Alcohol interlocks and the fight against drink-driving A

Alcohol interlocks and the fight against drink-driving
A European approach.
Wednesday 22nd April 2015, 9h00 – 13h00
Portuguese Parliament
R. Imprensa à Estrela 6,
1200-661 Lisbon, Portugal
The European Transport Safety Council, the Portuguese Ministry of Home
Affairs/National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) and the Portuguese Road Safety
Association (PRP) have the pleasure of inviting you to a round-table event in Lisbon on
a holistic approach to addressing alcohol misuse in road transport.
The event will cover measures to tackle drink driving such as the use of alcohol
interlocks, research findings and case studies from EU member states. A round-table
discussion will offer participants the opportunity to talk to experts and exchange
experiences and successes with the use of alcohol interlocks.
Participation is free but seats are limited.
Online registration here.
For further information, please contact:
Ilyas Daoud, [email protected]
Interpretation Portuguese / English will be provided.
ETSC’s Safe and Sober project is supported by Volvo Trucks and Alcohol Countermeasures Group.
Moderated by: José Trigoso, Executive Chairman, Portuguese Road Safety Association
 Antonio Avenoso, Executive Director, ETSC
 Carina Oliveira, MP, Coordinator of the Road Safety Working Group at
the Portuguese Parliament
 João Almeida, Secretary of State of Home Affairs
Portuguese National Road Safety Programme
 Jorge Jacob, President, National Road Safety Autority (ANSR)
Part I: Alcohol Interlocks – current progress and case studies
1. Alcohol Interlocks in the EU: Ilyas Daoud, Project Manager, ETSC
2. The Alcohol Interlock Rehabilitation Programme in Finland:
Marita Lyotty, Special Adviser, Finnish Transport Safety Agency (TRAFI)
3. The Alcohol Interlock Rehabilitation Programme in the Netherlands:
Ramon Gouweleew, Chief Inspector, Dutch Road Traffic and Transport
Authority (RDW)
Coffee break – Alcohol Interlock Demonstration – Media Interviews
Interdisciplinary Roundtable Debate: Tackling drink-driving in Portugal
Alcohol interlocks: a tool in the fight against drink-driving
 National Road Safety Authority (ANSR): Road Safety regulations
 Portuguese Road Safety Association (PRP): Actitudes and behaviours
modeling through education
 Portuguese Traffic Police: Enforcement campaigns
 Portuguese Mobility Institute (IMT): Perpectives of interlock in specific
transportation vehicles
 Intervention Service in behaviors and additives in Dependencies (SICAD)
– Medical perspective
Part II: Technological Developments
1. Development in alcohol interlock technologies, the Volvo Group
perspective: Karl Pihl, EU Regulatory Affairs Manager, Volvo Group
2. Test methods and performance requirements (handling, data security):
Stéphane Vialettes, Managing Director, Alcolock France SAS