Pre-checkout Resident Meeting Guide

Guide for RA Pre-checkout Meetings with Residents
Spring Closing 2015
1. BEFORE a resident returns their housing keys to the RAD office to check out, they need
to walk through their space with an RA.
2. Residents should sign up with their RA (or another RA) at least 24 hours in advance for a
pre-checkout appointment (15 minutes).
a. Failure to do so may result in residents receiving an improper checkout fee of $60
b. RAs should be flexible as many residents have a difficult time managing all of the
steps of moving out. RAs should also avoid being taken advantage of.
3. RAs will use a Google spreadsheet (template will be provided by the RDs) to schedule
appointments with residents.
a. RAs should update the schedule template with their evaluation week availability
(blocking off times they won’t be available) and send the link out to residents by
Sunday, May 31 (beginning of week 10). RAs should make sure to accurately
reflect their own academic and personal schedules, and keep plenty of times
available for resident appointments.
b. Unless a graduating senior or with prior RD approval, RAs should plan to be
available between 8am-5pm on Friday, June 12.
4. What you’re looking for when you meet with a resident for a pre-checkout appointment:
Have they removed all of their belongings from their bedroom, common
spaces, AND building?
Have they cleaned their bedroom and completed their cleaning
responsibilities in common areas (i.e., those reflected on the Exit LLA)?
Is there any obvious damage? If so, are they or is someone else responsible?
Lock window(s) and door(s).
 Sign a receipt for the resident to return to the RAD office with their keys.
 Do NOT take their keys—they should return keys to the RAD office.
 If the resident hasn’t completed all of the necessary steps for checking out or
isn’t ready when you come for the walkthrough, ask them to finish and
reschedule for a later time.
 If the resident doesn’t have time to complete the steps and/or refuses to do
so, sign a receipt indicating that they met with you and understand they may
be charged for an improper checkout.
 If a resident leaves without meeting with you, fill out a receipt (without their
signature) indicating this and return it to the RAD front office.