Making pottery locally for 64 years— come see it made.

324 county street
bennington, vermont
open every day
Making pottery locally for 64 years—
good design from our hands to yours—
come see it made.
A Bennington Potters
sampler just for you!
But do come see it made because our
potters take pride in their work and
love to show it off.
pottery is...
Oven safe
Dishwasher safe
Food safe
Until then, these pages offer you a good look at our pottery —
practical, durable, beautiful, handmade right here in Bennington, Vermont,
now for 64 years. And remember that most items pictured are available
in other glazes.
His & Her Trigger Mug Gift Set
The mugs that made Bennington
mugs famous are stars and so are you
and yours. Set includes a pair of mugs
and a pair of star spoons. 4"H, 11 oz
Turquoise Tankard Mug
Wide bottomed, silky smooth to the
touch, graceful and sturdy, this mug
is well loved. A great universal mug in
an unusual glaze — pictures don’t do
it justice. Other glazes available.
4" H, 12 oz
Set/4 #M4S1 $60
For more information, call us TOLL FREE 1-800-205-8033 or
#S1 $15 ea
shop online at
American Classic Mug
A classic: strong, capacious, much
more graceful than other big mugs,
it holds twice the usual cuppa’. The
wide mouth allows double duty for
soup, cereal, ice cream. Elements
Gold here, other glazes available.
3 1/2" H, 16 oz
Set/4 #M49925 $72 or
#9925 $18 ea
pottery is...
Oven safe!
Dishwasher safe!
Food safe!
NEW! Moose Mug
Where’s Clayton? Can you find him
hiding among the maples? Look
closely and you will see him smiling at
you from the surface of this highly
embossed mug. Fun & functional.
3" H, 12 oz
#1977M $24
Frog Mug
Tall Trigger Mug
6"H, 14 oz
#1371 $25 ea
The favorite of kids (and adults), this
12 ounce mug is shiny white and —
surprise! — has a little green frog
inside. 3" H, 12 oz
#1977F $24
Don't see your favorite glaze?
Give us a call or visit us on line to
see what's available.
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Give Bennington
special gifts for special people
Handle Bowl Gift Set
The signature handle on this stackable bowl makes it a wonderful workhorse: sour cream dip, chili,
chowder, ice cream! Scoop up on ready-to-give with an all natural herb dip mix — add sour cream and,
voila! instant party! — or treat yourself to a set of four. You will love them! 15 oz
Bowl/Mix Set #62385 $29
Set/4 Bowls #M41894 $96
Painted Ladies
Luminous, handpainted, each one
unique, the Mt Equinox group offers
the collectability of art pottery and the
utility you always get from Bennington
Potters. Bold and beautiful, these
wonderful pieces — an elegant pitcher
and a large and low bowl — make a
splendid statement. The extra large
mugs are eminently giftable.
Equinox Mug, 16 oz Set/2 Mugs Molly Pitcher, 1 gal Reunion Bowl, 7 1/4 qt
Family Reunion Bowl
Antique Pitcher & Tumblers
This great bowl holds 7 1/4 quarts and at 14"
wide is the biggest bowl made in New England
today. It’s beautiful.
We make the custom
Bennington Salad
Servers for a great
Our homage to the wonderful old farmhouse
pitcher that once sat modestly on every
New England table. Gently oval in shape,
our version holds 1 1/2 quarts. The 11 ounce
tumblers are the perfect companions because
stoneware keeps cold drinks cold longer.
Family Reunion Bowl
#2181 $99
Antique Pitcher #2903 $50
Set/4 Tumblers #M41340T $52
Bennington Salad
Servers #2208 $49
Visit us at
#9925ME $28
#M29925ME $56
#9906ME $99
#2181ME $129
Pair of Platters
Classic oval platters: The large platter
(19"L, 15"W) will hold turkey and
fixings for family feasts and do double
duty as a tea tray. The medium platter
(16" L, 12"W) is the perfect size for
everyday service.
Large Platter #2197L $79
Medium Platter #2197M $59
To l l f r e e 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 0 5 - 8 0 3 3
Chosen with love
great gifts
give pleasure everyday
When gift giving is on your to-do list, look no further! These gifts are charming,
have excellent value and delicious appeal. Best of all they are great for family-tofamily gift giving — perfect for everyone on your list — unique and totally re-useable. These are the gifts that keep on giving long after their occasion has passed.
Cow Glass
Although Italian, these bovine
embossed glass beauties have
trotted out of our store for
years. Now sold open stock, so
order to family size or gift list
length! 5"H, 11 oz
$4.95 ea
Brownie Lovers Gift Set
This gift features our popular
8" square baker and includes
The Best Ever Brownie Mix.
Our easy-clean pan baked these
rich fudgey brownies so well we
could hardly wait ’til they cooled
— okay, so maybe we didn’t.
Personality Plus
Our favorite teapot is personal, sized
for steeping tea at home or office, with
all the attention to detail you expect.
With a built in strainer, it has perfect
weight and balance for easy pouring.
24 oz Personal Teapot #2300s $59
6 oz Cup & Saucer Set #52125 $29
12 oz Cup & Saucer Set #52117 $32
equals 2
equals 4
equals 2
Our teapot will fill two large cups, four small cups, or two tankards.
Heart Baker
A pretty and unusual serving bowl
as well as a baker of heartfelt treats.
As they say, nothin’ says lovin’
like somethin’ from the oven.
12 1/2"W, 2 1/4" H 2 qt
XLg Heart Baker #1951 $36
pottery is...
Oven safe
Dishwasher safe
Food safe
To l l Fr e e 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 0 5 - 8 0 3 3
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for Baking — the pleasure
begins when you pick up the pot
Bennington is just so right — so cook, oven and dishwasher friendly, so graceful, so
durable. It bakes up evenly, cleans up easily, goes to table proudly.
Bennington bakeware is so right — so substantial, so oven-friendly,
No. 11 Family
Family Favorite
cook-friendly, so dishwasher-friendly that we say that
pleasure of Bowl
Gift Set
cooking begins when you pick up the pot. Our twice-glazed
bake breakfast
love aa hearty
of pancakes
pancakes and
and real
real maple
maple syrup.
Now you can too. 3 piece set: our
1 qt batter bowl with
Call us, or shop for additionalour
bowl with easy
1 1/2 1qt/2batter
and easy
grip handle and easy
locally made pancake mix (formix
24 cakes)
and a sample
and a sample
of genuine
maple syrup.
maple syrup.
#63233 $44
up evenly, clean up easily and go to table proudly. Yeah,
you that
can too.
3 piece set:
Rectangular Baker
8"W, 16"L, 3 qt
#1889 $50
D. Muffin Pan 8" W, 11"L
#9915 $34
Muffin Plates 6" W
#1661 $16
Set/4 #M41661 $64
Round Baker 10" W, 1 1/2 qt
#1883 $34
Oval Baker 9" W, 13" L, 1 3/4 qt
Centerpiece Pie Pan 11" W, 1 1/2 qt
#1954 $34
#1850 $40
To l l Fr e e 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 0 5 - 8 0 3 3
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Mix &
It's up to you!
Satin finished solids coordinate
beautifully. Customizing your table
is fun & easy — mix, match, play!
1. Dinner Plate (10 1/2" W)
4. Trigger Mug (4"H, 11 oz)
6. Basic Bowl (5"W, 16 oz)
Classic style for tasty meals.
The mug that made mugs
Cereal or ice cream? Perfect.
#1669 $24
# 2049 $23
#1340 $14
2. Luncheon Plate (8 1/2" W)
Sandwich, salad or dessert.
5. Tankard (4"H, 12 oz)
7. Soup/Pasta (8 1/2"W, 16 oz)
Rimmed and rugged, yet elegant.
#1628 $22
The other great favorite.
#1961 $26
# S1 $15
3. Bread & Butter Plate (6" W)
So sweet for desserts, snacks.
#1661 $16
Items below are available in most Bennington glazes.
Visit for dinnerware accessory pieces
Facing page, Blue Agate dinnerware; this page, white on white.
Tankard Mug (4"H, 12 oz)
Another favorite, the great
Blue Agate #S1 $15
White on White #S1 $16
Rimmed Bowl (8 1/2"W, 16 oz)
Rugged yet elegant dinnerware
Blue Agate #1961 $26
White on White #1961 $28
Serving Bowl (12"W, 64 oz)
(Facing page) Larger version of
the bowl above. You need it!
Blue Agate #1969 $52
White on White #1969 $56
Use our dinnerware confidently
every day, every meal! Dishwasher
and microwave safe, we are lead
free since 1948. The best dinnerware
choice is always from Bennington.
Trigger Mug (4"H, 11 oz)
And Agate.
ag • at\´ag-et\ noun
Enjoy the mug that made mugs
Blue Agate #1340 $14
White on White #1340 $15
Originally inspired by the
variegated patterns of natural minerals and stones, spatterware and
agateware are pottery traditions. Bennington’s bold and brilliant agate
glazes — homage and interpretation — have delighted generations.
Dessert Plate (6"W)
Small but mighty: bread & butter,
side salad, dessert after.
Blue Agate #1661 $16
White on White #1661 $17
Luncheon Plate (8 1/2"W)
Happy medium: sandwich,
large salad, virtuous dinner, or
BIG dessert!
Blue Agate #1628 $22
White on White #1628 $24
Dinner Plate (10 1/2"W)
The classic dinner plate that
makes for memorable meals.
Serving Bowl #1969
Blue Agate #1669 $24
White on White #1669 $26
Visit for more dinnerware
We brought it back
because you asked!
Black on Slate
This agate glaze has been on hiatus for years. We love it paired
with its best companion, White on White. These two agates work
the same subtle and sophisticated glazing strategy — same color,
two tones, one shiny, one matte — for a marbling effect that is
both bold and dramatic.
Enjoy the dramatic?
Go for Black on Slate with
White on White — a new look
with timeless appeal.
#1961 Rimmed Bowl $28
#1669 Dinner Plate
#1628 Luncheon Plate $24
#1661 Dessert Plate $17
#S1 Tankard Mug (left) $16
#1340 Trigger Mug (above) $15
VViissiitt bbeennnniinnggttoonnppootttteerrss..ccoom
m ffoorr m
moorree ddiinnnneerrw
To l l Fr e e 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 0 5 - 8 0 3 3
Same Bennington quality, different shapes —
the unique cup and saucer, the gracefully
sculpted flat rim on each plate inspired by
David Gil’s favorite bowl design.
1. Large Plate (10 1/2"W)
4. Large Cup (12 oz)
A plate you’ll use every day!
Breakfast latte, lunch’s chili.
#2301L $16
7. Rimmed Bowl
(8 1/2"W, 16 oz)
#2304 $25
Medium Plate (8 1/2"W)
For sandwich, salad, dessert.
#2303 $24
3. Small Plate (5 3/4"W)
Plate or saucer – no indent!
#2302 $16
Tea, coffee, mousse...
#2301s $15
When only a mug will do!
#S1 $15
Everyone loves the 64 oz
version of the rimmed bowl.
(see pg 10)
#1969 $52
3. & 5.
To l l Fr e e 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 0 5 - 8 0 3 3
Family Serving Bowl (12"W)
6. Tankard Mug (12 oz)
3. & 4.
#1961 $26
5. Small Cup (6 oz)
NEWLINE Dinnerware
available in Blue Agate
and Turquoise.
Blue Agate on NewLine is the exact same glaze as our traditional Blue Agate.
Soup, salad, pasta, cereal.
Entertaining in Every Seaon
and giving pleasure every day
Banneton & Crock Gift Set
Our most unique shape is also our most
versatile! It was designed originally for bread
but our customers have shown us its many
other uses. Now we can’t imagine ever
putting it away. The two piece set consists
of our signature handled banneton (12"L)
and petite crock (4 oz).
Banneton/Crock Set #52341 $39
Cheese Please
Gift Set
Perennially popular,
this gift set adds up
to such fun: mouse
spreader and our
snacking plate make
a great hostess set.
Oven, microwave
safe. (7 1/2"L, 6" W)
Plate/Mouse Set
Little Plates, Little Crocks
Little shapes have big pizazz! Available
in Banneton colors shown left.
4 oz Crock #1892 $7
6" Plate #1661 $16
To l l Fr e e 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 0 5 - 8 0 3 3
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Serve up
Molly Stark Pitcher
Farmhouse Presentation Bowl
BiPartisan Server
Beautiful, shapely, our largest pitcher
can be used to serve a regiment of
guests or to showcase an armload
of blooms. 12"H, 1 gal
A perfect centerpiece, a cherished wedding
gift, an exceptional business presentation
— this country heirloom of classic quality
and scale measures 6"H, 11 1/2" W, 6 qt
Yes, we used to call this the divided vegetable
dish but that really limited the imagination.
Our customers say it does so much more!
At 12"L, 8 1/2"W, it holds 20 ounce twice.
#9906 $75
Farmhouse Bowl #2186 $99
Double Dish #1665 $44
Harvest Bowls
Make serving gracious everyday.
One size never fits all so choose your
family's best fit. Or, even better, get
both and serve up double ‘licious —
the 1 quart bowl (6 1/2"W) with
steaming vegetables, the 3 quart
bowl (9"W) holding a perfect salad.
1 qt Bowl #2051 $32
3 qt Bowl #2055 $44
Basic Bowl
Absolutely basic but definitely not
ordinary, nobody can have too many
of these useful bowls. 5"W
16 oz Bowl #2049
To l l Fr e e 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 0 5 - 8 0 3 3
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pottery is...
Oven safe
Dishwasher safe
Food safe
Sugar Bowl & Creamer
An emblem of hospitality sure to remain
a steady companion for decades of good
talk and countless coffees and teas.
Sugar Bowl 3"H, 12 oz #2089 $27
Creamer: 3 1/2"H, 8 oz #2088 $27
A serving piece
solos superbly
occasion —
­ we know such outstanding
Bennington newcomer as well as
the longtime collector.
A pottery crock — perhaps the most
common of all pottery pieces —
this one uncommon because it's
Bennington. Available in Elements
Green and Blue, and of course,
Blue Agate. 5 1/2" H, 5"W, 44 oz
An enduring classic of mid-century
design, a favorite for 50 years.
Braises, beans, soups, possibilities
are endless. 9"W, 2 qt
#1621 $76
Something special for that special
craftsmanship always pleases a
Short Utensil Crock
Covered Casserole
#1393 $30
Vermont Cheese Board Set
Two Vermont products — an
excellent pair. JK Adams makes the
beautiful 16" maple board to fit our
cheese plate with its glass dome.
#63339 $79
Add a third Vermont product —
Danforth Pewterers makes this
excellent pewter handled Cheese
Knife with a Sheffield stainless blade. Hand wash. 7 1/2"L
#7345 $37
Small Pitcher
Back by demand! The perfect pitcher for
the table and you can microwave the syrup
right in it. When it’s not pancake time, this
pitcher is groovy for gravy, salad dressing
or milk for your cereal. Very versatile.
5"H, 15oz
Pitcher #2069 $35
To l l Fr e e 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 0 5 - 8 0 3 3
More great gifts at
Spoon Rest Set
Finally, a really functional (3"W, 9"L) spoon rest.
We add an excellent quality hardwood spoon.
Spoon Rest Set #62205 $20
#63310 $35
Heart Bowl/Baker
Sweet inspirations from the heart — a bowl
of juicy fruit — a baker for a chocolate cake —
a big bowl of homemade soup. Show your
affection. 3 1/2"H, 5 1/2"W, 20 oz #1948 $25
Handmade stoneware pitcher, fired clay moose
ornament, maple syrup nip. Cute and useful for
cream, syrup, sauces. Microwaveable. 8 oz
324 county street, bennington, vt 05201
Vermont Greetings Gift Set
Bennington Potters
Gift Certificates
Ever wonder which Bennington Potters
gift to give? Our customized gift certificate
allows your loved ones to choose their
perfect gift, shopping by mail, phone, web,
or in person at our Bennington Potters
store. Learn more online!
Hogwash Gift Set
What a fresh idea! What a price! The set
includes our little square soap dish, a bar
of all natural “Hogwash!” soap, famous
for cleaning pretty much everything.
4 oz soap, 4" dish. #62429 $20