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Sponsor an Inmate
Attend A Closing
You can help an inmate come heart to
heart with the love of God by
financially sponsoring him for the
Kairos 3 day weekend. It costs $150
per inmate or $900 per table family.
Individuals, families, groups & Sunday
school classes can help sponsor an
inmate into a new life based on Christ.
Come to the Closing Ceremony on
Sunday, October 5th, 2014 and be a
witness to the glorious work of the
Holy Spirit. You must submit an
application and be approved to attend
the Closing. Please visit our website for a Closing
Application, map, and dress guidelines
for Closing Ceremony and you will
experience something unlike anything
you have seen before!
Kairos Prison Ministry
Mail your contributions to:
Kairos-Allred Prison Ministry
PO Box 55356
Hurst, TX 76054
Purchase A Meal
You can also contribute by purchasing
an inmate’s meal. Fill out the meal
ticket below & mail to address above.
Kairos-Allred #27
This meal has been provided by:
Name: ____________________________
City: ____________________________
Lives are being redeemed in one of
the darkest places on earth – prisons.
It takes a virtual army of volunteers to
be the hands and feet of Christ in this
mission. Some go into the prison for
the 3 day event, some cook meals,
while others will contribute donations,
posters, placemats, cookies, and write
letters. Of course, all require prayer.
Your contribution of any kind is an
important part of God’s plan to bring
the light of Christ into this very dark
place. Thank you for your willingness
to become a part of His marvelous
Kairos-Allred #27
October 2-5, 2014
When you did it to the least
of these, you did it to me.
Matthew 25:40
A Great Cloud of Witnesses
Kairos unites
Christians to make a
difference for Christ in
the hearts of
Kairos is an ecumenical, worldwide
ministry that brings the love of God
and the light of Christ into prisons. An
army of volunteers rally to become the
hands and feet of Christ for 42 inmates
who come seeking a new way of life.
How Can You Help?
Prayer . . .
Our Greatest Need
We need your prayers for the success
of the mission and request that you
specifically pray for:
- 42 residents for the weekend
- Our Inside Team
- The Warden and Staff
- The Chaplain
- Our Outside Support Team
- The will of God is accomplished.
Bake Cookies
Create Placemats
Homemade cookies, filled with prayer
and love become tangible examples of
the love of God poured out through His
Each Kairos sit down meal utilizes
placemats created by volunteers and
children. These handmade placemats
are powerful tools the Holy Spirit can
use to break open a lifetime of sorrow
and let in the love of Christ.
Cookies must
be baked in a
kitchen with
Health Dept.
What Kind of Cookies?
Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin,
Peanut Butter are favorites! FYI
Cookie “Please Do’s”
-Let them Cool!!! Otherwise they stick
together after they are boxed!
-Using copy paper boxes, stack cooled
cookies in single layers separated by
waxed paper.
-Mark cookie count and cookie type on
outside of box.
-Please freeze until you can arrange
for delivery to a team member
Cookie “Please Do Not's”
-Don’t add icing or toppings to cookies
Write Letters Of Hope
Write letters from God’s family to the
inmate expressing God’s love.
- Address to “Dear Brother in Christ”
- Don’t seal the envelope
- Short “note” from children has an
incredible impact for Christ!
- Children, age & first name only!
This is a great
Sunday School
activity for kids
of any age!
Placemat Guidelines
-Preferred size is 11 x 17 white paper
-No stickers or glue & no laminates
-Simple message of God’s love
-Children, age & first name only!
-Markers or crayons preferred
Make Posters
Sunday school classes, Bible study
groups, reunion groups, youth groups,
and even families can make a poster
to express the hope found in Christ.
These messages of love
from the Body of Christ
have a powerful impact
on the hardest of hearts.
Poster Guidelines
- Posters can be a simple trace of
hands or a beautiful work of art.
- Include the name of your group as
well as individual signatures.
- Children, age & first name only!
- No stickers or glue, please.