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National Chairman
As always, at this time
of year, the cards and
decorations are taken
down and hidden
away for another year.
There always seems
to be more cleaning
than usual, once the
festive period is over, as it’s impossible to get
the duster behind all those Christmas cards
and decorations. Then the obligatory diet
starts… once again!
I hope County Officers, able to attend the
County Officers Seminars in both London and
York, approved of the two venues. I always
think it is essential for us to talk to County
Officers, in order for us to pass on fundraising
ideas and encourage new members to join
The Women’s Section. Let’s see how many
Youth Members each branch can sign up in
the coming months…now there’s a challenge
for you ladies!
Your Officers and Central Committee are
adjusting to the new Royal British Legion
objectives, their work programmes, Welfare
objectives and the re-organisation of their
offices. If you have any questions that went
unanswered by your County Officers at
Seminars PLEASE do write to Anthony Beattie.
He will happily pass your queries on to the
Annual Conference 2014 will take place in
Llandudno. We are in the process of putting
the final touches to the Conference
Programme, Speakers, Entertainment (very
important). Thankfully the team at Head Office
have all in hand! This year we have some
interesting Speakers and Guests who I really
hope you will enjoy and appreciate their
In the past year we have tackled a few
problems that are slowly but surely being
resolved. The Standard Bearer area is still
causing a few problems, due to the RBL
reorganisation. Our National Parade Marshal
has spent many hours trying to resolve The
Women’s Section input, to ensure our County
and Regional Competitions are run properly,
and without difficulty. Our
Counties are liaising well
with their RBL
counterparts in most
areas. Again, if this is not
your experience PLEASE
contact Head Office so
any issues can be resolved quickly.
I would like to ask members to ensure ALL
information relating to The Women’s Section is
filtered down to every member. We need to
ensure that we are all working together, or as
many of us like to say ‘Singing from the same
Hymn Sheet’.
A big thank you to all of you who helped
one another during the recent dreadful
weather, and, to those of you who suffered,
our thoughts are with you.
So, signing off for now. I just watched Mr
Squeaky move himself from one chair to
another in order to catch a rare glint of
midday sunshine. What a life!
Keep warm and look after each other,
Wendy B
The Collect of The Royal
British Legion Women’s Section
The Royal British Legion
Women’s Section
Charity No.219279
199 Borough High Street,
London SE1 1AA
Tel: 0203 207 2181
Email: [email protected]
President HRH Princess Royal
National Chairman
Wendy Bromwich JP
National Secretary Anthony Beattie
Editor Rhian Spurrier
Tel: 0203 207 2188
[email protected]
Circular production
Langham Press, Cambridge
Tel: 01223 870266
We now have our very own Collect, which may be used as the preface to prayers wherever
appropriate in any Service involving the Women’s Section. It is currently being placed in the
Handbook and the Ceremonial Handbook.
God of love and mercy,
you bid us love our neighbour and care for your little ones:
bless the members of the Royal British Legion Women’s Section
with grace to fulfil our calling,
to give care and support to the Serving and ex-Service community,
that we may show in our lives
the lasting beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit
which is precious in your sight.
Through our loving shepherd Jesus Christ. Amen.
Correction Notice
Hands up who spotted the unfortunate error in
the Winter Circular? Our National Secretary and
National Chairman had their roles muddled up.
For a short time Anthony Beattie wasn’t sure if
he should be sporting a wide brimmed, feather
hat as ‘National Chairman’, whilst Wendy
debated splashing out on a fancy pair of
braces as ‘National Secretary’! Crisis averted
and we hope you’ll find everything as it should
be in this latest edition!
Make every mile count with the 2p mile challenge!
The 2 Penny Mile Challenge, a new
Women’s Section fundraising
initiative, was launched in January
at the Officers Seminar. This
simple initiative involves minimal
cost and organisation… it’s just
collecting 2 penny pieces! Our
target is a mile of 2 penny pieces
for every County, that’s 63,360 2
penny pieces laid end to end or
If you would like to get involved why not find a
prominent landmark in your home town to lay the coins
and get some publicity? Ask your local Brownies, Guides,
School or Church for support. It would be truly fantastic if
all our members were to get on board and take part in
the initiative. Let’s all help make a difference just by
collecting pocket change!
The closing date for the initiative is the end of August
and if you have any questions please contact Rhian
Spurrier on 0203 207 2188 or
[email protected]
Live Wires – Telephone Book & Discussion Groups
Independent Age is an older people’s charity,
founded 150 years ago, which provides support and
friendship to older people.
Live Wires is free to those aged 60 years and over. Each group has
a facilitator and six members. Between them they choose a book or a
topic to discuss; they link together on a telephone conference call,
usually every month for an hour, to discuss the chosen book or topic.
Those in a book group are sent a list (round 120 books and a smaller
section of DVD’s), the group collectively select a book and/or DVD they
wish to discuss. The books/DVD’s are sent out with a FREEPOST
ENVELOPE, to enable members to return the book/DVD free of charge.
There are also book groups who exclusively read about WW1, WW2 or
other conflicts and two literary book groups.
If you would like to join a book or discussion group, please call
Independent Age, Harjinder Jhaj on 0207 605 4267 or Rosalind
Devine on 0207 605 4232.
Following The Women’s Section Allowance and The Children’s
Allowance increase in December, we have been inundated with
lovely thank you cards. We’re delighted to have received such a
positive response and would like to extend our appreciation to
all our Beneficiaries who got in touch.
Beneficiary Update
Happy 100th Birthday!
Belated Happy Birthday to Mrs Emily Whale, a Women’s Section
Beneficiary, who celebrated turning 100 on the 29th October.
Mrs Whale had a wonderful time celebrating her milestone with
family and friends. She enjoyed a small party, a meal out and
even went on her first holiday to Center Parcs! She said the
secret to her long and healthy life is hard work, good living and
a lovely family who keep her going.
White Knight
White Knight is
such a show
pony, he’s asked
to have his
picture in The
Circular yet
again! This time
he’s trying to
befriend a black
cat trespassing
on his patch.
Good luck
winning him around White Knight!
Trevor and his family live in Market
Weighton, East Yorkshire. He is a real
ladies man, but nothing compares to
cuddles with his mum, Pall Mall
member, Heather Davenport.
Lest We Forget…
Mrs May Arnold OBE – Norfolk
It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Mrs May
Arnold OBE. Born in Culcross, Scotland, May was the first
Scot to become National Chairman of the Royal British
Legion Women’s Section, from 1995 to 1998, after which
she became National Life Vice President.
She was an ex-WAAF, trained as a Wireless operator in Fighter
Command but spent much of her service life on remote Stations in North
Scotland and the Orkneys.
In 1947 she later married a RAF Navigator, and later had three sons.
After her family grew up, she became a telephone operator for 22 years
Mrs Josie Taylor – Lancing and
Lancing and Sompting Branch is
deeply saddened to announce the
death of Mrs Josie Taylor. Josie was
a much valued member of the Women's Section
for 68 years, serving as Treasurer, Committee
Member and President. She worked tirelessly,
attending all meetings, greeting members, selling
poppies and making her delicious gingerbread and
shortbread for functions. She was much loved and
well respected and will be sadly missed by all who
knew her.
Miss Helen Griffiths – Gresford
After a short illness Miss Helen Griffiths passed
away on the 23rd December 2013 aged 83. Helen
was a very active, devoted member of the
Women's Section. She joined Gresford Branch in
1976 where she was a Committee Member for
We regret to inform you that the following
members have sadly passed away
until her retirement in November 1985. In that time she became the
Norwich District Organiser for the Union of Communication Workers and the
UCW Chairman in the Eastern Region.
Mrs Arnold joined the Royal British Legion Women’s Section in 1971 and
over the years she held the Offices of County Chairman of Norfolk and
Eastern Area Chairman and was a Member of the Central Committee from
1987, before becoming its Chairman in 1995. Mrs Arnold received the
Women’s Section Merit Award and National Golden Award, and was
honoured in 1998 with an OBE.
She will be sadly missed and fondly remembered by all who knew her.
some years before becoming Branch Secretary.
She was also a very active fundraiser, not only for
the Women's Section, but also for the Poppy
The Gresford Royal British Legion and Branch
gave Helen a Legion Funeral on Monday 6th
January 2014. Helen will be greatly missed and
remembered by all.
Mrs Barbara Torrie – Hampshire
Former dynamic Group Leader for the North of
Hampshire County, Mrs Barbara Torrie has passed
away. Barbara was a great fundraiser, supporter
and hostess to all members. She will be especially
remembered for opening her beautiful garden
every summer in aid of the Women’s Section. She
will be sadly missed.
Mrs Jean Cox – Hampshire
It is with deep sadness that we announce the
death of Mrs Jean Cox, former Group Leader for
Hampshire Mid-County. Jean was a firm friend of
Barbara Torrie, and they were known together as
‘The Gigglers’. She was renowned for organising
jumble sales, raising hundreds of pounds every
year for the National Benevolent Fund. She will be
greatly missed and remembered by all.
Mrs Freda Cheyney MBE – Hampshire
Hampshire County is saddened to announce the
death of Mrs Freda Cheyney MBE. Former County
Chairman, County, Area and Branch Standard
Bearer, Area Treasurer, Central Committee Member
and Raffle Queen – Freda was very much dedicated
to the work of The Women’s Section. Freda spent
her life working to support the organisation,
arranging events and drumming up support. A
great loss to The Women’s Section, Freda will be
hugely missed by all.
Legion launches survey on Service related hearing problems
Do you have problems hearing or
ringing in your ears as a result of your
Service in the UK Armed Forces? The
Royal British Legion would like to
hear from you.
The RBL works with politicians to improve the
lives of the Armed Forces community. They have
been campaigning to further the cause of serving
personnel, ex-Service men and women and their
families since . To inform this campaigning, and to
ensure that politicians and civil servants
understand the experiences of the Armed Forces
community, they carry out research on important
They would like to know more about the
experiences of Service personnel and veterans
with hearing loss and/or tinnitus (ringing in the
ears). From research carried out in 2005, they
know that ex-Service people are more than three
times as likely as people in the general population to have
ear complaints or difficulty hearing.
If you have problems hearing and/or tinnitus, and you
think it was partially or entirely caused by your Service
in the UK Armed Forces, the RBL would be really
grateful if you could take a few minutes to fill out their
survey. All of the answers are multiple choice, but you
will have a chance to add comments in some places if
you want to.
Your answers will remain completely confidential, and
will be analysed alongside other respondents’ answers
(e.g. to identify patterns and trends). You will have the
opportunity to provide your contact details at the end,
but you don’t have to identify yourself if you don’t want
The survey is available online at and will
be open until 4pm on Monday 31st March. Please feel
free to share it with anyone who is eligible to fill it in.
Picture by
(Photographer) | ©
UK MOD / Crown
Copyright 2014
Used under Open
2014 Conference
Conference Schedule
Tuesday 29th April
1pm: National Standard Bearer Competition
4.30pm: Wreath Laying Ceremony
Wednesday 30th April
10am – 4pm: Conference Session 1 (Lunch Break
12.30pm – 2pm)
4.30pm: Standard Bearers Parade
7.30pm: Evening Entertainment
Thursday 1st May
9.30am – 12.30pm Conference Session 2
Tuesday 29th April – Thursday 1st May
Hello everyone,
Plans are coming along nicely for Conference
2014, once again being held in Llandudno.
We are, as ever, keen to keep Conference costs
low. To this end, the National Chairman and Vice
Chairman will be sharing a room, and there will
not be a Chairman’s Dinner. There will be no
Grand Draw this year; in its place we will have a
Bucket Collection. Collection envelopes will be
sent to all Branches, and those attending
Conference can bring them – hopefully full of
money – to Llandudno. Those not attending can
return their envelopes to Head Office, or ask a
neighbouring Branch to take them to Conference.
We have some great stalls, including the Blind
Veterans UK. We will hopefully have a Tombola
stall. If you wish to donate a prize please do bring
it along, wrapped. Two raffles will take place, the
first being The Llandudno Raffle, with prizes kindly
donated by Counties, and the second, a special
Commandant Kim
Commanding Officer,
Commandant Kim
McCutcheon has been Commanding
Office of the First Aid Nursing
Yeomanry (Princess Royal’s Volunteer
Corps) (FANY) since April 2011. This
appointment follows 20 years’ service
as an Army Officer with the Intelligence
Corps. The FANY is a thriving voluntary
organisation which continues to provide
support to Civil and Military authorities
within London during a major event or
incident, so as to protect life and
relieve human suffering.
raffle to raise money for the Widows’ Christmas
Fund. Our National Secretary has also promised to
BAKE A CAKE (!) and we will all have a go at
guessing the weight.
Our 2014 stickpin will be available to purchase
at Conference. You can pre-order yours to collect
in Lllandudno, or for those not able to attend, the
pin will be despatched just before Conference.
Our evening entertainment opens with the
Band of the King’s Division, who will also lead our
Standard Bearers Parade. Then get your disco
shoes on ready to throw some shapes to hits from
the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s! Our fancy dress theme
this year is 1980’s, so get those shoulders pads,
bum bags, parachute pants and leg warmers at
the ready ladies! Due to rising costs, tickets will
cost £5, but please do not let this deter you, it
promises to be a fun filled evening for all.
I look forward to seeing many of you at
Conference, where once again we meet up with
(Retd) Allan
Brigadier Allan
Mallinson is a former infantry
and cavalry officer of thirty-five
years’ service. He is author of
the acclaimed Matthew Hervey
series of historical novels and
several works of non-fiction. As
well as writing on defence
matters for The Times, he
writes for the Mail Online and is
a regular reviewer for The
Times, Spectator and Literary
friends made many years ago.
Pat Chrimes
Conference Committee Chairman
A range of accommodation has been
reserved especially for attendees.
Llandudno is very popular, please book
01492 577577 or
[email protected]
NSBC Marshal List
Orders Marshal: Mrs Helen Richardson
National Judges: Mrs Alison Tindale, Mrs
Sheila Webster, Miss Emma Kearsey
The Announcer: Ms Laura Ashton
Conducting Marshal: Mrs Deborah Stevenson
Dressing Room Marshal: Mrs Heather Spence
Lance Sergeant
Johnson Gideon
Beharry VC PWRR
Johnson Beharry was born
in Grenada in 1980. He
joined the British Army in 2001, serving
in the 1st Battalion Princess of Wales’s
Royal Regiment. He was deployed to
Kosovo and Northern Ireland before being
sent to Iraq in April 2004. Following his
heroic actions on 1 May and 11 June
2004, he was awarded the Victoria Cross
in 2005, the highest military decoration
for valour in the British and
Commonwealth Armed Forces. In 2011,
he competed on Dancing on Ice and
reached the semi-finals.
National President, Royal
British Legion
Vice Admiral Peter Wilkinson
CB CVO, has links with a
number of Service charities
following a career as a Royal
Navy submariner and former
Deputy Chief of Defence Staff
(Personnel). He was appointed
as National President of The
Royal British Legion in October
Caroline Hull: Energy, Ideas and Commitment!
aroline Hull is a very
busy lady indeed!
Marketing Manager for
Girlings, Honorary Secretary of
The Women’s Section Girlings
Branch and now studying for a
BSc – it’s a wonder she has time
to breathe! We managed to
squeeze into Caroline’s busy
schedule and found out how she
juggles her work, home and
Women’s Section life successfully.
Why did you decide to join the Women’s
When I came to work at Girlings I was told about
the Women’s Section Girlings Branch, set up by
Gillian Girling, some years before, to help our
female tenants. For those who don’t know,
Girlings provides retirement accommodation to
rent for people over the age of 60, many of
whom require additional support. It seemed
such a worthwhile cause and a ‘good fit’ with
what we offer, so I was delighted to join.
I started off as a member of the Committee,
but after a few months our then Honorary
Secretary, Gemma Roberts, left the company
and the position needed to be filled. How can
you refuse your Chairman and Honorary
Treasurer when they ask you to take on such an
important role? So, here I am!
How does your role at The Women’s
Section fit in with your work/home life?
Like many ladies who will be reading this, I
juggle home life and working life, trying to get a
good balance between the two. I am also
studying for a BSc with the Open University,
which is a challenge but can be great fun.
Inevitably there are certain times of the year
when I am busier with the Women’s Section than
others; Annual Membership Renewal and
organising our Christmas Party – although we
are such a strong team these tasks do not fall to
me alone. We receive great support at Girlings
which makes managing our Women’s Section
duties alongside our work load possible. Who
says we women cannot multi-task?!
What do you enjoy most about your role at
The Women’s Section?
I think it has to be the camaraderie with fellow
Committee Members and the interaction with
our members across the country. The stories you
hear can move you to tears at times and, even
though some of our members are short of funds,
they still send us donations with their
membership fees. It makes me smile to see
such support.
What has been your most memorable
moment at The Women’s Section?
The 2013 Christmas Party was fantastic! We
had a VIP guest (Father Christmas!) who turned
up with a sack full of presents. Some of our
members brought their children along to the
party and to see their little faces light up was a
wonderful moment. Mind you, a few of us older
‘children’ also thought he was great!
and sadly as our female tenants are getting
older many go into nursing homes and cannot
keep up their membership.
What do you think is the key to running a
successful Branch?
A good team! You cannot run a successful
Branch on your own.
What advice would you give to anyone
thinking about becoming a member of The
Women’s Section?
That’s simple - Go for it! It is a great way to meet
other ladies and build up good friendships whilst
working together to provide much needed
support for those who need it.
What are your hopes for the future of The
Women’s Section?
I believe that the Women’s Section has a strong
foundation which needs building upon for the
future. This can only succeed through the
recruitment of more members – of all ages. We
definitely need the energy, ideas and
commitment of the younger generation.
What has been your proudest moment at
The Women’s Section?
I think this has to be the hard work and
dedication that our Committee Members put into
organising our fundraisers, especially our
Christmas parties. They do a phenomenal job;
baking cakes, making sandwiches, buying raffle
prizes and donating their time. For a small
Branch we do exceptionally well!
What has been the biggest challenge
within your role at The Women’s Section?
For me it has to be coping with a
dwindling membership. I know this
is one of the biggest challenges
facing The Women’s Section,
If you’d like to nominate a Women’s Section member to feature in our next
interview, call: 0203 207 2188 email: [email protected]
or write to us at: The Women’s Section, Haig House,
199 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1AA
All you need to do is state their name, branch, contact detail – we’ll
do the rest!
Green Scheme
Pocket Pals
Following the launch of The
Women’s Section National Youth
Holding Branch, Aylsham Branch
was eager to think of fundraising
initiatives and ideas to engage a
younger audience. It wasn’t long
before they came up with the idea
of appealing to their local High
School for assistance.
Branch Chairman, Hazel Kingswood, and
Branch Treasurer, Lesley Willcocks, set up a
meeting with Aylsham High School’s
Community Development Officer, Vanessa
Scargill to discuss initiatives that pupils could
get involved with. Discussions also took place
with teachers Tanya Wiseman and Melanie
Goodwin during which the work of The
Women’s Section was explained.
The Old Bag
We are thrilled that The Old Bag
Company have chosen to donate a
percentage of the sales from their
new range of poppy bags to The
Women’s Section. The Old Bag
Company is based in Devon and
was set up by Sally Hurst 7 years
ago when she had the sudden
inspiration to design a practical,
strong, fun beach bag.
The new Poppy bag launch
commemorates the Centenary of
The First World War. They are bags
designed by a woman for a woman,
supporting women. The bags will
be available to buy from the
beginning of April, and you can find
all their ranges on their website
Two weeks later a second meeting took
place and Hazel and Lesley were
astonished to find that the pupils had been
very busy making ‘Pocket Pals’ –
handkerchiefs with a variety of friendly
logos such as ducks, trains, windmills and
even a penny-farthing! The headmaster
allowed pupils to wear their ‘Pocket Pals’
alongside their poppies for the whole of
November, raising £170 for The Women’s
Section to date.
Following such a successful drive,
teachers and pupils of Aylsham High
School have been invited to join in further
fundraising initiative, such as archery and
abseiling, with Aylsham Branch this
Southwick Green have
launched an initiative to
ensure every Branch is given
the greatest help to enrol new
members; which are so badly
needed by The Women’s
At the core of the Scheme is a
wonderful DVD about The Women’s
Section, both work and play, useful for
entertainment, publicity and fundraising.
The DVD will be distributed at
Conference, along with information on
how to run a publicity/recruitment drive,
for FREE!
Branches unable to attend
Conference will receive their pack by
post, and continued support will be
available via The Southwick Green
Scheme whilst the goal of recruiting new
Women’s Section members is achieved!
Our gorgeous new Spring/Summer collection is spot on this season with
3 lovely new spot colours. We have 2 new designs, Betty a smaller version
of the popular Burtie messenger bag and Maisy a stylish large tote bag.
We have also brought back our Award Winning Cool bags to compliment
our Charlotte beach bags which are now available in Oilcloth. We are
delighted to be launching our new Poppy design to commemorate the
Centenary of The First World War. We will be donating a percentage of
sale proceeds to The Royal British Legion Womens Section (designed by
a woman, for a woman, supporting women).
01548 853444
Branch and County News
Belper Branch
Celebrates 70 Years
Belper Branch thoroughly
enjoyed celebrating their 70th Birthday in September. Over 90 ladies
from Derbyshire County attended. Mrs Nancy Stevenson, President of
the Branch, was honoured to accept the Branch’s Anniversary
Certificate from Mrs Mary Middleton MBE. Mrs Hazel Gibson received
her Merit Award in recognition of service to the Women’s Section and
The Purse Presentation was also held. All enjoyed a delicious buffet
kindly made by the ladies at Belper Branch.
Congratulations Sheila!
Croeso I Gymru (Welcome to Wales)
Redditch Branch was proud to present their
Standard Bearer, Mrs Sheila Boyd, with a
Meritorious Certificate for her loyal service to
the Royal British Legion Women’s Section.
Sheila is an extremely active member of the
Branch, attending various meetings and conferences in the County on behalf of the Branch.
She organised the Redditch Veterans Day
Parade and sold poppies for the Poppy Appeal.
National Vice-Chairman, Marilyn Humphry, had a
very productive time visiting Wales late last year.
Here she is with National Vice-President, Auriel
Marchioness of Linlithgow; Patron of Wales, Mrs
Valerie Kerr-Wilson and Regional Representative
Mrs Pat Chrimes at the War Memorial in
Wrexham following the Wreath Laying at the
first gathering of members of the new District of
Wandering and Wondering
Offenham Branch Standard
Seventeen Members from Gateshead Branch visited the National Memorial
Arboretum in September. They had a marvellous trip, enjoying the outdoors,
taking in the beautiful surroundings and remembering loved ones. The
Women’s Section Memorial was a particular highlight.
In June Offenham Branch laid their Standard to rest and the Dedication of the new Standard took
place. The event commenced with a parade from the maypole to the church, and was well
accompanied by The Cheltenham Pipes and Drums, members of the Women’s Branch and
Offenham Royal British Legion, plus an impressive turn out by The Royal British Legion Riders.
Happy Birthday!
75th Anniversary Celebrations
Shortheath Branch celebrated their
70th Birthday in September with a jovial evening filled with delicious food,
good friends and plenty of reminiscing! A lovely cake was devoured, and a
raffle was held to give a little gift to each member.
Mickleover Branch had a brilliant time celebrating it’s 75th Anniversary at The RBL, Poppyfields
Drive in August. Guests and Committee Members joined in the festivities with Vice-President, Mrs
Molly Mansfield and Vice-Chairman, Mrs Ethel Warner accepting the Anniversary Certificate on
behalf of the Branch.
Branch and County News
This is your life…
Back in 1974 Dundry Branch was formed and Sheila Plummer became Standard
Bearer. Sheila carried the Standard at the Dedication Service and continued to
do so until 1986 when she moved to Olveston. She carried the Standard there
until 2005 when she moved to Tiverton, where she’s still a Standard Bearer
today. Sadly, after 39 years, Dundry Branch closed and quite fittingly Sheila was
asked to return and carry the Standard for the Laying-up Ceremony. She said of
the occasion, “It was very sad as we never like to hear of a Branch closing, but I
was honoured to have been asked. I don’t think there are many Standard
Bearers who have actually Dedicated and Laid up the Standard of the same
Branch after so many years.”
90th Birthday Bash!
40’s Weekend
National Chairman’s Award
Mrs Peggie Pierce had a wonderful time celebrating
her 90th Birthday in August with friends and
members of Northop Branch. Mrs Pierce spread the
birthday cheer by very kindly donating half of her gift
money to the Branch.
Isle of Wight Branch had a great time at Calbourne Mill
during Isle of Wight’s 40’s Weekend in September. They
ran a Women’s Section Tombola Stall and a Jams,
Marmalades and Chutney Stall, which helped boost the
County funds thanks to all the generous visitors!
Mrs Jenny Woodward was absolutely delighted to receive
The National Chairman’s Award for her dedication and
involvement at Whally Bridge Women’s Section where
she has been a member for over 60 years! A very well
deserved Award!
Coffee Morning
Standard Dedication
Members of Ballynahinch Branch were rushed off
their feet serving hot drinks and a delicious
selection of homemade cakes during a Coffee
Morning Fundraiser. They raised a fantastic £500
for The Women’s Section!
Members of King’s Lynn Branch had a lovely day at their
Standard Dedication back in the summer. There was an excellent
attendance with Standards from other Branches also present. A
delicious afternoon tea was enjoyed by the ladies following the
Branch and County News
Poppy Appeal
Little Sutton Celebrates 80 years!
Buckinghamshire County Chairman, Mrs Daphne Judd, and Shirley
Edmunds from Iver Heath Branch kindly volunteered to help with the
Poppy Appeal back in November. They received their own Fundraisers Kit,
and set up a stall at a local Sainsbury’s where they did a brilliant job of
raising money and supporting The Royal British Legion.
Little Sutton got into the party spirit for their 80th
Birthday, with Committee Members enjoying a fantastic
evening of celebrations and tucking into a delicious cake.
Some members continued the party in Scotland with a
trip to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.
Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head
In August, Cliffe Lewes branch arranged a garden party to raise money for
the 2014 Purse. The weather had been glorious leading up to the party
and members looked forward to holding their meeting in the sunshine,
but, just as guests were due to arrive, the heavens opened and it started
to rain steadily! The weather didn’t dampen members’ spirits; they
retreated indoors and enjoyed an afternoon of delicious food, reminiscing
and making a fuss of Micky the dog, who relished the attention and
crumbs. A lovely day was had by all and £55 was raised towards the
2014 Purse.
Wedded Bliss!
Royal Garden Party
Congratulations to happy couple, Heather Ayres
of Kemble and District Branch and Spencer
Berkley Jones, on their recent marriage. Heather
is the daughter of Branch Secretary and
Gloucestershire County Vice-President, Mrs Pat
Ayres MBE. Many of the Branch members, who
have known Heather since she was a little girl,
were thrilled to celebrate her special day at All
Saints Church, Kemble.
Mrs Mary Johnston and Mrs Mary McMath,
members of Portrush Branch, were invited to
attend The Royal Garden Party at
Hillsborough Castle on Wednesday 5th
September. Other Branches present were
Hillsborough, Banbridge, Lisburn and
Dungannon. The highlight of the day for the
two Mary’s was the opportunity to have a
natter with Prince Edward!
Good as Gold
Nancy Halbert of Culcheth and District Branch was thrilled to receive The
Women’s Section Gold Badge Award. Presenting the Award to Nancy were
West Lancashire County Secretary, Mrs Jane Abraham, County Chairman,
Mrs Theresa Stott and County Treasurer, Mrs Michelle Miller.
A Service of Thanksgiving was recently held to celebrate the life of Mrs
Mabel Kathleen Twist MBE. Mabel passed away peacefully at Harold
McCauley House in Omagh just months short of her 100th Birthday.
She was extremely dedicated to the work of The Women’s Section,
serving as President of Omagh Branch until 2003 and also President
of Northern Ireland for a number of years. Our heartfelt condolences
go to Mrs Twist’s family.
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