EO Osaka Global University Registration Opens 10

30 September – 4 October
Mark your Calendar: EO Osaka Global University Registration Opens 10 April!
Local Date/Time in Region Registration Opens
Asia Pacific
10 April, 4 a.m. GMT (i.e. Auckland - 4 p.m. NZST – GMT +12)
South Asia
10 April, 7 a.m. GMT (i.e. New Delhi – 12:30 p.m. IST – GMT +5:30)
Europe, Middle East/Africa
10 April, 10 a.m. GMT (i.e. Karachi - 3 p.m. PKT – GMT +5)
US East
10 April, 1 p.m. GMT (i.e. New York - 9 a.m. EDT – GMT -4)
US Central
10 April, 2 p.m. GMT (i.e. Chicago 9 a.m. CDT –GMT -5)
Latin America, Caribbean (LAC)
10 April, 4 p.m. GMT (i.e. Mexico City – 11 a.m. CDT - GMT -5)
10 April, 5 p.m. GMT (i.e. Montreal - 1 p.m. EDT- GMT -4)
US West
10 April, 6 p.m. GMT (i.e. Los Angeles 11 a.m. PDT – GMT -7
**GMT is Greenwich Mean Time. For time zone conversions, see www.timeanddate.com
To see which region you belong to, log into
EOaccess, click on “Member Access,” click
on “Member Directory” and then select
“Chapter Listing.”
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The wait is almost over. Join your #EONATION peers from 30 September – 4 October in the heart of
Japan’s industrial economy to explore the theme “Ichi-go Ichi-e.” This theme will challenge EOers to
live in the moment and appreciate the lives you lead by first exploring one of Japan’s most competitive
prefectures, Osaka, and then ending at the “City of Ten Thousand Shrines”, Kyoto. As we continue on our
entrepreneurial journey, let’s respect the beauty of life and savor each moment that we share together.
30 September – 4 October
1. Review which region you belong to, and then mark the date and time for your region in your personal calendar.
We recommend setting reminders (use www.timeanddate.com to determine your local time.)
If you are unable to access the Internet, another member can register you as his or her guest. The EO Events team
can reclassify you as a member attending the University at a later date. Please keep in mind that members are
restricted to registering one guest.
2. Registration for each region will be open for 24 hours or until it sells out, whichever comes first.
3. On the date and time that registration opens for your region, log in to EOaccess and register for the University on your
region’s specific EOaccess page. You will need to pay the minimum deposit (50 percent of the full registration fee) online
by credit card* in order to complete the registration process. *Wires will not be accepted. See FAQ for more information.
4. If your region’s registration has closed or sells out, you can sign up for your region’s waiting list. The waiting list will be
compiled based on time elapsed from each region's registration closing/sold-out time.
5. If after 24 hours there are seats remaining for your region, they will be made available to members/guests on the
combined waiting list.
Canceling members/guests may elect to transfer their registration to a member in good standing, per the Event Payment
and Cancellation Policy.
If you register for the incorrect region, you will be removed from the incorrect region’s registration list.
You will be refunded the deposit/registration fee less the credit card transaction fee of US$100.
1. T
o which region do I belong?
To see which region you belong to, log into EOaccess, click on "Member Access," click on "Member Directory" and then
select "Chapter Listing."
3. How was the number of seats allocated to each region determined?
The number of seats allocated is based on a current percentage of members per region.
4. Are the seats allocated to each region only for members?
No, the allocated number is for members and guests.
5. If my region sells out of their allocated seats, but other regions have yet to enter registration, do I get to
register for seats outside of my region?
Not yet! If your region sells out of seats to a University, you can join your region’s waiting list. Once every region has
had a chance to register, all open spaces will be made available for members—regardless of region—on the combined
waiting list. This list will be in chronological order by time elapsed. Members on the waiting list will be sent information
and a chance to register should a spot become available. In the same manner, as cancellations are acquired, the wait
list members will be notified about the opportunity to register.
6. Why can't I just register when I want to?
In the past, Universities opened registration on a predetermined date and time. This time was within the business
hours of the University’s location. All seats for the University were available at once. This resulted in some Universities
selling out within hours, which prevented members in other time zones from registering online during working hours. To
accommodate our global membership, our new region-based registration process will address these issues.
7. Why can’t I wire my registration fee or pay by check?
Due to the complex nature of keeping time stamps for region-based registration, we must use an integrated time system
available to us on EOaccess, which only takes credit cards as payment. If your payment preference is a wire, please sign
up to hold your spot with a credit card and contact [email protected] for further instructions.
© 2015 Entrepreneurs’ Organization. All Rights Reserved. Last Revised 3/20
2. What if I’m traveling outside of my home region? Do I qualify to register for another region’s date and time?
No, you will not be allowed to qualify to register for another region’s date and time, as each region’s seats are allocated
based on member population. If you plan to be out of your home region during your region’s designated registration
time, we encourage you to make prior arrangements.