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Our Drive-It day out
Trip to Moreton Museum: Pages 3-5
May 2015
New MG6 goes in show Origin of the Metro
Revised motor is revealed: Pages 6&7
The MG Years reaches 1977: Page 12
Exeter MGOC 67 Branch 0708
May 2015
Letter from the secretary
Well it doesn’t seem like a month
since the last MG Exe! Aly’s been
really busy what with one thing and
another - including a brand new
grandson - so Andrew’s taken to the
keyboard for this message!
Thanks must go, first of all, to the
stalwarts helping to organise this
year’s Moor 2 Sea event, which is,
you’ll be pleased to know, almost
booked up.
So if you want to secure your
place on what promises to be a
cracker of a run, get over to the
website as soon
as possible.
The routes have been printed
(thanks to Cornerstone in Exeter for
the use of the printer and paper on
Bank Holiday Monday, and thanks
to Clive and Mo for helping Aly and
me with it all) the bags are here and
the team are starting the packing
Personally I can’t wait to get under
way, if only because I haven’t
actually done the route yet. In truth,
I probably won’t get to do it all in
one go as I’ve been roped in on
photographic duty again!
By Andrew Howard
Membership Secretary
As Moor 2 Sea is not far off we
don’t have a run planned for this
month, but Roger and Pat Mayo
have said they want to go to the
classic car show at Killerton on
Sunday, May 17, and are asking if
anyone wants to join them to get in
touch. Their contact details are
R&P are also setting up a list of
folk interested in last-minute trips
out on sunny days.
I must admit that when they first
emailed me about the Short Notice
Outing Group I thought it was an
April Fools’ Joke. Who would sign up
for SNOG, I laughed!
Anyway, the joke was on me as I
was later reliably informed by a
straight-faced Roger that they were
indeed serious! More on that on
page 9 of MG Exe.
Meanwhile, I’ve been busy
pampering our MGs. The F has a
lovely new tan interior, which
makes it much brighter, and some
new electric bits and pieces to boot,
I’ve also been looking at storage
solutions such as extra nets and
More on that in a later edition,
once all the stuff’s arrived from that
online auction site.
If you’ve been messing about with
your motor, please send in some
pics to share with other members!
Anyway, it’s getting late and the
next club meeting is tomorrow
See you all there!
Exeter MGOC committee contact details
Roger Luscombe
01392 495757
[email protected]
Area Secretary
Aly Howard
01392 670421
[email protected]
Pat Mayo
01395 233848
[email protected]
Andrew Howard
01392 670421
[email protected]
Membership sec Andrew Howard
01392 670421
[email protected]
Events secretary
Maureen Heawood
07870 787644
[email protected]
Stuart Sinclair
01414 892704
[email protected]
Roger Mayo
01395 233848
[email protected]
May 2015
Drive It Day goes to the
Moreton Motor Museum
Our thanks must go to the guys at
the Moretonhampstead Motor
Museum for their warm welcome
and patient explanations as we
visited the newly refurbished
attraction on Drive It Day, which
was our April Sunday Run.
There are some new exhibits on
show. There are more pictures of
our trip on the next two pages.
Thanks also to the good folk at the
Post Inn at nearby Whiddon Down
for what was an excellent Sunday
Thanks too to all who took part in
the run on what turned out to be a
glorious spring day.
The next Sunday run is in June, as
we have Moor to Sea on Sunday,
May 24!
May 2015
May 2015
May 2015
May 2015
New MG ‘pride
of Longbridge’
The brand new and improved MG6 went on
display to the public for the first time as part
of the Pride of Longbridge.
The annual event, which takes place at
Cofton Park in Longbridge, sees thousands of
people come together to celebrate the
historic output of the iconic Longbridge
factory in Birmingham.
The latest vehicle to come off the
production line at Longbridge, home to Minis,
Metros and Rovers, is the new MG6. First
launched in 2011, the new and improved
model has undergone a transformation both
Click to see the latest MG TV advert
inside and out. Those attending the Pride of
Longbridge event on Saturday 18 April had
the chance to take a look around the new car
and see the changes for themselves.
The MG6 is a medium-sized fastback
offering dynamic handling, high levels of
interior comfort and a spacious cabin area
with a big boot. The MG6 won the 2014 Auto
Express Driver Power Best Handling Award.
MG was voted the third best manufacturer
in the UK in the Auto Express Driver Power
Awards in 2014.
MG was the fastest growing brand in Britain
in 2014 as shown by official figures issued by
the Society of Motor Manufacturers and
Traders. Currently MG has the fastest
growing network of dealers in the UK as sales
continue to surge.
Old ads revisited: Take to the hills in an MGC - without having to rob a bank…
May 2015
May 2015
New MG dealer seeks sales manager
Fancy being an MG Sales Manager?
It’s one of the new jobs created at
the latest MG dealer appointment.
Blights MG in Bideford has
become the fifth new MG dealer to
be appointed in 2015 and, even
before the official launch date, it
has plans to expand. Tim Blight, a
partner in the third-generation
family business, said: “During our
82 years of existence we have
represented lots of brands from
Triumph, Standard, Vauxhall and
Ford, but I can honestly say that
none have created the excitement
and interest that followed news of
us winning an MG franchise.”
For details call 01237 472282.
Allez up: French healthcare
Covered for health
insurance in France?
Join the Exeter
MG SNOG list!
Good sunny MG-ing days are
becoming a rarity and we
should make the most of them
when they appear, writes Roger
Is anybody interested in
joining a short notice outing
group when the forecast is good
this summer?
This could be weekdays or any
Pat and I will co-ordinate if
enough members are
interested. If you let us have
your email address we will
make a list and let you know
when the outings are, then if
you are free on that day, give
the MG an airing.
These runs will be casual,
cream tea, afternoon tea or a
visit to some attraction or
We’ll call it the Short Notice
Outing Group, just noticed
that's SNOG!
So you can join the snoggers
and go snogging!
If you’re interested please
email: [email protected]
The European Health
Insurance Card (EHIC) is meant
to offer reciprocal treatment
cover i.e. you get treated there
as French people would be
treated here in the UK.
This is free cover from the
DWP and you should get it.
But this year it has changed.
When French people get
treated in France, the state
pays only 80 per cent of the
cost, the remainder being paid
for by insurance under their
CPAM system. The French
people pay for that in
The lovely broke French state
has now decided that we
cannot get more than French
citizens get.
This means that you will have
to find 20 per cent of any bill in
addition to having an in-date
EHIC card. If this had
happened to me six years ago,
I would have been down the
tubes for 20,000 euros as heart
treatment is expensive. The
question then arises, why pay
for a UK travel insurance when
you only want 20% cover?
Sounds like a nice little earner
to me so I am investigating the
insurance market. Watch this
Roger L
May 2015
In the summer of 1969
Thanks so much to Ralph for
passing me a slice of motoring
history: the 1969 Autocar Show
Report, looking at the 54th
International London Motor
Show at Earls Court.
As we’ve seen in The MG Years, the
late 1960s was not a time of
fantastic investment in the motor
industry, and the magazine’s
opinion column makes much of that
fact, pointing out many cars were
being revamped or re-engined, with
lower specification versions of
upmarket models coming to
market, as well as GT versions of
more humble offerings.
Examples of the latter being seen
for the first time at the show
included the Hillman GT, the BMC
1300 GT and the Mini 1275GT. Ford
got in on the act with the 3-litre
Capri GT. So widespread was this
now that the magazine suggested:
“Manufacturers of true Grand
Tourers may have to look around
for a new classification in which to
Number plate rules: They’ve always been strict!
place their cars, now that these
once exclusive initials have fallen
into common useage.”
Still, putting things in perspective,
it was predicted that by the end of
1969 British manufacturers would
have exported more than £1,000
million worth of vehicles. But the
sting in the tail? The following wise
words: “Only vast capital investment
now will maintain such
improvement two, three and four
years hence.”
But what of the cars on show?
Sunbeam revived the Alpine name,
Ford put Rostyle wheels on the
Capri GT - they looked pretty good and MG revealed a revised interior
for the MGB. There was also a fresh
look for the Sprite, with new wheels
and grille.
Perhaps most fascinating though
is the inside back pages of the
magazine: New car prices! Go on
then, let’s start with the MGs. A
basic Midget would set you back
£818 (including purchase tax),
exactly the same as an AH Sprite,
while an automatic gearbox would
be £98 extra. A B was £1,125, a BGT
£1,254, with autos £104 on top.
Comparing other cars available at
the time, the Morgan 4/4 1600 fourseater was £1,066, and a Plus 8
£1,510. A Capri 3000 GT was £1,291,
and a Lotus Elan drophead £1,769.
Mind you, if you bought the Elan in
kit form it was £1,353 and attracted
no purchase tax.
Higher up the scale, a Porsche
911S was £4,766, a Maserati Ghibli
4700 £10,180, and a Bentley HJ
Mulliner drophead £12,013.
Down in the bargain basement,
the Moskovich 408 was £673, the
NSU Prinz 3 £582, the Reliant Rebel
If you have any interesting motoring memorabilia, please email [email protected]
May 2015
Autocar was clearly not blown away by the revisions to the MGB in 1969
700 £648, the Renault 4 £585, the
Fiat 500 £472, and the Honda N360
Names no longer with us include
Austin, Hillman, Humber, ISO,
Rover, Singer, Sunbeam and
Wolseley. And, indeed, the
bulldozers are making rubble of
the Earls Court Exhibition Centre
Some of the adverts for
accessories make fascinating
reading, and in many cases show
how in reality, some items today
are much cheaper than in years
gone by. For instance, Raydyot
driving lamps could be had for just
shy of 100 shillings each. So by my
reckoning that’s £10 a pair in 1969
money, which adjusted for inflation
is about £150 in 2015 wonga.
Gamages of Holborn, in the same
advert, were selling ‘universal’
centre arm consoles suitable for
the MGB, Cortina, Hunter and Mini
for 70 shillings. That’s £3.50 then,
or £51 today. Just check ebay to
Sexy cars and sexist cartoons
If this article has brought back
happy memories, check out
this YouTube video courtesy of
British Pathe
see what’s available for £15 plus
£10 p&p!
Anti-mist panels, Muffettes to
protect your grille against the
elements and extra under-bonnet
battery chargers all point to days of
yore when winter driving was more
of a challenge. Climate change, or
improved engineering? Perhaps my
favourite advert though was for the
well known MG dealer University
Motors. For every new MG they
sold, the buyer was given a racing
driver’s course at Brands Hatch or
Silverstone in a Lotus 51 singleseater. Where do I sign?
And, out of interest, that MGB
price of £1,125 in 1969 money is the
equivalent of £16,540 today. Which
will buy you a decent MG6
hatchback with a lot more toys. And
bigger back seats.
If you have any interesting motoring memorabilia, please email [email protected]
May 2015
We creep ahead one year to a
point in time in the history of
MG’s parent company that
would have a near-fatal impact
on the marque - the
appointment, in 1977, of Sir
Michael Edwardes as chief
executive of British Leyland.
Lada Niva 4x4
The Rancho
Granada MK II
VW Derby
BMW’s E23 7 Series
One of Edwardes’s first actions as
boss was to continue the
restructuring of the state-owned
group, and split the car-making side
of the business in two, with Austin
Morris the volume-brand, and
Jaguar Rover Triumph the upmarket
side of the operation. MG stayed
with its Morris roots and was part
of the former. Daimler and Land
Rover were part of the latter.
At about the same time, the
government approved a £140m
investment in the Longbridge plant
to gear up for the Mini
replacement, the ADO88. The 88
became the Austin Mini Metro,
which of course went on to bear an
MG badge in some guises. More on
that, perhaps, in a later episode!
The new Austin Morris company
didn’t launch any cars in 1977, and
at a time of financial hardship, the
number of new vehicles globally
was relatively small.
Intended as a new motor for 1977
was the Triumph TR7 Sprint, with an
uprated 16-valve 2.0 litre engine as
used in the Dolomite Sprint, instead
of the 8-valve original. But the
Speke plant was shut after a major
strike, and production was slated
for Coventry. Before the assembly
line got into gear, the project was
cancelled. Around 60 prototype and
pre-production cars made it into
the metal in fixed-head coupe form.
Rimmer Brothers today do a
conversion kit for around £2,250.
Notable among the actual
launches of 1977 was the Ford
Granada Mk II, which, unlike the Mk
I, was not produced in Dagenham,
only in Cologne. The biggest
changes from the earlier model,
which had been introduced in 1972,
were in the engines, with German
V6 motors ranging from 2.0 to 2.8
litres. The changes also saw the end
of the Granada coupe.
Vauxhall’s German cousin, not to
be outdone, launched the Opel
Rekord Series E (which in 1978
became the Vauxhall Carlton, and in
1983 the Daewoo Royale). Like the
Granada, the Carlton was built in
Another large saloon to come out
of Germany in 1977 was the BMW 7
Series (E23) and like the Granada it
was overwhelmingly powered by
six-cylinder motors. They also had
service interval indicators, and
options included on-board
computers and ABS brakes.
Volkswagen, by way of contrast,
brought us the little Derby, a
booted Polo, which initially in the
UK outsold its hatchback sibling.
Also popular in the UK was the
Peugeot 305, which was at first only
available as a four-door saloon with
a petrol engine.
Helped by a British government
grant, the Rootes group brought us
the Chrysler Sunbeam three-door
May 2015
Austin’s ADO88 project was the origins of the Metro, the MG included
supermini built, like the Hillman
Avenger it shared many parts with,
at Linwood in Scotland. The
Sunbeam was later renamed as a
Talbot after the newly-created PSA
Peugeot Citroen group takeover of
Chrysler Europe.
Also later to be branded a Talbot
was the Matra-Simca Rancho, a
“leisure activity vehicle” based in the
Simca 1100 supermini. It could now
be considered a forerunner of the
From the Soviet Union came the
Lada Niva. Unlike the Rancho this
was a genuine 4x4 tough off-roader.
Niva is Russian for field of crops.
At the other end of the scale,
Aston Martin produced the V8
Vantage. The 5.3-litre engine, as
used in the Lagonda, was good for a
top speed of 170mph.
Politics: Roy Jenkins, Home
Secretary to then Prime Minister
James Callaghan, announced he
was leaving the House of Commons
to become president of the
European Commission. His Cabinet
colleague, Anthony Crosland, died
after suffering a stroke, and was
Inflation, meanwhile, fell slightly to 15.8 per cent.
People: The nation celebrated, a
lot, as the Queen marked 25 years
on the throne. It was the Silver
Jubilee, and street parties were held
across the country.
Millions too celebrated Christmas
in the traditional manner: by
watching Morecambe and Wise on
the TV. Their festive special
attracted 28 million viewers.
At the movies: The big film of the
year was released at the end of
December in the UK, and launched
James Callaghan
a series of spin-offs which is still
being made today. It was, of course,
replaced by David Owen, aged 38,
who became Foreign Secretary. And Star Wars. Close Encounters of the
Third Kind, A Bridge Too Far, the
after a deal with the Liberal Party,
Callaghan, whose Labour Party was Spy Who Loved Me and Annie Hall
losing MPs left, right and centre (not were also big hits in 1977.
Shopping: Retailing at a whopping
literally) survived a vote of no
£175 was Clive Sinclair’s latest
confidence in the House of
gadget, a TV set with a two-inch
Commons. This became known as
screen. You could get a full-size telly
the Lib-Lab Pact, but was not a
for the same money.
formal coalition.
Sport: Liverpool FC were crowned
Callaghan, as Prime Minister,
doubtless enjoyed his trip to Exeter league champions for the 10th time,
while Manchester United beat them
as he opened the final part of the
to win the FA Cup.
M5 motorway.
May 2015
31st MAY 2015
Barrow Hill Roundhouse Railway
Centre, near Chesterfield, acts as the
starting point for the 2015 Kimber
Birthday Run. Following a circular route
through the wonders of the Derbyshire
countryside we will send you on your
way after a hot drink and breakfast
roll. After the beauty of Derbyshire a
warm welcome awaits you on your
return where you can walk around the
last surviving, 120 year old, railway
round house and the restored buildings
that has been a labour of love for staff
and volunteers.
There will also be the opportunity to
photograph your car next to a locomotive
and take a steam ride up the short
siding available to the museum.
To book please telephone 01954
231125 or download the entry form at
£28 per car
of two people, additional passengers
To include welcome breakfast roll with
tea/coffee on arrival, entry to the
Roundhouse on your return from the
run, route book & rally board, unlimited
steam train rides up siding.
Name ...........................................................................................................................................
Membership No ..........................................................................................................................
..................................................................................................... Post Code ..............................
Daytime Telephone Number ......................................................................................................
email: (To email receipt to).........................................................................................................
MG Model: .......................................................... Registration No .......................................
Year ................................
I enclose:
£28.00 Entry fee per car of two people
£ .....................................
Additional Passengers at £10.00 per person
£ .....................................
Total: £ .....................................
Payment card number (Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Mastercard)
............................................................................................ Expiry Date: ...............................
Start Date: .........................................................
3 Digit Security Number (found on reverse of card) .........................
Please make your cheques payable to MG Owners’ Club
that there is no competitive element to the provided route in any way. The only merit attached to
participating is in relation to good road behaviour, compliance with the Highway Code and all other road
traffic regulations.
Fee non refundable.
May 2015
Celebrating the life of a
much-loved member
Patricia (Trish) Room –
On January 30 family and friends
including members of Exeter
MGOC gathered at Exeter &
Devon Crematorium to celebrate
the life of Trish.
Celebration was the correct
description for the service.
Her life and interests were
remembered with amusement
and laughter.
It began with the Entrance Music
Good Vibrations by the Beach
Boys and continued throughout
and was ended with the Exit
Music The Stripper.
After the service the
congregation adjourned to the
Dolphin Hotel in Bovey Tracey for
further reminiscences
accompanied by refreshments.
Trish lives on in her two children
Katie and Toby. Katie in particular
is a chip off the old block. Her
voice and mannerisms have the
effect of conjuring up a delightful
picture of a younger Trish.
Our thoughts go out to Neil,
Katie and Toby and all their family
and friends. As a postscript can I
urge everybody who may have
lost touch with members of their
family or friends and who keeps
meaning to re-establish contact
but does nothing – do it,
otherwise it may be too late.
Bruce Gauld
May 2015
Puzzle page
Crossword from
Rogue can’t hope for memorial (8)
I sat outside when ready (6)
Obese, gobbling seconds? Don’t eat! (4)
Free of suspicion, hence trial collapsed
Sounds like education cut (6)
One likely to lose is urged on anyhow,
maintaining decorum initially (8)
Bag of cash confused alien (6)
Going up a trail (6)
Limit a large town’s size (8)
Shrink cured loony with drug (6)
Passing on work to representatives (10)
American police hit heavily (4)
Subtle changes creating a stir (6)
Find out one’s caught in port (8)
1 Money back for a beer that’s off – about
time (6)
2 Disease giving a taste of France? (4)
3 Artist, one into ballet, shows brilliance (8)
4 Add a couple of pages to conclusion (6)
5 Loved one is riling Fred unfortunately (10)
6 Begin attack (3,5)
8 Strongly attack greeting by solicitor (3,3)
13 Escort a man around state capital (10)
15 Bet placed on unfashionable police
operation (5-3)
17 Sees runs hit with certainty (8)
18 Army I’d assembled is countless (6)
20 One magazine starts to employ sexy
pictures (6)
22 Top of column’s black and yellow (6)
24 Display is partly British owned (4)
Wordsearch made at
BrandsHatch; Donington; Thruxton; OultonPark; Croft;
Snetterton; Knockhill; Rockingham; Silverstone; Mondello;
Pembrey; Birmingham; Aintree; CrystalPalace; Goodwood;
Anglesey; LyddenHill; Brooklands; Longridge
Last month’s crossword solutions: Across: 3 roost. 8 Assisi. 9
allies. 10 Mimi. 11 stockstill. 12 Somali. 13 overturn. 16 Annie Get
Your Gun. 18 elongate. 21 the Met. 23 Persephone. 25 lees. 26
donate. 27 lentil. 28 today. Down: 1 Eskimo. 2 litigation. 3 Riesling. 4
on top of the world. 5 tackle. 6 clot. 7 seller. 12 slave. 14 tortellini. 15
nonet. 17 on the sly. 19 lie low. 20 applet. 22 emetic. 24 scab.
May 2015
Dates for your diary
May 12
Exeter MGOC Club Night
From 8pm at the Ley Arms.
May 16
Trans Wilts and Dorset Bluebell Run
Two day rally costing £200, includes dinner
bed and breakfast. There is limited
availability overnight at Blandford Forum.
There will be a 1940 theme to celebrate the
day. Contact Liz Lewis on 07900 360562.
May 17
A display of classic cars. Roger and Pat M are
going, please get in touch with them if you
fancy joining them! They’ll be meeting at
Moto at 1.30pm.
May 17
Exeter MGOC Sunday Run
May not run due to proximity of Moor 2 Sea.
May 17
At Breamore House Park in Dorset. See for details.
June 7
Heritage Run
Starting from EveshamCountryPark, the
scenic run will finish at EastnorCastle near
Ledbury. Entry fee £25 will include admission
to the grounds for 2 people, tulip style route
book and full colour rally plate. Booking
forms from Allen Smith. 01789 488280.
June 7
The Original MGs in the Park
This is the 17th annual event organised by
Oxfordshire MG Owners' Club. Held within
the fabulous Cotswold Wildlife Park, free
entry for MG and driver. Group rate for
passengers. Event starts at 10am and
includes a Pride of Ownership competition
and a 25 mile Cotswold Run. No need to
book. Just turn up and enjoy. Tel: 01993
July 5
Gloucester MGOC Cotswold Caper
Cost is £22 per car, add £5.50 for a cream
tea. For full details and an entry form, see
July 6
Yorkshire Pudding Run
Entry fee will still be £25 per car See.
July 11 & 12
Crash Box & Classic Car Club show
Of course, we know it as Powderham!
Clear your diaries for both dates folks, for
the region’s top car show. See for details.
July 14
Exeter MGOC Club Night
From 8pm at the Ley Arms.
July 19
Bude Motor Club Motor & Classic Show
From 10am at Bude Rugby Club, Bencoolen
Meadow. See .
June 9
Exeter MGOC Sunday Run
Details TBC
Exeter MGOC Club Night
From 8pm at the Ley Arms.
August 1&2
May 17
June 11-14
40th Anniversary of the MGB Jubilee
Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the MGB
Jubilee with a display of Jubilees in Abingdon
Town square, Talk by BL manager Mike
Badcock at Kimber House, Run & Pub Lunch.
07970 719289
Dutch MG Car Club 60th
Exeter MGOC members Nigel and Ann
Hodkinson are planning to join the Dutch MG
May 24
Exeter MGOC’s Moor 2 Sea
It’s the Big One! Full details and an
application form at
May 31
MGs in the Park
Organised by Solent MGOC. Only £6 per car.
[email protected] for details.
May 31
MGOC Kimber Run
See for details.
June 7
Wessex Car Show
Car Club’s 60th anniversary celebrations near
Hilvarenbeek. See Nigel or Ann for details, or
MGF 20
A two-day festival at the Heritage Motor
Centre at Gaydon for lovers of the F. Looks
August 11
Exeter MGOC Club Night
From 8pm at the Ley Arms.
June 13&14
August 16
Footman James Bristol Classic Car Show or 01507 529529
for more details.
Classic Vehicle Gathering
Organised by the Morris Minor Owners Club
and held on the Imperial recreation Ground
in Exmouth from 10am to 4.30pm. Exeter
MGOC hope to have a stand, but if you’re not
joining us feel free to pop along. Free entry.
For more details telephone Lorna Moggridge
on (01823) 672693 or Nickie Tilley on (01395)
June 14
Bridgend MGOC Cwm to Coast Run
Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the coast
and countryside of South Wales. £15 per car.
Call Stuart Taylor or 01656 662213 or email
[email protected]
June 21
Exeter MGOC Sunday Run
Details TBC
August 30
Ugbrooke Classic Motorshow 2015
To be held at Ugbrooke House & Park at
Chudleigh (TQ13 0AD) from 10am to 4.30pm
in aid of Help for Heroes. Details
If you know of an event coming up, please email [email protected]
For owners of MGs from As to Zs
About us: The Exeter Area MG Owners Club was formed in 1979 and is affiliated to the National MG Owners
Club which has around 30,00 members. The Exeter club attracts owners from East, Mid and South Devon, as
well as Torbay. We cater for all MGs, and members have cars ranging from MGAs to ZTTs, with pretty much
everything in between also represented. We also welcome members with MG6s and MG3s!
Meetings: We have club meetings once a month, on the second Tuesday throughout the year, apart from
December. They are held at 8pm at the Ley Arms,
Kenn. In December, the monthly meeting is replaced
by a Christmas dinner.
Runs: Members organise a Sunday run, usually on the
third Sunday of the month. These take around an hour
and a half, and pretty much always end up somewhere
nice for lunch! The club also organises a major annual
run which attracts participants from across the
Keeping in touch: We have a website,, as well as a Facebook page – – and a Twitter
account, @ExeterMGOC, so there are plenty of ways
for members to keep in touch with what is going on.
Award-winning magazine: We produce our own
award-winning monthly magazine, right, with news
about the club as well as other MG-related content.
This is emailed free of charge to members.
For more details: Contact Area Secretary Aly Howard,
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