Kiwi welcomes the artists: Ï Doner Studio at the Mill

Kiwi welcomes the artists:
Ï Doner Studio at the Mill
Ï France Grice Glass
Ï Leaf Relief
Ï Artifice
Original handmade metal sculptures and outdoor wall art by
Randal Doner, including life-size figures, trellises & obelisks,
birdbaths and seasonal accents.
Glass in the garden is magic.
A fantastic focal point always changing with light.
Nature inspired creations by Floyd Elzinga transform hand
carved stone and cold forged steel into flowers, trellises,
bird baths and sculptures.
Deb Stagg works with concrete and leaves to combine the
texture and shape of nature with the function and old
romance of concrete. Her fountains and garden decor are
created to gently enhance the garden atmosphere.
Lower Brewers Lock on the Rideau: (613) 531-4396 • [email protected]
Beamsville, ON: (905) 563-5926 •
Ï duerst – metal. nature. spirit
Ï Artist By Design
Stefan Duerst is offering his brand new garden line "spirit
catcher" at Art in the Garden this year. Choose from
trellises, obelisks, stakes and shepherds hooks to showcase
your flowers and help your plants grow.
Amazing sculptural compositions created from found &
recycled objects and fabric hardener for a more organic look
to the garden. Transforming old to a new beauty!
Ottawa, ON: (613) 558-3103 • [email protected]
Ï Blake Richardson’s EarthArt
Blake finds natural shaped stones that inspire visions
reflecting the spirit in nature. He uses oil paints minimally
on the surface of the stone to enhance what he sees.
Driftwood cradles the stone in a natural setting for display.
Peterborough, ON • [email protected]
Ï Blue Chicory Hammocks
Malcolm Williams has been crafting and testing hammocks,
hammock chairs and Muskoka chairs for over a decade. His
attention to detail creates high-quality outdoor furniture
that gives many years of beauty and comfort.
Lanark, ON: (613) 278-1226 • [email protected]
Ï Marc Clark
Marc Clark specializes in the design and fabrication of
kinetic sculpture. His unique pieces of art are balanced on a
single point, so a small breeze will set them in motion.
Toronto, ON: (416) 729-5775
Ï Clemence Sculpture Studio
Brian Clemence is a mass media artist, here showing his
work in wood and work in foam and cement for the garden.
Plantagenet, ON: (613) 673-2178
[email protected]
Godfrey, ON: (613) 329-8096 • [email protected]
Ï Almut Ellinghaus – Sculpture
Sumptuous, sensuous one-of-a-kind high fired stoneware
sculptures for indoors and outdoors.
Dunkin, QC: (450) 292-3835 •
Ottawa, ON: (613) 739-7226 • [email protected]
Ï Steven Henderson
Steven & Karen primarily re-purpose agricultural items into
unique accents for home and garden.
Ï Living Stones
Prescott, ON: (613) 925-0172 • [email protected]
The work I do with the stone from Ontario hardly seems like
work at all. The process is more like dancing, every stone a
new partner, every stone a new dance.
Ï David Hickey
Weathered metal, mixed media, found materials and stone
combined to create one of a kind, decorative and functional
works of art.
Barrie, ON: (705) 722-6535 • [email protected]
Merrickville, ON: (613) 298-4561 • [email protected]
Chelsea, QC: (819) 827-3098 • [email protected]
Ï Garden Spirits Outdoor Fabric Sculptures
Made from natural fibre such as cotton and wool, Tineke
Doornbosch`s sculptures are the ultimate in recycling,
giving new life to old T-shirts, fancy linens... and Grandma's
old doilies. Each "Spirit" tells a story, creating tranquility
wherever it rests. May be left indoors or out, all year round!
Perth, ON: (613) 267-2711 • [email protected]
Ï Martin House
Ï Iconicae Productions
One-of-a-kind Faerie houses, doors, Faeries, and other
Mystical Creatures created using natural and recycled
materials. Faerie Ce Ce has one question for you: "Do you
BELIEVE in the Faeries?"
Made from alabasters, marble and other limestones, and
cement, my sculptures range in size from 1 cm (heart of
stone) to 3 meters (cement sculptures). • [email protected]
Objects of art in metal and mixed media for indoors or out.
Ï Faerie Art by Faerie Ce Ce
Ï Uwe Foehring
Lanark Highlands, ON: (613) 259-2203
Lakefield, ON: (705) 652-0181 • [email protected]
I am keenly aware the art I produce must be functional.
Nature can be everything, the beauty is in form. Masonry is
my medium. Ponds connect well with life...
Smiths Falls, ON: (613) 283-9877 • [email protected]
Kingston, ON: (613) 545-1203 • [email protected]
Ï Jean Pierre Schoss Dog Bite Steel
Steel sculpture made from recycling oil tanks, propane
tanks and found objects. Small abstract creatures,
landscape sculpture, xylophones and giant 3-dimensional
Uxbridge, ON: (905) 852-3085 • [email protected]
Ï Kym’s Woodshed
My bird houses, butterfly boxes, and winter warmer boxes
are all fully functional. I use pine and cedar, and outdoor
water stain on the exterior. They are built to proper
dimensions for specific birds.
Deseronto, ON: (613) 396-1499 • [email protected]
Ï Moore Design Birdfeeders
Window and garden glass and brass bird feeders. Each
component is hand cut and assembled into functional works
of art. They are designed for year round use and give a
wonderful and different perspective for bird watching.
Kitchener, ON: 1-800-430-6635 • [email protected]
Ï Out of Ruins
Out of Ruins was inspired by a love of gardening and an
eclectic flair for creating visual interest in the yard. The
desire to salvage old wooden windows destined for landfill
sites by adding cathedral glass in unique patterns makes this
new art form a wonderful garden decorating opportunity.
Ottawa, ON: (613) 728-6358 •
Ï Peace of Mind Creations
Dave sculpts finely detailed and finished works of art for
indoors and out. His outdoor sculptures are made from
cedar or pine and are finished with outdoor sealants.
Lanark Highlands, ON: (613) 259-2720
[email protected]
Ï Rudy Kehkla Wire Sculpture
Ï Eric Tardif
Ï William Wallace Garden Furniture
Kinetic sculptures of stainless steel, stained glass, copper
and cobbles of granite which appear to come to life in the
wind and are particularly entertaining when coated with
snow and dripping with icicles.
This art reminds us of the constant movement and the
fleetingness of things. The flowing of lines and the rhythm
of these sculptures are magnified when they come into
contact with the wind and let our eyes discover their beauty.
Using specially chosen Teak and Jaoko woods, Dave
Wideman creates English garden style furniture of
distinction, sure to enhance and complement your home.
Toronto, ON: (416) 760-7069 • [email protected]
Gatineau, QC: (819) 682-7831 • [email protected]
Ï Rue Royale
Ï Tendance Metal
Cast stone sculpture featuring gargoyles, greenmen, and
grotesques, as well as mushrooms, toadstools, and other
whimsical creations.
Mustapha Chadid is fascinated by beached shipwrecks that
are covered in sand and rust, slowly disintegrating into
striking works of art. Trapped by time as they slowly fade
away, they are a source of inspiration reflected in his work.
Fordwich, ON: 1-800-505-3370 •
Philipsville, ON: (613) 359-6499 • [email protected]
Ï Rusty Girl
Simple and elegant rusted wire structures for the deck or
garden. Designed to blend well with the natural landscape,
obelisks, trellises, plant stakes, and birdbaths add a touch of
whimsy to any garden, in any season.
Toronto, ON: (416) 535-5587 •
Ï Stanley Lake Studios
Whimsical and unusual faces and forms comprise the
garden art of Stanley Lake – goddesses, scarecrow heads,
water fountains – all of high-fired stoneware, finished in
warm, rich earthy tones. Great for indoors and outdoors.
Dunkin, QC: (450) 292-3835 • [email protected]
Ï Stickit
For a piece of rustic elegance in your garden come see
Stickit. Each item is handcrafted by John using age old
joinery methods. Each piece is truly one of a kind.
Oshawa, ON: (905) 391-9926 • [email protected]
Ï Sticks and Stones
Functional garden elements blending free-spirited form,
natural beauty and rustic charm. One-of-a-kind arbours,
trellises, standards, gates, fencing and accessories.
Smith Falls, ON: (613) 284-2171
Ï Zenbrutalism (Sommer Studio)
Sculptural structures for intimate gardens and other
contemplative spaces. Manifestations of cast concrete,
oxidized iron, glass and stone.
Dungannon, ON: (519) 529-7561 • [email protected]
Gatineau, QC: (819) 669-8111 •
Ï Timbers
Reclaimed materials such as tin ceiling, discarded metals,
and old farm salvage are incorporated into whimsical
garden décor.
Langton, ON: (519) 875-2671 • [email protected]
Ï Marie-Joël Turgeon de l’Atelier Tréma
This is about a souvenir... fishing on a pier with daddy in a
small eastern American coast village, looking at all the
sleeping fishermen’s boats with their buoys waiting to be
left in the sea.
Ste-Adèle, QC: (450) 240-5037 • [email protected]
Ï Chris Van Zanten
Each season Chris continues to offer new art glass for the
garden. From birdfeeders to water fountains, from row
markers to wind sculptures and more.
Join us all summer long!
MAY for the delicate wonder of spring flowers,
JUNE for the riotous explosion of colours,
JULY to select shade-loving plants,
and AUGUST to listen to the birds,
enjoy the shady pathways, and to think about
SEPTEMBER... the best time to plant!
Kiwi Gardens is open 7 days a week
May to September, 9am – 5pm daily
New sculptures showcased among
Kiwi’s gardens, on display July and August.
Check website for updates.
Visit us on Facebook!
Pakenham, ON: (613) 623-5222 • [email protected]
Welcome to Kiwi Gardens’ 16th annual show
and sale of garden art displayed throughout
the nursery and private gardens.
Saturday June 16th
Sunday June 17th
9am – 5pm
Meet the artists and take home a treasure to
enhance that special corner in your outdoor
living space.
Music by Tell Mama and the Tritones
accompanies your stroll through the gardens.
The Sunflower Bake Shop, Perth’s provider of
delectable treats, will be on site with snacks and
cool drinks.
Follow the path to the artists and meander
through our gardens.
Ï Wendo
Wendo creates whimsical creatures out of wire, from very
small to life-sized. She has something for everyone.
Prescott, ON: (613) 925-2679 • [email protected]
Father’s Day Weekend 2012
687 Harper Road, RR#7, Perth, Ontario K7H 3C9
(613) 267-7384 • [email protected]
Perennials are for sale
at the end of your
garden tour.