Jane`s Walk Saskatoon - May 1-3 2015

For Immediate Release:
6th Annual SASKATOON
Meet Your City!
May 1 – 3, 2015
Jane’s Walk is a series of neighbourhood walking tours that put people in touch with their environment and
with each other, by bridging social and geographic gaps and creating a space for cities to discover
themselves. Since its inception in 2007, Jane’s Walk has happened in cities across North America, and is
growing internationally.
Each year on the weekend nearest her birthday, Jane’s Walk honours the legacy and ideas of urban
activist and writer Jane Jacobs — who championed the interests of local residents and pedestrians over a
car-centred approach to community planning.
All Jane’s Walk tours are given and taken for free. The walks are led by anyone who has an interest in the
neighbourhoods where they live, work or hang out.
For 2015, we’re excited to present 14 Jane’s Walks throughout the city! Join us for the Jane's Walk kickoff, “Home Sweet Home?” Friday, May 1st, 2015 at 7:00 pm. A member from Saskatoon Fire & Protective
Services, a former Saskatoon Police Service officer and community advocates will guide you through a
Saskatoon core neighbourhood on a journey and discussion of housing dilapidation and rejuvenation.
Please find descriptions of all 14 walks attached.
Get the full, up-to-date list of walks, with all the details, at:
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Interviews and more information:
Cathy Watts (306) 664-3908
Jane’s Walk Saskatoon
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2015 Jane’s Walk Kick-Off Event: Home Sweet Home?
Led By: Tina Frerichs
Description: Friday, May 1st at 7:00pm, a member from Saskatoon Fire & Protective Services, a former
Saskatoon Police Service officer and community advocates will guide you through a Saskatoon core
neighbourhood on a journey & discussion of housing dilapidation and rejuvenation.
Homo Hike: An Historical Downtown Walking Tour
Led By: Joe Wickenhauser
Description: Saskatoon has long been one of Canada’s leading centres for activism around
gender and sexual diversity. Hear these public and personal stories come to life on this fun,
interactive tour. Enjoy a leisurely walk as local storytellers chart the changing landscape of
LGBTQ lives and activism in the city of bridges.
Saskatoon’s New Infill Requirements
Led By: Alan Wallace & Paula Kotasek-Toth
Description: This walk will show examples of desirable and undesirable infill development within
a historic core neighbourhood, and describe the effect of the city’s proposed new infill
regulations. We’ll look at a typical block in Varsity View, which has been subject to a lot of infill
Caswell Bus Barns: Hub of Creativity
Led By: Craig Campbell & Charles Olfert
Description: We will tour both outside and inside the Caswell Hill Bus Barns while presenting an
overview of many possible uses for the buildings and the property.
The ecological and cultural history of the Meewasin valley
Led By: Anonymous
Description: The ecological and cultural history of the Meewasin valley, with a focus on the
changing natural environment.
Broadway - where it all began!
Led By: Peggy Sarjeant
Description: A stroll along Saskatoon’s earliest main street with a dip into its alleyways and side
streets, looking at its architectural history and listening to stories of times gone by.
Age-Friendly: How does Saskatoon measure up?
Led By: Candace Skrapek
Description: Candace Skrapek, the co-chair of the Saskatoon Council on Aging Age-Friendly
Initiative, will lead a walk through just a few streets downtown and discuss "walkability" and other
ideas about how our city measures up as age-friendly.
Jane’s Walk Saskatoon
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Psycho Geography – An ephemeral view of Saskatoon’s Urban Fabric
Led By: Shawn Storry
Description: Psychogeography is a mid-century modern concept becoming more commonly
identified as a sub-genre situationist movement. Situationists provide an alternate view, concept,
and way to move throughout the city – sometimes referred to as wayfinding.
The Heart of the City... an historic walking tour of downtown Saskatoon
Led By: Alan Morton
Description: Join us for an interesting, and informative, walking tour featuring some of
Saskatoon’s iconic historical sites. Learn about the stories, and the little-known facts behind them,
plus their significance and social impact, on the development of our city.
President Murray Park
Led By: Stan Shadick
Description: We’ll walk through this park listening and looking for any small songbirds that are
present. We may see some finches, thrushes or nuthatches, chickadees and early migrant
Photo walk in downtown Saskatoon
Led By: Branimir Gjetvaj
Description: Explore the familiar scene of Saskatoon downtown core with fresh eyes, take a few
pictures and exercise your creative side. Join a group of like-minded shutterbugs and find out if
you could see (and photograph) what others missed.
Saskatoon’s North Downtown: Challenges and Opportunities
Led By: Samuel Lock
Description: The City’s master plan for the area aims to reconnect the city, create a green
network and create homes for to up to 7600 people. We will explore the area through the lens
of this master plan, identify the locations of key elements of the plan, and attempt to better
understand the scale and potential of the land.
AAA! Suburbs… What Are You Afraid Of?
Led By: Pam Brotzel
Description: Saskatoon is growing! The goal is to grow in a sustainable manner; a balance
between infill and greenfield development. This walk will provide real facts about population
growth and infill development, and discuss neighbourhood design, what works and what
doesn’t. Beyond the repetitive housing design and the immature trees, new neighbourhoods like
Stonebridge do form communities with character and a sense of place.
Stonebridge: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
Led By: Paul Hanley
Description: See how the worst features of urban design—cars, concrete, and consumption—live
on in this neighbourhood as if there were no tomorrow, as if everything we have learned about
climate change, ecological footprint, overconsumption and convivial cities had been totally
ignored (almost).
Jane’s Walk Saskatoon
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