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a touch, a kiss... and then one more.
I am feeling a little amorous today, admittedly. I'll blame the Xocolatl
powder I stirred into my coffee this morning - a cinnamon and chocolate
drink the Aztecs associated with the goddess of fertility. You're sure to reap
the benefits of my sensuous mood when you find that special Valentine's Day
gift in one of the following featured Etsy shops. Enjoy!
After the Kiss by cgallafineart
Welcome to the
When I was a tender, young thing, I
hid in the rabbit pen behind our house
in rural Nowhere, California. I went to
that fuzzy-soft place to be quiet with
myself - sometimes with my paperback
books, the pages dog-eared and worn;
often with my muddled thoughts and
grandiose dreams. If I sat perfectly
still, the bunnies would venture closer
and brush against my bare legs or
maybe even rest beside me awhile.
Though only a figurative space in my
memory now, the bunnycage is no less
inspiring or beloved.
I hope you'll find some rest,
distraction, inspiration or amusement
here in the bunnycage. Please come
back and keep me company anytime!
Subscribe to the bunnycage!
Desire by rocamora
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TOUCHES OF GRAY... 7 focal stones by madeforfun
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is feeling amorous.
http://tinyurl.com/brnexd about an hour
took Beau to the Nicolaysen Art
Museum's Discovery Center this
morning. about 2 hours ago
is trying to locate Marscapone and
Espresso powder for her weekly recipe
in la cozinha tomorrow! Blasted
Wyoming grocery stores! Grrrr.....
about 7 hours ago
Punch a pillow? Or read
http://tinyurl.com/8qgd6j about 21
hours ago
is getting started on a custom
wearable art order.
ann/sets/72157607708067275/ about 23
hours ago
Valentine's Day XOXO Hugs and Kisses Pendant
by JenniferCasady
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Kissing Sketch in graphite
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girl in green
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Feel Like Making Love Black V-Neck
by EveryLittleCounts
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If You Touch Me There
by Gambettagirl
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Touch of Mink by TrueBloom
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What if she touches me with those fingertips
by DirtyMirror
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Love Potion by riskybeads
XO Pillowcase Set Standard by branchhandmade
figure I (touch) by studio583art
Love Necklace by lisahopkins
The Kiss... II by misfitchic
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