To have and to hold
In her quest for the perfect garden wedding, this bride had the ultimate
accomplice, H&G Senior Stylist, Paul Hopper. Together they created a romantic
setting, brimming with ideas that can be borrowed for any outdoor celebration.
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Text by Betty Baboujon. Photography by Michael Wee.
Handmade cushions in stripes,
spots and florals were created to
add a touch of romance, and comfort,
to the outdoor seating. Benches
and chairs in Murobond Pure in
Smart White. Fabric from Spotlight.
Ribbons from Specklefarm.
For Where To Buy, see page 244.
OPPOSITE from left Bianca
Waddell, her parents, Creina
and Gerard, groom Jake
Moore, and his mother, Sonia.
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aving your heart set on a beautiful outdoor setting for
an important occasion is fraught with risk, a garden
wedding especially so. But in Bianca Waddell’s case, she
had a sensational venue: a walled rose garden set amid
46 hectares of jarrah forest in Forest Grove, WA. Even better, it is
owned and tended to by her parents, Creina and Gerard.
Nevertheless, the day dawned with a relentless downpour.
But, at the stroke of noon, the rain clouds dispersed and the sun
emerged to illuminate the garden for the big event. Family and
friends sprang into action, as H&G Senior Stylist Paul Hopper
led the charge to create a picture-perfect celebration in this 350square-metre garden enclave. “The garden itself was the inspiration
for the wedding’s motif,” says Paul. “We wanted the look for the
wedding to be light, floral and eclectic.”
Because the nuptials took place at the height of the rose season,
Bianca and her groom, Jake Moore, walked down an aisle bordered
by fragrant orange, white and pink blossoms. Friends and relatives
contributed to the theme by adding home-grown flowers to vases
on the tables and petals to the beautiful water feature.
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Jazz up a simple white table setting by adding treasured
family heirlooms such as cut-glass stemware, crystal vases
and silver cutlery. A glimmering candelabra with dinner stick
candles makes the perfect centrepiece.
An inexpensive portable trestle table covered with crisp
white linen quickly transforms a garden nook into an elegant
dining and entertaining space.
● Refresh old timber garden furniture with a lick of white paint.
Soften the look with scatter cushions upholstered in a
variety of fabrics, including spots, stripes and bold florals.
Create a focal point at the head of the table with a piece of
statement furniture – it’s a great excuse to re-upholster
one of your favourite old armchairs.
● Extend the garden theme by displaying freshly cut flowers
in crystal vases on the table. Enhance place settings by
placing a pretty bloom in each teacup.
After the ceremony, Paul
transformed the rose garden
into a welcoming dining area
by adding trestle tables and
settings that combined IKEA
tableware and cutlery, Villeroy
& Boch candelabras, and the
family’s heirloom crystalware.
bride and groom.
arrangements were created to
complement the spectrum of
roses in bloom, from orange to
the purest white. For Where
To Buy, see page 244.
House & Garden
‘A crisp white background is perfect for celebrations because it allows you to add
layers of colour, pattern and texture, which energise the space.’ PAUL HOPPER SENIOR STYLIST
The bridal table’s vintage theme
harks back to the domesticity of
the 1950s, with an eclectic mix
of tableware sourced from Freedom
and Villeroy & Boch, as well as a
tea set from St Vincent de Paul.
Alvine Spets curtains, from IKEA,
are matched with a runner made
of Nina Campbell Perroquet,
from Mokum. Cake stands from
Maxwell & Williams. For Where
To Buy, see page 244.
Beautiful bouquets will add a sensual note to your outdoor decor.
Select the following blooms to achieve just the right floral touch.
SPRING Sweet peas and buttercups are perfect to mix with other
flowers. For an eye-catching display try Hydrangea paniculata
or waratahs. Blossoms are perfect for large arrangements, while
guelder roses (Viburnum opulus) will add a traditional element.
SUMMER Try Magnolia grandiflora and frangipani (Plumeria
rubra), which look best threaded and en masse. If you have a
water feature, floating lotuses will create an air of glamour, while
waterlilies exude elegance (but, beware, they close at night).
CLOCKWISE from top left During
the evening, tea light candles placed
inside the lanterns create a soft glow.
The handmade invitations’ spotted
fabric ties in neatly with the party
accessories. Birds and Nests stamps
on the invitation from Cavellini & Co.
Loosely tied flowers add a whimsical
touch to any decor. The beautiful
bridesmaids. The bridal bouquet.
Handmade cones in pretty paper are
the perfect vessels for floral confetti.
OPPOSITE Masses of flowers ensure
a romantic atmosphere, while lanterns
hanging from striped ribbons add an
element of light-hearted festivity. For
Where To Buy, see page 244.
The family had collected all manner of furniture, which they
painted white and placed around the garden to create the aisle,
seating and stage for the ceremony, as well as intimate nooks
where guests could mingle. The venue for the evening’s festivities
was a canopy tent, softly lit by a chandelier and candelabras. In
the garden, lanterns with tea light candles were strung overhead,
providing a romantic, sultry atmosphere.
The flora that was so fundamental to the wedding’s theme was
inspired by the famous gardens at Sissinghurst in the UK. The
Waddell’s rose garden is set among a larger layout that features
espaliered fruit trees, rows of cumquats, moptop robinas, fragrant
lavender and hedges of English box.
Fortunately for the happy couple (and Paul, who was tasked
with keeping the ‘look’ intact throughout the proceedings) the
garden is enclosed by an ironstone wall, which added a rustic
element to the decor... while keeping out uninvited guests,
such as kangaroos.
The Waddell rose garden is available for weddings and celebrations.
Call (08) 9757 7523 or go to
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Jars of homemade jam topped with fabric squares and striped
ribbons make personal and decorative favours for your guests.
Drape side tables with lace and space them around the garden
for guests to place their drinks on. Top with silver goblets or
glasses filled with sugared almonds and chocolates.
Use brightly coloured ribbon to string tea light lanterns from
trees and pergolas. They’ll create a romantic glow at twilight.
Make cones of printed card or wrapping paper and fill with petals
for a beautiful alternative to confetti – no sweeping up required.
● Continue the theme by using garden flowers for bridal bouquets.
Tie them loosely with ribbon that matches the dresses.
Hang clusters of freshly cut wild roses on the backs of chairs.
Not only will they look beautiful, their fragrance will fill the air.
● Create your invitations by hand for a personal touch. Use
ribbons in coordinating colours and decorative rubber stamps
to reinforce the theme of your celebration.
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