Our clients want media and technology solutions that meet their

Experience Media Studios
We are a next generation international media and
technology company founded in 2009 with more than
30 years of combined experience in development,
creation, distribution, and marketing of original
content and technology to match the needs and
budget requirements of clients and partners.
We take pride in our ability to deliver a superior
tailored product that exceeds client expectations.
We have successfully delivered compelling projects
to numerous satisfied clients, providing a significant
return on investment.
As a project-based studio, we operate from a very lean
overhead. This is cost effective for both our clients as
well as EMS. However, our relationships with industry
professionals allow us to not only be cost effective but
also expand and contract as needed.
The fundamental purpose of our company is
to create a positive and consistent experience
for our clients and their audience.
A communications studio that uses
the power of stories, media and
technology to change the world.
Experience Media Studios is a registered U.S. federal,
state, and local government contractor that operates
under the following NAICS and PSC codes:
NAICS: 512110, 512120, 512199, 541430, 541611, 541613,
541810, 541922, 611420, 611710
PSC: T001, T006, T010, T015, T016, R412, R419,R701, R708,
U002, U006, U008, U009, U013, U014, U099, W069,
6910, 6930, 6940
Our competitive advantage is showcased in our hybrid
business model, which combines efficiencies and financial transparency with
well-defined production systems and processes creating value for money,
service, quality, reliability, innovation and ease of doing business.
EMS begins with a higher standard. The
company understands the complexities of
a custom production, so we transfer
and incorporate the best
production methods and
technologies to every
project to ensure
quality. At the
same time, we
the challenge of
neverbefore visualized
e l e m e n t s
engage them in the
from entertainment and
advertising to experiential
training and education.
EMS achieves excellence while creating
a positive and consistent experience for
clients through efficient project
management. With qualified
and proven professionals,
clear communication,
taking the time to
maintaining a high
quality standard,
we deliver on the
studio’s promises.
EMS starts every project from a unique studio perspective using the most cost effective and high
quality resources efficiently to deliver superior story-driven experiences that engage the audience
– whether to entertain, educate, or inform. To achieve that, we always start with our clients needs.
EMS has spent years refining our processes and standards with the goal of developing a quality
product that meets or exceeds client expectations, delivered on time and within budget, every time.
Our efforts have not gone without reward: a significant portion of our business is repeat business from
existing clients, proving that EMS delivers what we promise to achieve superior client and partner
satisfaction. Our project management approach is to provide a single point of responsibility,
the Producer, with the charter of delivering the final product. The Producer has
the full complement of resources available to assemble the right team
to deliver the right results.
Producer / Director / Innovator
Michael-Ryan is a seasoned award-winning media professional
with neary 20 years of Hollywood and international experience
in all aspects of media production services, from motion pictures to
broadcast television and new media.
He began his career in broadcast television as a member of a
launch team creating the [then] most technologically advanced
digital television station in the world. Innovative technologies led
him to progress to entertainment media, where he has worked
in almost every facet of the film industry, corporate branding
and entertainment projects representing more than $9 billion of
invested capital.
Michael-Ryan’s major motion picture projects include PERFECT
STORM starring George Clooney; CASTAWAY starring Tom Hanks;
MR. AND MRS. SMITH starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie;
starring Toby Maguire. His most noted television shows have
included WEST WING, HOUSE, E.R., C.S.I. LAS VEGAS, and
DEXTER. In addition, He has worked on more than 60 national
and international television commercial campaigns, and more
than 30 high profile music videos including such artists as Michael
Jackson, Beyonce, Will Smith, Aerosmith, and Eminem.
His most successful projects include: THE FORGER starring
Josh Hutcherson, Lauren Bacall, Alfred Molina, and Hayden
Panettiere; the American Eagle-brand IT’S A MALL WORLD and
WINTER TALES mini-series for MTV; TWO-ELEVEN with writer/
director Velvet Andrews Smith; his five-time award winning film
INTELLIGENCE starring Milo Ventimiglia, and directing DVD
ON TV for the FX Network.
We use time-tested production processes,
techniques, and tools combined with our
superior business model and effective project
management approach, perceptive budgeting
and practical financial controls to deliver a
quality product for our clients.
storyboards, and scripting
PRE-PRODUCTION : Scheduling, logistics planning, site
coordination, contracts and release statements, and talent
casting aligned to budget
PRODUCTION : Filming, directing talent, set direction,
scene reshoots, special effects, technology integration, and
2D/3D graphics and animation
POST PRODUCTION : Editing, first-cut review, re-edits,
adding visual and sound effects, narration, music, titles, and
other enhancements, and packaging according to client
EVALUATION : Quality control, feedback, and content
approval for finalizing productions
DELIVERY/DISTRIBUTION : Format delivery media, encode
and output finished and raw digital files, add any additional
content and features
MARKETING : Social media strategy and content,
behind the scenes content, and teaser/trailers
Experience Media Studios offers turnkey production services to develop and produce custom media
assets for any type of project. From viral videos to episodic TV, feature film to documentaries,
podcasts to eBooks, print media to corporate capabilities, we offer full production services matched
to client needs and budget requirements.
EMS strives for excellence while creating a positive and consistent experience for our clientele
through efficient processes, knowing their values, learning their needs, collaboration, maintaining a
high quality standard, and delivering on the studio’s promises.
We make our clients’ distinctive concept a reality by becoming their partner in vision, planning,
and execution, working with feature filmmakers in all phases: pre-production, production, and post.
From scriptwriting to casting to location scouting, we bring our infrastructure and expertise in project
management, logistics, craftsmen, technology, and all the elements that
polish the finished film.
EMS works with clients to develop original content and branded
entertainment, from television shows to short-format “viral” productions
including corporate capabilities segments and social media vignettes.
We support compelling content with integrated programming strategies,
leveraging broadcast and digital platforms to connect with target
audiences in ways that drive them to notice, to interact, and to respond.
Traditional tools are not enough when brand engagement requires steady content development and
instantaneous delivery. We develop a unique content strategy for each client - founded on the timetested fundamentals of solid brand development and integrated with smart marketing strategies for
the constantly changing media landscape. We create engaging experiences for audiences that are
agile and authentic.
Our content creation, intergrated technology, and branding and marketing services
offer clients a 360 degree turnkey solution to bring the sizzle to their
unified communications that connect with their target audience.
Experience Media Studios produces and manages content for the real-time conversation, tracking
and measuring the results whether it is for 140 carefully chosen characters on Twitter or the next
installment for a client’s YouTube channel.
We develop a unique strategy for each client that is built on the fundamentals of solid brand
development and integrated with engaging marketing experiences for target audiences that are
agile and authentic.
EMS excels in creating compelling brands across the digital universe, leveraging the proven approach
of the studio system to develop strategies, produce content, and mobilize resources for best practices
and expertise that works in the real world. We take the time to gain the knowledge necessary to make
brands succeed - from launch to unlocking a lifetime of value. Our approach is not about forcing
your brand into a playbook but building a viable brand strategy from
the ground up that makes your brilliant concept a reality.
EMS delivers a connected marketing platform - bringing together the
near-limitless tools and technologies to plan and execute marketing
programs, with precise targeting, audience profiling, and outcome
measurement. We develop a solid strategy and plan to integrate digital
and traditional channels in a comprehensive plan that places client
content and brand where their audience is, at the right time to engage
them in the conversation and build the dialogue. Our methods create
connected opportunities for engagement across paid, earned, and
owned channels with innovative campaign ideas and detailed tactics - the right mix of touchpoints
for audience interaction.
Simply put, EMS believes in planning before buying. That means we provide an integrated approach
that considers all facets of your marketing and messages to craft a connected strategy for digital,
online, and traditional advertising. We recognize that producing a desirable ROI
- and however that definition may vary for each unique client - translates
to getting the right message to the right people at the right time.
Experience Media Studios monitors, alerts and removes pirated content across the endless online
distribution and promotional channels with a proactive approach to combat digital piracy. Our
service prevents distribution and sales of copyrighted content, detects and eliminates access, protects
revenues and catalogs forensic evidence for legal action.
Our comprehensive platform anticipates, detects, targets, disrupts
and removes the channels where piracy occurs, and short circuits
related promotional activity on search engines, websites and social
media channels.
We utilize the latest technologies and actively update a database
spanning the international spectrum of sites to monitor 24/7/365
for pirated intellectual property such as articles, photos, videos,
eBooks, music, movies, apps, scripts, and plugins. Targeting
search engines allows our clients to receive the visibility they deserve
without competing with piracy sites for traffic to their own content.
Using keywords created with our wide search parameters, we
generate a comprehensive report of links to file sharing websites.
After confirming actual instances of copyright infringement, we act
as an authorized representative and immediately initiate content
removal on behalf of our clients.
We can usually have pirated content removed within 2 to 24 hours.
Once content has been removed by the copyright violator, clients
receive an e-mail with all the details about the removal of their
copyrighted content. Clients receive a monthly report detailing all
removed links and content, updates on news and advice
regarding content protections, and other
types of copyright infringement.
We constantly monitor
a growing list of sites
• file search engines
• file-sharing sites
• tube sites
• torrent sites
• social media
• cyberlockers
• blogs
• auction sites
• warez sites
• file-sharing forums
Our complete media and technology
portfolio can be found on our website.
Our clients want media and technology
solutions that meet their unique story,
and EMS knows how to deliver on those
communications on time and on budget.
Experience Media Studios provides
the best quality-to-price ratio. It’s an
enviable position and a value proposition
that has not only provided EMS with
many successes, but also offers a strong
competitive advantage.