Extremity Medical, LLC Announces Initial Implantation of IO FiX

Parsippany, New Jersey, April 14, 2015
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Extremity Medical, LLC Announces Initial Implantation
of IO FiX TRIO™ Calcaneal Osteotomy Device
April 14th - Extremity Medical announces the first IO FiX TRIO™ device has been implanted by Naren Gurbani, MD in Southern
California. The case went smoothly and the patient is doing well. The surgeon commented, “I was impressed by both the
efficiency of implantation and the stability provided by this new device. In addition, the ability to dial in the exact amount of
displacement required without step-off height restrictions makes this plate a best-in-class product.”
The IO FiX TRIO™ offers a novel approach to plate fixation for calcaneal osteotomy. The intent of this design was focused on
delivering a best-in-class plate which would provide speed, accuracy, compression, and stability along with minimizing hardware
exposure to the peroneal tendons and sural nerve. Extremity Medical feels that it has accomplished these design goals with the
IO FiX TRIO™. In addition, the unique design of this plate allows for its use in both medial and lateral slide osteotomies.
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