Kindergarten Everglades K-8 Center Kindergarten Supply List 2015

Everglades K-8 Center
Kindergarten Supply List
1 large light weight back pack (NO BOOKBAGS WITH WHEELS)
1 pair of blunt tip FISKAR scissors
3 boxes of Crayola Crayons 24 count
2 14 oz. bottles of Elmer’s glue (with orange top)
1 packs glue sticks
14 Husky Pencils
1 Pack of 12 #2 pencils
1 pack white Magic Rub erasers
1 small plastic pencil box (to store their pencils and crayons)
1 primary composition notebook
6 composition notebooks (100 sheets "wide ruled")
2 plain plastic colored pocket folders (with pockets only)
2 plain plastic colored pocket folders (with prongs and pockets)
2 reams of copy paper
1 package of dry-erase markers (black or blue, 4 count)
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
1 container of wipes that do not contain bleach or Clorox
1 box of large zip-lock freezer bags
1 Earbuds or headphone
Picture dictionary to be kept at home
All materials should be labeled with the student’s name. Please do not bring book bags
with wheels, trapper keepers, spiral notebooks, binders, mechanical/lead pencils, liquid
paper, rubber bands, tacks, clipboards, toys, or markers.
Please note that additional supplies and books may be requested by individual teachers
at the beginning of the year.
Have extra supplies on hand at home so your child may replenish them as needed.