The Coupling MetroPark

The Coupling
Making a Reservation
Reservations are accepted one year in
advance of the planned use date through
the Reservations Office at 419-625-7783
ext. 221 or [email protected]
Payment is required at the time of reservation, and may be made by credit card,
check, cash, or money order.
Access to buildings and canoes is by
access code and/or key(s) issued at the
time the reservation process is completed.
If reserving canoes only, you must pick
them up at the Reservations Office Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.—4 p.m.
Outdoor area behind the Station House
11618 SR 13 (Mudbrook Rd), Milan, OH
Fee Schedule
Depot Station House
County Residents: $100
Out-of-County Residents: $150
The Coupling
MetroPark Reservable
Overnight Lodging
Reservation maximum 26
Check-in: 3:00 p.m. Checkout: 2:00 p.m.
County Residents: $125 /night
Out-of County Resident: $175/night
County Residents: $15
Out-of-County Residents: $20
The fee includes use of one 17 foot aluminum canoe with paddles & lifejackets.
Canoe reservations may be arranged in
addition to your stay April-October.
Rescheduling & Cancellations
Cancellations may be made at anytime.
Fees are NOT refunded unless Erie
MetroParks must cancel the reservation.
Train Cars—sleeping quarters
Erie MetroParks
Requests for rescheduling that are
received less than two weeks prior to the
scheduled use date will be treated as a
cancellation. A reservation may be
rescheduled at no charge provided an
acceptable date, time and equally priced
facility are available.
Directions-The park is located in central
Erie County between Milan and Huron.
From SR 2, take SR 13 (Mudbrook Rd)
exit and turn south. About 3/4 mile
after crossing Mason Road you’ll see the
park on your left; train cars and a
caboose are next to the Station House
and parking lot. If you drive over the
Ohio Turnpike overpass you’ve traveled
too far. A seasonal access road leading
down to the canoe landing is located off
the parking lot next to the train cars.
Erie MetroParks
3910 Perkins Ave
Huron, OH 44839
The Coupling
11618 State Route 13
Milan, Ohio
to make after-dark use of the Depot Station
House, the adjacent backyard and front
parking lot, train car bunkhouses and
adjacent deck. All other after-dark activities
require special authorization.
Quiet time is from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.
The Depot Station House &
Overnight Lodging
Is available year-round for meetings,
family gatherings and other activities for a
maximum of 26 people. Features include
the Depot Station House, the backyard
area, sleeping accommodations in the
heated railroad train car bunk houses and
a kitchen which has a microwave, coffee
maker and toaster.
Mattresses and fans are provided for use
in the train cars. Please bring any
additional items you may need. Some pots
and pans are provided.
Check-in/Check-out Schedule:
Check-in: 3:00 p.m. Checkout: 2:00 p.m.
For groups of children staying overnight
who are under the age of 12, a ratio of no
less than 1 adult (over 18 years) for every
10 children is required at all times. For
groups of children staying overnight who
are between the ages of 12 & 17, a ratio
of 1 adult for every 20 children is required.
All outdoor areas of the park are closed
from dark to 7 a.m., however, with your
overnight reservation you are authorized
Check List
At the end of your visit, please complete
and sign the Checkout List.
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Alcoholic beverages, harmful drugs and
disorderly conduct are not permitted.
2. Smoking is not permitted inside any
3. Your checkout list and keys are on the
depot table.
4. Fires are permitted in the designated fire
ring. Please do not relocate the fire ring.
Fires must never be left unattended and
must be extinguished at the end of use.
5. Do not cook food in the Depot fireplace.
6. Sleeping in tents and vehicles is not
7. For your cleanup convenience, a broom
is provided along with trash bags and
8. Pets are not permitted in any park
Canoe Use Guidelines
All State watercraft regulations apply
during canoe use and are summarized
with the following canoe use tips.
Each 17’ aluminum canoe weighs
about 75 lbs. and canoes are to be lifted
on and off the canoe rack.
The maximum capacity of each canoe
is generally 3 adults or 5 children or
670 lbs. For your safety, do not overload a canoe. Maintain at least 2 inches
above the water on each side of the
One lifejacket must be present in each
watercraft for each person on board.
Lifejackets and paddles are provided
with reservation of the canoes.
All children under the age of 10 must
wear an approved, properly sized and
secured lifejacket at all times while on
the water.
Erie MetroParks encourages all
watercraft users to wear a lifejacket
while on the water. Some river
locations are up to 14 feet deep.
All canoe use must be directly
supervised by a minimum of one adult
(18yrs or older). In case of more than
one canoe, at least one other person
with canoeing experience must participate with each use.
 Please respect the private property
rights of others who own lands
adjoining the Huron River. Most of
the land on the banks of the river is
privately owned and should not be
visited without permission of the
Canoe rack and equipment shed keys
are labeled. Your key unlocks both your
reserved canoe rack and the equipment
shed. At the end of your canoe use, put
the key(s) in the key return slot located in
the north side office door.
Lock the rack and shed after you take
out your canoe and equipment. At the
conclusion of your visit, please clean off
the life vests and paddles so they are
ready for the next group. Check that all
equipment is put away and the canoe rack
and equipment shed is locked.
All canoe use begins and ends at The
Coupling MetroPark canoe landing.
Erie MetroParks does not run a canoe
livery service - the distance you paddle
away from the landing is the same
amount of distance that you’ll need to
paddle back to the landing.