Coffee Mugs promo mug :: types

promo mug :: types
Coffee Mugs make an excellent promotional gift or merchandising item.
They give your brand
billboard like exposure and remain to be seen for many months or years making them extremely cost effective.
They are manufactured from a variety of materials which can produce difference results in quality. It is important
to take this into account when deciding which option is right for your campaign or brand.
Stoneware is traditionally the least expensive way of making coffee mugs.
They are made by hand from inexpensive firing clay and then glazed to
make them waterproof and stain resistant. They make an excellent low cost
promotional product but the process has some minor limitations. Firing clay
has impurities in it which can cause some pin holes and small blemishes in the
glaze. Also due to the fact that the mugs are handmade there can be some
variation in the size and shape of each mug. Minor imperfections are part of
an affordable process and must be accepted when ordering.
Porcelain is made from higher quality kaolin clay with the addition of
several mineral rock elements and then fired at much higher temperatures
than stoneware. This gives the finish an almost translucent look as the rock
components form a glass like quality. Porcelain does not need to be glazed
to be waterproof and the quality of the final product is much more durable
and of a higher quality than stoneware.
Bone China
Bone China is stronger than stoneware and porcelain allowing it to be used
for lighter more delicate mugs. Initially bone china was made by adding
bone ash to kaolin clay but today this has been replaced with feldspar.
Bone china coffee mugs are the ultimate promotional coffee mug when
strength and light weight qualities are critical.
When glass is used to make coffee mugs it has to be toughened so it will
not shatter. This is done with further heat and chemical treatment after
manufacture. Glass coffee mugs often look quite cheap but when they are
sandblasted to give a frosted finish they become a sophisticated promotional
mug that really stands out from the crowd.
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promo mug :: print options
Sublimation Print
Sublimation is achieved by heat transferring a digitally printed image from a paper
transfer. This process can produce stunning full colour wrap around graphics but
because it is a digital print only approximate PMS colour matches are possible.
Coffee mugs that are to be printed with sublimation must have a special coating so it
is not available on all mugs.
Kiln Fired Decal Print
Kiln fired decals are paper transfers that are screen printed with ceramic ink.
They are applied to the mug which is then kiln fired at high temperatures.
The advantage of a decal is that the print becomes part of the surface
and is permanent. They are also excellent for decorating mug handles and
the inside lip as well as producing larger print areas on irregular shaped
mugs. It is possible to obtain approximate PMS colour matches and 4 colour
process prints are also possible but due to the fact that the image is screen
printed it has a more”grainy” effect than sublimation.
We offer competitive pricing on decal prints but the lead time is a little
longer than other forms of decoration and this must be allowed for when
Pad Print
Pad print is the most cost effective way of printing coffee mugs and can
achieve sharp spot colour images at a very low price making it perfect
for promotion. The process uses a silicon pad to transfer the image from
a laser etched metal plate to the coffee mug.
Close PMS matches are possible on white mugs but the ability to match
PMS colours diminishes on colours. One of the big limitations of pad
printing is the size of the print area that can be achieved and this varies
between mugs. Pad printing offers the smallest printing areas of all of
our processes but it can work very well if the required logo is suitable. It
can also give less than satisfactory results with some large reverse block
images. Fortunately only a low percentage of logos give problems and
when this is the case we will recommend minor alterations to the image
or changing to decal printing to achieve the best result.
Screen Print
Some of our coffee mugs can be screen printed but only in one colour. Screen
printing is a low cost printing option and can produce a large image that wraps
around the mug. The main limitations for screen printing are that very fine text
does not reproduce very well. Close PMS
matches are possible on white mugs but
the ability to match PMS colours diminishes
on coloured items.
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