March 30, 2015 - Eugene Concert Choir

Eugene Concert Choir / Eugene Vocal Arts 2014-2015
Newsletter • March 30 & 31, 2015
Eastern Voices Concert
Marketing Matters
EVA has beautiful, extraordinary music to perform for
the Eastern Voices concert on Friday, April 10 at 7:30 pm at
Beall Concert Hall. To enhance the concert, Sandy Bonds
from the costume shop at the U of O Robinson Theater
will be loaning us a Beijing Opera costume and a Japanese
wedding dress to display from the stage. These are to be
admired but not to be touched.
Following the concert, we will have a reception in
Room 173 catered by the Taiwanese Women of Eugene,
organized by Hue Ping Lin of the White Lotus Gallery. If
anyone has other Eastern décor they would like to add to
enhance the stage, the lobby or the reception room, please
let Diane know and we will put it on display.
Tickets for sales Eastern Voices are low. This is an
exceptionally unique concert and I would like to see us
meet the house of 350 we had for Vivaldi in the fall. I’ve
reached out to the Asian Pacific American Student Union
at the UO, as well as a plethora of other contacts related
to the annual Asian Celebration here in Eugene.
Advertising has begun to kick in for the show as well.
That said, the biggest impact on our sales should be the
support of all of you. PLEASE do your part and support
this thrilling concert!
Renaissance MayFest Servers
It is that time of year to begin signing up volunteer
servers for our Renaissance MayFest Dinners, Friday,
May 15 and Saturday, May 16. Our servers are fully
costumed in Renaissance attire and serve dinner with
platters, family style, for our guests.
We will have 16 tables plus the head table, so we would
need 20 servers per night. The servers are also fed in the
“servants’ quarters.” The meal this year is catered by
Billy Mac’s and the menu includes Billy’s famous wild
mushroom pie, field greens salad, whole grain bread,
salmon wellington (vegetarian option available), roasted
garlic potatoes and vegetables, and citrus shortcake with
fresh berries.
Please sign up volunteer servers on the sign-up sheet at
rehearsal or contact Angela in the choir office.
Volunteers for Celtic Spring for Kids
Well here we are again, ready to dream up fun stuff for
the children’s pre-concert activities in the Hult Center
lobby on April 25. If you are willing/able/available to
participate in a brainstorming session for suitable craft
activities, please see the sign-up sheet for that purpose.
We can then set a date and time that best suits everyone
who signs up.
Naturally, the activities will have a Celtic flavor, so
it should be pretty easy to come up with ideas we are
capable of implementing!
—Angela, Choir Office
How YOU can help this week: Eastern Voices
1. Buy your ticket(s) to Eastern Voices. You can
purchase at or call the Hult Ticket Office
at 541-682-5000. NOTE – if you are a performer, buy a
ticket and gift it to someone you don’t think would go
otherwise and/or who cannot typically afford to attend
concerts. Nothing makes a better gift than the arts!
2. Bring posters and postcards home with you and take
them with you to your office, a PTA meeting, a Book
Club or Knitting/Quilting Bee – or any gathering you are
planning to attend in the coming weeks. Make a point to
hand them out and share a little about the concert. This is
your chance to share something meaningful you do with
others in your life.
—Mindy Linder, Director of Marketing
Ticket Sales Stats
Program Tickets Sold to Date
Vivaldi Gloria: 318
40th Anniversary Holiday Extravaganza: 2035
Mozart Requiem: 890
Eastern Voices: 59
Celtic Spring with the Willis Clan: 659
Celtic Spring for Kids: 51
Renaissance MayFest Dinner: 109
Eugene Concert Choir, 1590 Willamette St., Ste. 400, Eugene, OR 97401
541-687-6865 • [email protected] •
Diane Retallack, Artistic & Executive Director • Angela Egremont, General Manager
Mindy Linder, Director of Marketing & Music Education