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a partnership program conducted by
The East Timor Teacher Placement Program (ETTPP) was established in 2004 and since then
approximately 100 experienced teachers from the Dioceses of Parramatta and Broken Bay have
spent time in Same, East Timor, sharing their training and experience with Timorese teachers.
In consultation with the Superintendent of Education from the Manufahi District, it was decided that
the best way for our program to support education in this district was to train teachers in the
methodology of teaching – Primary Mathematics and Secondary English.
Each year, volunteer teachers from the two Dioceses undertake a 5 day training program to prepare
them for their work in East Timor. They study the history, geography and culture of East Timor, the
Tetun language and teaching Mathematics in East Timor.
Nine volunteer teachers go to East Timor for a period of 3 weeks to live and work with their Timorese
There is an expectation that our volunteer teachers will return to their schools with ways of passing on
their experiences. Many have developed curriculum programs or Social Justice initiatives for their
school communities. In this way they become advocates for Timor Leste.
The Superintendent of Education, Manufahi District asked for help in building and setting up a teacher
Resource and Training Centre (TRC) that would house reference and resource materials for
teachers, as well as being able to be used as a training centre. The two Dioceses, along with the
Superintendent, negotiated with Rotary Northbridge to draw up plans for the TRC. A Timorese builder
was engaged to build the centre and it was fitted out with furniture and storage made by a local
carpenter. Many schools in Broken Bay and Parramatta, along with Rotary Northbridge contributed
generously to the fundraising efforts to make the centre a reality. It was officially opened in January
2010. This is where we hold our inservice sessions.
To improve the teaching of Mathematics in the schools of Timor-Leste
To equip the Timorese teachers with whom we work with the skills to become mentors and
eventually trainers to their colleagues
To build long term, sustainable programs through the development of local expertise
To develop a professional working relationship with educators in Timor-Leste
To develop a friendship and solidarity between people, schools and communities in Australia
and Timor-Leste
 To provide a significant, professional learning experience for volunteer teachers from Catholic
schools in the Dioceses of Broken Bay and Parramatta, which can educate and enrich their
own school communities
 To further the Catholic Church’s teachings in mission and social justice
We use local translators to help us deliver all of our courses.
Two 4 day courses are run three times per year (January, May and August) to assist the Timorese
teachers to teach Maths in a student-centred, meaningful way using resources which are easily
obtained locally.
What is my commitment?
 There is no financial commitment by the volunteer teachers. You are asked to give up approx 3
weeks of your time – either during holidays or by taking Long Service Leave.
 You will be fully covered by your Diocesan corporate travel insurance
 Optional attendance at an information afternoon
 Complete application form and return to the program coordinator
 Attend an interview
 Attend 4 days of training (3x school days – release provided and 1x Saturday)
 Travel to Timor Leste and work cooperatively with your travel companions from Australia, 2
Timorese translators and up to 25 Timorese teachers
 Attend debrief and discuss follow up activities
Who will look after me in Timor?
 All accommodation, transport and transfer bookings are organized by coordinators before
departure. There is regular contact between your group and the coordinators whilst you are
 There is good phone service from most areas of Timor. Internet connection can be intermittent.
 Whilst in Same, our Liaison officer is in constant contact with your group
Do I need any vaccinations or medications?
You will need to supply a medical certificate stating that you are fit to travel. It is important that you
discuss vaccinations with your GP before travelling. Malaria is evident in Timor .
What living conditions can I expect?
 You are travelling to a developing country. Your accommodation is comfortable and clean, but
very simple. The creature comforts of home are not necessarily evident, but this is a wonderful
opportunity for you to immerse yourself in a different culture.
 Climate varies throughout the year. It is generally quite warm, but if you are travelling in
January, expect to encounter the wet season.
ETTPP Coordinators
CEDP Parramatta
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CSO Broken Bay
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