ESN Joensuu Open Board Meeting

ESN Joensuu Open Board Meeting
Time: 18.3.2015 at 17:00
Place: AU202 (Aurora building)
Week 12
1. Opening the meeting
The meeting was opened at 17:10 by president Pablo Guillerna Franco.
The minutes were taken by secretary Armi Henriksson.
2. Quorum and legality
The meeting was called 3 days in advance. There were 8 (later 9) board members present.
People present:
Pablo Guillerna Franco
Laura Carman
Armi Henriksson
Riitta Sahlstén
David Gil de Gómez Pérez
Erik Lantz
Hiromi Niki
Chikayasu Bandou
Martin Brandl (from 17:24)
Andrea Dinh
Alba Chavero Méndez
Lorena López López
Cristina Santalla González
Nerea Ferrero Caja
Isabel García Durán
Stefano Dinelli
Silvia Catalano
Aleksandra Stalmach
Julio Rivera
Bojan Kupirovic
Lina Munčytė
Sara Vuoristo
Martin Artola
Rosa Ylimaula
Johanna Leino
Omotomilola Ikotun
3. Accepting the agenda
The agenda was accepted with the addition of points 6.5. Bubble event and 7.5. Slack.
4. Past events
1. 13.3. – ESN Joensuu International Dinner
There were no garbage bags or cleaning equipment, which caused problems with cleaning. In
the future we should always remember to bring these for the events we organize at the
university. The collaboration with ESN sections in Vienna went surprisingly well: there was no
sound for the Skype conversation, but we managed to communicate anyway. It might have
been more fun if we could have had a projector and a webcam positioned somewhere higher.
One hour of preparation time before the event was not quite enough. There were again
problems with the lights going off continuously (same happened at the farewell party before
Christmas). Some people felt like they were not welcome at the event because they didn’t send
their ingredient list on time – even if we offer to print the ingredient lists, we should also give
participants the option of bringing it themselves. Erik will write the report.
2. 15.-17.3. – Pirates of the Baltic Sea
There was no mention in the Facebook event that this trip is only for ESN members – hence we
had 16 people from KUAS join the trip without buying a membership. Our group leaders did a
great job, but some of the other group leaders neglected their duties. It worked out well that one
of the GLs was waiting at the harbor while the other one came with the bus from Joensuu. The
bus driver did not speak any English, but there were no big issues with communication. There
was a discussion with Kiril over the fact that his private phone number had been given to some
customers – this should not happen again.
5. Future Events
1. 19.3. English Language Café Dinner at Suvas
The sign-up was limited for 30 people before, but it will be raised to about 40 people before the
event. Everything seems to be under control.
2. 20.3.-22.3. – Section Cooperation with ESN Jyväskylä
The people who are taking part in the section cooperation will stay after this meeting to discuss
the details of the trip. We agreed on a €20 budget for the gift we would buy for ESN Jyväskylä.
Since Alba decided to not come, we had another vote as to whether it would be Erik or Hiromi
joining in her stead. Only board members voted.
Erik – 5 votes (ELECTED)
Hiromi – 4 votes
3. Blind dinner
Erik will book Suvas tomorrow for the 26th March. The menu proposed is salad, vegetarian
risotto, gluten-free carrot cake and bread cheese with cloudberry jam. €60 budget, €5 tickets –
all the money gained from the ticket sales that doesn’t go towards the food expenses will be
given to charities (we haven’t yet decided which one).
4. International music event
Martin Laube was not present, so this point will be further discussed in our next meeting.
5. Lip sync and air guitar battle
The Facebook event has been created, now it needs to be promoted. Bojan and Silvia joined
the organizing committee.
6. Symposium joint event (date)
The event managers need to figure out the date with the Symposium people.
6. Proposals
1. ESN Joensuu T-shirts
We proposed a design to 60’s Palaver, but they have not replied yet. We are still amending the
design: we agreed on removing the big wolf logo from the back of the shirt to reduce the price,
as well as replacing the ‘Board Member’ text with ‘Organizer’.
2. NP workshop
Pablo will create a Doodle to help us decide the date.
3. Overalls project
This topic will be further discussed in a later meeting.
4. KUAS Street art exhibition (date)
We are still waiting for a reply from the university staff to book the space for this event. Once the
booking has been confirmed, we can get back in touch with the KUAS students.
5. Bubble event
Lina suggested organizing an event she has previously experienced in Lithuania: gathering lots
of people in one spot to blow bubbles together. The date would be somewhen in May and the
place most likely the market square (she would contact the police / the city to make sure it’s
okay). We could maybe register this as a SocialErasmus event. Armi, Laura, Pablo and the
three event managers will help Lina to organize the event.
6. CV workshop
Tomi suggested organizing a workshop or other kind of event to help students create their CVs.
We could ask UEF to help us with this project. Tomi, Pablo and Laura are in charge of the
7. Other topics
1. Video Team
We have some videos from PoBS, Lapland, Polar Bears and sledging. If anyone knows of any
nice videos from our trips and events, they should be given to Pablo and he will then upload
them in Dropbox or some other place where they can be later accessed by the video team.
2. ESNcard promotion
We had planned to film videos in Stockholm using our ESNcards to get discounts, but since
there are no places in Stockholm that offer such benefits the plan was scrapped.
3. Resignations of board members
Martin Brandl wants to give up his tasks as the sponsorship manager (he is still willing to
continue as the trip coordinator, so he will retain his position as a board member). Andrea and
Dylan have resigned from their positions as photographer and social media manager.
4. Open call for positions
As was discussed in the previous point, we now have three open positions: Photographer and
Social Media Manager as board positions and Sponsorship Manager as a role that can be given
to an active member. There is an open call for these positions, and the election will take place in
a general meeting we hold next week on 25th March.
5. Slack
David introduced Slack, which is similar to Dropbox but with chat and other features. He will
email all board members an invitation with the information to register. This program could help
us communicate in a more efficient way; we would still keep the actives’ FB group, but
progressively move on to using Slack for our discussions. We agreed on trying it out.
8. International and LR’s News
We agreed on applying for the Section Cooperation Star. Erik will write the description of our
section cooperation for the application form.
9. Next meeting
Our next meeting will be a general meeting and held on Wednesday 25th March 2015 in AU202
from 17:00.
10. Closing the meeting
The meeting was closed at 18:45.