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Homemade Soup
Please ask for our current flavour. Served with a brown or white baguette
Mushrooms Pan-Fried in Garlic Butter
Served on toasted ciabatta
Baked Camembert
Served with toasted ciabatta & onion relish
Homemade Smoked Salmon Pate
Served with toasted wholemeal baguette
Duck Spring Rolls
Served with Hoi-sin dipping sauce
Crab Cakes
Served with Sweet Chilli Sauce
Smaller Plates
Main meals marked with SP can be prepared in smaller portions,
(at a reduced price), for those with smaller appetites, for children, or
as a starter.
orn & reared in Wales on Farm Assured holdings to consistently produce the
highest possible standards of quality, health, taste, texture and flavour. Celtic
Pride beef is dry matured for 21 days, plus the cattle are raised on grass throughout their
life, free from hormones to create a natural, rich, flavour.
Rump Steak
Full flavoured, rich, bold and juicy, our most popular steak,
served with homemade chips, onion rings, salad and peas
8oz Fillet Steak
Quite simply, the best steak we have ever served...
Lean, tender & full of flavour, with Dauphinoise Potatoes & fresh vegetables
Add peppercorn or red wine sauce
Served on a bed of mixed leaves and cherry tomatoes with a bread roll.
Warm Breast of Chicken & Grilled Smoked Back Bacon
Drizzled with Caesar dressing
The Wonder-stuff Salad
We know EXACTLY what has gone in to your burger because we make them!
Served with our homemade chips and salad.
Cheese & Bacon Burger
Made from ground Celtic Pride beef, topped with mature Welsh cheddar &
grilled smoked back bacon, beef tomato, lettuce and tomato relish
Ham, boiled and honey-roasted, here by US! Served with two large, free
range, fried eggs, homemade chips & salad
Outstanding sausages from The Bath Sausage Shop. Made with free range meats,
additives, colourants and preservatives and stuffed in to natural skins. Served with
mashed potato, peas, fried onions and rich red wine gravy.
With Marie Rose sauce
The Pickwick Sausage
Our favourite, combining prime pork, fresh herbs, red wine & smoked bacon
Free Range Omelettes
Made with three free range eggs & double cream with your
choice of any two fillings. Served with salad. SP
Honey-roasted Ham, Egg & Chips
£8.75 using oats instead of rusk or processed bread, lowered salt and fat, free from artificial
The traditional farmer’s lunch
Scottish Oak Smoked Salmon and Atlantic Prawn
Made from ground Welsh lamb and chopped fresh mint, topped with mint
mayonnaise, beef tomato & lettuce
Bangers & Mash
Mushrooms pan-fried in garlic, olives, roasted red onions, butternut squash,
tomatoes and peppers drizzled with honey & mustard dressing
Honey-roasted Ham & Mature Cheddar Ploughman’s
Homemade Burgers
Lamb & Mint Burger
Guest Sausage
£6.95 The Bath Sausage Shop produces over 30 different flavours of sausage,
please ask the staff which guest flavour we are serving at the moment
Spinach, Leek & Cheddar Cheese, (Vegetarian Sausage)
Ham, Bacon, Chicken, Cheddar, Goat’s Cheese, Brie,
Cherry Tomato, Onion, Roasted Peppers, Olives or Mushrooms
A hearty meaty sausage - without the meat
(Extra toppings available and charged accordingly)
Handmade Pies by pieminister
Traditional Cod & Chips
Cooked in our homemade beer batter, served with peas & homemade chips
Whole-tail Scampi SP
all £10.50 each
ward winning hand made pies, using the best free range British meat & the freshest, locally sourced vegetables, bound in tasty, short-crust pastry. Served with red
wine gravy, peas & either mash or our homemade chips .
Moo Pie
Guest Pie
A pub classic served with homemade chips and garden peas
Finest West Country beef and real ale
Please ask about our current flavour
Chicken of Aragon
Heidi Pie
Free Range chicken, bacon, roasted
garlic, vermouth & fresh tarragon
Goat’s Cheese, sweet potato, spinach,
red onion and roasted garlic
Steak Baguette
6oz Celtic Pride rump steak, onion rings & mustard mayo
Sausage & Fried Onion
Choose from our range of sausages
Atlantic Prawn
Prawns tossed in Marie Rose sauce with lettuce & tomato
Chicken & Bacon
Traditional Sunday Roast
Choice of roasts, with fresh vegetables, roast potatoes,
£4.95 parsnips & Yorkshire Pudding, with rich red wine gravy
Served every Sunday from 11 am, (subject to availability) Standard
£5.25 Booking recommended, but not always necessary.
Sliced chicken breast & smoked bacon layered with lettuce, tomato and mayo
Cheese & Onion Chutney
Mature Welsh Cheddar & homemade red onion chutney with lettuce & tomato
“Daddy” £13.95
Fusilli Pasta served with salad, garlic ciabatta and parmesan.
Toasted Ciabattas
Honey-roasted Ham, Cheddar & Tomato
£4.25 Roasted Peppers, Red Onion & Butternut Squash, in a fresh
£5.25 homemade basil pesto sauce SP
Smoked Bacon & Brie
Pesto, Roasted Peppers & Goats Cheese
£4.95 Homemade Lasagne
Slow Roasted Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella & Cheddar Cheese
Pan fried mushrooms in a rich cream and garlic sauce
All baguettes and ciabattas are served with a
salad garnish but, why not add some homemade
chips for just £1 more!
Add strips of grilled chicken, bacon or ham, to either of the above
Layers of pasta, Celtic Pride minced beef & tomato ragout & béchamel sauce
Vegetarian Lasagne
Pasta, spinach, mushrooms, butternut squash & tomato, topped with béchamel
Something on the Side?
Dauphinoise Potato
Toasted Garlic Ciabatta
Homemade Chips
Cheesy Garlic Ciabatta
Cheesy Chips
Onion Rings
Creamy Mashed Potato
Fresh Vegetables
Baguette & Butter
Side Salad
Pub quiz
Free to join in
Prize for 1st place
2 MEALS plus
JUST £20
Hayley’s Homemade Desserts
Served with Double Cream, Custard, Clotted Cream or Ice Cream
Sticky Toffee Pudding with Toffee Sauce
Lemon Curd Cheesecake
Bread & Butter Pudding
Warm, Triple Chocolate Brownie & Chocolate Sauce
Apple, Sultana & Cinnamon Crumble
Triple Chocolate Sundae
Layers of Mario’s Chocolate ice cream, chunks of Hayley’s
chocolate brownie with whipped cream & rich chocolate sauce
3 Scoops of Mario’s Ice Cream
Choose From Chocoholic, Strawberries & Cream
or Award Winning Vanilla
Individual tub of Mario’s Ice Cream
Your very own little tub all to yourself!!
Choose from strawberry, chocolate or vanilla
Coffee & Hot Drinks
Bailey’s Latte
A large Baileys added to a lovely latte!
“Anywhere” Coffee
Add a shot of your favourite tipple to a cream topped Americano
The Small Strong One
Double Espresso
The Not So Small Strong One
Double shot of Espresso, topped with hot water
The Milky One!
The Frothy One, dusted with chocolate
Green & Black’s Hot Chocolate
Using organic chocolate, topped with cream & dusted with yet
more chocolate….
Pot of Tea
Herbal & Fruit Teas
Body’s a temple? Ask about our selection of alternative teas
Large Group or In a Hurry?
Save Time and Pre-Order
01249 701106
Weights, where given are approximate and uncooked.
Nuts... We are unable to guarantee that our food is 100% nut free.
Have it your way, want to swap, add or leave something out?
Tell us and we’ll do our best.
Food Served Daily
11.00 am to 9.00 pm
48 Pickwick • Corsham
Wiltshire SN13 0HY