Energy savings that mean business

Brochure: Minimise Energy
Energy savings that
mean business
Part of APC Technology Group plc
Energy saving solutions that drive profitability
Minimise Energy offer innovative energy efficiency technologies to help you achieve your on-going energy reduction goals
and enhance your bottom line. Working in partnership with you, we provide an integrated range of products and services that
can develop in line with your organisation’s evolving needs. We deliver substantial savings and quick ROI, for both single and
multiple sites and across national and international territories.
Minimise Energy offers you:
•Increased profitability through increased energy efficiency:
simplified and streamlined installation and operation lead
to both time and cost reduction.
•Partnership for the long term: we will become your
organisation’s energy partners, expert in tailoring solutions
to meet your evolving energy reduction goals, always with
rapid ROI in mind.
•Bespoke service tailored to your needs: depending on your
specific project requirement, we offer audit, measurement,
design, manufacture, installation, monitoring, ongoing
review and advisory services.
•A wide range of products and services including LED
lighting: for commercial and retail, street lights, flood lights
and bespoke lights to suit any requirements.
•Fully integrated product solutions: one company, one
answer means lower installation costs, lower running costs
and one point of contact.
•Self-owned technologies: means we can guarantee their
performance and integration.
•Control of energy use: we give you the means to monitor,
review and control energy usage within your organisation.
•The reassurance of compliance: we can help ensure you
meet your environmental standards or requirements.
Our rapidly growing client list includes blue-chip companies
across a wide variety of sectors including major retailers,
utility companies, hospitals, transport groups and public
sector organisations.
To find out how we can help your business, call us on +44 (0) 330 313 3220,
email [email protected] or visit
Our products and services
Bespoke LED solutions tailored to your needs
LED lighting from Minimise is all about enhancing your
bottom line. With a life expectancy of 50,000 hours and
energy savings of up to 90%, it’s no surprise our typical LED
installation offers an ROI of between only one and three
years. With our own R&D and manufacturing facilities, the
unsurpassed quality of the LED product we produce has
made us market leaders. No other company offers our single
source, bespoke design, supply and installation solutions,
with lighting systems tailored to meet your operational
constraints, energy efficiency and aesthetic objectives.
Wireless monitoring and control systems
for your business
Minimise Monitoring and Control gives real-time visibility
of your energy use. Unlike our competitors, the Minimise
solution is wireless and can be installed without interruption
to power supplies. It can be retrofitted and integrated with
existing management or metering systems. So, within hours,
our bespoke software can be gathering data and displaying
it in real-time, on easy-to-read dashboards with output
for management reporting, allowing you to immediately
pinpoint waste. In many cases the savings achieved can lead
to a CAPEX payback of only a few months.
Minimise Monitoring and Control is provided in association with Invisible Systems™
Optimising energy efficiency by up to 25%
Increase profitability by optimising the electricity
consumption of equipment that uses an electrical induction
motor. The Induction Motor Optimisation Panel (imop™)
from Minimise increases the efficiency and lifespan of both
the electrical infrastructure and motors in devices such
as compressors, pumps, heaters, refrigeration equipment,
chillers and industrial manufacturing equipment. Uniquely,
the imop™ determines how to optimise each inductive
load to maximum capacitance through a unique diagnostic
sizing kit.
Improving reliability and performance
for LED lighting
Our revolutionary new all-in-one power & control system
for LED lighting improves performance and reliability
and reduces installation costs. This unique, simplified
system removes the need for costly, unreliable individual
mains-powered LED drivers and modular wiring, making
installation as easy as clipping pegs to a clothes line.
Minimise Contactless Power provides the complete
backbone for intelligent LED lighting, providing power
conversion and distribution, as well as lighting controls for
large numbers of LED fixtures.
Minimise Contactless Power is provided in association with Isotera™
Part of the Minimise Group
Minimise Group helps organisations become more sustainable and increase profitability.
We provide an integrated range of technologies, products and services that include energy
efficiency, energy generation, water management, sustainability consulting and project financing
through our five specialist divisions:
Offering a range of innovative energy efficiency technologies including
energy monitoring, LED lighting and contactless power systems, to
help organisations achieve on-going energy reduction goals
Our strategic consultancy and advisory service helping organisations
to develop sustainability models, meet reduction targets and comply
with legislation
Delivering tailor-made financing options to fund energy efficiency
and renewable energy schemes from identified savings
Maximising the potential to generate energy on site, drive
operational savings, reduce carbon emissions and help you
meet carbon reduction targets
Incorporating Green Compliance
Delivering a complete range of water management and air hygiene
technologies and services that help customers reduce the cost of
compliance and save money on operating costs
With offices in the USA, Canada and Europe we can deliver our solutions across one site or
a thousand and over multiple territories. As part of APC Technology Group plc, we uniquely
combine the provision of integrated sustainability products and services with the financial
strength and stability of a 33 year-old London Stock Exchange listed Company.
For more information and to find out how we can help your business,
call +44 (0) 330 313 3220 or email [email protected]
Minimise Energy, 6 Stirling Park, Laker Road, Rochester Airport Estate, Rochester, Kent, ME1 3QR
Part of APC Technology Group plc