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Hi Times Issue 8 Vol. 102
May 2011
Product placement knocking out
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By Jordan Bello
Staff Writer
Gone are the days of basic product advertising where a commercial dominates the marketing industry.
Company marketing teams are finding creative ways to grab attention and persuade.
One of the more traditional ways of advertising, besides commercials, is product placement. The concept of putting a product in a show solely for the purpose of convincing someone to buy it may seem
kind of sneaky, but with more and more people ignoring commercials, it can prove to be more effective
at getting a message across.
“I would say that this method is more crafty than sneaky. From the standpoint of the show, advertisements and product placement are great money makers. Sponsors have to pay to advertise, and they make
money back on sales,” said Mr. McCorkel.
The “sneakiness” factor is that viewers may not realize they’re getting a sales pitch, and that’s the whole
point. As humans, the viewers are easily convincible, even if they don’t want to be.
Television networks and big time marketing firms are now starting to collaborate, and it is becoming
more difficult to tell the difference between a commercial and a show. Sometimes there isn’t a difference.
This may be more common now due to the fact that more people own DVR systems, and can easily fast
forward through commercials.
Media Planning Group recently released their results of a study on commercial viewing. The study
showed that 90 percent of people with DVR’s skip commercials, and 16 percent of them watch commercials when viewing live television, instead of doing something else or channel hopping.
Mother’s Day quick fixes:
Last minute gift ideas for mom
By Courtney West
Staff Writer
Trivia Question!
The answer to last month’s question was “3”! Marsha Mello
was our winner! Congratulations Marsha! Come to Room
4.19 during success for your prize!
Before Mt.Everest was discovered, what was the highest
mountain in the world?
Preparing for the future:
Essential measures to take
By Alex Saliwanchik
Staff Writer
Going to college is a very important part of students lives. There are
many things to do to prepare for this big change.
• Take ACT/SAT
• Submit scores
• College visits
• Community service
• College Applications
• Improve GPA as much as
• Find majors and minors
• Jumpstart on saving money
• Summer jobs
• Concentrate on sports
• Take ACT/SAT
• Submit scores
• Submit transcripts to colleges
• College visits
• College Applications
• Look into room and board
• Find roommate
• Orientation
• Figure out what classes to
sign up for
• Summer job before college
• Buy things for dorm room
Even some of the most important dates can sneak up without
much of a warning. With Mother’s Day coming up, there is a lot
of stress to find those great lastminute gifts that will make a
mother feel loved.
So what kinds of options are
there when it’s the day before
Mother’s Day and the perfect
gift has yet to be found?
A great way to show a mom
how much she is loved is by
sending flowers. It may seem
like an over-done gift idea, but
sending a bouquet of lilies to a
work place is a pleasant surprise
for a mom.
To accompany the flowers, one
can make an impromptu recipe
book. All this requires is a computer. Find some of her favorite
recipes or old family dishes that
have been passed down, and
bind them together to make a
recipe book.
Another way to be creative is
to make a coupon book. This
can be hand written or typed. In
the coupon book, offer a free car
wash or vacuuming of the house.
Gifts such as these cost little
money and will show mom how
much she is cared for.
“I think my mom appreciates
the handmade gifts more than
the ones that I buy. They seem
to mean more to her,” said freshman Drew Kessler.
If money is available to be
spent, one can try these simple
Restaurant gift certificates are
a great Mother’s Day gift. Not
only can she use them whenever
she wants, but you might even
Photos by Kharson Nurnberg
(Top) Beautiful pink flowers are on display in the main office.
(Bottom) Taste of Home Cookbook contains many delicious recipes.
get lucky and she will treat you,
as well. You can spend however
much you want and pick her favorite place.
Another easy gift fix is to purchase a year-long subscription
to a magazine you know she already purchases. This will show
that you pay attention to what
she enjoys reading. If she doesn’t
already subscribe to a magazine,
try picking one that will appeal
to her interests. For example, if
she enjoys running, try Runner’s
World, or if she likes to be in the
kitchen, try Food & Wine.
If all else fails, a trip to Bath
and Body Works can go a long
way. Pick out a special fragrance for mom and buy one of
their gift baskets. These are relatively cheap and usually contain a few items. Not only will
mom be a happy camper, but she
will smell good too!
“I always make my mom
a homemade card because it
shows how much I really appreciate her for me to put my time
into making her one. I also get
her lots of candy, because she is
the best mom ever and she does
so much,” said sophomore Sierra
Summer job options bring debate over what to do
Jobs bring money for gas Summer is a time for fun
By Tommy Snyder
Staff Writer
Summer jobs are a common thing for high school students.
Some people think summer jobs will take up their whole summer to have fun and
hang out with friends.
I think it’s good to have a summer job. You can raise money over the summer to help
with gas.
Gas prices keep rising, so most people need the money to help pay for gas.
You can also request for just a few days of work a week, so you can also hang out with
friends and go places.
It’s also a good idea to get a job and save up some of your money for after school and
for college.
You can also try and find a summer job with a friend, so you have someone to talk to
and joke around with.
Some of the common places to work at while your in high school could be at a pizza
place, a fast food restaurant, clothing storeor a dine in restaurant.
Kids usually will pick a easier place to work when they’re young so they don’t have to
worry so much about work, while also having to worry about schoolwork.
It is also always nice to have a little more pocket change to have around when you go
places with friends.
Also, they wouldn’t have you work twenty-four hours a day, so if you get off in the
evening there’s plenty of things to do, so it’s not really taking up too much of your
I think getting a summer job will also help you get used to working when you’re older
when you have to work everyday.
I think it would be a hard transition to not be working at all to working everyday for
ten hours.
So in my overall opinion, I think a summer job is a good idea. Who knows you could
even make some new friends.
By Jenny Szymkowski
Staff Writer
Summer; what better time to relax and enjoy the beautiful sunshine? For many,
summer is a time to catch up on some sleep, a time to rejuvenate for the next school
year or even a time to stay out late without any consequences.
For others, it is time to go back to their backbreaking boring job. Nothing is a bigger downer than having to work while everyone else is having fun splashing around
in the water at the beach. Summer jobs can still be as stressful as school. Summer is
supposed to be a time for relaxation, not a time to have to work.
Working during the summer is the worst. Tyler Algrihm, LPHS senior, works at
Ralph Lauren and enjoys his job to a certain extent. “I don’t enjoy working during
the summer but i guess that making a little money is better than making none at
all,” said Algrihm. “Sometimes I wish that I had a money tree in my backyard, but
don’t we all?”
This is like having school all year around. There are no breaks, and no time for
much of anything, unless you have a part time job. We will have to work the rest of
our lives after high school and college, so might as well have fun now.
For seniors, this is their last summer to see their friends and hang out stress-free.
It will be the last two months to enjoy life before being on their own. Teens have the
rest of their lives to work. Just having one summer off from the hard work would be
a nice change.
Summertime is a time for having fun, hanging with friends, catching up on sleep,
and doing whatever you want whenever you want, but that’s just my opinion.
It’s understandable if some people have to work for some reasons or they really just
like to have a job, but if you don’t have to, why work?
Next time you have the option, take the easy road and relax for once; it may just
help you on your journey through life. Forget about stressful situations and worries,
and just kick back.