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100% pure essential oils
Both of these oils are great for all kinds of skin problems
such as acne, oily skin, minor cuts & scrapes, burns, insect
bites & stings. antiseptic & antibacterial!
.5 oz dropper top amber glass bottle
Create in me a clean heart, O God;
and renew a right spirit within me.
Psalms 51:10 (KJV)
Tea Tree $3.65
Lavender $4.10
(other oils available on request)
About our soaps:
Many soaps you can buy in the stores are made
with economical synthetic ingredients & will
strip your skin of it’s natural oils as it cleans!
Our soaps are made with a variety of skin nourishing oils and retain all of their natural glycerin
and so they will not only clean your skin but replenish the oils needed by your skin to keep it
moisturized and healthy. Best of all, they do not
contain synthetic ingredients which may be
harmful to your skin.
Our basic lye soap recipe includes coconut oil,
rice bran oil, palm oil, soybean shortening, castor oil and shea butter. To this we add a
variety of nutrients, spices, natural exfoliants
and pure essential oils to produce an all natural
bar of soap. They will gently clean your skin
with lots of lather and leave it moisturized as
well without any synthetic ingredients. Our
soaps are gentle enough for your face and
they smell wonderful too!
“Use it and enjoy ~ your skin will love it!”
Thank you for letting our family serve you!
-The Kings
Dave & Faith
Crystal, Charity, Joshua, Sarina & Natasha
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Hilltop Structures, our other business featuring portable structures including cabins
& horse barns at:
1050 Harper Lane
Cumberland Furnace, TN 37051
Tues - Fri 9-5 Sat 9-3 closed Sunday & Monday
“your skin will love it!”
Ph: 615-789-1149
[email protected]
We also sell wholesale,
contact us for details!
Customer comments:
Skin Care products made with all
natural ingredients!
Try it-your skin will love it!
...thanks for making such a great, simple & pure
product! -SH
...I LOVE your soaps! -GC
...your soaps make me feel so clean! -PO
… I absolutely love this soap! My skin has never
looked better. CR
Soaps, Lip Balms,
Hand & Body lotions
& Liquid Hand Soaps
Our all natural lye soaps are made with a variety of vegetable oils and are scented with
pure essential oils. They are mild, clean with lots of lather, moisturize and they smell wonderful!
Shipping & billing address:
‘your skin will love
“Skin care products made with all natural ingredients”
Almond Delight Coffee, a natural deodorizer, will help get unwanted odors off your hands after working in the
kitchen, etc. Almond, Cinnamon & Cloves add a delicious scent.
Citrus Spice clove, tangerine & lemon add a fresh, spicy orange scent!
Creamy Lemon a fresh smelling soap with lemon and lime oils
Garden Mint peppermint & spearmint oils are known to leave your skin feeling cool & refreshed, an invigorating
soap & good for normal to oily skin
Gentle Lavender lavender, an all time favorite, with the fresh scent of lemon
Herbal Goat Milk lavender, rosemary & litsea, and an infusion of chamomile flowers along with goat’s milk leave
your skin silky soft!
Honey Oatmeal ground oatmeal to gently exfoliate the skin and honey helps maintain & attract moisture,
with no added scent
Lemongrass Scrub cornmeal adds scrubbing power, great for gardeners or mechanics! Lemongrass
(an effective insect repellent), lemon & cedarwood add a great scent.
Meadow Breeze think of a summer breeze filled with hints of lavender, peppermint, rosemary, cinnamon & lemon
Simply Clean cleans your skin, pure and simply with no added scent.
Sweet Patchouli warm, earthy patchouli with sweet vanilla, for all those who love patchouli!
Tea Tree & Eucalyptus A good soap for normal to oily skin. Both tea tree & eucalyptus are known to have anti
bacterial, antifungal & antiseptic qualities, spearmint adds a sweet scent.
4 oz bar: $3.95 each 4 for $15.00 or buy 10 at regular price & get one free
- a mild facial bar
Baby your face with this extra mild soap for delicate facial skin
Ingredients: Saponified oils of rice bran, coconut, palm, jojoba, sweet almond, avocado,
castor, shea & cocoa butters, essential oils of patchouli, rose geranium, and lavender
2 oz bar $2.25 each
“Shipping special for 4 bars soap only:
Foaming Hand Soaps
3 scents: lemon, grapefruit or tea tree/lavender
TN residents add 9.75% sales tax
Shipping by USPS:
Up to $12.00 -$5.80
$12.01-$25.00 -$7.95
$25.01-$42.00 -$9.00
$60.00 & up -$12.50
We accept checks or money orders.
Please make payable to:
King’s Handmade Soaps
5071 Hwy 48 N
Cumberland Furnace, TN 37051
Ph: 615-789-1149
Email: [email protected]
8 oz foam dispenser $3.85 each
16 oz refill bottle $5.00 each
Ingredients: distilled water, saponified oils of coconut, rice bran & castor oils, shea butter,
essential oils
Herbal Shampoo
Ingredients: distilled water, saponified oils of coconut, rice bran &
castor oils, shea butter, essential oils
- peppermint & grapefruit for oily hair
-lavender for normal hair types
- tea tree & rosemary for dry scalp
8 oz bottle
$3.65 each
Make your own shampoo or hand soap refill
4 oz bar of our specially formulated unscented lye soap will make 4
refills of hand soap or 2 refills of shampoo. Easy instructions included! Just add distilled water & your choice of essential oil
4 oz bar $2.50 each
Poison Ivy Relief Bar
Our lye soap with an infusion of Jewelweed, (a natural antidote to poison ivy) & comfrey to ease discomfort and promote
2 oz bar $2.25
Shea Body Butter
Intensive & healing for dry skin
Made with Shea & cocoa Butters, jojoba oil, beeswax, Vit E &
Lemon Essential oil
2 oz tub $3.85 each
Cuticle Cream
Great for severely dry, chapped or cracked skin!
Made with shea butter, castor & jojoba oils, calendula infused
olive oil, beeswax, Vit E , lavender & lemon essential oil
.75 oz tin $3.15
Lip Balms
Made with cocoa butter, castor, coconut & sweet almond oils,
beeswax, honey, vit E & essential oils
-Spearmint -Tea Tree Mint -Tangerine
.25 oz tub
$1.95 each
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