, Node Jitsu, Dust.js, Kraken.js, Express.js, Passport.js, Mongoose, MongoDB, Responsive Design, UX Design, SASS, Webpack, Browserify), ● Micro Client Side MV* framework,, MapStatic.js, TriangleNav.js, Bowman Design ● UX consulting ● multiple financial and content control panels​
(SPA, bootstrap, ember.js, backbone.js, angular.js) Hackathon Projects: ● financial mapping tool, SPA ­ funded ● style geo search & map ● Modular JavaScript A/B testing system ● Mobile SPA ­ weather ● Amazon triangle algorithm Education/Awards: ● UWM ­ BBA ­ Management Information Systems ● The Art of Influence – Amsterdam, NL ● SEO & Web Analytics Training – Omniture ● CMS Engineer – Clickability, San Francisco ● Journal Interactive INSPY (Inspirational Performance award) ● Best overall local news site in America ­ ● EPPY for Best weekly newspaper website (26 sites) ● Best Local Mobile Web APP (2013) Page 2 of 2