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February 18, 2014 – Los Angeles, CA — Dan Maddox and Alan Rauta announced
the debut of their brand Cromatti with the launch of a new e-commerce site.
Cromatti is an ultramodern luxury furniture brand that defines expression through
color. The brand concept began when Maddox and Rauta found custom colors to be
scarce in the modern furniture market.
Many furniture companies didn’t give customers the option to choose custom
colors, and if they did, it came at a steep price. To Maddox, personal expression is
a fundamental part of the interior design process.
Maddox discovered his talents for furniture design when he built his own dining
table. The acclaim from friends and family encouraged him to dive deeper into
interior design. After identifying his market niche, the Cromatti brand was born.
“The intention of Cromatti is to deliver a palette for our customers to create future
uniquely theirs. The spaces we work and live are a reflection of our personalities;
we create classic modern furniture that can be vibrant or neutral; command
attention or play a supporting role – it is as unique as you are.” Explained Dan
Maddox, Design Director.
The Cromatti line draws inspiration from the California culture, abstract cubism,
and classic cars to create a blend of functional art. The product line is exclusively
designed and handmade in Los Angeles, California by local artisans and companies.
“We believe in Los Angeles and making modern furniture the old fashioned way by
working with local craftsman, we can insure quality because every piece is hand
made.” Explained Alan Rauta, Chief Operating Officer.
The brand introduces 11 unique collections, including the Marciano stool and
Croma nesting tables, which start at $475 and $1500 respectively.
Cromatti is also open to the trade. Interior design and hospitality professionals can
contact Cromatti for a customized trade agreement.
“At the trade level, the possibilities are endless. We can work with individual
designers to specify the size, colors, and even materials. We also work on an even
larger scale in hospitality settings. The imagination can take flight creating
solutions for spaces both large and small,” explained Alan Rauta, Chief Operating
Cromatti plans to expand their customization options and introduce new
collections, including a dining chair due to come out later this year. The entire
Cromatti line is available at
About Cromatti
Cromatti designs and manufactures highly stylized metal furniture with
customizable options, all handmade in Los Angeles. More than a modern furniture
company, Cromatti presents a palette of self-expression for their customers
through vibrant color, fine upholstery and surface options.