The Nature of Art. The Beauty of Colour. Mdina Glass. Unique handmade

The Nature of Art.
The Beauty of Colour.
Unique handmade
Flower Pots by
Mdina Glass.
Established in 1968, Mdina Glass has demonstrated continuous
innovation in its techniques and the range of products it produces
from its base on the Mediterranean island of Malta. The company
has become synonymous with beautiful handcrafted glassware
that is both decorative and functional.
The range of products, as well as specially designed bespoke
items, has been exported to various countries around Europe
and beyond. These include private clients, collectors, hotels,
restaurants and a variety of other corporate entities.
The principles at Mdina Glass have remained the same throughout
the years: quality products through inventive design, continual
development and evolving techniques.
Mdina Glass has a number of retail outlets throughout Malta and
Gozo’s main retail areas, an online shop and representatives in
various countries in Europe. As well as a large showroom, the Ta’
Qali headquarters of Mdina Glass includes the workshop where
the items are produced.
Our production methods are based on the following techniques:
An ancient craft believed to date back to
approximately the last century B.C. We have also
developed a number of in-house techniques over the
years enabling us to diversify our range of products.
A gas fueled torch is used to melt borosilicate
glass rods. The lampworker then uses a variety
of specialized tools and manual skills to shape the
molten glass into intricate objects and figurines.
Cold glass pieces are hand-cut to create a tableau.
The arrangement is then placed in a kiln and literally
fused together.
A range of techniques calling on the skills of the
craftsman in which a wide variety of patterns,
characters or pictures can be engraved into the
surface of a piece of glass.
Mdina Glass craftsman producing
one of our handmade flower pots.
Flower Pots
Over the past couple of
years, Mdina Glass has
been expanding its vast
selection of glassware
to include practical
items for indoor and
outdoor living and
entertainment. We call
this the LIFESTYLE
range. The idea behind
range is to enrich the
environments of our
clientele with quality
products, colour
and innovation.
Glass blown, handmade
flower pots are just
one of our recent
LIFESTYLE additions
and have already proven
extremely popular. They
are ideal as decorative
items in their own right,
indoor or out, and will
bring a splash of colour
to wherever they
are used.
Our flower pots are
produced with the same
level of care, attention
and craftsmanship as the
more established items
we have been producing,
and are made from the
same high quality
raw materials.
The selection of pots is
available in 14 different
colour patterns as well
as in solid colours.
Each of the 14 colour
patterns are available in
a choice of two finishes
(a glossy, clear finish and
frosted) and in 2 sizes.
The small pots typically
stand at 12cm high
whereas the larger
pots have a typical
height of 14cm*.
* It is important to
recognise that these items
are handmade, so no two
pieces are exactly the same
and measurements given
are an indication rather
than precise.
For more information, please visit
For export trade enquiries, please contact: Ms Olivia Said - [email protected]
Ms Nevise Said - [email protected]
or call +356 2141 5786
Whilst we would have liked to include wholesale prices in this brochure, such prices vary depending
on quantity of order and fluctuations in costs of raw materials.