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October 2012 Newsletter
Morning After Photo Shoot
Creates Controversy
Whether really a trend or not, this sexy photo spread is
getting a lot of attention. Allegedly, brides and grooms are
g after their
lettingg the camera in the bedroom the morning
wedding ceremony.
Inspired by the new Armani underwear campaign featuring
David and Victoria Beckham some crazy photographer
from NJ had an idea to “capture the moment. ” The
photographer actually shot a “test” couple about a month
after they married and then posted the photos all over the
Since the photos hit the media outlets about a month ago,
there’s been a firestorm regarding the concept. Is it totally
inappropriate or totally hot? A lot of both!
Other photographers have come out to say that they have
been doing morning after photo shoots for years! The
difference is theirs are G rated with couples jumping on the
bed and fully clothed. Less trashy and more classy.
Cheap & Clever Wedding
Favors Found on Pinterest
How did anyone live before Pinterest ? The site
has so many great ideas, and this month our
fixation is wedding favors. Personalized Burger
Seasoning! Brilliant! Flower bulbs wrapped like
a flower! Classy and Cheap!
Our favorite board was Wedding Favors created
by Tamara Anderson. Our favorite pins from
other boards are below.
•Dahlia Bulbs Wrapped in Pretty Paper
•Burlap Bag with Coffee Beans
•Cake Slice Favor Boxes
•Smore Kits
•Mulling Spices
•Burger Seasoning
•Caramel Dipp & Apple
•Lips and Mustache Lollipops
Chocolate Tootsie
Fall Bliss Magazine Publishes
This fall edition of Bliss features the latest bridal gown
trends, how to choose an engagement ring and photos of
wedding cakes from area bakeries.
Bliss spans a different culture this month! A traditional
Hindu wedding recently held at One in Atlantic City is
profiled. The story gives us behind -the -scene details of a
nontraditional wedding.
To receive a complimentary copy of the
Magazine, email [email protected].com
with BLISS in the Subject Line.
Put a Ring on It!
•Aquamarine represents marital harmony and is
said to ensure a long, happy marriage.
•In the symbolic language of jewels, a sapphire in
a wedding ring means marital happiness.
•A pearl engagement ring is said to be bad luck
because its shape echoes that of a tear.
Blogs We Love!
Our Take:
From Tacori rings , artsy photography and hippie website
recommendations PeterLoveJane is pretty cool. The
blogger loves old buildings, rainy days and wallpaper.
They are inspired by fabulous prints, music and nighttime.
Their Take:
“At Peter Loves Jane, we love feeling love, obsess over
design and always set a pretty table. We can’t get enough
of typography and texture. We love experimenting with
design; taking the tried-and-true and combining it with
something fresh.”
Our Take:
Amazing photos of beautiful people and beautiful
weddings taken by gifted professionals. All the weddings
resemble a fairy tale. We were happy to notice that some
of the story’s featured were shot for magazines.
Their Take:
“Ruffled started in August 2008 as a space to share
vintage inspired and handmade ideas for weddings.
weddings Today
the blog is one of the biggest resources for engaged
couples seeking inspiration for their weddings; blending
their unique personal styles into one heck of a gorgeous
fete that go beyond the nostalgic love for vintage tidbits.”
Bliss Bridal Expo
p Vendor Profile:
Avalon Limousine is South Jersey's largest limo
company with great rates and a flexible time schedule.
They provide service from Atlantic City to surrounding
areas and as far as New York City and Washington D.C.
Avalon Limousine specializes in putting the “special”
into your occasion. Offering style and elegance to
weddings and bachelor/bachelorette or even a night on
the town.
A New Jersey limo will arrive spotless, both inside and
out, and the chauffeur will be professionally dressed and
look the part. All eyes will be on you as you pull up in a
luxury Avalon limousine.
Fun Ways to Make a
Grand Exit!
After the ceremony make a grand exit as Mr.
and Mrs. Just Married and leave your guests
with something to talk about! Some fun and
silly ideas we found on the web are below.
•Scoot Away on a Vespa
•Leave on a Surrey or Rickshaw
•Light Sparklers
•Get on a Boat
•Spray Silly String
•Go for a Swim
•Get Carried Away
•Throw Flower Petals
•Have a Golf Cart Waiting
•Blow Bubbles
Beach Balls
•Swing Glow Sticks
•Walk Under Umbrellas
Trend Alert: Belts
Belts and sashes are big for brides! They
are an easy andd personall way to
t accessorize
your gown. Get crazy with color or go
glamorous with something demure and
sparkly. Belts can accentuate your body
shape and highlight a waistline. Belts with
flower and brooches will completely
change the look of a dress
dress. BHLDN
features some beautiful options. Also,
Pinterest has boards and boards of them.