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Sorority Trunk Show Project: Two Ways to Contact: 1. All Greek Advisor (Center for Student Involvement) 2. Individual Chapter Presidents (Contact Info Listed on School Greek Website) Proposition: Edge of Urge is an accessory and clothing line that features quality, handmade products. All of the products are designed and made out of our design studio in Wilmington, North Carolina. At Edge of Urge, we pride ourselves on maintaining great relationships with our customers and giving back to our surrounding communities. We are looking to expand our efforts across the country through our new sorority trunk show project. We know that as a sorority one of your key values is philanthropy and that each of your organizations work very hard to support many different charities. We would like to be apart of that too! We have incorporated your symbols, colors and mottos into a new line of jewelry that we would like to offer as a fundraising opportunity for your chapter. This event can be set up many different ways but works best if planned as a jewelry party/ trunk show. You can either appoint someone in your chapter or pass the party along to your philanthropy chair, allowing them to run the trunk show on your terms. You can schedule a time that works best for you and all of your sisters to gather to try on some of our products and see them in person. The person in charge of the party will be responsible for gathering order forms, and returning any samples that were used for the party. 8% of all sales will be donated to your chapter for use towards your philanthropic funding. This is a great opportunity to raise money for great causes and to get some great pieces for you and your sisters! We know that cute, quality, unique Greek jewelry is hard to come by and we’d love to help you out! If the party goes well, we would love to work with you year round. There are many opportunities that could allow us to help with bid day shirts, gifts, big/little reveals and much more! Contact us at the email address below for more information; we want you to help us help you! 26 National Sorority Symbols/ Colors/Mottos: Alpha Chi Omega Together let us ΑΧΩ seek the heights Alpha Delta Pi We Live for Each ΑΔΠ other Alpha Gamma Delta ΑΓΔ Alpha Epsilon Phi “Many Hearts, One ΑΕΦ Purpose” “Above All Else” Alpha Omicron Pi ΑΟΠ Alpha Phi ΑΦ Alpha Sigma Alpha ΑΣΑ Aspire. Seek. Attain. Alpha Sigma Tau ΑΣΤ Alpha Xi Delta ΑΞΔ Gamma Phi Beta Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma ΓΦΒ Active, Self-­‐
Reliant, Trustworthy The Pen is Mightier than the Sword Founded upon a rock Let us steadfastly love one another Do Good ΔΔΔ ΔΓ Delta Zeta ΔΖ Delta Phi Epsilon ΔΦΕ Zeta Tau Alpha ΖΤΑ Theta Phi Alpha ΘΦΑ Golden Lyre, Red Carnation, Pearl Lion, woodland violet, Pearl, Red&Buff Rose, Squirrel Pearl, Giraffe, Lily of the Valley Scarlet Red/ Olive Green Ruby, Rose, Wheat, Panda Lily of the valley, blue and gold forget me not, ivy leaf, Pearl, Ruby, Aster, Narcissus, Lady Bug Anchor, Pearl, Yellow Rose Cardinal Quill, Pink Rose, Diamond, Pearl Azure Blue/ White Red/Buff/Green Green/ White Crimson/ Pearl White/ Palm Green/ Gold Emerald Green/ Gold Light Blue/ Dark Blue/Gold Crescent Moon, Brown/mode(tan) Pink Carnation Pansy, Pine Tree, Silver/Gold/Cerulean Dolphin, Pearl Blue Anchor, DG Cream Bronze, Pink, Blue Colored Rose, Pearl Roman Lamp, Pink Rose/ Green Killarney Rose, Diamond, Turtle Esse Quam Videri Unicorn, Lovely Royal Purple/ Pure Gold (To be rather than Purple Iris, Pearl to seem to be) Seek the Noblest Five pointed Turquoise Blue/ Steel Crown, Gray Strawberry, White Violet, Breast Cancer Awareness Nothing great is Compass, Penguin, Blue/Gold/Silver ever achieved Sapphire, Pearl, without much White Rose enduring Kappa Alpha Theta ΚΑΘ Kappa Delta ΚΔ Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest Kappa Kappa Gamma Pi Beta Phi Sigma Delta Tau Sigma Sigma Sigma ΚΚΓ ΠΒΦ ΣΔΤ
Patriae Multae Spes Una (One Hope of Many People) “faithful unto death” “ever forward” ΣΣΣ Phi Mu ΦΜ Phi Sigma Sigma ΦΣΣ Chi Omega ΧΩ Sigma Kappa ΣΚ Kite, Twin Stars, Black and Gold Pansy Nautilus Shell, Dagger, Teddy Bear, Katydid, White Rose, Diamond, Emerald, Pearl Key, Fleur-­‐de-­‐lis, Owl, Sapphire Arrow, Wine Carnation, Angel Torch, Golden Tea Rose, Lapis Lazuli, Teady Bear Black/Gold Olive Green/ Pearl White Dark Blue/ Light Blue Wine/Silver Blue Café au Lait, Old Blue Sail boat, Skull and Royal Purple and White Cross Bones, Pearls, Violets Les Soeurs Fideles Quatrefoil, The Rose/White (The Faithful Lion “Sir Fidel”, Sisters) Rose Color Carnation Diokete Hupsala Sphinx, American King Blue/ Gold (Aim High) Beauty Rose, Sapphire Hellenic Culture Skull and Cross Cardinal/Straw and Christian Bones, White Ideals Carnation, Pearl, Diamond, Owl One Heart, One Dove, Heart, Wild Maroon/Lavender Way Purple Violet, Pearl Jewelry Ideas: IDB Bracelets that read “Big”, “Little” or “Lil” Coin necklaces and charm that have letters drawn in or mottos Snitch earrings with mottos Knucklehead style bracelets with charms for symbols or mascots, colored with their colors Charm Buddy Earrings that are sorority mascot/symbol charms Necklaces with metal pieces that say Big/Little/Grand big/Grand little Thin Metal Plate bracelets that have motto on them or sorority name or big/lil ** Because they are handmade, there will probably need to be customizable options for these products to create a more exclusive/personalized feel. Legality: While there are TONS of people/organizations that sell Greek jewelry unlicensed, it is safest to get licensed to sell it. This gives you more credibility when contacting the chapters and keeps the company safe legally if using the mottos, symbols, etc. It seems pretty easy, you fill out the application to be licensed and have to pay a $40 annual fee, plus a percentage of profits. If the project is successful it will definitely pay itself off soon. I suggest picking two or three sororities to test the project out with before getting licensed to all of the national sororities. You can use the licensing as a marketing tool too, letting them know that their national headquarters gets a portion of their sale as well as their philanthropies!