Backpack Electrofishing Systems

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Backpack Electrofishing Systems
Dependable, Efficient Equipment from ETS Electrofishing Systems
Lightweight, easy-to-operate design, effective over a wide range of water conductivities
ETS Electrofishing Systems has provided quality backpack, boat,
and stream barge electrofishing systems to federal, state, and
private agencies for over 25 years. We offer customized
equipment with short lead times at the most competitive prices
in the industry. More than 600 of our systems are in service in the
United States, Canada, Mexico, and Australia, including our serial
no. 001 backpack. ETS control boxes are fully and quickly
repairable. We offer a RUSH REPAIR OPTION at no added cost.
Our Backpack Systems were developed with technical support
from the University of Wisconsin, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service,
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and many other federal and state agencies. Our backpacks are
trusted, highly effective performers. They are the lightest available from a
U.S. manufacturer by at least five pounds, and employ a straightforward
design that requires no wading through menus to use.
ETS Electrofishing Systems manufactures four portable, 12 volt batterypowered single- and two-channel backpack systems. All systems are
customizable to meet your agency’s needs. See detailed specifications and
descriptions of our backpack equipment below. All systems include a
limited, one-year parts and labor warranty.
ABP Backpack Series
Single-channel system
Two-channel system
with LCD metering for
with LCD metering
generalized fish capture engineered specifically
for lamprey and
ammocete capture
Badger Backpack Series
Badger 1
Badger 2
Single-channel system
Two-channel system
with same performance with same performance
as ABP-3 system
as ABP-2 system
without metering at a
without metering at a
reduced cost
reduced cost
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Advanced 12V battery-powered single-channel or two-channel backpack electrofishing systems
Portable and lightweight with LCD metering
Weight with 12 amp-hr standard 12 V lithium battery
Weight with 12 amp-hr standard 12 V lead-acid battery
Weight with 18 amp-hr standard 12 V lead-acid battery
Capacitive pulsed-DC output, average power
Peak voltage (continuously adjustable)
Peak current
Pulse energy capability
Conductivity range
Channel Specifications
RATE (continuously variable)
DUTY cycle (continuously variable)
16 lbs (7.3 kg)
16.5 lbs (7.5 kg)
21 lbs ( 9.5 kg)
21.5 lbs ( 9.8 kg)
25 lbs (11.3 kg)
25.5 lbs (11.6 kg)
200 watts—high pulse-discharge energy
Up to 600 volts
Up to 10 amps
30 Joules
50 – 1400 µS/cm
ABP-2 (Channel 1)
ABP-2 (Channel 2)
1 - 1,000 pps
1 – 9.5 pps
10 - 1,000 pps
1.0 pps
0.1 pps
1.0 pps
± 5%
± 5%
± 5%
1 - 50%
± 2% absolute
Features and Options
ABP-3 – single-channel system for generalized fish capture
 Standard pulse wave train – available QUADRAPULSE™ option for special applications including sensitive trout
electrofishing – reduces battery drain and greatly reduces narcosis time – see full description on last page
ABP-2 – two-channel system engineered specifically for lamprey programs
 Two independently controlled rate and duty cycle channels instantly accessible by two separate thumb switches on the
anode pole – Channel 1 has selectable standard or bursted pulse wave trains developed by the USFWS for optimal
dislodging of ammocetes—channel 2 has standard pulse wave train for stunning ammocetes, lamprey, or fish
Light open-frame design minimizes weight fatigue in the field – Lightest weight USA-manufactured unit available
Continuously settable direct-dial controls permit quick parameter changes and viewing of output voltage, current, and
battery voltage – No wading through computer-style menus and buttons to set up or view parameters
Continually variable channel rate, capable of producing new experimental high frequency pulse rates
Separate optional elapsed time display
Uses readily-available, standard single 12 volt sealed lead acid battery, 12 or 18 amp-hr lead acid or 12 amp-hr lithium
Battery externally accessible to permit rapid field changing – Battery terminals electrically isolated from output
Non electrically-conductive enclosure, backpack frame, and battery support bracket
Automatic output voltage control compensates instantly for variations in water conductivity and user changes in pulse rate
and duty cycle
Output voltage LED monitor – Front panel LED intensifies with increased output voltage and duty cycle, flashing with
every pulse at very slow pulse rates to verify delivery of high-voltage pulses to output connectors
Electrically isolated output and tilt detectors (approx. 60) with fast electronic shut-down for user protection – Additional
water immersion detector shutdown for “vertical falls” in water where user does not bend over far enough to activate tilt
Digital LCD display that meters peak output current, peak output voltage (rather than average values), or battery voltage
(selectable by three-position panel switch)
Built-in or remote resettable LCD timer option to accumulate actual shocking time in minutes and seconds or all seconds
(hour/hundredths of hour also available) – Timer display is separate from metering display so both time and voltage or
current are immediately viewable
Electronic short-circuit and over-current protection with audible and visible fault identification for tilt/water immersion,
over-current, and low battery voltage conditions
Alert tone during pulsing with variable volume control – Optional hi-intensity LED also available that lights during pulsing
Optional red LED on cathode pole lights up to indicate peak current through the water of 0.1 amp or higher, OR an optional
increase in operating tone sound volume when peak current is 0.1 amp or higher
Optional remote ON/OFF watertight power switch box locates switch low on side of backpack frame for easy user access
Construction allows rapid field replacement of printed circuit board and inverter power module with standard screwdriver
Military-style, field repairable Amphenol connectors on anode and cathode cable plugs that mate with control box
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Advanced 12 volt battery-powered electrofishing units
Same performance as ABP series without metering at a reduced cost
Badger 1 – single-channel rate and duty system for generalized fish capture similar to ABP-3
Badger 2 – two-channel rate and duty system engineered specifically for lamprey programs similar to ABP-2
Both Badger Units have same features as the ABP series – LACK ONLY THE ABP’s digital LCD metering of
peak output current, peak output voltage, and battery voltage
A unique pulse waveform option
For the ABP-3 and Badger 1 single-channel electrofishing systems
QUADRAPULSE is a unique pulse waveform available as an option on the ABP and Badger electrofishing
Cuts battery drain by a factor of 3 - 4 for any given voltage and duty cycle setting, allowing use of a lighter
battery or substantially extended shocking time in the field
Most effective in cold water streams, particularly trout streams
This pulse waveform typically is as effective as conventional pulses with less chance of producing a hard
Fish stunned briefly by QUADRAPULSE often will recover in 2 - 3 seconds after releasing the anode switch –
This possibly might require an adjustment in netting technique
Light stunning may result in a lower morbidity or mortality rate over conventional pulses, particularly at
high peak current levels –This has been reported but not scientifically evaluated
Harder stunning may be achieved by holding the pulsing button on for a longer period or increasing the
voltage or duty cycle
Trout in particular will be less likely to be swept away by the current due to premature stunning as they
approach the anode
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equipment, including complete stream barge and boat systems.
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