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Oh, the Places You’‘ll
Keystone KickstART
Schedule of Events:
7:00 - Check-in,
Silent Auction Begins, Open Bar, Art Bar
8:00 – Silent Auction Closes;
Live Auction Begins
““You have to be a speedy reader because there‘s so so much to
read.“” -– Dr. Seuss
Welcome to our 5th annual
Keystone KickstART! We are so
grateful to be in our 9th year at
Keystone. Our little school is
growing in the most wonderful
ways. We watch Keystone grow
much the same way you watch
as your child grows in stature
and wisdom - with delight (and
sometimes a wince) as they
make their way through the
growing pains of life.
We at Keystone firmly believe
in every child and value who each is and how each learns. We believe
that their journeys are, indeed, their journeys, and we are merely
their guides. And, oh, the places we will go!
I usually write something philosophical here, but I remembered we
are doing why mess with the master. Here are a few
thoughts that are very Keystonian from Dr. Seuss (aka Ted Geisel)
the master of childspeak genius and start-up guy of the original
“TED Talks.” I’m pretty sure that Dr. Seuss would have sent his
kids to Keystone...and even more sure that Keystone is training
several future heirs to the Seussical throne! So….we’re off and
“...You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes (sometimes).
You can steer yourself
Any direction you choose…
...Whenever you fly, you’ll be the best of the best.
Wherever you go, you will top all the rest…
...Except when you don’t.
Because, sometimes, you won’t. (Thank goodness for failure!)
...I’m sorry to say so
but, sadly, it’s true
that Bang-ups
and Hang-ups
can happen to you…(Yep!)
...You’ll get mixed up, of course,
as you already know.
You’ll get mixed up
with many strange birds as you go. (Chickens, pigeons, teachers...)
And will you succeed?
Yes! You will, indeed!
(98 and ¾ percent guaranteed.)
Today you are you. That is truer than true.
There is no one alive, who is you-er than you!
And because, (dear ones) after all…
A person is a person, no matter how small."
We are honored to learn and play beside your children. Thank you
for blessing our days with their delightful souls!
Thank you to our tireless committee of parents and faculty and all
of our faithful and generous donors who keep this lovely dream
alive for our Keystone Wild Things! Enjoy the evening, and thank
you for supporting Keystone Adventure School and Farm!
Risa John
And the Seussy, Sassy Keystonian Staff
Faculty and Staff
Auction Committee
John Duhon
Co-founder and Co-director
Jenny Dunning
Co-founder and Co-director
Risa Wilkins McKinney
Co-founder and Co-director
Missy Benear
Paige Estabrook
Lindsey Garrett
Tabby Hasley
Andy Heuer
Serina Isch
LaHonda Lerma
Marilyn Lipscomb
Tracy Lloyd
Jesse Adair
Amber Sawyer
Jesse Adair
Melissa Andrade
Priscilla Bagby
Amy Cooper
John Duhon
Camden Dunning
Jenny Dunning
Kamala Gamble
Annie Green
Serina Isch
LaHonda Lerma
Risa Wilkins McKinney
Trina Bose North
Ashley Sanders
Amie Shaw
Janelle Sparks
Kristen Spears
Robin & Craig Starke
Amy Vanderkooi
Board of Directors
John Duhon
Jenny Dunning
Rick Dunning
Steve McDonnold
Risa Wilkins McKinney
Bliss Morris
Armand Paliotta
Cathy Perri
Tari Vickery
Keystone Donors
The Cat’‘s Hat
George and Nancy Records
Jenny and Rick Dunning
Kirkpatrick Foundation
E.L. and Thelma Gaylord
Hubert and Rae Gragg
Rachelle and Reggie Whitten
Desmond and Andrea Mason
Chesapeake Energy Corporation
John Duhon
Risa Wilkins McKinney
Sarkeys Foundation
Joanie and Bill Payne
Kim and Suzette Hatfield
Crawley Petroleum
Barry and Becky Switzer
Paul and Angela Harris
Kamala Gamble and Lance Cornman
Richard and Suellen Orbach Singer
Craig and Robin Starke
Matt and Kristen Spears
Mid America Roofing and
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Brad and Kim Henry
Toby and Tricia Covel
Bob and Carol Stoops
Chip and Shannon Fudge
Sandi Shaw
Missy and Tony Benear
Chris and Serina Isch
OKC Thunder
Justin and Shanda Biggs
Thank You, Thank You,
Sam I Am
Guilford Gardens
Wayne Coyne / The Flaming Lips
Jason and Amy Vanderkooi
Tari Vickery
Brandilyn Fritts
Miles Dunning
Jim and Christy Everest
Camden Dunning
Derek Watson / Lampstand Media
Jimmy Porter / The Print Shop
The Maxwell Family
David and Jill Clupper
John and Lesta Hood
David and Amie Shaw
Melissa Andrade
One Fish, Two Fish, Thank
You Blue Fish
Amy Crum
JR McCraw
Performance Coatings
Lindsey Garrett
Kam’s Kookery
Penny and David Harper
Suzanne Hupfeld
Tom and Becky Gray
David and Molly Boren
Weigh2 Go
The French Tulip
A Date With Iris
Christen Genga / Spoke Woven
More Fish!
Dr. Damon Johnson
OKC Ballet
Green Bambino
Triplett Acupuncture
RJ’s Salon
Ben and Shirley Shanker
Red Coyote
Marcy and Abbey’s
Marilynn’s Skin Care
David and Becky McCubbin
Green Goodies
PF Changs
Johnny Carinos
Elements Therapeutic Massage
Body Language Full Access Gym
Uptown Kids
MaryAnne Tullius
Thank you to our wonderful and faithful donors who give
in a multitude of ways. Keystone would not be what it is
today without you!!
”There are so many things that you really should know. And that‘s why I‘’m
bothering telling you so.“”- Dr. Seuss
Your bid number is located on the back of the event program you
received at registration.
Silent auction will close at following time: 8:00 p.m.
An announcement will be made before close.
Each item will be accompanied by a bid sheet. To place a bid write bid
number and amount of bid on first available line of bid sheet.
Each bid raise must be entered in round dollar increments of no less
than the bid increment notation at the top of the bid sheet. Any bid
raise entered in an amount less than the noted bid increment will
automatically be raised to meet the bid increment specified.
No item shall be sold for less than the minimum bid specified on the
bid sheet.
The highest bid at closing time will be identified as the winning bid.
This decision will be rendered by the Auction Committee, whose
decision shall be final.
Silent auction winners will be posted by item number along with bidder
number at the check-in desk thirty (30) minutes following the closing
of the silent auction.
Any items with no bids or final bids less than the minimum bid specified
will remain the property of the school.
Your bid number is located on the back of the event program you received
at registration.
The live auction will begin at approximately 8:30 p.m. All live auction items
will be presented by Auctioneer and bidding will begin at amount announced
by Auctioneer.
Place a bid by raising your auction bid number so it may be seen by
Auctioneer and/or bid spotters around the room who will acknowledge your
Auctioneer will announce winning bidder of item acknowledging bidder
number and final bid price.
A representative of the auction committee will deliver a bid detail sheet to
winning bidder which includes item number, final bid price, and item
description at the close of each live auction item.
Bid detail sheet(s) should be retained by winning bidder(s) and redeemed
for check out in the school office immediately following auction close.
Check out will take place at the check-in tables.
Immediately following the close of the Live Auction you will need to bring
the following items to the office in order to check out.
Bidder Number (on back of program)
Cash, Check, or Credit Card
Members of the auction committee will be available to assist you in
collecting your auction purchases following check out.
All items must be paid for by the close of the evening. Please do not leave
without paying for and receiving your items.
All sales are final.
Any redemption specifications by the donor must be respected.
If you have any questions, please ask for assistance.
Keystone Adventure School and Farm, Inc. is acknowledged as a 501(c)(3)non-profit
school by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). According to IRS
regulations, when a contributor to a charitable organization also receives benefit
from the contribution (i.e. donation in exchange for goods and/or services), the
purchaser/contributor can deduct only the amount of the donation that exceeds the
value of the goods/services received (SO BID IT HIGH FOR KEYSTONE, AND
STICK IT TO THE MAN). Good faith estimates of the value of each auction item
will be available upon request at check out. Please contact a tax professional to
determine the deduction allowed for items purchased during the auction.
The auction committee has diligently endeavored to describe auction items
accurately; however, all items are sold “as is” with no warranty, expressed or implied.
No statement contained in the auction program, auction bid sheets, item description
sheets/cards, or expressed orally during the auction or at any other time shall be
deemed to constitute a warranty, representation, or assumption of liability. Buyer
waives any claim for liability against Keystone Adventure School and Farm including
its employees and agents and donors for any personal injury or damages to property
that may result from the utilization, transport, or other association of the goods or
services purchased at auction.
Gift certificates, services, and trips must be redeemed within one (1) year of auction
date unless otherwise noted by provider. Time, date, and other restrictions as
specified by donor must be respected. Taxes, tips, and beverages are typically not
included in restaurant/service gift certificates unless otherwise noted.
”Oh the things you can find if you don’t stay behind!” -Dr. Seuss
Silent Auction
S-1. Up, Up, and Away
Get ready for a fun flight around Oklahoma City. Take a ride in a 4seat Piper Arrow 200 and snap pictures of dynamic Oklahoma City.
Experienced Pilot and Keystone Dad, Lance Cornman, will treat the
winner to breakfast or lunch at the Runway Cafe, at Wiley Post
Airport where the plane is kept.
Donor: Lance Cornman
S-2. Ele-Doodle
A 100% kid-drawn, kid-doodled, kid-watercolored masterpiece done
with enthusiasm and love!
Value: Priceless
Donor: Risa’s Class
S-3. Zoomorphia
This piece is a 16x20 oil on canvas painted by Keystone’s art
teacher, Lindsey Garrett.
Value: $400
Donor: Lindsey Garrett
S-4. Crayola Block
This fun 9 x 12 painting by local artist Suzanne Hupfeld is acrylic
on canvas and portrays brightly colored row houses. What a great
addition to any child’s room!
Donor: Suzanne Hupfeld
S-5. Bedlam Package
As the last conference game of the season, Bedlam may very well
decide the conference title this season! This package includes 2
tickets to OU/OSU in OU donor seating and $100 to spend on
either celebrating a win or drowning your sorrows...What can we
say?...It’s BEDLAM!! The OU/OSU game is on December 7th in
Donor: Rick and Jenny Dunning
S-6. Sam I Am
Sam Bradford, starting quarterback for the St. Louis Rams in his
fourth NFL season, has deep Oklahoma roots. His talent as a
quarterback at OU earned him countless records and awards,
including a Heisman Trophy in his sophomore year. After entering
the NFL as the overall #1 draft pick in 2010, Bradford earned
several Rookie awards. This signed football is perfect for the OU
fan in your life.
Donor: The Maxwell Family
S-7. Thunder Up
Tickets for two to a Thunder game to be arranged with Kamala
Gamble and Lance Cornman. Start your evening off right with a
dinner at PF Changs. After dinner, get right in the action in section
117 with seats that are just 10 rows up from the floor behind the
Thunder bench! Enjoy a night out in a city that is growing and with a
basketball team that is helping it soar.
Donors: Kamala Gamble and Lance Cornman and PF Changs
S-8. Welcome to Loud City
This package includes 4 tickets to the Washington Wizards game
on Sunday, November 10th in section 101! Enjoy a night of
Oklahoma fun as you cheer on the Thunder!
Donors: Tom and Becky Gray
S-9. Quintessential Childhood
“Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the
nooks!” - Dr. Seuss
Create a world of imagination for the kids in your life with this
basket of Dr. Seuss books and fun Seuss costumes. Nothing says
childhood like Dr. Seuss! This package includes an adult-sized Cat in
the Hat costume, a size 7-8 child’s Thing 1 costume, and a size 4-6
child’s Thing 2 costume from Pottery Barn.
Value: $300
Donor: The Dunning Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3, Thing 4, Thing 5, and
Thing 6 and the moms that are helping with basket too!
S-10. The King of All the Wild Things
Bring out your child’s inner Wild Thing with this adorable Max and
not-so-scary monster costumes from Pottery Barn, both in child
sizes 7-8. This package also includes a copy of the classic “Where
the Wild Things Are.”
Value: $150
Donor: The Dunning Wild Things
S-11. Health and Happiness
This package includes 5 private Pilates lessons from Jaci Hoffman
and 4 weeks of vegetable baskets (one each week) from Guilford
Gardens. Sample summer baskets include tomatoes, okra, onions,
potatoes, eggplant, sweet peppers, cantaloupe, basil, Swiss chard
and more. Sample fall/winter baskets include lettuce, arugula, kale,
carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, winter squashes and
broccoli. Recipes and newsletters are included with each basket.
Value: $300.
Donor: Guilford Gardens and Jaci Hoffman
S-12. Beyond Green Eggs and Ham
This package includes a kid's cooking class and garden tour.
Commune with the chickens and rabbits and see the beehive. Tour
the 1.75 acre organic garden. Harvest veggies and learn multiple
yummy preparations. Cooking Class for up to 12 children. Mutually
agreeable date and menu to be selected.
Donor: Kam's Kookery
S-13. If You Never Did, You Should
This package includes four gourmet home-cooked meals for your
family. A meal each week to a family (of 4 or more) for a month.
Your meal choices don’t have to be ultra-healthy; we also do yummy
comfort food. Sample menu - baby fried okra, Panzanella salad,
smoked Cornish Hens, sautéed Swiss chard, and homemade banana
pudding. Meals will consist of our organically grown vegetables and
happy meat (that is, local - humanely raised and harvested antibiotic free).
Value $200.
Donor: Kam's Kookery
S-14. Fit to Have Fun
“You’re in Pretty Good Shape For the Shape You Are In!” - Dr.
Keystone Dad, David Shaw will provide the utmost in guidance and
support with this personal training package that includes a
consultation and 6 one-on-one training sessions. You will also receive
these short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts that are in the display.
After working your muscles, feel the relief that a therapeutic
massage brings with a 55-minute massage at Elements Therapeutic
Massage in Edmond. To get your feet ready for training, grab a pair
of great shoes at Red Coyote with this gift card.
Value: $475
Donors: David Shaw, Red Coyote, and Elements Therapeutic
S-15. The Earth Laughs in Flowers
Receive one fresh, beautiful bouquet of flowers each month for six
months from local florist, A Date with Iris. Purchaser will need to
provide vase as well as pick up flowers. Please provide 48-hour
notice prior to pick-up. This package must be used prior to April
2014. To accompany your flowers, the people who know flowers over
at the French Tulip have sent these three beautiful contemporary
flower vases will look great in your home filled with flowers any
time of the year--or just sitting pretty on their own.
Value: $540
Donor: A Date with Iris and The French Tulip
S-16. Teeth Are Always in Style
This fantastic package from Dr. Damon Johnson includes an upper
and lower tray for whitening and an assortment of great products
for your teeth.
Value: $250
Donor: Dr. Damon Johnson
S-17. One Swim
This package includes 9 private swim lessons with Melissa Andrade
at Lifestroke Aquatics.
Value: $240
Donor: Melissa Andrade
S-18. Two Swim
This package consists of 9 semi-private lessons for 2 kids with
Melissa Andrade at Lifestroke Aquatics.
Value: $320
Donor: Melissa Andrade
S-19. You Oughta’ Get This Ottoman
This is so stinking cute, you will want to steal it for yourself. This
child-sized, pink leopard, overstuffed chair and ottoman will turn
any girl’s room into a dream.
Value: $400
Donor: Weigh2 Go
S-20. Give me Liberte!
This great bracelet from Liberte is a Roberto Mantellassi "Shiny
Silver Bracelet" in dark bronze cosmo eel skin.
Value: $275
Donor: Liberte
S-21. Think Outside the Ball
Whether you are a stage one bender or a seasoned vet, you should
experience the excitement and fun that is a hockey game. This
exciting package includes 10 Oklahoma City Barons hockey tickets
for regular season games. You may use all 10 to take a crowd to a
game or break them up and enjoy several games. These tickets are
slated for seats in the blue section, which is perfect viewing for all
of the action! Pair a game night with this $50 gift certificate to
Johnny Carinos to get it started in a delicious way!
Value: $310
Donor: Jason and Amy Vanderkooi and Johnny Carinos
S-22. Dream On
Catch the sweetest dreams with this handmade dream catcher.
From Spoke Woven in New York, Christen Genga has sent us this
custom dream catcher made from a beautiful combination of
beading, crystals, arrowheads, and feathers.
Value: $300
Donor: Christen Genga at Spoke Woven
S-23. Feeling Good and Looking Fine
Look and feel your best with this amazing women’s health package
containing more pampering items than you could ever wish for. You
will receive 5 lessons from Barre 3, a $100 LuLuLemon gift card and
scarf plus this cute shirt from Marcy and Abbey’s.
Value: $425
Donors: Barre 3, Dunning Girls, Marcy and Abbey’s
S-24. Pamper the Skin You‘re In
This women’s skincare package includes a facial from Marilynne’s
Skin Care, a luxurious tub of Marilynne’s body butter and a
collection of top-of-the-line Murad skincare products.
Value $350
Donors: Marilynne’s Skin Care, Jenny Dunning
S-25. Use Your Body Language
Enjoy 5 group fitness classes with Body Language Full Access Gym
in Edmond. This is just right to get you ready for the holidays!
Value $50
Donor: Body Language Full Access Gym
S-26. A Cello of a Fellow
The high bidder will receive high praises and lots of brownie points
from their loved ones when they are serenaded by Sam’s passionate
cello music. He is able to surprise your beloved at a restaurant, at
work, at home…just about anywhere! This is a memory maker for
sure…a unique token of affection for anniversaries, birthdays or
just to say “I love you.” Sam will play 3 pieces of your choice from
his repertoire. FYI: Sam is headed to Salt Lake City, Utah
November 8 to join Jacque Evancho on stage for MuzArt World
foundation “We Are Hope” concert featuring the first ever Global
Virtual Symphony.Donor: Sam Kahre
S-27. Tri’‘ Them, ‘Tri‘’ Them, and You May!
Calling all Triathletes...Miles Dunning is an elite triathlete who has
just ended his training with internationally known Olympic coach,
Bob Seebohar, to return to Oklahoma and begin a career and
family. Coach Seebohar chooses up to 6 athletes at a time across
the globe to train for the Olympics or International circuit Miles is
a certified Metabolic Efficiency Expert and Triathlon Coach whose
academic background is in Nutrition, Physiology, and Business with
emphasis on sports. Miles will provide:
1. Wet suit – TYR Freak of Nature
2. One-on-one running and swimming workouts (1 running and
1 swimming) including analysis for each.
3. One leisure cycling session (1-2 hours, depending on
4. Pick Miles’ brain with questions (nutritional or training)
during all workouts.
Wait, there’s more!!! Our ever fabulous Keystone mom, chef, and
long-time marathon runner, Kamala Gamble, will also add to the
training in this package including marathon training, consultation,
and two entries to the 2014 Redman triathlon.
Value: $1,000
Donors: Miles Dunning, Kamala Gamble, and Lance Cornman
S-28. Twinkle Toes
The holidays are not complete without this beautiful production of
the Nutcracker. Enjoy an evening to remember with two tickets to
the Nutcracker ballet on your date of choice, including VIP parking
at the Civic Center. The Nutcracker brings visions of sugar plums,
dancing snowflakes and a host of other fanciful characters to the
child in us all. Tchaikovsky's enduring score is performed live at
every performance by the Oklahoma City Philharmonic. Make your
night complete with a fabulous dining experience for two at Deep
Donors: Oklahoma City Ballet and Kyle and Annie Green
S-29. Off to the Balliets
Adorn yourself in some of the finest trends from Balliets in Classen
Curve. Snag this $200 gift card.
Donor: Balliets
S-30. I‘ve Got You Babe
Keep baby close to your heart with this Gemini Beco baby carrier
from Green Bambino. For even more fabulous, eco-friendly baby
items you will love browsing Green Bambino’s amazing store and
putting this $20 gift card to good use.
Value: $150
Donor: Green Bambino - Morgan Harris
S-31. Money Smart - Teenage Financial Literacy Consultation
We all know the importance of reading literacy, but have you
thought about what it means for your child to be financially
literate? We teach our children about the other important things in
life but often assume they’ll learn how to make wise decisions about
using their money through osmosis. Tari Vickery is passionate about
teaching both children and adults how to manage their personal
finances so they are aware of how they make their spending
choices, spend their money on items that are meaningful, and
ensure they know where they stand financially. Tari will provide an
initial consultation with an adult and child or children in the same
family (typically 12 years old and up) to start your family down a
path of teaching your child(ren) financial stewardship and literacy.
Value: $500
Donor: Tari Vickery, Founder and President of Life Matters
Financial Group
S-32. Rocky Top
The sports fan in your family will love this helmet signed by the
NFL’s Tennessee Titans. Matter of fact, this could really be a
fantastic Christmas surprise!
Donor: The Maxwell Family
S-33. Strait Up
Keep it covered with a George Strait signed tour hat. George is
on his farewell tour so grab this priceless hat while you can!
Donor: The Maxwell Family
S-34. Nashville Rises
This is a signed and framed Hatch Show print from the recent
Nashville flood relief concert, Nashville Rises. It is autographed by
many of the participants, including Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Taylor
Swift, Miley Cyrus, Carrie Underwood and more.
Donor: The Maxwell Family
S-35. Pink & Red
Sarah Day-Short, an Oklahoma artist and member of Fringe OKC,
brings us this beautiful piece that is a 20" x 20" mixed media on
Value: $150
Donor: Sarah Day-Short
S-36. You Never See a Sick Porcupine
Ease your pain with acupuncture. You will receive three sessions
with acupuncturist Mark Triplett, MSOM. During each session,
depending on your particular needs, your therapy may also include
any combination of Moxabustion, cupping, electrical acupuncture,
ear acupuncture, and shiatsu.
Value $165.
Donor: Triplett Acupuncture
S-37. It’‘s Not About What it Is; It‘’s About What it Can
You may not want your kids to draw on the walls, but you’ll be more
than happy to let Amy Crum adorn your wall with a beautiful mural.
The mural includes up to four colors on one wall of up to 12ft. along
with an initial consultation. The owner supplies the paint.
Value: $400
Donor: Amy Crum
S-38. Sweets for the Sweet
Devour delicious cupcakes from Green Goodies in Classen Curve.
They won Cupcake Wars, you know! This gift certificate is good for
12 cupcakes. Treat your sweet tooth even more with this cute little
package from Uptown Kids’ upcoming candy store, Uptown Candy
that will open soon in Classen Curve next to Uptown Kids.
Donors: Green Goodies and Uptown Kids
S-39. Don’t Get Unstrung
“If we didn’t have birthdays, you wouldn’t be you. If you’d never
been born, well then, what would you do?” - Dr. Seuss
Enjoy a tennis birthday party for up to 20 kids between April 1st
and October 13th at the Putnam City North tennis courts with
tennis teacher extraordinaire and Keystone dad, Craig Starke. This
no-stress, high-energy party is great for those kiddos full of gusto.
Value: $300
Donor: Craig Starke
S-40. Paints and Plates
Paint a plate for display and fun. You and 7 friends will have a great
time learning from Keystone Mom, Robin Starke, at this plate
painting class for 8 in which you each will paint a 12” platter
provided in the class.
Value: $390
Donor: Robin Starke
S-41. Pic of the Litter
Your furry little friend will have as much fun as you will being
immortalized on canvas by artist Robin Starke. Robin will create an
original 11 x 14 acrylic painted portrait of your beloved pet from a
photo. Please give a four-week notice and plan on having the
portrait done after Christmas. You will receive one 11x14 portrait
on canvas.
Value: $350
Donor: Robin Starke
S-42. Ooh La La
You may not always pamper yourself, but when you do, do it with this
$100 gift card from RJ’s Salon in Edmond. It can be applied to any
salon service. You’ll be glad you did.
Donor: RJ’s Salon
“You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut. Very well
sir; step this way. We have another game to play.” - Dr. Seuss
Live Auction
L -1. Action Jackson
Thunder Up! Show your Thunder pride by purchasing this
rare, SIGNED and framed Reggie Jackson jersey. Reggie is a
point guard for the Thunder and is slated to start as point
guard for the first 4-6 weeks of the season. Our Thunder
team is wowing the world of the NBA, and signed jerseys are
tough to get! Be one of the lucky few! Thank you, Thunder!
Donor: OKC Thunder Basketball
L-2. Funny Things are Everywhere
“From there to here, from here to there, funny things are
everywhere!” - Dr. Seuss
We can always count on the Flaming Lips to keep us
entertained. The fabulous Flaming Lips are one of the most
famous bands in the world, and they love Keystone and the
way our kids learn “outside the box!” One could easily say that
The Flaming Lips are “out of the box” thinkers! Get ready to
spend some “Coyne” on what they have in store for you.
Donor: Wayne Coyne and The Flaming Lips
“If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and
fun is good.” - Dr. Seuss
L-3. Cocktails and Canvases
By popular demand, Keystone is offering adults some of the
fabulous opportunities to create art that we offer our
children. We are thrilled to launch the first of many adult
painting classes! Robin Starke, Keystone parent and artiste,
will guide 6-8 adults through the wonderful process of acrylic
painting on canvas. The purchasers bring a photo of something
they wish to recreate on canvas, and Robin guides the journey.
Also included are cocktails/spirits of choice and a delicious
BBQ dinner catered by the award-winning Oakwood Family
Barbeque in the home of Rick and Jenny Dunning. You will also
receive 50 styrofoam cups with “Keystone” monogrammed on
them! All art supplies are provided. Bring your photo and your
talent! Ask the children; they know that everyone is an
Donor: Rick and Jenny Dunning, Craig and Robin Starke, Matt
and Kristen Spears
L-4. One Fish, Two Fish
Our talented Preschool, Pre-K and K-1 Keystone Kiddos have
collaborated to create
this colorful and creative take on
Dr. Seuss’s One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. They
made their own “mosaic” pieces by painting paper then tearing
it into tiny pieces, which they placed lovingly onto drawings of
fish. Look closely for each child’s name on at least one of the
mosaic pieces. We can taste the whimsy and are certain that
Seuss would approve of our Keystone version. ”Not one of
them is like another. Don’t ask us why. Go ask your mother…” Dr. Seuss
Donors: Miss Marilyn’s class, Missy’s class, John’s class
L-5. From the Bootlegger’s Boy
A full case of legendary Barry Switzer’s wine composes this
offering. Each bottle is signed and ready for either your
personal collection or for fantastic gifts to friends and
family. Switzer established Switzer Family Vineyards, a line
of wine originating in the Napa Valley and being distributed by
National Republic. Cheers to Barry and Becky for their
generous support!
Donor: Barry and Becky Switzer
L-6. Dignified
This item is an oil on canvas abstract by Keystone
Grandparent, Sandi Shaw. This stunning 48 x 60 painting has
colors that are mainly black, white and yellow ochre. A wow
for any wall.
Value: $3,300.
Donor: Sandi Shaw
L-7. All Together Now
This version of Paul Klee’s “Senecio,” (Old man), is a Keystone
favorite. Almost every child has the opportunity to paint
his/her version of our old friend before they leave Keystone.
However, this is the first time we have collaborated on a
large version of “Senecio.” Jet Hoffman, Keystone 5th
grader, undertook the drawing, and then Risa’s and Serina’s
classes collaborated in the cubist style of recreating Klee’s
work. The children teach us that we are a sum of all the parts
of the people and experiences in our lives. Here is a
culmination of a bunch of squares that came together as we
took time to share. ”So... that is why I tell you to keep your
eyes wide. Keep them wide least on one side.” - Dr.
Seuss -- Donors: Risa’s class and Serina’s class
L-8. New York State of Mind
“You‘re off to great places! Today is the day!” - Dr. Seuss
This trip for two includes 2 nights at a centrally-located New
York City hotel, a voucher for two tickets to a Broadway show
(we recommend Kinky Boots) and an airfare voucher for two
round-trip tickets, in low season. For lodging suggestions,
contact Jenny Dunning. Flight arrangements must be made by
purchaser, and ticket prices are subject to change based on
travel season.
Value: $1500
Donor: Keystone Adventure School and Farm
L-9. Evening at Guilford Gardens
This package includes a dinner/cooking class for 12 adults at
Guilford Gardens. Chef Kamala will prepare a multi course
meal using organically grown vegetables from the garden. Any
meat used would be locally sourced and humanely
raised/harvested and well-prepared. Wine will complement
each course. A garden tour and cooking demonstration are
included. Mutually agreeable date and menu to be selected.
Donor: Lance Cornman and Kamala Gamble and Rick and Jenny
L-10. Body of Work
The winner of this item will work with Brandilyn Fritts, coowner of Alternative Art in Littleton, Colorado, to design a
custom tattoo. Brandilyn will be coming to Oklahoma soon with
her new shop, Siren’s Song. She will need a two-week notice,
and purchaser will have one year after her shop opening in
June 2014 to complete this tattoo. The total time allowed for
the tattoo is five hours, and initial consultation is included.
Value: $750
Donor: Brandilyn Fritts
L-11. Hard Way to Make an Easy Living
Toby Keith is an old friend to Keystone, faithfully donating a
signed guitar or case of wine every year to our auction.
Because these guitars have become so popular, he has stopped
giving them to anyone except his foundation, Ally’s House, and
to Keystone. We thank Toby and Tricia for financial support
and donations. This package includes the Toby Keith guitar
signed by Toby!
Donors: Toby and Tricia Keith
L-12. From Here to There
“So be sure where you step. Step with care and great tact
and remember that Life’s a Great Balancing Act.” - Dr. Seuss
The entirety of Keystone Wild Things gathered their ideas of
what Keystone looks like to them and created a “Seussical
Map of Keystone!” Serina’s and Risa’s classes drew and
painted the background which prepared for the placement and
collaging of original drawings by every child. From the
pasture, to the pond, to the pigeon loft to the whimsical
schoolhouse, each child created a tree, person, creature or
building to share their vision of our happy and colorful
campus. Just put this in your pocket and you will never again
be lost!
Donors: The children of Keystone Adventure School and Farm
L-13. Shiny Things are Everywhere
This emerald and diamond ring is quite the catch! It features
a 1.26ct natural emerald that is 6.6mm X 6.7mm X 4.0mm and
has WS2 clarity. The setting features round diamonds with a
total carat weight of 0.34ct and a VS2 clarity and G-H color.
The band is 14k white gold. Grab this stunning piece while you
Donor: Justin and Shanda Biggs
L-14. Oh Henry! - 1
L-15. Oh Henry! - 2
Former Governor Brad Henry is the quintessential
Renaissance man: politician, parent, private citizen and
painter. Brad completed these paintings, both acrylic on
canvas, exclusively for Keystone! Thank you, Brad and Kim, for
your continued support of Keystone! We love your art!
Donor: Brad Henry (and Kim Henry because she lives with him
while he paints at 3 AM.)
L-16. Oh, The Places You’ll Go
This fantastic trip includes 3 nights at a hotel near the Eiffel
Tower in Paris and an airfare voucher for $2000 for two
round-trip tickets. Travel arrangements must be made by
purchaser, and airfare prices are subject to change based on
travel season. Many thanks to our dear friends across The
Pond! Merci!
Est. Value: $4000
Donors: Mark Shanker and Keystone Adventure School and
L-17. Bedlam in the Sky
Both Desmond and Barry have gone beyond the pale on this
one-of-a-kind second edition collaboration. Desmond painted
the background of this abstract piece in a way that embodies
both the Sooners and the Cowboys coming together under the
Oklahoma sky and then Barry added the “Xs” and “Os.” Since
both of these guys have their own magic, this piece
transcends the normal. You will never go wrong collecting
Desmond’s art or Barry’s signature. This is a one-two punch,
double dang powerhouse, one-of-a-kind abstract acrylic on
canvas! Buy it and be the envy of all your friends! Deepest
gratitude to the generosity of Desmond Mason and Barry
Switzer...both living legends!
Donors: Desmond Mason and Barry Switzer
L-18. The House of Who?
This whimsical, catawampus playhouse embodies the
imagination of childhood. Your children will enjoy hours of play
lost in their own little world in this one! The playhouse comes
completely constructed with a skylight and windows ready for
your little ones to make it their own.
Value: $3000
Donor: Mid America Roofing & Construction
L-19. A Fluctuation of Illumination for Your Room-ination
"The far-fluxuation of an idea" came together when Jenny,
Kristen, and Robin were chit-chattering about how this year's
chandelier might represent Keystoneville in a Seussicalwhimsical way. They ‘thunked,’ and they thought; they giggled
and gaggled, and out came an idea of great proportion - a
marvelous, spectaculous notion. Robin sketched a drawing of fun
things she could make with metal and steel and glass that won't
break. They knew there was fun to be done with the folks of
Keystoneville. So all of the kids from the tallest to the smallest
each drew shapes of their own in class one day, and Robin and
Kristen and Amy cut their shapes into glass, hooray! They
combobulated their way onto the fun chandelier of painted steel
and light, and they shimmer and shine in a way that's just right.
You too could own this far-fluxuation of light, if you care to bid
high in the auction tonight.
Est. Value: $5500
Donors: Craig and Robin Starke, Matt and Kristen Spears, Amy
Vanderkooi, Performance Coatings and the children of Keystone
L-20. Fine Masonry
Most know Desmond Mason as the former NBA star, but
Desmond has also quickly become famous for his modern,
impressionistic paintings and his philanthropic spirit! Several
times a year, Desmond creates many paintings and donates the
proceeds from the sale to various causes. He is painting this
beautiful acrylic exclusively for Keystone tonight! Thank you
Desmond for your faithful support and the gift of your time and
Donor: Desmond Mason
“Don‘t cry because it’‘s over; smile because it happened.” - Dr. Seuss
Keystone Adventure School & Farm admits students of any race, color, religion, or national and ethnic
origin. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, or national and ethnic origin in the
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