Now available at Malaysian stockist – Bulan Home:

Now available at Malaysian stockist – Bulan Home:
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Love Bites
These charm necklaces can be your little good
luck charm with a variety of charms and
pendants! The possibilities are endless. The
74cm handmade sterling silver chain and
charm keeper come with the following
charms: Hummingbird, Buddha, orchid,
turquoise bead, white spirit wings charm,
angel wing in horn.
MYR 380.00
Star Dust
Stunningly beautiful stardust
necklace with bone angel wing on
a 74cm handmade sterling silver
MYR 309.00
Love Knot
Suede wrapped bangles with sterling silver flower
charms - lotus, lily and rose finished off with two
sterling silver stardust beads. Available in black,
chocolate and red suede.
Black suede with lotus charm - In China, ancient
Egypt, Hindu religion and Tibetan Buddhism, the
lotus is the holiest of flowers. It is the symbol of the
Higher Spirit, True soul and Peace. Wear this charm
as a powerful symbol of Purity and Peace.
Chocolate suede with lily charm - The Lily stands for
innocence, purity and beauty, but is also signifies
divinity and perfection. Its intoxicating scent takes
you to warm summer nights in Paris!
Red suede with rose charm - In the roman times the
rose was sacred to Venus. An ancient symbol of love
and beauty but also secrecy. Each petal of a rose is
like a lifetime of wisdom and experience.
MYR 138.00 each
These beautiful self
adjustable tie bracelets
come in a mixture of silver
plated beads and stardust
Available with a
hummingbird charm or
angel wing charm.
MYR 159.00
True Love
Simple silver plated bangle
with "Always be true to
yourself" engraved on the
A beautiful piece just on its
own or combined with other
Cristiana bracelets.
MYR 159.00
Love Triangle
These bangles are an essential
accessory for anyone on the go.
Easy to wear, this set of 3 100%
handmade recycled metal
bracelets - yellow, silver and black.
So simple, yet so elegant.
Drop a little style on your wrist, or
stack them for ultimate style.
MYR 139.00
Love Letters
Everyone raves about bangles
because they are perfect to
wear every day, and because
they are gorgeous!
Silver plated bangle with three
word round word charms - I
am joyful, I am blessed, I am
MYR 179.00
Love + Kisses
Celebrate the individual
spirit in each person and the
power of a wish.
This simple leather bracelet
with 3 stardust beads gives
the perfect finishing touch to
your bohemian, free spirited
Bracelet finishes off with a
lovely silver bead toggle.
MYR 139.00
Wrapped In Love
Funky and cool this wrap
bracelet has a wonderful mix of
plain silver plated beads with
stardust beads. Mix and match
for a colourful electric look.
Wear them, Stack them, Give
them, and Love them.
The perfect accessory for a
subtle daytime look, or layered
to make a statement for a night
out on the town.
Available in Black, Chocolate
and Silver/Grey.
MYR 179.00
Coloured beaded bracelet in Coral, Howlite and Brazilian
Black with silver plated beads (coloured stone alternates
with silver bead).
Each bracelet comes with a heart charm and second.
Gorgeous on its own or combined with other bracelets.
Coral -Rose flower charm with heart
Howlite - Ladybird charm with heart
Brazilian Black - Round circle charm with heart.
MYR 109.00 each
Love Story
Handcrafted with Love. Our Inspiration set of 5
bracelets reminds us that an inspired life
comes from love, balance, peace and joy. Each
strand is adorned with two charms and a tassel
or mala for focus. The 6mm and 8mm bead
bracelets come without charms. Stretch
bracelets provide a secure and comfortable fit.
Bracelets and charms are silver plated.
MYR 260.00 for a set which
includes 5 bracelets
Peace + Love
Chubby Buddha on suede with
silver plated beads. Buddha,
the ancient teacher of
enlightenment, reminds us
that the inner balance is the
source of all bliss!
This Chubby Buddha expresses
joy & laughter. Silver plated on
black, chocolate or burgundy
MYR 169.00
The ever popular Katarina bracelets now
available in nine colours - light blue, royal
blue, turquoise, tan, purple, black, red,
chocolate and natural. These bracelets are
made from coco pukalet beads which are
from the shell of the coco palm tree. Each
bracelet has two charms made in a mix of
oxidised medals and French coloured glass.
Go beyond layering…pile it on!!
MYR 88.00 each
Maria Maria
A Cristiana favourite and signature piece.
This 74cm sterling silver handmade necklace
has eight charms crafted from a mix of
oxidised metals and French coloured glass.
Each charm has a story, a special meaning, and
over time, by those who wear them every day.
They are a symbol of a way of living, a way of
being, of the shared vision and intention of
MYR 230.00
Del Mar (from the sea)
These handcrafted bracelets are
laced together with leather.
Available in turquoise, deep
chocolate and natural.
MYR 125.00
A lovely collection of silver plated bracelets
that would match nicely with any of the pieces
from the Cristiana collection.
Each bracelet comes with an angel, a flower,
the peace dove or a ladybird charm.
MYR 105.00 each
A suede charm bracelet laced together
with silver plated beads and five
oxidised charms with an adjustable
toggle to fit all sizes.
The charms vary with each bracelet.
Suede is available in tan, chocolate and
MYR 139.00 each
Encanto (on Ribbon)
This necklace features a
string of 6mm handmade
sterling silver beads laced
together on a black
grosgrain ribbon.
The selection of 8 sterling
silver charms really
showcase this piece. It
measures 76cm in length
and can also be worn as a
MYR 360.00
Amor (Love)
Follow your heart with this set
of 3 delicate strands of sterling
silver beaded bracelets with
handmade sterling silver
heart, crown and unicorn
A great addition when mixed
and matched with other
pieces from the collection.
MYR 305 for a set which
includes 3 bracelets